Zelda Theory – Fierce Deity Mask & Majora's Mask

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the fierce deity mask in majora's mask or two of the most mysterious and powerful items within the entire zelda series is the fierce deity mask just a bonus item given to us for completing all of the masks side quests or is its inclusion in the game far darker than we were led to believe and what other secrets law behind majora's mask join me as we uncover the secrets of both of these mysterious masks the fierce deity mask is one of if not the biggest secret within the entire Zelda series at least with Majora's Mask we come to see its personality its evil intent and a little bit of backstory however with the fierce deity mask we're only given a few lines of text and that's it it gossip stone mentions that it has attributes of all other masks we found within termina and the kid on the moon wearing Majora's Mask gives us the mask only if we give away every other mask and have no masks left where during the final boss fight we all know the famous quoted lines given to us by the child on the moon about being a good guy and the bad guy with link eventually playing the role of the bad guy but that can be deduced to the simple fact that in the kid's mind were Majora's he is doing the right thing and just having fun playing tricks on the Giants and causing misery to everyone in termina we as link come along and ruin his fun so he sees us as the bad guy similar to a kid doing something to get in trouble and in saying that's not fair when they are grounded in their eyes they were just having fun and aren't doing anything to get in trouble in termina almost every character from Hyrule has their counterpart some would say majora is demise or ganondorf's counterpart and even the goddess of time is mentioned and that could be the goddess hylia's counterpart and thanks to Skyward Sword we all know hi Lea sacrificed herself and was reincarnated as Zelda we have the Triforce of power being represented in Hyrule by demises reincarnation who is Ganondorf and in termina as majora we have the Triforce of wisdom being represented in Hyrule by hylia's reincarnation as Zelda and in termina as the goddess of time we have the Triforce of courage being represented in high roles linked but his termina counterpart seems to be missing or is he if we look at all the transformation masks we can see the traits from both Link and the character the mask came from show up as the new transformation in fact they appear so similar that the characters family and friends within the game can't even tell that we are just disguised as the character when the Deku scrub at the beginning of the game is cursed by majora we get the Deku mask we healed or many soul and we receive the Goron mask we held makuu or mick wa pass on and we are rewarded with the Zoras mask from this we can come to the conclusion that a trance and mask needs to come from someone who's dead or dying when we put on the fierce deity mask it just looks like a different version of adult link and our weapon is still a sword could the fierce deity have been links terminus counterpart and would that mean the double helix sword is actually terminus master sword could a spirit being trapped in the mask explain his absence well let's find out majora's mask is said to be in a cursed item from an ancient tribe and was used in hexing rituals we can assume like the other masks that majora was once of being similar to Ganondorf and just like Ganondorf or demise in Hyrule after majora is defeated he will be reincarnated over and over again so to stop the reincarnation while still alive majora and his power was sealed into a mask by an ancient tribe similar to how Ganondorf while still alive was sealed into the spirit realm by the sages if they are not dead they can't be revived and they must remained in prison for all of eternity the ancient tribe who used Majora's Mask Anette texing' rituals is said to have sealed the mask in shadow fearing the misuse would lead to catastrophe similar to the royal family hiding the Triforce in the sacred round for fear of its misuse both demise and Ganondorf have broken free from their imprisonment could the ancient tribe had predicted that majora would also break free from the seal of the mask while demise was sealed his manifestation created a monstrous being maybe the different forms we see from majora during the boss battle isn't majora but different manifestations of his true form now back to the fierce deity mask just as with the other three transformation masks and Majora's Mask it's likely that Link's termina counterpart was also sealed within a mask but why would the tribe seal their hero into a mask it's possible that terminus hero wasn't actually as kind-hearted as link from Hyrule if we look at links other counterpart from lorule we can see that Ravi office it of link no he isn't evil but just as link is viewed as being brave and courageous reveal lives in constant fear and could be seen as a coward similarly links termina counterpart could have been a sort of antihero he may have been just as brave and courageous as link but instead of being a conned hearted hero he could have the potential to turn evil he could have demanded respect or a high-ranking position as a king or general of the army and in fear of his power the tribe could have also turned him into I like to think of terminus hero as being similar to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and compared Goku is linked from Hyrule both are brave courageous become more powerful to stop their enemies Goku is even kind enough to give many of his enemies second chances before destroying them although Vegeta can also be seen as a hero and a good guy he isn't as pure hearted as Goku but he still is considered a hero he has a bad temper and a personality that also demands respect and if not shown their respect he is perfectly fine with being feared and kills his enemies without mercy or having second thoughts these characteristics can without a doubt also be described as fierce we can also see these opposite but still similar characteristics between Ganondorf and majora Ganondorf wants to rule Hyrule and be its new king although he uses his power to curse people and create monsters he is only doing so to make the people of Hyrule fear Him enough to accept him as their new king he doesn't want to destroy the land or kill all the races he just wants the respect he thinks he deserves though it may seem like he is being pure evil he has a clear goal and won't destroy the entire kingdom or kill all the people because then there would be no Kingdom left to rule and no citizens left to worship Him in the same role majora also curses people and creates monsters however he isn't trying to gain the respect or be king of termina he is just having fun by torturing them and watching them suffer then on what's supposed to be the happiest day of the year in termina he founds pleasure in the irony of all of them dying on the day they're supposed to be celebrating even if that means destroying all of termina and his self with it using the same Dragon Ball Z comparisons we can compare Ganondorf to Frieza who wants to rule the universe and be in complete control he only kills those who stands up against him or fails to complete his orders majora can be compared to majin buu who wants to just have fun and destroy everything so do you think fierce deity is meant to be links counterpart the similar physical appearances the similar weapon and both being able to shoot beams from their swords is the double-helix sword termina's Master Sword instead of the hero and majora being reincarnated over and over again could the ancient tribe of just both of them in masks for the greater good let me know your thoughts and theories in the comments below I hope you enjoyed this theory and what do you want to see from my next serious Zelda theory again please subscribe thumb up and let me know your thoughts in the comments below then check out some of my other theories or my videos covering news about Zelda for Wii U and until next time thank you all for watching you

50 thoughts on “Zelda Theory – Fierce Deity Mask & Majora's Mask

  1. I think the Fierce Deity was Link's counterpart and that knowing that one day Majora my find a host to use his asked to be placed into a mask, that would appear when needed, so that he could defend Termina from Majora.

  2. Also while the dragon ball z comparisons are good the examples you showed are a point in time where people could relate to him, being that he sacrificed himself, but when he first turned Majin he was definitely evil don’t get me wrong but he eventually died a hero maybe that’s how the fierce deity was sealed. When Vegeta asked piccolo if he’d see Goku in the afterlife piccolo said no and that his actions were to evil earlier in life and sacrificed himself anyway, maybe that’s what happened except the fierce deity did get sealed away and knew that would happen but had to to stop Majora

  3. Based on his white hair and almost tan skin, this further contributes to his parallel, because it would only make sense if Termina's hero was Sheikah rather than being a Terminite or Hylian.

  4. Majora most likely killed the first deity, keeping his mask as a trophy and awaiting for a hero worthy enough to fight him and take on the feirce deity. He picked on link because he and the feirce deity are probably so similar. Many heroes could have fallen before link.

  5. The fierce diety mask could have been sealed because he was gravely wounded saving termina and that's the only way the had to insure their safety if something else bad came about. Or he had them seal himself into a mask because he new that way as long as the mask was there they would be safe for forever

  6. I had this head cannon as a kid for the fierce deity mask where and I wrote this down so sorry if it sounds stupid "the powers of not just the Termina equivalent of link but all the Links across the different timelines were stored in this mask. Making the deity near immortal." However going back and thinking about it maybe I wasn't too far off from the truth. Instead of all the links though how about it being only three different forms of Link?: the first Link being obviously the VERY first link. Rather were talking bout the Manga version or sticking strictly with the game's Skyward sword link is the first Link to be within this mask giving it it's basic look and shape, the next Link is obviously OoT Link mainly his adult form as we can clearly see that he's strong enough to wield giant swords thanks to the biggoron/ big Goron sword as evidence. Now yes so could SS Link but he could only do that for a single boss fight. More evidence to support me is that young Link also seems to wield haver than average (at least for a kid) swords with no problems what so ever, and finally the third Link that is combined with the deity mask…the Terminan Link aka the traveling adventurer from the Majora's mask manga: before you get your torches and pitchforks let me explain. I believe that for the ruthlessness and pure brutality of the deity mask ( more on this later.) we would have to have someone who's life was like Links if not a parallel universe to his own but much more darker and somber. Yes he still losses both his birth parents but since there's no great deku tree to turn to this version of link ends up in a orphanage taking intreats in swords play and of course music. He does get adopted however not by the best of men. They see his potential and put him in fighting rings where if he doesn't fight… He doesn't eat. He does escape though becoming a wandering mercenary all the time growing more brutal in his battle tactics until we eventually see what he becomes in the manga. Now before you say anything your probably bout to type "but how does that explain his weapon HMMMM!?!" My response to you is this one single word: berserk. This version of Link basically becomes Termina's version of Guts from berserk finding a less colorful version of his now infamous sword and easily swinging it with one hand.

    Now about what I said about the fierce deity mask being brutal. Termina as we know represent the stages of grief however unlike the game some people don't move on to the other stages some stay stuck on certain one. In the case of the deity it seems to be stuck on anger turning it into pure unadulterated rage. So much in fact that unlike Majora the power within this mask won't fade…it's here to stay. My theory for this is basically the person he loved the most rather that be a lover or a brother in arms end up hurting him in some way: if were going with the lover situation someone could have murdered her as a way to say "turn back or die." But all that did was make him more angry almost to the point where you couldn't tell he was hylian. Deciding to go after whom ever did this he upgrades his weapon over time (thus explaining the way to convent upgrades to the helix sword that seriously look tailor made for the weapon.) until we get our final result. He does eventually find those who killed…let's call her Brigita and goes to town on them turning the dried blood into that face paint we see.

    If we're going with the brothers in arms route: the brother like figure let's call him Drake. Was extremely jealous of our Terminan Link for being able to actually USE such a huge blade so easily (mind you I'm talking about this as if this was a original before the fancy colors metal blade with a similar design.) he jokes about how not even the worlds most powerful swordsmen could left it let alone use it effectively in combat! Little did our Link know that he's brother was going to betray him. First he put some sleeping medication in his food making it easy for a few strike, next he took the sword (which from here on out I'm calling Holodrum.) and finally he stabbed several times: two times at each leg, once at the back, and five times at the chest. The rest pretty much continues like the lover route expect that the blue and green version is made to replace Holodrum and along with the eventual upgrades…. Also he gets a LOT more stabby with Drake.

  7. i think that the fierce deity was once majora's friend, but fierce soon realized that majora is evil, in the majora's mask manga, link cannot 100% control himself when he puts on the fierce deity mask, majora just wanted to play with him, but fierce knew that what majora was doing is wrong, as fierce says "play time is over" ( anyone else watching in 2018? )

  8. I always thought of the Fierce Deity as an all-powerful neutral warrior, or in Dragon Ball analogies, I saw him as similar to Goku's super saiyan 4. He could be just the manifestation of power and will that can be so easily corrupted if it ends up in the wrong hands. He IS menacing, but that doesn't make him somewhat evil. He is an interpretation of what Link could become as soon as he enters god mode, because the name literally means a powerful god. Maybe the whole story was a test for Link, seeing what he would become in the end. You start the game being a deku scrub with almost nothing because the skull kid transformed you, not to mention he steals your horse and does other terrible things. This would provoke a lot of anger within Link. It could be a test to see how far he would go for revenge. He could have every option to kill the Skull Kid if he wanted to, but he didn't. So he must've made a wise choice to only wear the mask during boss fights. The fierce deity mask is a representation of power from anger. Must use it wisely.

  9. In the manga, majora is the name of a typical monster. This monster have a incredible power, one day, a guy come and play music for the monster. The time pass …
    And the monster die, so, the guy take he's carapace and create… The Majora's Mask
    And the guy is the incarnarion of fierce deity.

  10. Here's a thought. The Ikana are all technically dead. Impa as described in another video is the last of the Sheika. What if the Ikana and Sheika are the same group only from each respective realm? It's a connection that would make sense.

  11. I think they turned their hero into a mask as a contingency plan for just in case if Majora's did come back there was a way for the hero that defeated him to come back to even if just in spirit

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