Top 10 Atheist Billboards [Proposed]

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Atheist billboards are the wave of the future. Here are 10 of the best PROPOSED billboards. Only a couple of these billboards are in use. The rest are photoshopped. Only one is an actual photo of the real billboard.

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Atheist Billboards [Proposed]

  1. And there's the answer to every atheists' question that, "If there's a God then why are there calamities, disasters, famine, crimes, and poverty??"
    Because honestly?
    “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    God disciplines the people the way a father disciplines his son. So really. Take a good look at yourself first before giving all the blame to someone else. God bless you

  2. Ah yes, our friendly neighborhood "atheists" (who are really just anti-theistic assholes claiming to represent atheists, and giving us quite the bad name, truth be told).  Let's see what nuggets of wisdom these assholes have for us today….

    #10 suggests that one chooses between praying and "working" (whether you mean physically working or just trying to make progress with what "god" has given you).  In reality, many Christians do both.  Praying is no more the opposite of working than playing video games is.  In fact, it may do more than video games, as you are still meditating (in my view, as an atheist) on a problem and so you may come up with a solution as a result.  That Christians give god the credit for solutions that pop into their heads doesn't bother me the slightest.

    #9 is of course meaningless.  There are tons of things we cannot see but believe in.  Two examples would be the metaphysical claims "There are minds other than my own" and "We are not just minds in the matrix".  We have absolutely no objective evidence for either of these things!  Yet we are universally expected to believe them, lest we be called crazy.  Interesting.  In truth, we hold these faiths because we have use for them.  Well, the Christian is free and often inclined to make the same defense for their faith.

    #8 is very similar to 10.  But I will add that in the sense that "Hope is all a prayer is", sailors actually do both.  They know that wind will be most helpful either way, just as we all hope certain things that are outside of our control, work out.

    #7 is just plain dishonest.  To insinuate that Christians waste any more time worrying than we do is unfounded and shouldn't be put up on a billboard, no.  In fact, some Christians have argued the exact opposite, that they worry less because they feel there is some higher power who's in control of it all.  Again, atheism and worry are not mutually exclusive, just as working and theism are not mutually exclusive.  And I think this is one of the most embarrassing billboards for the anti-theistic campaign I've ever seen, because no one should have to explain that!
    (BTW, if I had to guess just by the pictures, I'd say the one worrying in these photos is the atheist and the one smiling pleasantly is the Christian… just saying)

    #6 seems to be saying that god is definitely something we invented.  I just don't see how one could draw that conclusion on absolutely no evidence either way.  Atheism is just a lack of belief in a god, not necessarily a belief there isn't one, so such an "atheist billboard" would actually misrepresent us (but then they do that all the time).

    #5 is clever, but of course disregards the claim of Trinity in Christianity, whereby god takes different forms.  The Holy Ghost is what is supposedly everywhere, whereas Yahweh is in heaven.

    #4.  Depending on definition, this can be true.  But of course we all know what we're really saying when we tell this to people, and that's that it isn't real.  And of course we don't know that about every religion.  I'm not even convinced we know that about any religion, actually.

    #3 is way too far.  The majority of people on this planet are theists, so it makes sense that the majority of man-made atrocities will come from theists.  It also doesn't follow that because people from a particular underdeveloped country who believe in a particular interpretation of a particular religion (which resides in theism much the same way I reside in the state of Texas) were responsible for 9/11, that it was theism, or religion, that caused it.  To attack theists in general for the actions of less than .00001% of them is just plain ignorant and demonstrates a total lack of critical thinking.  My atheism is not based on reason but personality.  I just don't find that particular unfounded belief appealing.  But others I do (Read again: faith in metaphysical claims).

    … But intolerance is to blame, necessarily, for violence over different beliefs…

    #2 is exactly like #4.

    And of course, #1 is just trying to insult people.  I'm quite sure there exists a Christian scientist who is far more intelligent than you.  And while it gives us comfort to claim otherwise, science has absolutely nothing to say about the theism/atheism distinction.

  3. I have been called an ATHEIST, by some who are not as informed. I however, am NOT an ATHEIST, I do believe there is a GOD, because I know that there is a Devil…and one without the other would be pointless. That being said, I also believe that for all practical purposes, there may as well NOT be a GOD, because he's kinda like the cops..he has a whole lot of power to punish you, but there's absolutely NOTHING he can do to help you !

  4. #1 is the most ridiculous. Lots of creationists are physicists, biologists, geologists etc. They win awards too. When you are too stupid to use science, resort to videos about insulting billboards. What an obvious fail.

    I choose Reason and Logic
    "Here is, A test to find, Whether your mission on earth, Is finished:
    If you’re alive, it isn’t." – Richard Bach
    Run this test ever once in a while.

  6. The selfishness and myopia of your post are astounding. "No point to live" in a godless universe? Doing good, without gods, is "pointless"? Such inane premises, such unsupported statements. Your terror of death overwhelms your ability to reason. It seems you believe in a god solely to create meaning for your life that you can't kindle by yourself. The fault, dear Peter, lies not in our stars, but in yourself. Take it from an atheist who has plenty to live for, happily. If you don't mind.

  7. I appreciate comedy in all of it's aspects. Your vid was quite funny and entertaining, even though I still believe in a Supreme Being. All this arguing to me is pointless, just sit back , watch, and smile

  8. Oh please! I am not going door to door threatening people with eternal torture. I am not trying to force my beliefs into law. I am not forcing a mythology into science class. I am not standing in the way of medical research, women and gay rights. I am just trying to get theists to think.

  9. Don't pretend to speak for all atheists. I want them to stop trying to tear down the wall of church and state. I want them to stop standing in the way of women's rights, gay rights, medical research. I want them to quit trying to put their creation fairy tale into public schools. I want them to keep their religious beliefs to themselves and stop trying to turn them into law. If you want to be a non combatant in this effort fine. To claim a PR effort with billboards is polarizing is silly.

  10. I feel you're making too many assumptions about me. I'm not with other atheists. If would like to know more I would have to refer you to the "About" section of my channel for clarification. I'm simply searching for a way to deprogram brainwashed people. Posting scriptural contradictions and any prophecy about jeezus is a good start.

  11. These are kid's glove compared to the signs in front of many churches telling passers by that if you don't believe as they do you will be sent to hell to be tortured for eternity.

  12. If a technology presented to a low civilization is advanced enough to be unrecognizable… Then it will always seem magic in the eyes of the unknown. God was never there. We were carefully engineered, as so says the bible but not in those exact words. Religion is a way to herd the sheep. If your heart and soul are strong enough, you will get rid of that fantastic 'god' and come at peace with your inner quest for peace 😉

  13. even if they were completely invisible, our sight is not our only way to demonstrate that something exists. if we could not see oxygen atoms with a microscope, we could still demonstrate that oxygen exists. you breathe it, you can hear it when you stick your head out of a car window. god is not demonstrable at all.

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