Prince Harry & Meghan Markle commit Royal Adultery (Royal Wedding, Church of England, Elizabeth II)

Views:76|Rating:2.50|View Time:4:52Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:1That moment where one’s misplaced national pride just fades away and turns into utter anger and disgust… male vicars […]

Church of England Sex Abuse Cases Marked by Secrecy

Views:26|Rating:5.00|View Time:9:44Minutes|Likes:3|Dislikes:0So apparently sexual abuse of minors isn’t just a catholic thing? Anglicans: *********** Follow me: Twitter – Bitchute – […]

Mental Illness – Demonic Spiritual Warfare Exposed! – Spirit World II

Views:106354|Rating:4.67|View Time:19:4Minutes|Likes:1507|Dislikes:106Healing and Deliverance Meetings in Phoenix and LiveStreaming Every Friday @ 7:00 PM MST with Michael W. Smith and […]

Matthew 5:17-37 Christ Teachings on The Law Anger Adultery Divorce and Vows

Views:789|Rating:5.00|View Time:4:29Minutes|Likes:2|Dislikes:0Video Gospel for Sunday February 16, 2014 Matthew 5:17-37 Christ’s Teachings on The Law, Anger, Divorce and Vows Like […]

Powerful prayer to St Philomena Virgin Martyr of Christ – purity, holiness, healing

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Struggling in the area of purity and holiness. Addicted to sensuality? Run to St Philomena… With the prayer to […]

David J Larsen From Dust to Exalted Crown Temple in the Psalms and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]We’d like to express our thanks to MormonInterpreter for allowing us to post this video. Those Psalms designated by […]

Monotheism, Messiah, and Mormon's Book by Brant Gardner

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Read it online here: Brant Gardner’s 2003 FAIR …


Views:99336|Rating:4.92|View Time:27:24Minutes|Likes:3883|Dislikes:64SUBSCRIBE: DONATE: Your support is greatly appreciated. We are now at the Sermon on the Mount. Yahshua is […]

Compilation of Mark's Calls – Atheist Experience

Views:594894|Rating:4.73|View Time:2:15:8Minutes|Likes:5795|Dislikes:326A compilation of every call that the troll formerly known as Mark from Stone Church has made on the […]

Marriage, divorce, remarriage – Teachings of the Orthodox Catholic Church

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]The topics of adultery, remarriage and divorce are hotly debated everywhere by the Christians. Amidst all these, there arise […]

The Teachings of Jesus Christ

Views:|Rating:|View Time:Minutes|Likes:[vid_likes]|Dislikes:[vid_dislikes]Luke 9:35 – And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is My beloved Son. Hear Him! […]

Esther Saforo Ministries "One Soul A Night” – March 16th 2019 – WITH MINISTER ESTHER SAFORO

Views:851|Rating:5.00|View Time:1:37:5Minutes|Likes:44|Dislikes:0ONE SOUL A NIGHT WITH MINISTER ESTHER SAFORO FACEBOOK LIVE SCHEDULE EVERY 👉 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday AT 21:00 […]

A pastor caught in the act – pants down

Views:4997582|Rating:3.37|View Time:1:57Minutes|Likes:2903|Dislikes:1401The pastor is said to have been found in bed with a woman believed to be his church member. […]

David Wilkerson – When a Man of God Loses his Faith | Full Sermon

Views:75720|Rating:4.75|View Time:59:21Minutes|Likes:966|Dislikes:50#David #Wilkerson – When a #Man of #God Loses his #Faith | Full #Sermon Preaching from 2 Chronicles, Wilkerson […]