The Difference Between Believing THAT the Gospels Are True and Believing IN the Gospel

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J. Warner Wallace discusses the evidence for Christianity with apologist, Sean McDowell, as part of the “Advocates” series from Awana. In this clip, J. Warner talks about the difference between “ belief THAT” and “belief IN.” Is it possible to trust the gospels are reliable without being a Jesus follower? If you’re interested in this great series for high school students, visit the Advocates webpage.

take us back to that point where you first realized it was true and then understood what it meant for your life so you know you do all this work and you discover that what the Gospels tell you about Jesus is true and I remember going home at the end of one work day sitting with Suzie and saying you know I think if you had to ask me do you believe what the Gospels say I would have to say no yes but you don't I don't get and I said to her and neither once were Christians I said I don't get why Jesus would have to die on the cross that way I mean I get that it happened now I've kind of fact-checked all that I'm good with it but I don't understand why it had to be that way I said do you get it and she said not really so we were at this place where we just didn't know enough yet and I hadn't focused so sincerely on just the issues related to the Gospels and is this true without thinking theologically so here's how I put it now if you will investigate the Gospels fairly as a detective mind you will end up with belief that they are true but that doesn't give you belief in if you will start to investigate the New Testament for what it says not about Jesus but what it says about you you will take the step toward belief in because what I did is I said okay now I trust that this book is telling me the truth and he has a lot to say about who I was and my need for a savior and as I read I can take exactly where I was when I was reading through Paul's letters I was working on surveillance and Southern California and I was on a surveillance team and I was on the perimeter and I didn't have eyes on the back a guy somebody else did there is waiting for me go mobile and I was on a perimeter and I was reading to first Corinthians I was read by the natural man and I can remember that it dawned on me that this is describing me and I as more I read through Romans and and the letters of Paul I realize that everything that's true about Jesus has a parallel this is true about me I need Jesus as a savior because I started to realize that who I was so I think that you get to believe that by examining who Jesus is you get to believe in by figuring out who you are because in the end we don't measure up the way we think we do and that's hard for cops team here right because were the good guys we put bad guys in jail and it's hard for us to realize no actually we're the same rebellious guy that that guy is we were all in that but we all need a Savior and so that that's really what changed it for me I think that's hard for anybody to hear yeah it but typically for cops writers we're always called because situation they call right now I didn't say hey man you do this you do that get over there don't do that we're trying to command a situation that's gone bad yeah that's the guy you want to tell now that you need to reorder your life and think that maybe you aren't the guy in charge and when I realized that I was not the guy in charged that that changed everything yeah

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