The Biblical Truth of Our Hymns Blessed Redeemer

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What a wonderful hymn about a wonderful Saviour and the cruel suffering and death he suffered. This hymn takes to Calvary and the cross where Jesus suffered and died, the 1/3 of the Gospel. it speaks of God’s blood and Jesus praying to the Father in his agony.

Jesus, there is no other!

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the biblical truths of our hymns blessed Redeemer this would be number 43 that we have on the YouTube so written by Avis Margaret Margaret Ferguson Christian must tell you that first of all this aim is copyrighted the following year and the first appeared in the songs of redemption compiled in 1921 by w bucket Martin and James W Co and published by the Baptist home Mission Board and out Atlanta Georgia the copyright was later assigned to sing spiration music and after his renewal in 1949 was owned by John D Benson jr. and under the seventeen code of 107 limited rights of fair use we are using this for education we are using this to improve ourselves and our Christian walk the biblical truth of our hands this one is a good M is that are these hams good for churches the sink Christian Bible believe in Christ centered price honoring Bible of bait obeying Christian these hymns are they good this one is a good one but this one's copyright and outside the real thing outside it blessed Redeemer when in our church when they st. you know thing 486 123 number eight and when I see the hymns that have copyright why why not just keep your work out there for free the King James Bible has never been copyrighted there's no royalty and I'm just saying that because here is a copyright one and we've dealt with copyright issues before so she attended the moody church pastor for many years by dr. Harry aren't irons not if I've heard his name she was a modest and retiring woman and sometimes used pen names as Avis Bergesen Christian B Anson and constants be read now the music to this also Harry Dickson low that's another name not given to the birth name I've got my own family either they're born with his name but they give another name I mean there's been many times the words stylee my name is my hump that's the name I was given but I would change it but I'm making love personal comments my own little commentary here in my own little opinions and don't need to do anything she died in 1985 that's you long ago so we had up Calabrese Mountain and Luke 23 33 when they were come to the place which is called Calvary there they crucified Matthew 27 33 when they were come up to the place called good golf though that is to say the place of a skull let's go ahead the bones of the hay without any meat and many many say that that's what the hill look like that's how it got the name so if you're gonna call yourself I mean Calvary's where Jesus Christ suffered and died but it means skull skull Baptist Church and skull represents death it's one them honored tattoos it's a symbol of Pirates though a skull is not the symbol of the gospel that Jesus Christ suffered and died according to the scriptures was buried and rose again the third day according to Scripture but that's where he's suffered and died upon Calvary Palm kogasa upon the skull upon the cross and yet the cross is not the emblem of our salvation the blood one dreadful morning walk Christ my Savior Paul tells us that there's another chief there's another gospel then we gotta be careful it's another Spirit Christ means Anointed One when the church goes away there is coming to Antichrist he's not Jesus Christ he's not God's Christ Christ means Anointed One when John Rice's his epistles I believe it's the second epistle he misses there are many in Christ or the first epistle there are antichrists running around right now there are not the Christ they're both coming gone and died they're living now and they will come again but you must have Christ the one that is virgin born the one that is born of Judah the one that is sealed the one that is anointed by God alone and not to have a folks cry you can't have a crisis not God and you can't have a Christ that you can eat and drink you're gonna have Christ my Savior the only one that saves there's only one that said I am the way the truth and the life weary and worn that's it that's an understatement when we read what the Bible that Jesus Christ is suffering the brutality the beatings that the face airs being pulled being punched being spilling upon the crown of thorn when men of strength and men of power this belted the Lord Jesus Christ with all their might the reliance from the time that he went in that garden and prayed three times Peter James and John slept he had to wake him up three times and they just come from the Darracq that the Lord that got me the last supper and they were singing after the supper and they'd gone to the the garden and he prayed it's not record to the last time when Jesus Christ slept before this time he's in the garden he finishes praying three times he had to wake up the disciple three time Judas come and they carry him off to the Sanhedrin to the high priests in the middle of the night they had this trial that was illegal and they're punching him and they're beating him they're whipping him and early in the morning they hit him off the pile up with no sleep he stands all day before Pilate before Harry before the children of Israel and tired and worn out and beated and bleeding and suffering and pain and sorrow he carries it across facing four sinner death on the cross you came on to de came to save the Lost he came the save of sinners he Katie it was brutally treated that God may not send my help I send my soul into hell for all eternity I am NOT going to suffer because of Jesus Christ I am NOT gonna be tormented in the flames because what Jesus Christ suffered and died for me that he might save them from endless laws now this is a wonderful wonderful hymn but imagine a hundred percent of your body third-degree burns for all eternity and no medicine no really no sleeping no lying down don't send him down the swimming it's a lake of fire you're swimming go jump in the lake the Bible speaks about Hell and that rich man being tormented and torments the agony of Hell that's that's it see hell is going to release death and hell gonna release in Revelation 20 and they're going to stand before God prepared to meet I got God the Bible says but once they go off in the lake of fire that burns forever there is no more relief there is no I don't know when they say it before God I don't know they're in torment coming out of death in hell I don't know how they are but when God declares to them depart from me you workers of iniquity I never knew you and you are thrown to the lake of fire you are never ever ever coming out and the torments I used to preaching around with in prison I used to preach back this picture and this is this an illustration that it's not true but picture a clock in hell and the fact is that clock on the wall and it has no hand picture a time where there will be no time picture agony of torment of extreme pain a pain that you will never ever and I don't think any human but Jesus Christ has ever suffered and there is no relief Christ did not get no relief on that cross he said I thirst in a game of vinegar God allowed a human the creation that he created that people don't like this but to beat the hell out of Jesus me he suffered I that may not go to hell the Creator that made us told the creation go ahead and do what you will and one of the Gospels even says far I forget which ones that this unmentionable things they done to G that can't even remain so I don't go to hell so that I can preach Saturday morning to residents of this area to visitors of this area to tourists of this area the people going to buy goods here that they might hear the loving grace and the love of God through Jesus Christ up do to refrain afterwards Father forgive them the Gospel of Luke record I remember it began with Judas coming giving him a kiss but before that there are three of his important disciples Peter James and John the angels came down minister um Peter James and John missed it so the rejection of Jesus going to the cross began at that garden and here comes a group of men with torches which stays you know what the stains were using Old Testament they were used to carry the ark they were used to carry the table they were used to carry the altar of incense they were used to carry the the brazen altar and when God is manifest in the flesh and praying to God the Father about that cup of sins they are carrying that the items that were used not their very was about to say stave stays that were to carry the instruments of the tabernacle through the wilderness coming to get God Jesus Christ and when the reaction of God manifest in the flesh Jesus praises I'm going to call 1-800 lawyers doc whatever I'm going to get revenge I'm going to call one angel that can destroy a whole army I'm gonna call upon 10 legions of angels I'm gonna call all the angels in heaven I'm gonna say God cast down your fire burn these people up God I'm gonna ask you give them incurable diseases no Christ on the cross God said Father forgive them thus did he pray I don't think I would be that lenient as a born-again Bible in Christendom tries to tell Lost people about Jesus Christ trying to grow Christians up in the Lord I really don't know if I were to be taken right now taking any time and and take it to a place where I'd be beaten if he tortured for the name of Jesus Christ by whoever whatever in the flesh I don't know what I would do or say even while his lifeblood load passed away while he's bleeding God's blood acts 20:28 father forget all right Snake Eyes gets the robe you got the short straw I get you get his sandals come on down let's see if God will come again God hey you want some water give me that vinegar father forgive me 18 years I live without being saved 18 years until I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior all the wickedness all the vile is you what do you want to know April 25th 1987 I knelt down the afternoon one time Jesus Christ turns and father's his father stylee a word Father forgive him write his name down the Lamb's Book of Life in my blood father he's now a child of God Father send him the Holy Spirit father he'd got reservation to come into glory because he has believed on me he's trusted in me and he came to me with nothing nothing nothing just as a sinner repenting a man seeking a party father yes stylee a word yes forgive him and anybody else who's called upon him Father forgive them Oh God's blood pray for sinners well with such wealth Wow he's in whoa while he is suffering while he is gagging internally of the crucification he's looking out for mankind John yes my mother yes taker Mary yeah John go with him to die Anthea one says Jesus yes I'm guilty you thief over there you shut up I'm guilty Jesus when you come into your kingdom and Jesus told that dying thief that repented and got right without baptism without church attendance without any word Jesus said today that shall be with me in paradise from a man whose blood is draining out it was man whose bodily fluids are drowning him inside and he says Father forgive them I'll see you today no one but Jesus hey hey hey hey look at that this is one a few hymns I have the name Jesus ever solo ever loved so we love him because he first loved us he loved me before I even knew who he was he died approximately 33 and a half 80 let's say 33 18 make them a round number he died night he died 1935 years that correct I was born in 1968 long before let's not count the 18 years I lived in the world 1987 for I was born he suffered and died for me well I lived in the world 18 years he still suffered and died for me and he still reached up to me now I love it because he first loved me Jesus Christ Savior oh how I love him I do but now long time I get in the flesh I get into sin I get angry I see and I get impatient I say I love them Savior oh my somebody come to me say how you going to heaven you going to heaven yes how are you getting there Jesus Christ and Jesus pray and nothing else you're not going to hell you say that's correct why Savior Jesus burning candles nope that don't work paying somebody that don't work burning sins in purgatory there is no purgatory my all and all rests upon the all of Savior Jesus Christ God manifest in the flesh and who is God we suffered a died upon Calvary's Hill and friend what a friend he said the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak and I've had many times in my life this internal battle inside me of the flesh versus the spirit in the spirit versus the flesh and the Bible Paul writes that they are enmity with each other they hate each other and when this flesh is just wild and wicked and sinner the Holy Spirit is system so just calm down just relax and pilgrims progress it comes to a room there's there's two children sitting there once it's sitting there all calm and cool yeah one man he one he's running all over the place he I mean he's like a kid in a toy store he's like a kid crying cuz he can't get the candy at the candy stuff and then they give that child an impatient when they give him everything he wanted and I want to sit in the chair that's patient just sits there like smiled he got all his rewards oh the rewards I'm going to get later oh trials and tribulations of this earth and this planet from this world I want to get off or go home just wait maybe today I'll do something that will bless the angels to rejoice as a sinner coming on maybe I'll do something that a saved man will bro maybe I'll encourage somebody I did not die last night I did not die this morning I'm not dead yet because God's not finished with me what a friend in trouble child I know that I know that how can my praise has ever find in I'll tell you how when we go to eternal life and goat before new Jerusalem we're standing before that throne forever before God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit before the Lamb of God that was slain in the foundation well they're there forever we're going to praise them and there is no end you see when we get to glory there's no clocks there's no calendars there's no smartphone there's no months there's no years there's no days there's no seconds there's no microseconds time will have no end as for the man that's in the lake of fire forever and as the mandate is before Jesus Christ in New Jerusalem God will give us a eternal never-ending to worship and praise his son in his son home glory and honor the Jesus Christ though years unnumbered on heaven short and you can't even say that because there are no years ten thousand years amazing grace said no there are no years in in the kingdom there is no more years in new Jerusalem there are no more years than new earth there are no more years than new heavens there are no more years in the lake of fire time has stopped before revelation 20 there will be no tomorrow and there will be no yesterday it's always now God will be I am and we will be I are my tongue shall praise Him forevermore we're not gonna get there we're not gonna sing about the church how great our Baptist Church was how great our pastor was how great we were as a church outbreak Christian ayah we're not going to heaven saying how great I am we're going to go the glory before Jesus Christ is saying how great thou art there's a big difference tree How Great Thou are and how great I am and it's not gonna be about us cuz not of works lest any man boast it's gonna be all about Jesus Christ blessing you know that means happy when Lea gives birth to athlete it's a ship all the wimmer can't be happy all the women are gonna be pleased happy I'll call him a sure but Redeemer he bought me back I was a god through Adam Genesis to go into sin Genesis 3 a father my devil a liar a murderer Johny 44 believing on the Lord Jesus Christ receiving salvation by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ by the burial of the Lord Jesus Christ by the resurrection the Lord Jesus cried receiving Christ alone and nothing else for my salvation I have been adopted I have my name in the Lamb's Book of Life I had been redeemed by Jesus Christ by shedding his blood by dying on that cross and nothing nothing else can do that is my Redeemer God purchased me acts 20:28 with God's blood and that blood of God's throw flowed through Jesus Christ precious Redeemer there is nothing I could buy there is nothing that could equal there is nothing of value ever in the world to past the world's today in the worlds of the future nothing could be equal minute the Jesus Christ seems now I see him on Calvary's tree keep going back to that tree keep on going back to Calvary keep on reminding yourself one of the churches God wrote to Jesus Christ said you lost your first love get back to Bethel Jacob get back to where you first met God get back that love get back that care get back that heart get back that spirit get back to where God said you are a sinner you are only a sinner and if you don't receive Jesus Christ you're going to hell yes Lord God I believe glory to God that cleansing that that I remember still that that the gooeyness of sign means I got saved wounded and bleeding you know we got this wounded for warrior then nothing wrong that our soldiers are wounded but there's a soldier that's wounded above all boomers and he was a sinless Savior he's a sinless guy he did not deserve anything he received from the time of that Last Supper unto the burial pilots say I find no fault in him I find no fault in it I find in no fault in it wow he's laying his hands down for the nail he laid his other hand down from her nail man this guy ain't fighting us in agony turns to to his mother with John and hanging he turns to the repentant thief an agony Father forgive them they don't know what they do wounded and bleeding for sinners that's it pleading blind and unheeding I can't tell you how long I've been in the public ministry if I was holding sign involves giving out gospel tracts involves talking to people it solves preaching all kinds of public ministry from Connecticut down to Florida where I live the Daytona Beach I can't tell you the countless people it's just moved on get up don't want to hear that we should go away you're aggravating it you're gonna ruin our business we don't want you we don't want death and yet there are people who thank you for doing it thank you very much courage me keep going keep doing keep up the work keep on serving the Lord do right but there's one thing about the public ministry that I know I'm out there preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ because I've received because gospel if you suspect I preached Jesus Saves because he saved me I preached the blood of Jesus Christ there's nothing else that washed away my sin blessed Redeemer has a copyright on it that's okay put it in your hymnal put it in your heart remember Calvary

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