Spirit Flow 8 – African English Praise and Worship Gospel Songs (Official DJ Lifa Mixtape 2019)

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you are the God [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] just rising right now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the Lord [Applause] of you Jesus [Applause] my Jesus you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] thank you in my let me be [Applause] in my life later we [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh eat Oh my Oh thank you for your love thank you for your mercy watching over me so Jen please lord I thank you for your love lord I thank you for for so girls I see good and to survive thank you Jesus thank you Jesus usually right from my mother's womb we don't save her there you keep your eyes on me to accomplish your desired for thank you thank you every day and lesson thank you but you know he nah in my in mine in hit my in my heeey your name the man your name is God [Applause] the voice of the Thunder you leaving me your eyes the lightning you're living of me in the fire sure you've been inside of me him [Applause] yeah we glorify your name I don't know and forever you will be and forever you will we love the words if you for Tiana that is your name the and for we mouth [Applause] Oh God Almighty Oh God Almighty you are holy also holy oh my [Applause] oh mighty perfect in knowledge always you are so wholly spent four hours none can come back to you Almighty God we handle ship you perfect in all your way you are then come back on my we ship you Oh are you Oh I Oh No I can come back to you oh my god do perfect in knowledge like you is how in the blood to heal and deliver and please only produce the blood of Jesus there is power in the blood to break the chains of bondage the same thing the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus there is Howie the gnocchi's somebody did your hands and those duties cause father there is there is healing there is silly there is to live you are God from beginning to the end that's no place for argument you are God all by yourself you are God from beginning to the end pres no place for argument you are God all by yourself you've got times and seasons in your hands you come for light out of darkness you don't need a man to be the God you are but you have chosen to call me to the air Oh God you are from beginning to that's the maze for you [Applause] [Applause] you called for night any others you [Applause] Nawal sling [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] they just follow don't hit the moderation we join them now with release of course we cry worthy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you're not a man you're not a man no you're the God who opens doors no man can shut you know you're not a man no you're the God of everything like you thank you master got a god of everyday snow [Applause] you're not you're not a man your McConnell open stores no man can shut up man you're not a man the other guy really no one I kill Jesus no one like you you know get my star you're the guy how can I describe a mighty God like you you bigger than a knee of a god what a privilege to watch it roll the name Iago gas Oh it's a privilege to watch you are on you yes bodyguard people chew she 1l oh what a privilege I cannot destroy firetruck for you Oh Casting Crowns lifting hands Maui up is always come to turn casting leave team you bow or is always come to do gasps tea leave team foul is all we've got casting 50 bow is always do Oh I don't know I don't know ah [Applause] [Applause] I see casting to do ah [Applause] [Applause] my hand washable for you I want it to be race yeah should wheelchairs whether [Applause] anyone Oh by the spirit we overcome by the spirit we're on and never fail by the spirit we touch the heavens by the spirit we lighten up the doc we shaii goes we come the highest by the spirit we ride on every flower we stand victorious – be Oh buyers be moving I could feel we the brokenhearted by the spirits we open Oh Hey we pray we pray the we saw eagles retire we nothing is impossible love ice power night with Sadie the spirit we take with some stupid apology kid from Jana with cloud Oh [Applause] look at my can you see you look around see the billion yeah [Applause] hold one you may decide Oh God you made one and [Applause] father God keep I love of my soul to be a keys unchanged in our love your word is like fire in my bones your grace is like water to my soul you make me ponder every day hi keep up the AG's change you are perfect your word is backfire your choice back to refer to myself every day in the one whose cloak with fine your voice resounds like thunder we glorify your name I love my god love the one with eyes of fire your name is full of wonders come and manifest yourself you are the holy one dwelling in light so bright you made the Sun of them but you shine brighter than old as we rejoice and your name please come and take your place and manifest yourself your boys retiree stuff opens applause fever nothing is hard for you and we can stand on your word these our days our sites and one darkness will flee advice whistle man at the sound of your home fire whispered show you unless your name my beloved our way compassionate there is no merciful capacity there is none like You Justine Oh and fifteen and never give this all free so much for me and navigate the song free me there is not like speak to me and I can give this up just you for me and not gonna give this up Oh and noggin and forgive this outfit from [Applause] and I'm sorry Divac you disgust me there is shake I'm Hugh brain of God the way [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] let's see here so fate to me you were they quote to me and Oh [Applause] for you if you believe couple sizes you watch the pain you're Evancho wider they slow we move in the ocean right of endlessly higher bend the mountain for my everything you are you are oh there is not many Cosima Oh too hot for you too why be getting what you're bigger than our problems Oh what began and what Oh Oh what we get and what you [Applause] done so much for me I cannot tell I have 10,000 times it still would be [Applause] watch Oh so very much very much for me [Applause] cheese [Applause] very so much will you watch what haha [Applause] for all for favor and great you have told me you protection and peace for health and prosperity world but you have gone great thank you [Applause] [Applause] party [Applause] miracle you gave up your royal throne for a crown of thumbs old what you did for love you consider me worthy you knew you would be rejected oh what a prize for you saw the shame you would have it – better let you chose it and baby you continue to love me forever No that star Jesus so faithful [Applause] [Applause] I have come to give back to you yes I have come to say thank you can I get a witness over here tonight singer my cuff to get back to you what is your agenda why did you come here to the side lift up and to say thank you everybody great we're here tonight I've come to say thank you long to God I to lift up my hands I wanna see some hands in this place to say thank you if your Greenville income people thank you take on thank you I get tickle to free the price Judy the take guard and right caught up our something evil tickle the pretties yes yes I have to say [Applause]

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