the Theology of the Dimond Brothers

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Does the theology of the Dimond Brothers hold up? In this video we will examine just how dangerous a “little theology” can be if it’s completely skewed.

40 thoughts on “the Theology of the Dimond Brothers

  1. Mr Albrecht,, I have listened to your debates w/Brothers Dimond, several times. I hope you convert to The Catholic Faith, as your encounters w/Dimond Bros, should have convinced you of the issues. I will continue to pray for your, and every other lost souls' conversion to The One True Faith.

  2. [sigh!]  Its really frustrating when you have bullies that proclaim anything like Marko Ivan… Sure, I can say anything..but does that make it true?  It has to be by the fruits of a professing Faith people that shows you whether the Catholics are really living Jesus' truth.  What should be said to the Dimond Brothers and the Pre Vatican 2 proponents is…"….the apostle peter and paul I know….you I don't know…"!!

  3. If you look at the fruits of the Catholics that belong to the Post Vatican 2 period, there are too many good deeds done by catholics, including EWTN.  The Dimond brothers and the cult of Sedevacantists and Pre Vat 2Catholics would have us throw all that away without even any remorse.  They throw out "the baby with the bathwater".  Come on.  Its bullcrap!  AN EVIL CHURCH AND HARLOT CHURCH CANNOT PRODUCE GOOD FRUITS LIKE SISTER MARY ANGELICA OR EWTN OR THE JOURNEY HOME TV PROGRAM, and cannot heal broken lives like I have seen AND THAT I TESTIFY THAT I HAVE SEEN AT the local parishes of St. John the baptist of Front Royal, VA., or Sacred heart Cath Church in Winchester, VA.  Get a life, Dimond Brothers!  Who the hell are you dudes?  Where is your priests or your pope or leader?  So, your god isn't competant enough to provide a correct priest laity or authority structure to his sheep and the rest of you must hide and all be "underground"?  Come on!

  4. Interesting. While some points raised are valid in this video such as the strategy there are other questions I have? What's the point? Are you defending the current Popes? I fail to follow your sense of reasoning with sedevancatism, in particular the Pick and Choose about the Popes. Mind you now, your talking to someone who has made that journey within and with quite a different perspective but it leads me to the same conclusions of the Brothers Diamond. Now, are you defending what exactly?

  5. "Large"? Two people? Maybe three? Large? See why you cannot be trusted with facts? Your single words are even encased in error. The rest of the monks stayed with the Benedictine monastery land with Br. Mahut & 4 other monks.on land where Fr. Feeney is bured. While they can't obey their Rule, the Novus Ordo disbanded them, they "follow" the 'pope' without monastic orders. Go figure. They publish a booklet "From the Housetops." You did not win any other debate with mhfm. You made no points.

  6. Your "order" is musical, typical Novus Ordo anti-doctrinal entertainment system. Catholicism is doctrinal. Where is Scannell's Manual of Theology on your channel? & Quo Primum & 100s of de fide encyclicals? Omlor's QTV Fr. Cekada's WHH, Ott, Denzinger, Fenton's CONCEPT OF SACRED THEOLOGY & Fr. Gihr "THE SACRIFICE OF THE MASS." These are in your VAST library, right? Go see Youtube's hiimgerome, mhfm & protradition for Catholicism! Novus Ordo is excommunicable–IF the Novus Ordo still had it!

  7. The Catholic Church holds the doctrine of the Apostolic Record, ALL of the teachings–Apostles, Early Fathers, Saints & Doctors IN UNISON. It is the Magisterium to which Catholics MUST BELIEVE, not scripture, a mere sketch of what Christ taught to His Church to DEFINE. His Faithful must believe. the full Dogmatic record defined & promulgated in the ACTA Apostolic Sedis (AAS) which never expires or changes. Those too "smart' to obey the Dogmatic Record lose their souls.

  8. "you obviously learned from prejudice, not from credible authors or speaking to priests or laity"

    I belong to an Order of the Church. You would have known that if you even bothered to check my channel. You didn't.

    Now you have embarrassed yourself…. Self inflicted wounds are the worst kind.

    Remember…it is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt. You have removed any doubt what so ever….protestant.

  9. Intelligent Catholics do not deny the Vatican is criiminal–the damning crime is Apostasy–hierarchy & members follow heresy. It would be smart to get out, Catholics did. SSPX, CMRI, THUC, SSPV, & TRENTO lineages from REAL Vatican bishops! left the heresies & apostasy behind. Just stop me if this gets too deep for you. You can't go there. And the reason is found in reading Gihr, Denzinger, & Ott & Quo Primum. Sure cure for ignorance.

  10. Cunna: This is pure slander. Lucky for you Youtube protects your filth. Monastics & the Conventual pledged earn a living because they are commanded by the Rule to do so. A few monks don't get wealthy selling videos for .25 cents trying to enlighten the fallen back to True Catholicism. . With the filth you write you would starve! You just resent Catholic Truth conveyed in the King's English with perfect diction, one of the languages of the educated, which they are.

  11. Really, this is a bad comment. I hold two masters and am in the Doctorate program. If your that good you should be working for the United States Intelligence Agency. I suspect you don't know what you are saying. Maybe you just believe what you research. That's laughable!

  12. It's so telling that your comments were removed and flagged. You sited one papal declaration which refutes this entire video and it's removed because there is no answer for it. No one can address sedevacantism for what it is, everyone has to misrepresent it and silence it. This solidifies my position and should be a red light to all those under the masonic VII Sect.

  13. FREEMASONRY doesn't want to kill Rome–it wants to control it–by infiltration first at seminary levels in 1920s & 30s. Read Bella Dodd, Louis Budenz, Douglas Hyde, Guy Carr, James Wardner, Rev. E.Cahill, SJ & Cd.Rodriguez of Chile–books revealing the Mask of Freemasonry not found in oh-so-bright-scholars' shelves. Freemasonic Papacy succeeded with its "Pentagon Five." You betting "royal commission" ISN'T Freemason? Joke's on you. Are you THAT naive? Why did you think True Catholics left?

  14. You don't have all the information, are not spiritual, do not know scripture or doctrine, patristics or prophecy. In other words, the love of Our Lord's Word. Scholars have been wrong, look at Dawkins, IQ of 180. Our Lord did not come for scholars, but for those who have Faith, not Intelligence Quotient, but Good Will. the "fuel" for Faith is Sanctifying Grace–now removed from the Novus Ordo & Orthodox. How did the scholars miss that when the mere simple-minded shepherds & faithful did not?

  15. I belong to an Order of the Church that is over 800 years old. I have an Honors B.A. in history and a Masters in Library Science. When it comes to information and knowledge I either know it or I know where to find it. Thus I've read and understand what I need to understand. Which continues to lead me to the same conclusion….that you are wrong.

  16. No, I know why you are wrong. You prefer an apostate sitting. But an apostate excommunicates himself and is "not sitting" due to his apostasy. Haven't you read any of the 5 Freemasonic popes writings?

  17. Your continued error is that they are NOT CATHOLIC. I can't help it if you cannot learn. Apostates follow heresy.& empty words against me are proofless–I told you a dozen times. Clergy's destruction of Trent Mass & Sacraments is SACRILEGE–even YOU DON'T OFFEND GOD AS BADLY with your filthy language. FRANKENCHURCH does not punish its clergy or laity & are condemned for that–but worse–Clergy 's destruction of Sacraments will punish them eternally in Hell–innocent children souls go to heaven.

  18. The theology of Most Holy Family Monastery is that of the True Church & is found in theology manuals of that Church, in the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia & Encyclical Manuals of the 260 valid popes. This Novus Ordo cannot deny, –so they make little stabs at monastics & laity holding the True Catholic Faith of the magisterium. Novus Ordo apostates, like all other apostates never attempt any real argument, only sin by slandering Catholics. Novus Ordo, you add to our sainthood.Thank you.

  19. It's all about Sanctifying Grace, but you wouldn't know anything about that. The Vatican is no longer Christ's True Church, but you wouldn't know anything about that either. The ONLY matter you notice is that the Vatican "is doomed." Why do you think the Catholic remnant has left? Stop writing to this avatar & you will not get replies. You will get replies you pretend to despise otherwise. Actually, you are begging for answers.

  20. "Index of Leading Catholic Indicators" shows data INCREASING in Vocations, Ordinations, Baptisms, Marriages UP TO V-2–& steep declines thereafter. Thus millions of Catholics walked away from the Faith altogether. They left because Novus Ordo is EMPTY OF SANCTIFYING GRACE–it no longer salvific–NOT Christ's Church & without TRENT VALID MATTER & FORM bestowing Sanctifying Grace. Reformers played on insufficient teaching & on doubt–voila!–newbie third-generation You-Tubers who "know-it-all!"

  21. We have not "created" what did not already exist, the Church of all time-the Church of 260 valid popes. It remains. We belong to its divine perpetual Truth. A billion laity follow an apostate clergy headed by an unpope. They know what they've got. They aren't stupid. They are weak.

  22. You don't even know proper English pronouns & personal pronouns, an indication of poor education. The Novus Ordo is the criminal. I don't attend there. I am I, thou art they.

  23. Novus Ordo actually believe there are 14 Sacraments! There are only Seven VALID Trent Sacraments PERPETUALLY promulgated by Pope Pius V at Trent, Which ones are the real ones? The Original or the "second vatican ones?"

  24. Actially, I don't know what cunna is. But I am positive 'he' (?) has never been validly baptized, & reveals a hatred self-expressed for no reason, no cause, no result. It is mere exposition of what the soul is like when it refuses Christ's Sanctifying Grace, the hatred turns back on its perpetrator.

  25. And yes, the Impostor Church in Rome promotes homosexuality to destroy the priesthood, exposed by Fr. O'Connor on Youtube videos, he OBJECTED to the Sin Crying To Heaven For Vengeance in his seminary, & was evicted! Novus Ordo is not Christ's Catholic Church obeying True Doctrine of Trent as cunnamullafalla would like. Isn't that right? cunnamullafalla? You would like to see the Church in full holiness again, protecting children like before 1958 under true popes & Trent catechism–wouldn't you?

  26. This is the Theology of Brs. Dimond: No pope has been promoted to the Chair since Pius XII, Oct.1958. This is an Interregnum! False elections of fallen Cardinals Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojtyla & Ratzinger have left an empty chair due to their deviation from the Faith & further actions & statements put them in violation of "cum ex Apostolatus Officio" of Pope Paul IV. Faithful Catholics know & teach ONLY Trent valid priests offer Trent Mass & Sacraments & bestow salvific Sanctifying Grace.

  27. Pope Paul IV, "If ever it should appear that any bishop or cardinal of the Roman Church or even Pontiff (whether prior to his promotion to cardinal or election as Pontiff) has deviated from the Catholic faith or fallen into heresy, We decree such promotion or election shall be null, legally invalid & void." "Cum ex Apostolatus Officio", Feb.16, 1559. And, St.Alphonsus Ligouri (1787) "If ever a pope should fall into heresy, he would at once fall from the pontificate, "Oeuvres Completes. 9:232."

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