The Christian Meaning of Enlightenment

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Presenter: Richard Rohr, O.F.M., founding director, Center for Action and Contemplation, and popular author

The Christian Meaning of Enlightenment
July 10, 2010

Presenter: Richard Rohr, O.F.M., founding director, Center for Action and Contemplation, and popular author

In this lecture Fr. Rohr presents the results of his research on the contemplative mind and tradition. He believes contemplation teaches people an alternative way of reading reality that is non-dualistic, and therefore allows people to love enemies, forgive offenses, live with paradox and mystery, and “know” God. Its loss is at the heart of the religious discouragement and regression today. Its rediscovery is at the heart of our deepest hope.

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28 thoughts on “The Christian Meaning of Enlightenment

  1. I wrote about this in my blog, at

    Unfortunately, Fr. Richard Rohr is one of them against whom our Lord warned us when He said:Β 'Beware of false prophets, for they come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves'. (Mat. 7:15).
    If you're Catholic, please don't follow him. If you're Christian, you should know he is not Christian. He says it here: "to say that Jesus is God is incorrect". Don't believe me? Check:

    (And he has the cheek to introduce his heresy by saying "I am not heretical for saying this…"πŸ˜…)

    The fact that his Catholic superiors haven't rebuked him speaks volumes of the dire crisis this institution finds itself mired in.
    If you're Catholic, you don't need to believe me. Read my blog and then compare what I say with the Catechism of the Catholic church and draw your own conclusions. Whatever you do, don't follow him blindly. Or anybody for that matter.

  2. This guy has put on dark glasses. He skips over JOHN 1:1, For God so loved…but to all who received Him he gave power to become children of God.” So not all people have that power. Paul says, β€œI preach nothing but Christ and him crucified.” Rohr teaches that Jesus and the Christ are not the same. He is the rohring lion coming to devour and destroy. Look at how he disparages the church (the body of Christ) and says that for 2000 years all of Christianity got it wrong. Now he has this mysterious knowledge which no one can understand except for him. What is Enlightenment? Dare to think! Don’t listen to those who tell you that to understand them you must first give up your thinking.

  3. "Newton's law (principle of Karma)".
    Principle of karma is Vedic law. it is very ancient. meaning of it's that:-" one has made bed,so one must lie on it"
    If you will give peace and happiness then and you will get also show peace and happiness and if you give pain,cheat and hurt other then you will get also pain(sadden) and go hell(jahannum – urdu word)
    We cannot keep out principle of Karma. Please do good work. "Om ΰ₯"

  4. Jesus doesn't "fit" his role? Rohr would say this because he doesn't think Jesus is the Cosmic Christ. The Cosmic Christ is a universal force that draws everything to a final omega point (this is the view of Tellhard de Chardin, whom Rohr says he agrees with). There's also a lot of straw men here that he bats at as he downgrades Jesus Christ and preaches his nondual gospel, which is not the gospel of Christ.

  5. This is not Christianity; it's Perennialism and nondualism which is what Rohr supports and believes in. He teaches it using Christian references but it's not what Christians have confessed for 2,000 years.

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