Tower of God Dub: Episode 43 – Serena's Lament

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Tower of God Comic Dub: Episode 43! Team B’s test has begun, and Endorsi has set her plan into motion – both as team leader and as their Tag. Meanwhile, Serena and Hoh have a serious heart-to-heart as we learn about the reason she entered the Tower.

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Dr. Boneheas as Twenty-Fifth Bam ►

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Jimmy Sherwood as Ryan ►

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Tyler Fultz as Murch ►

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the following is a non-profit fan based production tower of God is owned and created by SIU and the Naver corporation please support the official release shall we take a break coming this far I guess we can assume that we won't get caught by the rancor right is the plan working so far working it's perfect princess oh great how did you come up with such a great plan well it just hit me you know it just hit you you're a princess of jihad indeed after the failure of taa the start for Team B wasn't very good it was no leader like current team a people on tune B throughout different ideas no one would listen to anyone else time kept ticking away and everyone became nervous nothing's getting resolved everybody was shallow at that moment yes you guys are so frustrating I'll be the tag so just do as I say someone powerful took control of the situation what anyone have a problem with that yeah you jerks how dare you try to take charge without the princess sorry princess so then what should we do garbage with your face you got a problem with her being in charge wanna die and just like that things sorted themselves out endorsee laid out her plan and everyone agreed because what else were they going to do the idea is dangerous frankly speaking if we meet the rancor while we were moving into position the game will be over stop worrying the princess said the rancor won't catch the tag until he examines every regular just relax he won't come to us first relax rash judgments will lead to failure princess I think there's a rebel here is that so then hang him what you're dead stupid all the fishermen are moving together hey lock him up yes princess really are stupid that was endorsees plan [Applause] Oh [Applause] how could she have all the fisherman to move together is she completely out of her mind I know she's just trash and so is a stupid plan I think it's better than your idiotic plan starting with the name first of all did you think that the ridiculous idea of you catching the rancor with your Spears while we hold him would be accepted as you saw in team a's test it is impossible to physically hold him the fishermen moving as a group and then spreading out according to the rankers movement makes more sense are you really gonna say that after sago strung that break currents we can't win it's not about winning or losing it's about how much we short talents in this test that's right so you should be the bait to help our revolution plan ah what's going on there miss linen you seem to be a bit upset huh no it's just are you worrying about something Hey oh yes I was singing hey damn you hey-ho hey-ho why are you trying to go up the tower what do you really have to what's this all of a sudden no it's just watching Tina taking the test it made me think a lot I feel so down miss linen whatever ma'am oh you know what I was just an ordinary girl I stole goods being shipped from the middle area to the outer tower I was a thief and so one day I snuck onto a merchants boat unfortunately a rancor was there and I watched in horror I heard about rancors but I never imagined they would be that strong my partner died so easily I was barely able to keep hidden and I prayed if you're listening please save me I can't die here my whole life has been crap then a real God appeared and I didn't hesitate one bit to take his hand and enter this tower I wanted to be a rancor I wanted to kill everyone that got in my way I wanted to reach the top of the tower and get everything during that first brutal test to cut us down to 200 I didn't hesitate because I had so much anger every one was an enemy every time I killed I felt like I was regaining control of my life so I was thrilled and when that was over I said to myself yes I did it I made it next round and the next one luckily I passed the fact that I was getting closer to the next floor made me so happy but while I was watching Team a I found myself cheering for them all of them were taking the test so earnestly and they're such nice guys I imagined myself using them as stepping stones to the next floor and when I realized what was holding me up I thought wow this sucks everyone everyone had to prepare for that moment when they came into the tower they all understand so don't worry the know if I use you as a step to climb higher if I caused your fall are you sure you won't blame me I won't I am prepared isn't that how it is from day one here so let's not blame each other spear pair revolution died oh how do I get up wasted energy arms inventory your sword you said you wanted to try your spear bearer revolution I will stuff the rancor find average point and once I've got him let me burst your Spears what breaker breaker is here but didn't you say it's impossible to stop the rancor I did but let's try Hey run okay new yard I thought he would be in a good mood after taking out DNA but waves of his fury are reaching here through the che so this is dangerous finally let's go oh where is he she only did he I cannot oh um Adam draw chattel could a you I'm doin Dnieper eat a murder couch on my engine died I need you tell country so what role could a of Chi and a

18 thoughts on “Tower of God Dub: Episode 43 – Serena's Lament

  1. Hey, name's Murch. Tryin' to start a spear-bearer revolution, but I didn't print enough pamphlets. Only one who showed up was my mom and her boyfriend… who I hate.
    (cookie for anyone who gets the reference)

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