Why Religious Change Names

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Father Emmanuel explains why many Franciscan Friars of the Renewal choose new names. He says it’s because it’s biblical. God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, Simon’s name to Peter, Saul’s name to Paul. In all of these instances, God gave them a new name because he was calling them to a new mission. That is what the friars want to convey when they take a new name, that they are on a new mission to serve Christ with their lives.

Father Emmanuel goes on to explain why he chose his name. Watch the video to find out, because he explains it best.


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20 thoughts on “Why Religious Change Names

  1. I was confirmed at a young age in Mexico along with my presentation and idk this other word how to say in English I wanna say it’s “ consagración” i could be mistaken, i have to ask my mom, anywho I don’t know if I had a saint name change … was that optional also?
    Also Lowkey I wanna be reconfirmed … although I don’t think that’s a thing

  2. On a bible it is said that Jesus was there on Abraham days..I pray Jesus to spend with me a eternal life …god is good. All the time. All the time. God is good . And thank you father Manuel for such a good inspiration iam changed by the love of Jesus.

  3. Yes father God with us and I believe God works in silence.Wonderful sharing father 💕 My confirmation name Emmanuele too 🙆🙌🙆
    May God have mercy on us and world. Amen.

  4. That's a good point about names, but one nitpick – I think it's commonly assumed among scholars that Saul probably had the Greek name Paul from the time he was a child. That was common for Jews in the other Roman provinces at the time. While on the road to Damascus, there is nothing about Jesus changing his name, and you'd think that might be highlighted if the case.

  5. 'Often when god call someone to a new mission he gives them a new name"
    I'd say that god waaay more often do not give someone a new name along with the calling to a new mission.
    "I prayed about it but it didn't resonate with me"
    So the decision was solely based upon your subjective feelings to your prayers.

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