Is it rational to believe in God? An interview with John Lennox

Views:18580|Rating:4.73|View Time:17:14Minutes|Likes:366|Dislikes:21Professor John Carson Lennox is an Irish mathematician, philosopher of science, Christian apologist and – last, but not least […]

Is there any place for paraconsistent logic in theology? – Dominique Lambert

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]In the lecture “Do We Need any Paraconsistent Logic in Theology?” prof. Lambert, outlined several situations when non-classical logics […]

Judaism in Poland – Interview with Chief Rabbi [Kult America]

Views:73091|Rating:3.98|View Time:11:8Minutes|Likes:1502|Dislikes:387I have always wondered what realities Jewish people face in modern Poland. On one hand the media makes the […]

Krakow & the Jewish Quarter – Travel / Street Photography

Views:776|Rating:4.77|View Time:30:22Minutes|Likes:63|Dislikes:3Capture Date: 10.02.2019 After a day at Auschwitz (separate video) We carried on walking around Krakow and headed to […]