History 101: The Protestant Reformation | National Geographic

Views:205140|Rating:4.80|View Time:4:28Minutes|Likes:3153|Dislikes:132Who was Martin Luther? What is the Reformation and why does it matter? Roughly 500 years ago, Luther is […]


Views:19009|Rating:4.14|View Time:2:35Minutes|Likes:454|Dislikes:94Breitbart News Article: Get your copy of Joe’s artwork in our Online Store: Our Website: HolyFaith Media 2 on […]

Theology, History, and Veneration of Icons: Rev. Dr. Yosyp Veresh

Views:138|Rating:5.00|View Time:1:36:11Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0All day Tuesday, November 10, 2015 CAFE hosted an extensive Eastern Christian Art exhibit at the University of New […]

Leap of Faith – Conversion to Judaism

Views:20552|Rating:4.82|View Time:2:42Minutes|Likes:274|Dislikes:10The feature-length documentary, LEAP OF FAITH, is the first film to explore the phenomenon of religious conversion. The film […]

Alan Watts: Who Really Was JESUS CHRIST ???

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Race in the American Catholic Imagination | Bishop George Murry, S.J.

Views:1238|Rating:5.00|View Time:46:30Minutes|Likes:17|Dislikes:0Bishop George Murry, S.J., bishop of Youngstown, OH, has been appointed to chair the recently established Ad Hoc Committee […]

How to fight the $187 billion human trafficking industry | Conversations with America

Views:1100|Rating:4.64|View Time:7:26Minutes|Likes:26|Dislikes:2Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster, England, discusses his work to end human trafficking with America Media President & Editor-in-Chief, […]

"Hell is a mistranslation!

Views:71|Rating:5.00|View Time:22:44Minutes|Likes:3|Dislikes:0Listen as Pastor Bob starts a new series discussing from Scripture, talks with Theologians and his own research why […]

The Identity of European Nations and Christianity

Views:853|Rating:5.00|View Time:26:25Minutes|Likes:47|Dislikes:0My book “No Chance: A Post-Modern Odyessy” is now available for pre-order please use the link below USA Canada […]

Camille Paglia – Big Ideas Lecture on Religion

Views:8977|Rating:4.95|View Time:51:19Minutes|Likes:204|Dislikes:2Describing herself as an atheist who defends religion, academic and author, Camille Paglia, argues that an understanding of world […]

Path to Priesthood: What is Theology?

Views:504|Rating:5.00|View Time:2:2Minutes|Likes:3|Dislikes:0PATH TO PRIESTHOOD SERIES INFORMATION: The “Path to Priesthood”, or “P2P”, online video series focuses on a Jesuit in […]

Talking About Judaism in My Polish Catholic Home

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Agnieszka Ilwicka, Yiddish Book Center Fellow, tells how her Polish Catholic family often discussed Judaism. Agnieszka remembers a picture […]

What is the Reformation? – Steve Lawson Q&A

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]What was the protestant reformation? Is it over? Dr. Steven Lawson answers at the University of Wittenberg. Happy 500th […]

The Bible: Daniel

Views:377982|Rating:0.00|View Time:36:19Minutes|Likes:|Dislikes:This is a project that has been on my mind for over four and a half years– outlining all […]

"Pastor" Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary

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From Atheism to Catholicism: A story of doubt, intrigue and eventually joy | World

Views:5001|Rating:4.52|View Time:2:40Minutes|Likes:140|Dislikes:15 It’s estimated that about 2 percent of the world’s population is atheist. For many years, Jennifer Fulwiler, was […]

Are Mormons Christians (IS Mormon a Christian Religion?)

Views:1102|Rating:4.57|View Time:8:36Minutes|Likes:63|Dislikes:6Are Mormons Christians? This videos shows why they are _not_ Christian in a respectful manner. See interesting Catholic/Mormon resources […]

Living an Unconventional Life – REVISED | Alan Watts & Charles Bukowski

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]” #AlanWatts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as […]

8.17 Occult Catholic Theology – Church Sex Scandals

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Link to Series Playlist: Here we talk about the disturbing sex-scandals of the Vatican but within a proper and […]

The Young Pope Official Trailer (2017) | HBO

Views:3361211|Rating:4.52|View Time:1:48Minutes|Likes:6324|Dislikes:664The young are always more extreme than the old. Catch up on The Young Pope Season 1 now on […]

8.16 Occult Catholic Theology – The Plot Against the Church

Views:376|Rating:4.76|View Time:59:3Minutes|Likes:20|Dislikes:1Link to Series Playlist: In this video we explore some of the revelations from Maurice Pinay’s (pseudonym for a […]

The Vicar of Bray (1937)(rare movie)

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]The Vicar of Bray is a satirical description of an individual fundamentally changing his principles to remain in ecclesiastical […]

Kim Clement Prophecy: Mary Will Convert America!

Views:76077|Rating:3.48|View Time:14:3Minutes|Likes:869|Dislikes:380Will “Our Lady of America” convert the United Sates to Catholicism? welcome to Revelation unraveled i'm your host william […]

Reasons To Argue From A Non-Religious Perspective

Views:6478|Rating:4.51|View Time:5:1Minutes|Likes:292|Dislikes:32Matt Walsh discusses religious debates and why sometimes it’s necessary to use a non-religious perspective to prove a point. […]

How Christianity Led to Science

Views:2725|Rating:4.88|View Time:12:27Minutes|Likes:414|Dislikes:10There’s this narrative out there that says that science arose in Christian Europe in spite of the antagonism of […]

H.O.I. Shawapar – Israelite From Africa & Christianity Is 1 Hell Of A Drug!!

Views:1917|Rating:4.76|View Time:29:37Minutes|Likes:98|Dislikes:5PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW CHANNELS MAC NEWS 144 , Awaken Israel , HOIAwakenIsrael , HOi Atlanta , House […]

Scriptural Links: Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Understanding Islam Series: Session 3)

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Download this lecture from iTunes: This lecture is part 3 of a complete series of 8 lectures entitled …

A Defense of Classical Theology (Part 3): A Critique of Scientism and Naturalism

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]In part 3 of this series, I’d like to talk a bit about scientism and naturalism, which are two […]

Ascension Transmission | Activation Of The Essence Self

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Ascension Transmission | Activation Of The Essence Self Message to the collective To Activate Your DNA we start by […]

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Boston podcaster and author Charles Moscowitz, a Jew, interviews E. Michael Jones, the Catholic editor of Culture Wars magazine […]

Christopher West: "The Theology of Mary’s Body: Hidden Mysteries of Our Lady of Guadalupe" Pt 4 of 4

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Session 4: “Titles of Mary” Christopher West, the world’s most recognized evangelizer of St. John Paul II’s Theology of […]