Trouble believing in God (Ask Dr. Stanley)

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An eight-year-old boy wrote in for advice about his doubts. In Touch Ministries, 2013.

faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen without faith it's impossible to please God because to please him we must first believe that he exists and awards those who sincerely seeking but what can we do when we are stuck on this first step wondering if there even is I God here's the good news God is patient with us thank God he is he understands he is actually delaying the return of Christ for SI so that many more people would come into his kingdom so what do we do about our doubts he is a very open and honest email from a young boy he writes hi I'm 8 sometimes I don't believe in God what should I do well let me say to you young fellah that I'm honored that you would ask me that question don't feel bad about yourself many people doubt God at some time in their life especially early in life people don't believe in God for many different reasons for example they say well I can't see him even though he has created everything that exists to see him would limit him to being a mere person and God is greater than all of that they've not read the Bible which explains all about God and so they say well I don't understand at all they haven't read the book that explains him not answered a prayer for them how God works because they don't know how to pray because of the influence of other people in their lives who unbelievers there are many reasons people don't believe in God but no reasonable explanation exists for the creation of God and how he works in their life God is and he is revealed through His Son Jesus Christ he's a God of love who has a plan for your life no matter how young you may be he will show you his will and his plan to guide you throughout your life he will provide for you everything that you need in his own time he will protect you in difficult situations that's who he is and I think in my own life about my own personal experience and I think about the person experiences of other people you'll have a personal experience with God he won't be somebody who's out yonder over here and I'm not sure now because he wants to reveal himself to you and oftentimes that becomes in our life a reality very gradually for example I've been a Christian for 68 years I'm 80 so I've been a Christian for 68 years walking with him listening to him learning who his he's become my personal friend and I can answer your question but simply saying this if you ask him to help you believe in him believe me God will reveal himself to you you say well what do i do well one of the first things you can do is throughout reading the Bible and you can start in the first two chapters of genesis of all about creation then you might want to read the Book of Luke for example chapter 2 about the birth of Jesus the Savior then you might want to turn the Gospel of John about salvation or maybe in the Psalms you've heard the 23rd psalm so start there or some other thumbs and just ask God to help you understand what he's saying to you ask him to help you believe in him expect him to answer that prayer you know why because he wants to answer that prayer and when you begin to pray to him God is going to begin to speak to your heart you're going to begin to sense this intimate relationship with him that you never knew before so let me give you my personal experience when I was growing up I didn't know a whole lot about God in fact I knew very little about him and nobody ever sat down and explained to me who God is and so I went to church and listen to sermons but it very early years I didn't understand what that was about and then the pastor of the church came to see me and I was a little bit intimidated at first but he said Charles I want to talk to you about God and about your salvation and about Jesus and so I listened very carefully but I didn't understand a lot of it but when he walked away I began to think about what he said and I thought well Lord it if all of this is real you got to show me this help me to understand and here's what happened I began to read the Word of God I didn't understand a lot of it at first but as I began to read I began to feel the presence of God and the more I read the more I felt that presence till it became a strong presence and then I wanted to pray I didn't know all about answered prayer and all the things are involved in that but I knew that something was happening in my own heart and as I began to pray and listen my belief in him became stronger and stronger I believed that Jesus Christ was the son of God I believed what the Bible said about the cross and at the age of 12 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior from that moment on I have never doubted him one bit and I can tell you this God is a real God he's an awesome God the creator of all things and one who loves you absolutely and completely he'll be in you with you and upon you all the days of your life once you trust him as your Savior don't listen to unbelievers and skeptics and doubters you read the Word of God and ask God Lord I want you to speak to my heart make yourself real to me God I promise your young man God will answer that prayer he says they that seek me will find me and that's what you're doing at this point in your life you're seeking to know him God will reveal himself to you well I'm so glad that you joined us today for in touch trusting God is putting faith into action and it means looking beyond what you can see to all that God sees

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  1. I know there is a God, but I am not sure if I am telling myself this or if I truly meant it. I believe he made the entire planet. I believe he made the leviathan and behemoth which is awesome to me. I believe that he revived Jesus because if he didn't it wouldn't have been put in the bible. I have been growing up learning about him for years. When I repented recently, I knew that I knew Jesus is my savior and god is my lord but then I started to feel doubt. Idk if that doubt is me saying, "Maybe it is not true?" or if I am just tricking myself and overthinking myself.


    For those struggling with the concept of the existence of a CREATOR GOD and who do not want it rammed down your throat on the basis of the BLIND FAITH approach of religious dogma, perhaps this line of reasoning will help you make a more informed decision…not based on blind faith alone but on the FACTS that we do SEE.

    Speaking as a TRIAL LAWYER of thirty years and accustomed to always relying upon the BEST EVIDENCE, I have studied the arguments for and against the existence of a CREATOR GOD for many years and from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. There will still be some element of BLIND FAITH involved but it is also based on INCONTROVERTIBLE, UNDENIABLE and IRREFUTABLE FACTS .

    Here is what I mean;

    I examined the EVIDENCE of the complexity of our magnificent DESIGN OF LIFE, and I see a machine with its unlimited capacity for self repair and maintenance and with numerous back-up and FAIL SAFE systems. Then, borrowing an expression from my thirty years as a trial lawyer, I came to the conclusion that;

    Based on the PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE and on the BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES, it is much more LOGICAL to conclude that our DESIGN OF LIFE is the work of a CREATOR GOD or an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER rather then just the result of RANDOM chance and the mere passage of time.

    For example, when you examine our INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM, one of TWO such systems that we have, the other being the ADAPTIVE immune system, you learn that it takes on average twenty (20 ) separate, distinct chronological steps, executed in perfect SEQUENCE, to illicit even one immune response. If a major system, like the LYMPH system FOR EXAMPLE, fails to eliminate lymph fluid in its normal way, it is backed up by a hidden fail-safe system which we are not even aware of and which will kick in and allow LYMPH to excrete through the skin.

    It makes no sense that such a complex DESIGN OF LIFE is merely the result of RANDOM CHANCE.

    What do the « evolutionist theorists want us to believe ? That a bolt of lightening hit a pile of doo-doo four billion years ago…and BINGO…here we are ? This is patent NONSENSE and violates plain COMMON SENSE. The MAIN arguments in the theory of EVOLUTION are so fragile that they can be dismissed with this simple argument;

    If EVOLUTION alone explains our existence then how come APES are still swinging in the trees ?Thee is no valid or convincing answer for this FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION within that ‘ theory’. President Johnson once said; ‘ you cannot SUCK and BLOW at the same time’ . Either we ‘ evolved’ from the more primitive APES or we did not. The fact that APES still exist or that they did not build skyscrapers before we did…cannot be explained by this theory. There are MANY more caveats but this is enough to discredit it.

    I hope that this construct helps some of you to resolve this issue and to accept the LOGICAL idea of the existence of a CREATOR GOD

  3. Thank God He wants us to believe in Him and that He will help us. I wouldn't be where I am on my path to believing in Him again if it wasn't for the tugging on my heart and His guidance and grace. I've had multiple extreme panic attacks about Hell and about the Rapture coming before He might save me and grant me faith, but I'm still holding on with believing He will help me along the journey. Fortunately God loves us more than we can imagine and will help us so much for Him to save us by grace.

  4. Hi good day …. faith is the confidence of things hoped for that it will actually happen…. but I wondering people who are sick have faith that they will get better but never did…. is faith like a chance thing?

  5. Dr. Stanley, I want to thank you for being my friend and guide over the years . Each and every time I have or have had doubts, questions or just plain old fashioned fear, I have Always found comfort and guidance in your words that helped me with my journey towards God through the devine blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ.May God continue to have you speak his words of love and kinship though the words of and the Blood of Jesus that he willingly shed as you guide us each week towards understanding the forgiving Grace of God to all who have been born into sin.Once again, thank you,In Christ,Jim BowerNampa, Idaho

  6. if we dont' listen to the different perspectives (other beliefs/athesits..etc)and view from other angles, how could our belief be objective and solid truth like gold undergo the burning of furnace? truth can stand at any angle i supposed.

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