SUNDAY LIVE FIRST WORSHIP 21-10-2018 | Christ Worship Centre | Dr.John Wesly

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Welcome to John Wesly International Ministries.

God is using His servant John Wesly in a mighty way in these days. So many lives and families are being blessed by his life changing messages and spirit filled songs. Hope God will touch your life through these videos. God bless India.
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22 thoughts on “SUNDAY LIVE FIRST WORSHIP 21-10-2018 | Christ Worship Centre | Dr.John Wesly

  1. Christavulu goppavadu yendukante mana devudu goppadu, kanuka please paricharyalo money vishayam theesukaraakandi, devude paricharya jariginchuvaadu, 100% money kaadu. So I request u please remove account numbers and never request for money.. maname chulakana avutham brother anyulu evvi chusthe. Praise the lord.

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