To Draw Closer To God You'll Need Theology

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Ever heard anyone say, “I don’t need all that book-learning. Just give me Jesus and that’s enough for me”? It’s become common in the church to base our understanding of God on our feeling of him instead of our knowledge of him. In this short clip, Lenny demonstrates from C.S. Lewis and from the Bible why the study of theology is crucial for the Christian to grow closer to the God we love. For more articles, podcasts, and teachings on this subject, follow us online:

when I talk about theology a lot of times certain people will say is that really necessary I mean yeah you know it's it's good for you like egghead guys but just give me Jesus and that's all I need have you ever heard that kind of thing well there's a problem with that the problem is that just give me Jesus will only take you so far and a matter of fact Lewis again addresses that his preface to mere christianity it is true that when you think about theology it may not give you the warm fuzzies that worship that prayer time that that personal like I know and I don't dismiss one's knowledge of the changed life in the Holy Spirit living inside them I don't dismiss that witness as invalid or even unreasonable I think that's a good reason to know that I am saved that the Holy Spirit witnesses with my spirit I think that's that's correct but Lewis met a gentleman who had that same kind of issue matter of fact this is a guy from the Royal Air Force who I guess crash I don't know if he crash-landed in the desert or if he was stationed in the desert but it does he said the same site type of thing that I'll you know I don't need any of that doctrine stuff I know God is real I'm truly a religious man because I felt him in the desert when I was alone with him I could feel his presence and Lewis says that kind of comment is like the man who wants to learn about the Atlantic Ocean and he does so by walking on the beach now there's a whole lot you can learn about the atlantic ocean by walking on the beach that you can't read in books that personal experiential relationship is big it right you can tell you ever have a relative who's never been to the beach lives in middle america or something like that you know first time they see it they're just amazed at it or disneyland that may be something for kids to write have any kids get all I going to Disneyland for the first time I can't believe they're that experiential aspect and approach is big but it's limited and Louis talks about this he says you know the person who looks at the Atlantic Ocean from the shore of England learns and feels a lot but his view is limited it's more limited it's it's bigger than say looking at a map but he says the map is admittedly only colored paper but there are two things you have to remember about it in the first place it's based on what hundreds and thousands of people have found out by sailing the real Atlantic in that way it has behind it masses of experience just as the real one you could have from the beach only while yours would be a single isolated glimpse the mats fit the map fits all of those different experiences together so while your experience is more real it's much smaller he goes on in the second place if you want to go anywhere the map is absolutely necessary as long as you're content with walks on the beach you're on glimpses are far more fun than looking at a map but the map is going to make more use to be more use than walks on the beach if you want to get to America now theology is like the map merely learning and thinking about the Christian doctrines if you stop there is less real and less exciting than the sort of thing my friend got in the desert doctrines are not God there are only kind of kind of a map but that map is based on the experience of hundreds of people who really were in touch with God experiences compared with which any thrills or pious feelings you and I are likely to get on our own are very elementary and very confused and secondly if you want to get a new further you must use the map and I agree with that the book of Hebrews the writer really takes to task the Hebrew church because he said you should be on solid meat now right the very end of Hebrews 5 is where he's saying you need milk not solid food and it shouldn't be this way and then in 61 he says therefore leaving the elementary message about the Messiah let's go on to maturity not letting in foundation of repentance from dead works faith in God teaching about Rochelle ritual washings the laying on of hands the resurrection of the Dead and eternal judgment those things he says that's the baby food Wow and then the writer goes on in and talks in one of the most difficult passages in the entire Bible in Hebrews 6 through 8 it anyway I will leave that to a separate topic but my point is that we don't want to be those who are only taking the milk we want to be deeper than that and in order to get deeper than that we need to engage in a little bit of thinking about who God is and what we know about them you

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  1. Theology separates you from God…it's the intention…if people knew the truth of God, the church becomes irrelevant…along with the collection plate….deceit and lies is the life blood of the church..

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