Woke culture is a 'new religion'

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Virtue signalling, post-modern liberalism and identity politics have taken on a “new religion” for its adherents, according to author and commentator Douglas Murray.

45 thoughts on “Woke culture is a 'new religion'

  1. I cant look at you cause I will be labeled a weirdo
    I cant eat meat because its evil to eat animals
    I cant disagree with you because Im labeled a Nazi
    I cant call you sir or mam because I have to call you by your proper pronouns
    Instead of moving forward were going backwards too many emotional mental illness creatures

  2. No matter what political affiliation you hold, physical appearance, religion, ideology, personal values, or dick size, you’re all flawed and because I noticed it, I’m above you.

    Please retweet me, I’m insecure.

  3. Sky News can be great entertainment… If you're seriously interested in the relation between religion and climate politics, google the words Laudato si' . That's the title of 2015 statement on the topic by Pope Francis.

  4. I think the worst thing I heard in this discussion is willingness to go along, because career, life can be destroyed. Not go with crowds is fundamental for individual who loves freedom. I have no understanding for sheeple. Poor excuse for going along with corrupt manipulators, idiots and insane.


  6. Humanity implicitly seeks life direction, belonging and purpose, through socially binding sets of ideas. In removing ideas that we look up to, we replace them with ideas to look down with, and we love to move where we look.

  7. I'm hanging on to the belief that a religion without forgiveness can't last very long.. it's self defeating, same happened in the 90's, didn't last long, we all just went back to being imperfect humans like before

  8. I think there have always been contradictions in our cultures. Perhaps not as bad as the ones discussed here but nonetheless there have been issues and challenges. When Christianity at least in name was still on top there were plenty of things in our cultures that we can read about from history books and which weren't exactly in line with the ideas in the Bible. But then again it's not like all of the writers of the Bible agree with each other on everything and that's something I'd expect considering under how long a span of time it was written and edited for alongside living cultures which change just like the languages they use.

    But the current situation just sounds like a new variation of totalitarianism in a way similar to those where everyone must toe the party line in public. Reminds me mostly of China, the Soviet Union and others but then again perhaps also in our cultures there have been times like this in the past with opinions that aren't to be uttered but we've just conveniently forgotten about them. Does anyone know any examples?

    But obviously it's a religion. Not in the way the vernacular of Modernity but in the sense of things strongly believed in and tied in with morality. Also when looking at religion more scientifically like for example in a Durkheimian way that talks of a system of beliefs and practices that center around what is held sacred or in other words having intrinsic value.

  9. Well, gays stab other gays in the back in a world of masonic privilege. B A S I C A L L Y. Any book analysing the history of gay sexuality that doesn't take that into account at this point is instantly irrelevant : rapidfire Malcom McDowell psycho media intellect mania! The woke culture is totally masonic, the world of AI masonic intelligence gathering is causing a global dunciad storm. Divide and conquer, same old techniques. The gays at the top are just as ruthless as anyone else. Why should that be a surprise? Face down dead rentboy in canal syndrome. It's a masonically prostituted gay five year old wearing red superman vagina trunks that is the subtitle to the opening meme in Douglas' book, I just had a look. Look at the butt……terrible stuff. The world of Ai mind control isn't even mentioned, its Ai literalist extremism that doug is refusing to talk about that's the real problem. The human race is completely naked at the techno terror domination of totally global masonic "omniscient" surveillance. When someone is no longer needed they are daubed with something unmentionable – holographic ai tech can digitally make anyone on earth guilty of the worst crimes imaginable, when they have had nothing to do with them. So Stalin would love all this. Doug is a mason pointing out the problems within his own culture while still firing off the same incendiary clichés. Struth Shelia…..the fuckers have a woke culture paedo bi messiah problem. The inverted pentagram you veiled shitheads! When Tom and Lance have a basically masonic so loving photo where tom seems to be about to finger his own child, your eyes are sealed with cement. Masonic mind control privilege mania and photo signalling has gone too far, and there is a beyond any form of sexuality mind control scenario going on. What can you do? Your book is perceptibvely written intellectual verbiage. Still, at least some kind of public debate is occurring when we're all surrounded by psychotronic electromagnetic mind control programs affecting our brains invisibly.

  10. Woke = division
    Religion = division
    Sexual ‘status’ = division
    Neo feminism = division
    All other worldly institutions = division

    The world is expertly designed to make us unhappy, and yet all we need to do is enjoy life despite it all.

  11. As usual the left has co-opted and stolen the word "Awake" which has suddenly taken on a new meaning and word change…Awake has been used for years to describe the people who realise and understand the deep levels of corruption, scams, control methods, hidden science, lies, altered history and diabolical practices those who control us have and are engaging in.  
       They exact opposite to the brainwashed left, who want to give govt and the elite more control because they love and trust them so much…….and what's with 'woke'….woke what…lol….Woke Joke, that's what they are – these asleep idiots should not be able to talk or take to the stage until they learn some basic grammar and have a better command of the English language.

  12. I believe most of your comments and the title of this video indicate that you may well be unable to see the forest for the trees , woke , waking up – is nothing more then when people start to question everything and realise that we have been fed a string of lies our whole lives , I feel that what your talking about is more the case that they want us ( guilting us / using us against each other ) to believe that 2+2=5 ,and if we know that 2+2=4 we are shamed.

  13. Murray's amusing but apt analogy of St George the dragon slayer staggering through the land, looking out for ever smaller beasts to slay, only to lash out his sword at thin air, hints at a parody of themselves that various virtue-signalling, self-pitying identity groups have ultimately dissolved into.

  14. Woke is new age religion belief system,
    Amazing how people ushered in new sexual liberation in the 1960s both men and women and said all that organized religions stood for were wrong so the anything goes culture was ushered in well here we are in 2019 and the woke Neo liberals are now basically setting new moral laws on how society should act think say be or not be !

  15. The tripwires for punishment by shunning and firing are not limited to "gays, women, race, and trans". In the USA, you can get fired for questioning 9/11, and in many countries you can get thrown in jail for questioning any aspect of the Holocaust.

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