Syrian Christians of Kerala

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St. Thomas one of the 12 disciples of Christ set up Christianity in Kerala as early as AD52. A short film showing the still existing similarities in customs and traditions of the Hindus and Christians of Kerala.

in Kerala when his a woman lights a lamp for a religious procession of Syrian Christians she was following a 2,000 year old tradition a seamless blend of Orthodox Christianity with the Hindu way of life Denmark in South India is an old to natural beauty mottled shading her since our mother it is indeed the land of gods the most deep-rooted legend in Kerala speaks of st. Thomas one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ who came here and set up semyonov churches they believe that Jesus Christ was crucified in the ear ad 27 or between 27 and 29 and Christianity reached Kerala the southern part of India right in the 1st century that is just after the resurrection of Jesus Christ between 45 and 52 so there was a church established in Kerala right from the very first century the only Christians have signed the prayers in Syriac a dialect of the Aramaic language spoken by the Jews of those times surrender still is a nomenclature which presumably came into use only after the split with the Portuguese the Portuguese came and subjugated the ancient Christian community here which till then was called Maseratis over a thousand years Syrian Christianity evolved into a unique community they followed the teachings of Christ but with which ones that echoed a hinder form of worship Hindle influence can be seen in the architecture of early churches like the st. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church in Kottayam built in 1579 if you closely look at the old city churches you will find something strikingly similar to the hindu temples for example you go to any hindu temple you will find the flag staff placed exactly opposite to the sanctum sanctorum the reason is you should not look at God straight so that is the reason why they put it like this so we have also followed a similar tradition like if you go to old Christian churches especially in churches you will find that instead of Flagstaff you will find a cross which is put exactly opposite to the altar the ceremonial lamp is the same and that in Hindu temples and found in no other Church across the world the similarities are most striking when compared to upper caste Hindus at Kerala as singing Christian festivities closely follow Hindu tradition if you take a church position you will not be able to distinguish it from the procession of a Hindu temple you will find all the paraphernalia of the Hindu temple along with the civilization Gaza exit that there will be crosses helped by some feature but you will find the second Impala the beating of the drum and people making the noise fireworks and all the animals with the customs and rituals of upper caste he'll lose extend to every aspect of a simian Christians life even marriage surveillance embeddings we have a system where the mangalasutra shall guard only a Christian community in the world you keep the Bangladeshi she have adopted the male body of the EU community here with a sign of a cross of money sign under body is also a local custom it really corresponds to the tradition of scratch a Christian you will find a Hindu so the hip the Hindu blood is still there in the Christian life we may be called Nasrani x' or Saint Thomas Christians but the Syrian Christians are a unique community that follow the path of Christ and observe the customs of the Hindus of Carroll haha

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  1. One thing is true. By seeing a human , by seeing a person we can say he is Indian, South Indian.
    When he or she talks we can figure out he or she is from which community. Tamil or malayalam or Hindi or etc,
    Water is same in this earth.
    Wind is not visible where ever you go.
    If no oxygen a human cannot live.
    Rain is same in all the place.
    Blood is red for all humans.
    Death is compulsory for all humans.
    But religion differs from place to place.
    Now tell me if any one see's others God he is not scared.
    Don't you think why there is hundreds of God in this earth.
    Creator is only one.
    But religion is a business created by man.
    Politics and religion are same.
    Both has its own population.
    So live happily in this birth.
    Help poors.
    Die peacefully.

  2. These Syrian Christians are mere converts of the people of Kerala from other forms of worship and not necessarily Hinduism. After converting, they added the prefix Syrian and claim to be converted by St. Thomas, one of the disciples of Jesus. in the first century AD, most of Kerala was forest. And they also claim to be Brahmins. Brahmins came to Kerala only in the 8th century. At the most, these Syrian Christians are Ezhavas. The Kottayam district was inhabited by Ezhavas. One of the nephews of Sree Narayana Guru joined Jacoba Church, which claim to be the most blue-blooded of all Christians in Kerala. Seeing this, many Ezhavas became Jacobites

  3. Historian MGS Narayanan has rejected the Syro-Malabar Churchs contention that St. Thomas visited Kerala.
    Dr.MGS Narayanan is considered as one of the top authorities on ancient History in India.
    MGS said that there were no human habitation, let alone Brahmins living in Kerala during the period in which St. Thomas is said to have visited Kerala.
    "It is a usual habit to distort history as per ones own wishes. There is no archaeological evidence to prove that St. Thomas visited Kerala. What can St. Thomas to after coming here? Only forests existed here during those times. So, why should he visit Kerala? The region became inhabited only in the final years of the Mauryan period. St. Thomas' Kerala visit is a story made up by the Church. Religions and Political parties have at all times distorted history," MGS said.

  4. Let's not argue about conversions. I believe religion is a personal thing and every person has the right to follow whichever religion he chooses to. Now, if people are forced to convert by force, that is a wrong thing whether it is done by Christians or Hindus. If the person in influencerd by a religion and he decides to convert, there is nothing wrong in it, whether a Christian decides to convert to Hinduism or vice versa. Let's just look at this video and admire the traditional values which have been passed from centuries.

  5. Bible vaayikkukayo angikarijukayo cheyyatha christianikalundengil athu catholicaranu.they not believe in jesus.only after some charismatic activities of devine muringoor and potta center .they first time open bible.

  6. Syrian christians r mix up. Not as such a denomination.Actually Bible not supporting IDOLS . Genesis chapter 20 – (1-10) says " Idol worshippers punished up to 4 generations" It is the root cause of – many issue in many Indain families. New Christian History start from 'THE COMING OF HOLY SPIRIT' – (Pentecostal Day') . It is free for all. Though from the family of Bishop's , I found the truth now.

  7. Majority of the syrian Christians have part jew, part Hindu ancestry!! I myself have been asked about my heritage seeming a bit different!! My dad was enquired whether he was albanian when he was abroad. So i did some research n found out that Judaism is d oldest religion n muziris in kerala did trade with Israel from the time of King Solomon which caused Jews to b d first settlers in northern parts of kerala as in paravoor.

  8. I am here! The messiah! Tell my people I am coming! I am in love and peace I give you! My Father loves all his children, all roads lead to the same. Love Jesus

  9. Portugese are assholes they destroyed malankara sabha unity …we dont want the head of st paul to rule us ..catholics calls themselves as st thomas christians while there head is st paul….jai jai catholicos …we are the original indian christians not u …

  10. The documentary has done NO justice to the title used, as it has shown the customs and traditions of only one church (i.e, the Indian Orthodox Church) among the total 8 denominations of the Syrian Christians. Note that this church covers barely 12 – 13 % of Kerala's Syrian Christians. In fact. the largest Nasrani denomination in Kerala is the Syro Malabar Catholic Church, (An East Syrian Church under the Pope of Rome) which constitutes over 60 % of the entire Nasrani community. The documentary has conveniently left out this church, and has highlighted a less significant one. It is also interesting to note that the Nasrani Christian heartland of Kerala (Kottayam – Ernakulam districts) barely has the type of Christians shown in the documentary. These people are mostly concentrated in Kerala's southern districts, where Christians in general are a minority against the Hindu population.

  11. Gosh! Why is everyone arguing? I'm a Nazrani Christian (Catholic). I respect all other denominations. Thank you so much for uploading this video. Most people are unaware that such a unique community exists.

  12. @stephenraj88 We're culturally Hindu in many ways, but are fully Christian. (theologically) btw.. there are Latin Catholics in Kerala as well. Just because they're less "Europeanized" doesn't make them less Christian. The first Christians weren't European. There's a difference between culture and values/beliefs.

  13. @stephenraj88
    what is this chirstian culture for u?? americal european culture eh?? the real christian culture is middle eastern, so follow that then

  14. @TheRiyad1 I am not from Syria.
    And i am a dutch Christian
    With your message i respect you as i Respect my Brothers.
    The people should unite and live in freedom
    For you deserve it as much as we do
    All of the people should have the Freedom of Choice and to Choose your Path in life
    Christian or Muslim the cure is to respect eachother

    We support you brave Syrians
    Respect and Love from Holland

  15. My syrian brothers im a muslim but I love my nation. and i love you my brothers we are syrians and should never be seperated by faith.

    it would break my hearth to see syrian christians and muslims fight.

  16. christianity was brought to india by SAINT THOMAS and after that many people lost faith………. it was only after the knanaya coming there that the church gained faith again

  17. @jacobmathew2 One basic question You must answer this. If jews came to kerala in 20th century how come lot of jewish temples exist for centuries. At least explain how Paradesi Synagogue existed in kerala from 1568. Forget about wiki pedia it still exists in Kochi u go and check it..(coz u r one of the people who dont believe things until u see it..dont know whether u believe u have brain inside!)..And please dont write blunders here..U r just advertising ur ignorance here

  18. @jacobmathew2 Common dear…face the need to run away from truth..we are not living in ice age..there are tons of resources offline and online to tell the history..I dont know how u got this misconceptions about christian origins in india..if u r a latin for sui juris churches …i dnt think u r a orthodox because the way u say ur statements…Missionaries who came to india is Latins and protestants..thts written in every history book..The first being the portugeese..

  19. @jacobmathew2 That is a very ignorant statement Jacob. I think you have no idea of history. Please do have a look on history. Jews were in india even before christanity came here. The christianity that spread due to christian missionaries are Latin christians , pentecosts which were mostly was through local conversion.

  20. @jacobmathew2 That is a very ignorant statement Jacob. I think you have no idea of history. Please do have a look on history. Jews were in india even before christanity came here. The christianity that spread due to christian missionaries are Latin christians , pentecosts which were mostly was through local conversion.

  21. The sacred Western people are also Just like any other poeple like pagans.They are also ugly in many respects.Why did the so called western Churches who are now india could not change indians traditions/habits. the same also applicacble in africa>all types ofwestern christians are there.Yet people in africa they follow their own culture and rituals even now. the western missions cannot change their customs/culture as yet

  22. Not exactly from hindu religion..christianity in kerala started with jewish christians who migrated as well as local jews who converted to christianity and started mixing with local people. Early days of kerala was predominently bhuddist people rather than hinduism. Still the names of lot of places reflect the buddhist influence…e.g many places with suffix "kota" shastamkota etc was bhuddist centres.

  23. bit of disagreement with the reality..more than hindu culture..kerala culture will be a better term. Kerala culture is derived from itselves as well as from middle east since there was lot of people from middle east migrated to kerala much before christianity started. Syrian christians still follows lot of jewish customs which most of the people are still unaware of. Similar things account for the muslim mappilas in kerala

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