The Naked Church :: Nude Church in Virginia….Christianity

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The Naked Church :: Nude Church in Virginia….Christianity

it's Church like you've never seen it before you come as you are the pastor bares his soul and more let's be more listening let's let us hear what exactly what you've got plenty for us follow we ask these things in Jesus name Amen it's okay to drop in and drop your clothes on this day most were covered up because of our cameras but they insist they're comfortable receiving the Word of God from a pastor in its birthday suit I really don't think God cares what you wear when you worship you do the thing is worship but ask people outside this congregation about a naked Church and you'll get this reaction a whole oh my goodness do you think it's disrespectful at all no no it's not that's disrespectful to God absolutely not I wouldn't be here some of the biggest moments in jesus' life he was naked when he was born he was naked when he was crucified he was naked and when he arose he left his clothes in the tomb and he was naked if God made us that way how can that be wrong why do they do this well the chapel is part of the white tailed nudist resort in Ivor the only year-round nudist resort of Virginia it opened back in 1984 and prayers are being answered here in more ways than one man has been here says before anybody passes judgment the naked truth is in this down economy business is up 12% I was we were doing something to people right business is booming more than ten thousand people visited last year Forbes magazine reports the new travel business can rake in eight hundred million dollars a year what does being a nudist what does that do for you sir it's a very comfortable I'm comfortable in my body even the scholars and everything else very stress free these folks say being nudists has nothing to do with anything sexual it's about being free of societal judgments I come here and and you know you look around you you can't tell who's unemployed and who the millionaires who the corporate executive isn't who the plumber is because there's no pressure to be anything other than who you are and they say that applies even if you're naked in church they're caring they're understanding and they're their community oriented and their family oriented we have one of the nicest most involved chapels of any place around I'll put our chapel up against just about any other Church around I consider it a privilege and a gift that God's given to me in I've wore the South likes 13 News

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  1. My grandfather lived in this community. These are the most amazing and humble people I have ever met. They literally do not care if you are rich or poor. Everyone is equal in their books and that’s all that matters. Everyone is so quick to judge and say some nasty stuff because people don’t believe in it and are not into nudity. God created nudity man created shame. Remember that.

  2. Weird. Read Genesis 3:7-11. Nudity in public refers to dishonour and shame. Nudity, as a Christian, is reserved only for a person's spouse whom we make ourselves vulnerable and open. We are not to be nude in the eyes of anyone else. No where in the Bible do we see anyone nude praising Jesus. Nudity also refers to our fallen state of sin. This church needs to be clothed and retrained.

  3. ummmmmm the bible talks about MODESTY and proper attire in many places. these people are goofy as heck and there is something wrong with their logic or maybe they are just plain perverts in sheep's clo….errr….wool…err…scratching my head….

  4. Christ was born, crucified, and risen naked…. and the rest of the time he walked the earth? Did he go to synagogue naked? This is a complete lie, they need to study the Word. Stripping Christ of his garment was intended to humiliate him.

  5. Thank you. Being born naked is not a sin. Jesus took off his cloths and wrapped just a towel around his waist when he washed the desciples feet. He was also naked on the cross. In the Garden of Eden, they were not ashamed of their nakedness. There is nothing in the Bible against nudity. The word modesty, used by Paul can and most likely means "simple" or plain. How much more plain can you get beyond nudity.

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