Why the Bible? || Spoken Word

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Why the Bible? || Spoken Word

Share this video for others to know why the Bible is the word of God, why the Bible is true, and why they should believe in the Bible.

This video is a spoken word poem that tries to explain why we should believe in the Bible or why the Bible is true. There are some people that will say they don’t believe in the Bible when we try to evangelize. We can still evangelize by telling them about the gospel whether they believe in the Bible or not. However, I feel that for some people, it is more effective if we first show them why the Bible is the word of God so that our words are more credible to them.

This poem touches on subjects such as the Bible written by men but inspired by God, the importance of women throughout the Bible, whether it contradicts itself, why we deserve Hell, what God did for us so we don’t have to go to Hell, and why the Bible is the truth when other sacred books say they are true as well.


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some people have asked me why the Bible what makes it any special read by men not something celestial we can get no sense that they're not existential it contradicts itself without a credential put together right people with their long man-made order to condemn us to hell they'll talk about sports or it claims to be true as much as a lawyer how they take your books new – am I getting warmer my first suggestion read the Bible yourself before making these false accusations that's like crucifying Jesus although he was perfection oh wait that's exactly what happened people speaking without knowing like a nice little dissection i neva ate a bit let's get back to the question why the Bible what makes it true well it wasn't written in a year – it took over 2,000 years or 40 different authors that God worked through from three different continents with three different languages like Ebru these people did not have the internet in most cases they did not know each other they weren't even alive then it seems time here to speak to one another if the Bible is space Apollo's internal consistency comprised of 66 books that never contradict itself it has coherency written by men but inspired by God in his divinity God when commemorated people to write in an epitome of Jesus provisions and the fishers of men very sufficiently then the Bible was translated and transmitted with much accuracy throughout the world for you to read and learn about him efficiently from Genesis to Revelation we see man's repeater rebellion consistently God made a perfect world mankind has rejected his Authority continually man has stopped aside truth for himself with an own ability nevertheless God has extended love grace and mercy to the unworthy who deserve to be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity God's plan for redemption for many simple nature in the Old Testament was fulfilled by a savior sacrificial death and resurrection in the New Testament both the Bible and history weep together and seem as harmony which is relevant for example the Bible says that Jesus died on the cross Greek history tells us he died on the cross Roman history tells us he died on the cross Jewish history tells us he died on the cross taking history tells us he died on the cross Christian history tells us he died on the cross higher than the Quran denies that Jesus died in the cross before I go any further let me pause the Quran says that Jesus appeared to die but didn't actually die on the cross making a historically untrue affirmation almost like a coin toss the Quran was written six hundred years after Christ had shown he's the boss Muhammad heard the teachings of Christ from traders of ivory gold and slave all across he put me story in the Quran making an imitation of the Torah and the teachings of Christ thereupon because the Bible was what's all in the Quran Jesus had already won for women who feel resentment towards men think about what Jesus did back then it wound caught in adultery was to be stoned by many which is stepped up wrote in the sand and said if there's any among you without sin let me be the first to throw a stone at her Jesus forgave her of her sins and both told her to sin no more he's the light of the world those who follow him will have the light of plank before another example is the woman with the expensive alabaster perfume that she poured or reduces his head of the disciples board and said why not sell this perfume and give the money to the poor jesus replied but you always have the poor with you but you do not always have me wherever this gospel is preached what this woman has done will also be spoken in her memory I hope you can see God use many women in the Bible such as Sarah Ruth there were Phoebe Mary for example he tells the man to love a woman the way Christ loved the church one is ample to show you his Valley was amenities to God your substantial through the seat of a woman who brought the Redeemer this is factual no other world do give the respect to women and she just does he is Emmanuel as I said before read the Bible for yourself thank God touch your core asking for understanding and understanding he will pour you'll be filled with presents you'll get to know him more but don't read it read it as a regular book or make another chore study the Bible with intent has a great explore and obey what you read this I do implore because faith without action is dead like a prisoner of war you

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