Submit Your Biology to Your Theology

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Short clip from the series titled “Single, Ready to Mingle”.
Message is titled “Obsessive Love”

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verse 2 of chapter 13 then he was sick
over his sister for she was a virgin and it was improper improper means it was
not alright for Amnon to date or be with his sister well for most was like
duh Dude she's your half-sister you you crazy or what and she's 15 for crying out loud
in those days things were a little bit different in Leviticus it says that God
prohibited Israel for people to date marry within their family so god
prohibited well like stepsister stepbrothers they couldn't do that
so what do you do when you have a crush on somebody and God's Word says no I
know you probably don't have this problem but I'm pretty sure you have
had a crush on somebody that God's Word is very clear not good
well your parents told you it's not good or somebody else this is not good for
you they're not a believer for example or maybe they're it's same-sex or or
it's something else but you have strong feelings what do you do now if you're
not a believer if you're not a follower of Jesus Christ what do you do well you
do nothing you let the feelings take control why because in Christians God is
love but if you're not a Christian love is God what love wants love gets there are people
applying for a marriage license with the horse in the United States there is a
person that's applying for a marriage license with his laptop this is real can
google it you know why because they said well if a man can marry a man because of
love why can't I marry a horse because of love and who are you to judge why
anytime you make love at God we're gonna have a twisted Society because anything
you love becomes legal love becomes the moral standard my god is love but love
is not God can somebody say Amen and so what I want you to see here as a
believer now if you're not a believer for example and you know you're
attracted to the same sex or you you know honestly you can do whatever you
want the reason why is because you are your own God
so whatever you come up with and you usually come up with rules as you go
whatever you come up with honestly I stand aside and I will not
judge you why I don't judge fish for swimming and fish fish for swimming
birds for flying men for walking on the ground and i don't judge sinners for
sinning it's who they are we don't judge but if you are a believer who submitted
and whose God is not you but the one who lives in heaven
whose Savior is not you but the one who died on the cross then you have to
submit your biology to your theology your sexuality to your spirituality your
feelings to your faith your chemistry to your Christ why because you have a God
and He is your Savior maybe some of your saying well this is a good moment I want
to switch the camp's I don't want to be a Christian I don't want to tell God to
tell me what to do remember if you make yourself a god you also have to be your
Savior good luck most of you realize by the
time you get thirty you're a terrible God and when you die you realize you're
a horrible Savior because you can't save yourself don't try to control your life
see the best thing about as Christians we understand is this is that yes it's
sometimes our flesh wants to do certain things and when we submit to God you
know it maybe brings a little pain to our flesh but we know that God is good
what he wants is good we me and my wife we have a dog and they done a study and
they said that dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors we have 6 million so
dogs the brain in the dogs the part of the
brain that analyzes the smell is 40 times bigger than in my brain so the
smell part in the brain in the dog is 40 times bigger than mine and they have 300
receptors 300 million scepters what I have only six million so
you can imagine one thing when a dog comes in he smells things on the level I
will never ever be able to comprehend so because of that he is drawn to things
based on his senses and his smell for example our dog he doesn't
differentiate between underwear and sandwiches he doest. he doesn't
differentiate between pork and between his food I remember one time they made
waffler for a previous internship they made waffler to sell for the mission
trip and so left a waffle on the kitchen table and the dog during the night went
in and he marked all the stacks of waffler on every single stack don't
worry you guys already ate them it's been about seven months I'm just kidding we didn't sell those we did not sell those relax he marked all of them now it
tasted good it smelled good and then soul woke up and Jaco was dead he laid
that he couldn't move he thought he died because of all that he ate see he
doesn't understand a lot of times on Mondays is when Jaco doesn't eat he lies
sick and he looks dead why because on Sunday when we take him to my parents
house he eats from our table he doesn't control he he lets his feelings he lets
his urge and his his senses tell him what to eat and then he pays for it on
Monday therefore he has people that care for him and they put a leash on him and
the least that we have on him it's not because we hate him we love that sucker
the leash we have in him is not because we want to kill him it's not because we
want him not to have fun it's that because we know if we don't control
those urges he will kill himself see your theology is the leash on your
biology put it on control yourself control your passions or they will
destroy your lives if you let your sexuality run rampant
you will kill your spiritual life you will kill your financial life you will
kill your physical life you will get things you don't want in your life
because you have to allow your spirituality put a leash on your

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  1. Amen. See how we suggest things to God,what do you think? Is it wrong? I feel God has given us a gift of asking from Him, but how about having someone you like and going ahead to let God know that you like that person not lust but to build a God pleasing and impacting tomorrow 😊😊

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