Theology and Philosophy – Newman University, Birmingham

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Hear Amy talk about her experience of studying Theology at Newman University, Birmingham.

Mima and I'm studying single otters theology at Newman I've always been fascinated by religion religion affects pretty much all aspects of society my experience at Newman University has been amazing I'm just really really happy here I like that it's a smaller university because there's a real sense of community and the like the fact that Newman listens to the student voice the lecturers and tutors I can praise them enough they're very knowledgeable very friendly very approachable and I love that if you struggling and you need a tutorial you can pretty much get one instantly and they're always available by email in second year every student has the opportunity to do a work placement I'm doing mine with the Newman Research Center for the Bible in its reception and been very very eye opening for me cuz I'm hoping to go into biblical studies after University definitely come see the campus you'll find out that it's just a wonderful place today

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