The Ochelli Effect with Jordan Maxwell – Astrotheology Part 1

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Recorded on May 20, 2019.

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The Ochelli Effect, hosted by Chuck Ochelli, A.K.A. The Blind J.F.K. Researcher,is a guest oriented, listener participation program, striving to bring you the truth the main stream media typically does not.

21 thoughts on “The Ochelli Effect with Jordan Maxwell – Astrotheology Part 1

  1. I want so badly to help Jordan Maxwell financially, as he has taught me more than any college could about the most important truth. I only hope my ship comes in sooner than later so that I may. Thank You Jordan Maxwell.

  2. Love Jordans big brain and his Vast knowledge. His IQ is thru the roof!!!, this genius could INTELLECTUALLY influence Everyone with his vast knowledge of esoteric, secret society's, and the occult = hidden knowledge, and vast knowledge of all the ancient religions and symbology of the BIBLE etc…..

  3. Keep the shows coming love it. Every time I listen to one of the talks I either go back to look at a few things or I learn something new I might have missed. Either way I’m loving it keep them coming and it’s way past time to change the people of the world. It’s past time for everyone to get off the re knees to these cosmocrats! Keep up the amazing job!

  4. jordan Maxwell warns people that if "the light bulb goes on " for you and you see things as they really are ,you will be very dissapointed and feel very lost and alone in the world and it's true .theres nothing to be done just have to handle it and do the best for yourself and family .

  5. Really insightful as always. Jordan is amazing in the way he explains things. It is not just about these things in themselves, but also about the way he relates them to their simple essence, such that even a child can grasp them with ease. I find he has such powerful magnetism and that it feels that he was born to do this, the way he tells these things seem to transport me into a different dimension, almost like a parallel fabulous world where magic, fantasy and serendipity are still operating.

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