Studying from NYC – Graduate School of Theology

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Mark Barneche, a distance student in the Graduate School of Theology, explains the value of ACU’s online program.

my name is Mark varnish and I'm a minister at the Manhattan Church of Christ in New York City and a distance masters of divinity student here at Abilene Christian University's Graduate School of Theology in my ministry in New York City I work with young professionals young adults in campus ministries students who often times are coming to New York City to seek educational opportunities career opportunities or other artistic or professional opportunities that can be found nowhere else other than New York City in my ministry we seek to create anchoring spaces for these young adults as they come into our church that their time in New York City can be a time where their discipleship to Jesus and their faith will be enhanced my education here at ACU which I'm so grateful for that I don't have to leave the place where I live but can do work online it's greatly enhance my ministry whether it's creating new curriculums for young adults whether it's church history course or even leadership in inter cultural context each of my educational opportunities that ACS Graduate School of Theology Online provides is enhanced my ministry greatly and I'm thankful for every opportunity that I have to study and remain in my ministry context in New York City working with young adults and also artists in art ministries specifically geared towards exploring the intersection of art and faith and said not only has my experience here at the Graduate School of Theology been beneficial but my time here is an online student at ACU has also exposed me in a cross-disciplinary way to other professors faculty and staff members here at the University that's enhanced my ministry for example dan McGregor in the art department my conversations with him in exploring the intersection of art and faith have enhanced my art ministry to artists in New York City among many others who have shaped me and molded my ministry and been influential in many different ways and if there's any ministers out there or thinking that they have to leave their ministry contacts in order to get these amazing benefits their continuing education ACU is the place to be

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