"The Roman Catholic Church in History" by Walter Martin: 3. Mary? 4. Confession/Mass/Purgatory/etc.

Views:2390|Rating:4.57|View Time:2:11:57Minutes|Likes:43|Dislikes:4A free written transcript of this message is available at Free written transcripts of this message are available in […]

Studying the Bible Exposes Roman Catholicism & Other False Religions – Few Catholics Confess Sins

Views:578|Rating:4.51|View Time:10:27Minutes|Likes:37|Dislikes:4A free written transcript of our video “Are Catholics Christian? Answered by Roman Catholic Priest for 22 Years, Richard […]

An Explanation of Psalm 139 – Open View (Part 14)

Views:8455|Rating:nan|View Time:12:31Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:In this video John Schoenheit gives an explanation of Psalm 139 and how it relates to the Open View […]

St Rose of Viterbo & the Anti Christ

Views:121270|Rating:4.85|View Time:17:1Minutes|Likes:2035|Dislikes:64St. Rose of Viterbo was born in the 13th Century. St. Rose of Viterbo demonstrated signs of extraordinary holiness […]

The Universality of Abrahamic Monotheism [Eng/Rus]

Views:2016|Rating:nan|View Time:31:55Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:Traditionalist conference “Against Post-Modern World (Actual Problems of Traditionalism)”, Moscow, 15-16 October 2011. Shaykh Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini – The […]

Morgan Freeman Decodes the Mark of the Beast | The Story of God

Views:2397495|Rating:4.24|View Time:3:39Minutes|Likes:14757|Dislikes:2648Host Morgan Freeman examines both the past and the future to determine what various faith traditions predict about the […]

Living with the dead in Indonesia – BBC News

Views:1685744|Rating:4.20|View Time:9:23Minutes|Likes:8185|Dislikes:1565Tradition and ritual – they form part of many important stages of our lives from birth until death, with […]

Festive Jewish Breads Are Hot This Holiday Season

Views:5539|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:4Minutes|Likes:57|Dislikes:0Breads Bakery, a bakery and cafe located off Union Square, is known for its modern takes on traditional Jewish […]

The Nativity According to the Gospels & Church Fathers (Midnight Mass)

Views:2908|Rating:4.91|View Time:15:47Minutes|Likes:52|Dislikes:1The Nativity of Christ. On the perpetual virginity of Our Lady. The locations of the manger & swaddling clothes. […]

Cherubic Hymn – Byzantine Divine Liturgy Songs

Views:30152|Rating:4.96|View Time:3:52Minutes|Likes:273|Dislikes:2The Hymn of the Cherubim is one of the most beautiful hymns of all the Catholic Liturgies. The hymn […]

Protestantism & Evangelicalism Refuted – Orthodox Theology – Jay Dyer (Half)

Views:16384|Rating:4.70|View Time:2:47:22Minutes|Likes:503|Dislikes:32Tonight I will cover a topic long-requested by followers – expand on refuting Protestantism. We have covered many aspects […]

Judeo-Christian Jihad

Views:716|Rating:3.18|View Time:7:55Minutes|Likes:7|Dislikes:4Many would say that the U.S., as a country, is waging a Judeo-Christian war on Islam. The Obama administration […]

Path to Priesthood: What is Theology?

Views:504|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:2Minutes|Likes:3|Dislikes:0PATH TO PRIESTHOOD SERIES INFORMATION: The “Path to Priesthood”, or “P2P”, online video series focuses on a Jesuit in […]

Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro – Differences Between Christianity and Judaism

Views:445|Rating:4.50|View Time:5:53Minutes|Likes:9|Dislikes:1Christian Jordan Peterson and Jewish Ben Shapiro elaborate on the differences and similarities between Christianity and Judaism. Judeo-Christian Values! […]

What is the Reformation? – Steve Lawson Q&A

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]What was the protestant reformation? Is it over? Dr. Steven Lawson answers at the University of Wittenberg. Happy 500th […]

FAITH. Greg Stevens and Pastor Gregory Stevens talk about Christianity and process theology

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Everything you think you know about Christianity might be wrong. Topics in this video: defining Christianity, cultural biases, religious […]

What is a Mikvah? An introduction to the Jewish Ritual Bath

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Learn about the Jewish ritual around immersing in water called the mikvah (or mikveh) and why you might want […]

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]In rural Kyrgyzstan men still marry their women the old-fashioned way: by abducting them off the street and forcing […]

How Orthodox Theology Works with Frederica Mathewes-Green

Views:3388|Rating:4.66|View Time:1:34:17Minutes|Likes:96|Dislikes:7To celebrate the fiftieth episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast, Hank is re-joined by his first guest, close friend […]

Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ – Sanctus, Catholic Hymns

Views:75915|Rating:4.86|View Time:4:Minutes|Likes:457|Dislikes:13Pictures of the Holy Apostles, Judas the betrayer, and Matthias his replacement. I could not do justice to the […]

Greece – Byzantine music liturgy – Choir Aghiopolitis 1

Views:8759|Rating:5.00|View Time:3:15Minutes|Likes:37|Dislikes:0Stichiròn of Saint Mark Dhefte tis uranìu mistagoghiàs ton kìrika (from code Messan. Gr. 127, plagal mode I) Concert […]

Theological Significance of Veils

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Passiontide sermon on the significance & meaning of veils & veiling cross, the tabernacle, statues, etc. Father speaks of […]

Strictly Kosher – Series 1 – Part 2 of 5

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]All rights belong to ITV. The Jewish community in Manchester is a kaleidoscope of tradition, religion and extravagance. This […]

Strictly Kosher – Series 1 – Part 4 of 5

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]All rights belong to ITV. The Jewish community in Manchester is a kaleidoscope of tradition, religion and extravagance. This […]

How's Your Faith? David Gregory & Abigail Pogrebin (The Jewish Week)

Views:539|Rating:5.00|View Time:59:36Minutes|Likes:4|Dislikes:0David Gregory (Former Moderator of NBC’S Meet The Press and author of How’s Your Faith) and Abigail Pogrebin (Author […]

Theological Debate with a Roman Catholic Monsignor #1: Anything Goes Faith?

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]See our playlist “Dealing with Roman Catholicism, Idolatry & the Virgin Mary” at with 162 videos.

Against Abortion – Teachings of the Church of Christ

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]The Catholic Church, i.e. Church of Christ, has always held abortion at all stages to be the destruction of […]

Deification of Man: Resurrection & Theosis in Orthodox Theology – Jay Dyer (Partial)

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]This was originally an actual video but the lighting was way off so this is just audio. This is […]

CATHOLIC CHURCH – Exemplary Excommunication / From the film Becket

Views:56629|Rating:4.91|View Time:2:58Minutes|Likes:375|Dislikes:7Solemn excommunication scene from the classic film Becket, starring Richard Burton as Archbishop Thomas Becket, Peter O’Toole as King […]

Strictly Kosher – Series 1 – Part 5 of 5

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]All rights belong to ITV. The Jewish community in Manchester is a kaleidoscope of tradition, religion and extravagance. This […]

How to Get a Jewish Divorce

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Judaism provides a sacred context for divorce just as it does for marriage. While issues about ending a marriage […]

Ave Maria, Virgo Serena – Catholic Songs of Praise

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]This is another Marian Hymn, but very much different from the famous ‘Hail Mary’ known by so many. This […]