Talbot School of Theology: Community

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Talbot really reflects a lot of diversity every tongue tribe nation and language if you've ever come to California you'll see there's a diversity of food of people and certainly churches and I think what's really wonderful to see is that Talbot has graduated so many wonderful people who will go into these diverse churches with the same message of Jesus and the gospel coming to tobot I was exposed to variety of the cultures and norms and understanding not only of life but even Christ himself odds are people from out of culture can help me to see a guy from a different angle that I don't ever see and when students come to study here and they look at their classmates coming from different denominations it helps bring a balance in their understanding of different theological disciplines it's just a marvelous blend for us to be able to learn from each other for us to be able to speak into each other we learn how to love people who are different from us rather than just people who are the same even though we may have some differences in how we just view culture view life we try to be able to understand each other without judging each other the community is strong and support for each other is strong the Faculty's desire to mentor students to grow students to really see them sort of develop in meaningful ways in their walk with Christ and then their ability to minister to others has been huge some of the professors even in really large classes are very a very open and willing to get to know students and spend time with them outside class we basically do life with each other your professors your friends your classmates they will pray for you they do care for you and they'll take that extra step we may have for discussion but we also met for meals and we've been to each other's houses and we've celebrated each other's weddings and I didn't know anticipate that seminary would give me such a good close group of friends to do this person alongside other brothers and sisters to know that you're you're not alone in it but other people are really wanting to study deep it's incredible you

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