Steps to deter attacks on religious & minorities? L.A.'s Paul Koretz at synagogue shooter memorial

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L.A. Councilman Paul Koretz comments at 20-year anniversary ceremony for the victims of the white supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr who on Aug 10, 1999 murdered postman, Joseph Ileto, after wounding a receptionist, a camp counselor and three nursery school children at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills.

this is this event 20 years ago outside the Granada Hills Jewish Community Center 20 years later what's the message well 20 years ago it was incredible shock that someone would come to a Jewish Community Center and shoot up a bunch of little kids 20 years later I never would have believed that there would be a mass shooting every day in the United States of America and we've let it happen we haven't taken the obvious actions to reduce these occurrences like banning assault weapons which have no real purpose in society not really used for sport not really used for defense it's really only used for mass shootings we need to take the actions that are obvious and easy and necessary we won't stop every mass event but we could greatly reduce the number and we could greatly reduce the number of deaths and injuries as a result if criminals and outlaws don't follow gun laws what would changing the gun law what effect would that have ultimately on the criminals well we see the effects in the states that have strong gun control laws there are fewer shootings not everyone that commits a mass shooting is a criminal they can be relatively normal until they reach that point by having guns everywhere in society that are created for massive casualties we've enabled that to occur were we to take these actions there is no doubt there would be fewer massacres and there would be less damage what kind of steps have been taken for additional protection security for Jewish community centers synagogues and other Jewish targets well I started last year interfaith security task force mostly focused in my district but then branching out to look at what we can do to harden the target and make synagogue safer and churches safer and mosques safer and I think we are starting to do that we can't stop every event from happening but we can make it again much less likely by taking the proper security steps and we're looking to lead the way in that effort

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