Psalms 23 – Prophetic Worship for Prayer, & Soaking

Views:69097|Rating:4.84|View Time:11:44Minutes|Likes:792|Dislikes:26Psalms 23 is from the album entitled “Rivers” available at as well as all digital retailers! Psalms 23 is […]

Maggi Dawn — "Like the Wideness of the Sea: Women Bishops and the Church of England"

Views:1136|Rating:3.75|View Time:2:9Minutes|Likes:3|Dislikes:1Maggi E. Dawn is Associate Dean of Marquand Chapel and Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Theology and Literature. Originally from […]

The Church and Slavery ~ Michael Lawrence

Views:1776|Rating:4.51|View Time:38:30Minutes|Likes:37|Dislikes:4A fully photo-illustrated presentation by author and activist, Michael Lawrence for the Harrow Humanists, London, UK, on September 13th, […]

FATHER TED: Americans React to "I Hear You're a Racist Now"

Views:18232|Rating:4.47|View Time:6:44Minutes|Likes:335|Dislikes:40Hey guys! Thanks for sticking with us whilst we are juggling too many things. This is a commentary on […]

How people in the Philippines are brainwashed by Christianity | SPEAKERS CORNER

Views:354|Rating:4.31|View Time:14:46Minutes|Likes:25|Dislikes:4WARNING! Distressing images

Reverend Richard Coles On Marketing The Church Of England

Views:575|Rating:0.00|View Time:1:31Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:The Church of England is “spectacularly bad” at forging a successful media and comms strategy according to Communard-turned-cleric Richard […]