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What is Messianic Judaism? If you ever wondered about this question then this video may shed some light. This is the first in a series in which I will break down what I see as Messianic Judaism. These are my views and much of what I say here is general information. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Make sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up! SHALOM

38 thoughts on “What is MESSIANIC JUDAISM? Ep. 1

  1. I have always celebrated Christmas, Easter, etc. I am a born again believer in Yeshua, and recently have had my eyes open about these holidays being wrong. As a believer I should not be celebrating any of them, they have pagan roots. I keep Shabbat at home and I'm about to go back to a Messianic synagogue I used to go to. This was about 20yrs ago and honestly, I felt a bit out of place, at the time. Just feeling like I'm not fitting in anywhere. I have been to so many Christian churches and none have worked for me. I don't even like to call myself Christian anymore! Any advice? Anyone ever gone through this?

  2. First of all…. i think you're mostly talking about Catholics or the self proclaimed traditional christian. The Bible does not mention events such as christmas or easter. The Bible is thee guide to life. Traditions people have do not have anything to do with The Bible. Also… Christians dont believe Sunday is the day of rest. it is here on earth though not in the bible.

  3. It is a mish-mash of orthodox judaism and evangelical christianity that was invented in the 20th. century. The Apostles never called themselves "messianic jews" or "christians", they called themselves NOTZRIM, a hebrew word which comes from the root; NETZER, which means; BRANCH.
    The english version of this word is; NAZARENES. And it was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Notzrim, because it was there they first BRANCHED out from Jerusalem, and began to establish bases of teaching elsewhere.
    The christian calendar is basically the roman calendar, which absorbed elements of different pagan calendars from the empire. And the "jewish" calendar is a corrupted version of the biblical calendar that was invented in the 4th. century. YOU MUST OBSERVE THE TRUE BIBLICAL CALENDAR IN ORDER TO OBSERVE TRUE BIBLICAL RELIGION, THAT IS THE SAME THING.

  4. Messianic judiasim is Christianity (the original (check out Ethiopian Orthodox )) our sabbath is Saturday and Sunday , we watch kosher and all the misses laws other than animal sacrifice

  5. I volunteer in a prison ministry where we all write letters to the inmates to encourage them to follow after alJesus. I just found out that that trom the 19 women chosen from medium custody there are 7 who are MJ. What would you say is the best approach to take for them?

  6. Shalom.
    Thank you for all the explanation. I really enjoyed the video. Are you currently living in Israel? How do you deal with Orthodox Judaism? What's your vision about the Holy Spirit?
    I'm from Brazil and I'm studying some movements in theology that could change our reality nowadays…

  7. Really cool and informative video man. As a Christian trying to learn more about Messianic Judaism, this helped a lot. Thanks for taking the time to clearly explain this, much appreciated.

  8. I think Messianic Judaism is still chritianity. Christ come from Christós which is greek translation of hebrew Māšîaḥ. Meaning that Christ = Messiah. So we're basically the same thing you guys are christians but with an emphasis on your jew roots. There's a protestant branch called the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which is a christian church that keeps the Sabbath, also the dietary law and everything that appears on the bible and torah, but they do not follow the jewish traditions. So you guys are basically Adventists that keep the jew traditions.

  9. How brave 😉 LOL
    We've been in MJism for over 30 years….always found trying to explain these things elicited rancor and agitation in many of the hearers. Things have come a long way since 1967 and the initiation of the MJAA.
    You did this rather well! Mazel Tov!

  10. My Props to you my friend! You have slowing gotten this off the ground to a great beginning. You have the perfect (in my opinion) type of Messianic YouTube channel that I'm trying to get off the ground at some point on my side ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXw4wSCyJ3LMQ19KpT-w6vQ?view_as=subscriber ) I am super impressed with the look and lighting of the videos, the editing and the overall production! I would really like to learn how sausages is made with learning what you do behind the scenes. Are you using an iPhone or DSLR camera? I wonder what you're using and post-production? IMovie? Adobe? Photoshop? Other stuff? Overall I'm Super impressed I stand and applaud your video production and content. Also, as a lover of video making and looking to get it just right, I'm super geeked out because I love your end result. Thanks, Jonah – Long Beach CA

  11. Not Jews or Jewish but an effort by Evangelical Christian groups to trick nice people including some uneducated Jews to worship a man god human sacrifice being Jesus which is against all laws of Torah.
    Tenak Talk channel explains.

  12. Very good brother but now you should follow old testament more than new testament but believe in Jesus's at the same time necessary
    And let the females of your house to cover their head with scarf even your mother or sister
    (And I am not joking)

  13. Messianic Judaism is nothing more than evangelical Christian with kippah and Menorah tallith,
    There are no such things as jews for jesus, Jews for jesus is like meat for vegetarian, it don't work very well,

  14. I live in China, and there are no Messianics here…but there ARE Jews, synagogs and Rabbis. Im going to meet the local Rabbi, and attend the synagog on Shabbat, with the understanding that I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah, at the same time respecting, not necessarily practicing, the traditions of the Orthodox Jews.

  15. Messianic Judaism is a fake Jew movement that denies the history of the church and the beginning of the early church, all the bishops and saints, and all the glorious traditions. Just the fact that these crazies don’t have Christmas or Easter shows that they cannot believe in Jesus. The new testament was given to us by the ancient Orthodox Church. Messianic doesn’t not share the Eucharist (communion) with anyone ever. Insane people. The holy Orthodox Church is the new synagogue, it has taken the traditions of Solomon’s Judaism, not fake modern Judaism. The holy Orthodox Church is true, and everyone is in unity and believes the same thing, we are the true followers of Christ, and we attend his church. I don’t hate any of you. I admire how you stick to tradition, but the tradition and holidays of the jews, aren’t ours. Messianic are just fake Jews and fake Baptist’s mixed together. If you have any questions about holy orthodoxy, I am here, please ask.

  16. Cammon, gues, you are not observe The Law. It's a fake religion.You are misleading people.
    You can't observe Tora without Talmud and poskim. You are just playing judaism.
    Tora is given with intent to be considered and developed by leaders of jewish nation. She is not given to christian sekt "messianic jewish".
    Do you want to live by the Torah? Contact the real scholars of Torah. They will tell you what to do.

  17. Thank you for making this video, I have recently found out that I have a messianic Jew today. I'm very serious, it was like God slap me in the face. I hope you make more videos God bless you. Praise Adonai

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