When Sin And Religion Becomes Friends by Carter Conlon

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you have to understand today that the position I'm coming from in speaking this message is that it's in God's heart to restore you it's in God's heart to bless you it's in God's heart to allow you and I to have to receive the fullness of the life that he's promised us through Jesus Christ and if you can understand that it makes it easier to hear this it makes it easier to get to the conclusion and understanding where God wants to take you Jesus himself said you shall know the truth the truth shall make you free while the no is the is not head knowledge it's an inner embracing that it's an intimate word in the original text means that you shall inwardly embrace the truth love the truth desire the truth want the truth and then you shall be brought to the freedom that was purchased for you and for me on Calvary I come to you today as a pastor's very well aware of my own frailty one of the conditions of the high priesthood in the Old Testament is that those who led the people spiritually had to be aware that they too were frail they too had struggles the two needed the same grace that they were about to speak about to others I need the same grace that you need to make it through to the end I have no strength of my own the strength I have has been given to me of God and it's only been given because in my heart there's been a desire to walk in the truth you would ask is there ever been a time in your life when you've wanted to walk away from the truth oh you better believe it from the pathway that God's led before you yes absolutely the very same struggles that you go through I go through we're all in this together we're all rolling in the same storm we all live with the same promise that we're going to make it to the other side thanks be to God please open your heart today Matthew chapter 6 I want to talk to you about when sin and religion become friends when sin and religion become friends father I thank you for the anointing of your Holy Spirit thank you for your mercy thank you for your grace thank you for your goodness we're it not for these things none of us would have strengthened there would be no hope we would corrupt everything around us our reasoning would turn dark our lives would be captivated by sin but because of your mercy we have hope we have strength we have a future and father we just thank you I thank you for that anointing that overpowers my frailty god I plead for your people today I plead for this church I plead for everyone who will hear this message in the future I ask you Lord Jesus Christ give me the power to speak it this in such a way that people will want to hear it and I thank you for it in your precious name Amen when sin and religion become friends Matthew chapter 6 verse 22 and 23 these are the words of Jesus the light of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light but if thine eye be evil thy whole body shall be full of darkness if therefore the light that is in thee be darkness how great is that darkness now what does Jesus mean if the light that is in thee be darkness now we look at the context of what he's speaking about it is in the scriptures he's talking about using money as an illustration he's talking about the principle of serving two masters and basically says you cannot serve two masters you'll either hate the one and love the other or else hold to the one and despise the other you can't serve two masters I you can't now the illustration is money but it goes deeper than that it's that inner it's that inner struggle that all of us have to face from time to time when we come to at least a minimal understanding of the ways of God but yet in our own heart we think we might know a better way we might be able to secure a more sound future if we simply follow the path of our own reasoning we might be happier if we don't take the pathway that God has set before us and take another pathway that seems to be easier seems to be more attractive more admirable as it is to our own way of thinking now it's possible to have a clearer vision before us of what is it real value and yet choosing to set our affections on something which could which we have been made aware could be harmful it's possible to sit into the Word of God to actually know what God is speaking a clearer view as it is but inside wondering how close can I get to the fence before I'm outside how close can I walk to the line before I'm rejected do I do I have to really do I have to really walk the way that God says do I have to really do it the way that God says that I need to do it how much do I really need to obey God in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 28 you don't need to turn there there's there's a story it's a prophecy to a king of a place called Tyrus and it's those who study this say it's a reference to the fall of Satan himself and his subsequent corrupting of the human race now whether or not the scripture refers specifically to this King you can honestly say that it is in a sense of measure of that sin nature that was sown into the human race in the Garden of Eden Satan himself came down to the earth and corrupted humankind he corrupted Adam he corrupted Eve he corrupted you he corrupted me we were born with the nature that is corrupt it is against God that is contrary to the things of God let me show you exactly how it happens speaking about this King prophet Ezekiel says or the Lord says through Ezekiel you've been in Eden the garden of God and every precious stone was your covering you had an anointing and you have been put in an appointed place you walked in the presence of God the actual scripture Texas that was upon the holy mountain of God and you've walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire you knew the character of God you you came to an understanding of who God is you walked in holy places you sat in a place of an unhindered view as it is of who God really is he says you were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created until iniquity was found in you in other words the variability which I gave you corrupted you we have reasoning we have the power to reason because God gave it to us but yet that reasoning can corrupt us if it's not surrendered to the the reveal Christ now consider for a moment that Satan had an unrestricted view of perfect light yet it was in the presence of God now you and I are in the presence of God for example we place where we are worshiping we do have minds given to us to understand the text of Scripture we do have the Holy Spirit within us if you're a child of God and through the Holy Spirit you and I have the ability to be taught of the Lord the ability to know what is right and the ability to know what is wrong is given to us by God so in another measure in a smaller measure perhaps we have an unrestricted view of God that means that if you want so you can have it if you want freedom it can be yours if you want life it's promised if you want assurance it can be in your heart if you want a future there is a future in Christ for you if you want strength strength is yours but even with the pure that light before him he chose to follow his own reasoning see that was the downfall of Satan it shows another pathway he believed that he knew a better way that in fact he could be God to himself he could be his own God I can't know what is right and I can know what is wrong why do I have to dwell in this narrow place now he was in an exalted place the scripture seems to bear witness that there was a specific beauty about him there were giftings given him there was there was a brightness about him perhaps one of the definer created beings in heaven in that particular moment but his brightness corrupted him and he began to chafe at the narrowness Here I am a little bit lower than God Here I am assigned to a specific place and but I believe that you see I'm created for something more than this I believe that I I have a destiny to occupy something bigger than what God's given me to do yes I'm the anointed cherub and perhaps some suggest he was leading in some form of worship in heaven whether or not that's the case in his heart the very giftings that God gave and corrupted him and folks you see this repeat itself in the human race over and over and over again people with brilliant minds but absolutely corrupted by that mind using the thought process to go farther and farther and farther away from the kingdom of God he believed that he could be the instructor instead of the instructed the discerner instead of the disciple that he could become the creator of his own reality instead of being one who occupies a perfect reality that was actually made available to him to enjoy he could create his own reality he could create his own right in his own wrong and that's that is the very key that's what Satan fell with that's what he brought down into the Garden of Eden the same logic the same reasoning he came down to Adam and Eve and said to them listen God created you and he puts you in this garden and you're you're tending these plants and you're naming a few animals but don't you think that you're created for something more than city brothers and logic and sewed it in the human race don't you know that if if you just do it my way that you can become as gods and you can know good and evil you don't have to you don't have to do it God's Way God I know God says that certain things are good and certain things are evil but he's narrow you don't have to live in this narrow way you can be as God and you can make your own declaration this is good in spite of what God says about it folks you wouldn't you wouldn't believe what we have to counsel in this church from time to time people have sat in this congregation with all kinds of practices that are very clearly prohibited in Scripture but over time sin and religion have made friends and they come to the place of calling evil good and it's amazing Oh God understands and this is wonderful yeah I know we've I know she's married I know we've lived together for the last 12 years but this is good you see we we study the scripture together and we pray together and I know that that that what God said you see but but this is good it's amazing when sin and religion combined that's what Jesus meant when he said if the light that is in you be darkness if you've sat on the truth but embraced a lie how deep is that darker than other words how do you get out of that darkness better to be an overt sinner better to be the most reprehensible person in New York City because then you know it because then you have a chance to be redeemed better to be that than be in the house of God and be reprehensible and having put on a covering of religion and embraced a wrong view of God and a wrong view of the ways of God in his own mind he had become God that's the great that's the danger we face folks that's a danger you face it's the danger I face it is in us in all of us in our fallen nature to want to be as God to want to have the power to say this is to not forgive a person for example is wronged us and say this is good that I'm not forgiven I know what God says but you see this is good it's it's in our power then the workplace to put our hand in the till and say this is good you see they don't pay me enough and you know last year I didn't get that vacation I deserve so this is this is good yet the scripture says all thieves dwell outside of the holy city not just for time but forever that no thief inherits the kingdom of God but yet we can get to the place where we can actually be in the house of God we can actually be putting on clothes religious clothing and becoming our own gods Romans chapter 1 says it this way in verses 18 let me just read it to you for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and the unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness in other words hold the truth with a nun surrendered heart hold it in unrighteousness read it but won't do it even when it's plain even when it's clear I know there are times that you and I might be confused or not be sure which way to go but if we if we truly pray the Lord will show us if we seek godly counsel we will find our way through this darkened corridors that sometimes come before us but yet some things are very clear in Scripture verse 25 says they worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator in other words worshipping serve that which has been created that's what Satan did that's what Adam and Eve fell for that's the inherent nature that you and I received when our initial parents sinned in the Garden of Eden that there's a tendency that we can worship our own reasoning our own thinking more than the one who created us and verse 28 it's all summed up by saying and God gave them over to a reprobate mind a corrupted thinking a crooked mind there is a point folks and you and I ought to always pray that we never get there but I have met people who are like this who are in the house of the Lord but they have a such a corrupted thinking after years of being an not obeying the word of God the thinking is so corrupted that it's almost as if it can't be straightened you can't get them out of this thinking there's thick soul worship the thoughts of their own heart they've so become their own God they've so denied the text of Scripture that you simply can't get them out of that way of thinking I have known people like this over the years there's no greater darkness than when that which is inwardly corrupt takes on the covering of religion that's why Jesus went to the Pharisees when they approached him in the Gospel of Matthew he said you serpents you generation of vipers how will you escape the damnation of hell now he's not he's not condemning them in one sense he's saying that you have so covered corruption and religion you've so boxed yourself in you bought yourself a ticket to hell how will you escape how will you get out how how will you change how will you ever get to the place you've embraced this corrupted reasoning of Satan you've covered death and decay with fine clothing and sweet religious words but inwardly you hate God now keep in mind that Israel was potentially the most religious nation on the face of the earth at that time and Jesus could stand them to the face in John 8:44 and he said to the Pharisees you are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you will do he was a murderer right from the beginning he basically said to them you're going to kill me I've come to you I've come with words from God I've come to bring you into freedom I've come to draw you into the heart of God but you've so fallen for the deceptive strategy of Satan you've so covered death and decay with religious garments you're so entrenched now in the wrong way of thinking that you are going to have two alternatives the one is that you're going to repent of your sin and the others that you're going to kill the voice that has been sent to draw you to the presence of God o Jerusalem he said you stone the prophets you scourge those that are sent to you how many times I've longed to draw you to my heart how many times I've reached out many times I've tried to make this crooked way straight but you wouldn't come to me there's no deeper darkness than when sin and religion become friends there's incredible power in this de step deceptive state the scripture tells us that Satan succeeded in taking one-third of the angels with him and his rebellion against God now think of that for a moment almost inconceivable created beings who also had an unrestricted view of the glory of God and yet Satan succeeds in taking the third with him into his rebellion against God you look down on the earth in numbers chapter 16 there was a man as Moses led the people of God through the wilderness his name was Korah and it's almost inconceivable to me how did this man he succeeded in getting two hundred and fifty men of renown the scripture says to stand in opposition to divine order and God's leadership through Moses and here are these men standing before the tabernacle they have their sensors in their hand which is the type of holy devotion a type of Prayer a type of submission and surrender to God and they are completely underwear underwear that they're about to be burnt to a crisp by the presence of God they have no idea how did they get to that state how these are men of renown who became men of renown under the leadership of God they were just stall stropping stomping slaves in Egypt that's all they were but God brought them out and in that bringing up the giftings were given and leadership ability was imparted by the presence of God to them and yet there's an inner corruption and all it took is that strategy of Satan one more time to say no no no this is narrow you see you were you were meant for much more than this you're in a kind of a confined place but just think of how just think of the glory that could be given you think of your men to lead you're not meant to follow and here they are with their sensors 250 men of renown almost inconceivable and unless you understand that there's incredible power in the deceptiveness of the human heart there's power in your heart to deceive you understand I'm not talking about some exterior profit comes into your house and leads you astray there's power in your own heart each one of us has that that inner capability to walk away from God and to develop a a scriptural reasoning around it that is completely corrupted keep in mind that it's the most religious nation on earth that cried out for the death of the son of God folks I don't know if there's a more religious nation in the world than Israel at that time and they had the scriptures they had as realistically they're the Pentateuch they had the books of the prophets they they had this if they wanted at this unrestricted view remember jesus said himself search the Scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life but they are they that testify about me it's very clear it's very plain where this was all leading to and I've not come to destroy what you believe but to bring it to its conclusion to its completion and they had a choice they'd formed a religion they had they had covered corruption as it is Jesus looked at the leaders and said you you appear righteous but you're full of death inside you clean the outside of the cup but inwardly there's simply decay and folks and so they had a choice God came God came God came not a message about God not another theory about God not just a good man not just a prophet God came God in the human body God and all the evidence was there that he was God he could raise the dead he could walk on water I mean he could multiply a few loaves and a couple of fishes and feed thousands of people I mean God came and so they the choice was given them I either believed God I either go with what he's saying or I just embrace myself as God and I embrace my covering and sufficient I embrace my religion is worthy to be worshiped and so there's been other choice I have to cry out away with this man crucify him folks there are times you sit in Church perhaps and the preachers preaching it might even be happening to some right now and you're just in your heart and said I wish he'd just be quiet I wish he'd get on to something positive away with this man away with this voice crucify him he's touching he's touching something I've embraced he's touching a covering of many factories he's touching a religion I've started to practice he's touching a sense of righteousness that I have created for myself and it angers my heart and I I don't want to hear this I come to Time Square Church in here one more servant like this I'm going to some positive place in the city someplace where I can just practice my religion and feel good it's probably a few places were that you could do that in him was life the scripture said and the life was the light of men and the light shined in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not now you have to understand the light shined in a religious darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it is it strange that the the lepers heard it the prostitutes could respond to it even the dead could hear it but religion has a certain death about it that makes it almost impossible sometimes to hear the voice of God but he says in Matthew 6 22 but if your eye is single your whole body shall be full of light now go with me to second Corinthians please in the New Testament if your eye is single if you're single focused if you and I are standing before a holy God and we're saying Lord whatever you say its truth is truth whatever you ask me to do Lord and I clearly know it's you I'll do it wherever you leave me I'll follow whatever you say is right is right whatever you say is wrong is wrong God Almighty I'm not going to create some religious thing in my own heart that allows me to move in a direction of death thinking its life second Corinthians chapter 3 verse 14 now speaking about Israel their minds were blinded for until this day remains the same vail untaken away in the reading of the Old Testament which Vail has done away in Christ their religion blinded their minds folks it's that simple they created a system that was operating outside of truth even to this day verse 15 when Moses is read the Vail is upon their heart nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away now that's a principle for there's a day coming when Israel is going to turn to the Lord thanks be to God but it's a principle that applies to you and I to everyone who's here today when you and I turned to the Lord the veil the coat that which hinders us that's which blocks the view that which keeps us in weakness that which keeps us apart from the life that God offers us in Jesus Christ is taken away and then suddenly something happens he says in verse 17 now the Lord is that spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty in the word Liberty really in the original text means generosity but we all with open face beholding as in a glass or that means a mirror the glory of the Lord has changed into the same image from glory to glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord the veil is taken away when you and I stand before God and we're just simply willing to be honest in the sight of the Lord Jesus Christ and say Lord not my will but thine not my ways but yours not my thinking but what you say this veil of incomplete religion the deceptive reasoning of the human heart is taken away and we're brought into life we become aware verse 17 of the incredible generosity of God where the Spirit of the Lord is there's Liberty means generosity this incredible generosity where God says I'm willing to give you a new heart I'm willing to you a new mind I'm willing to give you a new spirit I'm willing to put love inside of you joy long-suffering peace holiness temperance I'm willing to give you peace in the midst of the storm strength in the midst of your weakness I'm willing to do what can't be done apart from the strength of God within you we're changed as we behold him into the same image that we're looking at from glory to glory well changed into the image of want the one who thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation humbled himself and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross we're changed into the image of the one who was given for us when we're not even looking for him we're changed the hearts are changed the whole basis of our religion is not to move ahead on some kind of a social ladder that we've created in our heart the whole basis of what we do is to honor God and to see fallen men brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ we're changed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord that means doke set the doke so that means that which brings the name of Christ to reputation we're changed which change it's a miraculous life that we enter into religion is obnoxious religion is death religion is taking a corpse and putting a covering on it and calling it the church but Christ is life Christ is joy Christ is peace chapter 4 Paul says therefore seeing we have received this ministry verse 1 and have received mercy we faint not we don't draw back in other words but I've renounced the hidden things of dishonesty not walking in craftiness nor handling the Word of God deceitfully but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God if our gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost and whom the god of this world has blinded the minds of them which believe not lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine unto them folks knowing this we don't pull back but we renounce if we are the Church of Jesus Christ if you are part of the Bride of Christ you and I renounce dishonesty we renounce craftiness we renounce deception we renounce ever handling the Word of God deceitfully we simply renounce it we don't pull away from it we say God your ways are right your ways are true I'm not going to sit in your presence and try to justify wrong anymore I'm not going to justify evil if you call it evil it's evil I'm not going to hold to my heart something that you call me to put away young people that sit here this morning and I wonder how many were out dancing in some club last night don't pull back the Lord says let go of a certain lifestyle let go of a certain way of doing things let go of relationships that you shouldn't be in and practices that you shouldn't be doing and let the truth bring Christ to reputation Paul says commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God commending ours by the manifestation of the truth by walking a holy life by walking a life that is simply true we are commending Christ every man's conscience by walking in truth if Satan can get the church in any generation to walk in spiritual compromise it takes away the conviction that is supposed to be in us it's a natural conviction we don't even have to say anything just the fact that you walk honestly fact that you and I do what is right when everyone else is doing what is wrong when the whole world is living as its own God we acknowledge there is a God and we submit and surrender to him and worship Him we open this book and we don't treat it lightly we recognize that it's truth and say Lord Jesus come and bring your name to reputation through my life you are God and I'm not your ways are right and mine aren't I'm leaving my own reasoning and I'm moving towards where you're calling me jesus said if your eye be single your whole body will be full of light your whole body in other words every chain every wall every enemy every power of hell begins to be broken your whole body your whole body he said full of light your whole body giving strength that can only come from God your whole body glorifying God Paul said it this way in him we live we move we have our being it's all in him your whole body being a declaration of the keeping power of God your whole body saying one thing when the whole world is saying something else your whole body everything you are everything you say everything you talk to everything you do is a declaration every little old lady who helped across the street just because the tenderness of God is in your heart your whole body your whole body becomes an expression of God your whole body is full of light changed into the image of God if we do it God's Way Satan is so deceived that he doesn't realize the powerlessness of his condition or position most likely still believes he can overthrow the kingdom of God and be God and sad to save multitudes and multitudes multitudes have embraced his reasoning you can walk it a certain way and never suffer a consequence my whole body resurrected quick and brought to the life which God intended just like Lazarus raised from the dead given life strength health hope determination direction a whole body full of light unhindered by the frailty of the fallen nature that I've inherited unhindered like David and Psalm 80 and he said through God he said I can leap over a wall because of God he said I can run through a troop no matter how many our master what kind of force is against me because of God David said in my life I can run through all opposition that is set against me I can leap over any wall that the devil tries to build around me I can believe that my life is going to be a testimony of his glory in my generation how can believe it with all my heart now the question arises what is God telling you to stay away from see this is this is where we move towards truth or we cover our own selves with a garment of religion and what is he calling you towards what are we to leave behind what are we to move forward to collectively and but most importantly individually this is a call to each one of us what is the Holy Spirit telling you right now to walk away from see this is where you're going to make a choice you're going to either cover sin with religion are you going to throw off that garment and move towards a holy God and say Lord I'm going where you're calling me I'm going to be what you have designed me to be I'm going to walk the pathway that you've set before me don't fall into the religious trap of becoming your own God and justifying wrong and don't put off for long what God has called you if you really watch you won't put it off at all but don't put off what God's called you to do the more you put it off the greater chance that you'll make peace with it and eventually call it good don't put it off if you're under conviction you're sitting reading your Bible you're in the church like this one today and the Holy Spirit has got his finger very clearly on an area of your life don't put it off you will end up making peace with it you will end up covering it you will end up calling it holy because that is the fallen nature of the human heart I want to challenge you and encourage you to do today what you know is right and what God says is right simply put I'm out of here I'm going with Jesus it's that simple there have been times in my life where the Lord has asked me to lay some things down things dear to my heart but I thought I saw clearly in Scripture what God was saying and made the decision to go with him and to this day I've not regretted it that is my altar call today as simple as it sounds I'm out of here I'm going with Jesus whatever that means to you whatever it is that God's put his finger on I'm not covering this thing with religion anymore I'm not calling evil good I'm not calling my own reasoning right I'm going to do what God says I'm going to do it God's Way and I'm going to trust him for the miracle the strength the power the glory and folks if you do it God's Way there will be a shout come into your heart there'll be dance come into your feet there'll be joy come into your heart to be strength come into your home if you simply make the choice to do it God's Way I'm going with God what he clearly has spoken to me the clear revelation of Scripture as it applies to my situation I'm going to go with God I'm not going to follow my own reasoning and folks the out the the absolute out working of this is joy and strengthen you seems like a hard thing sometimes to follow but if you choose to follow when God is speaking the end result is both strength and joy father I just thank you lord I know I've delivered your heart this morning I know it's in your heart to restore and to heal now Lord Jesus Christ as we worship you as we stand and behold you give us the grace to move towards you help us Lord not to retreat excuse or cover that which you are calling us to walk away from father I thank you for this in Jesus name we're going to stand in a moment and if the Holy Spirit is drawing you and God has spoken to you into something you need to just simply walk away from to walk towards God I'm going to invite you to meet me at the front of the sanctuary in the Annex you can step between the screens if you will after worshiping for a few moments we're going to pray together let's stand together please just make your way here and we're going to pray now listen very carefully I I see some people at this altar just being overcome with grief and that's not what this is about Joshua was commissioned by the Lord to bring the people of God into their inheritance and but a lot of the people born in the wilderness had never had that deep working of the Holy Spirit and that putting away of what is dishonouring to God this church is coming up to its 25th anniversary in the next couple of years and the joy that is here the open altars in this house have been because it was founded on a word that penetrated the heart and helped people put away things that needed to be put away and the end result was an open altar and the joy of the Lord became our strength in this house but we're another generation it's another time and we're going to need the strength of Christ to get through the days ahead of us we need our inheritance and God wants to give that inheritance to us but in order for that inheritance to come our way everything that is a reproach to God must be put away there must be no friendship between sin and religion in this house and in your life but no friendship and that's that's really what this altar calls about there's no friendship between sin and religion I'm not taking anything wrong and calling it right anymore I'm going to walk in the way that God chose me to walk that's the way I'm going to walk [Applause] the end result the end result is strength is joy the end result is victory in the battle the end result is direction in the storm the end result is provision and family that's what God wants to do and that's what God is going to do for all of us he's going to take us through and give us his life because that's all that will get us through the coming days it has to be his life there's nothing there's no religion we'll get anybody through what all of us are going to have to face it has to be his life within us and so this is not a time to be overwhelmed with grief this is a time to say God thank you for that my heart's still open thank you Lord that you can speak to me thank you God thank you Jesus that we can be challenged we can be corrected for me personally I got to tell you this is preaching like this is hard I don't enjoy this but we promised you as a congregation that from this pulpit would come to full counsel of God there'd be messages on joy and but there would I would do you such a disservice to not bring to you the full counsel of God and we've promised as pastors as much as lies within us to walk this path and to be as tender as we know how to be because we all need the same grace I need it just as much as you need it pray this simple prayer with me Lord Jesus in my life there will be no friendship between sin and religion give me the grace to obey you to do what you say and trust you for the power God Almighty I thank you so much that in the coming days you will strengthen me I will have the inheritance of the life of Jesus Christ that is rightfully mine because of Calvary God thank you that the truth is all that I need for strength for life for provision and for freedom you've promised Lord to keep me and sustain me Jesus thank you for the strength today to do what I know is right to walk away from what I should leave and to move toward your truth your power your kingdom and your spirit for thine is the kingdom it's the power and the glory today and forever amen and amen hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah then result is joy the end result is joy the end result is joy its joy that's unspeakable and full of glory the end result is joy thanks be to God you have a reason to praise them you have a reason to clap your hands you have a reason to leap in the air if that's what God asked you to do you have a reason because you and I are going with God hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah let's give God praise give Him praise in this house hallelujah hallelujah if I were stable all of you could buy pleasures ups in pumps came along that's way I said stay my kids are shocked see much Oh ah my genes Oh Oh goodbye Oh the mud ball Oh Oh see my two Sunday you

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