sikh converts to Christianity Jaswant Singh

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Jaswant singh had encounter with LORD JESUS ………..which changed his life

20 thoughts on “sikh converts to Christianity Jaswant Singh

  1. Eh ki he bhenchod America me 45% log atheist he matalab nastik or yaha sikhism ko chodkar kar pakhand me ja rahe he bas ek baar bhakti me dub kar dekho fir pata chalega ki dharm or religion me kya fark he

  2. Interest point I wish to make. The Genesis narrative of God chasing Adam out of the Garden of Eden Waygaresh et ha'adam. Which is usually translated as, "God expelled Adam" can also be translated as , "Adam chased G-d (et) Et means both a direct object used, it also means "with" and it also means the Alef and the Tav, "Alpha and Omega" or the beginning and the end." When you reject God, you are rejecting reality, in favor or illusion. We will never know if there really was such a garden, but we can take the lesson of this interesting narrative and apply it to ourselves, to receive the Holy Spirit, Ruach Haqodesh, or Pavitr Utsha holy inspiration. The other option is to wander: Ekna huqmi bakhsheesh, ekna huqmi sada bhavayain. Some by His will are blesed, why others always wander." God doesn't chose , we chose. He has designed the universe in the manner that what goes around comes around. Chanigayian boriayan vaceh dharam hadoor, karmi apo apni, ke merhe ke door. It is a simple law of Physics. But I am thankful for the concept of compassion Ham papi, Tun mat pita.

    Everyone one want forgiveness, but rare is the one who says, "God, make me be the person you want me to be." I wish to learn so that I can adapt to the changes around me. Kiv sachiyara hoiyeh, kiv kurhe tute paal, huqm razai chalna Nanak likhya naal. Whoe name is written in the Book of Life? Don't go looking for a book when you die. The book is symbolic of the way things are and sealed, and the results are according to our freedom of choice. Not everyone fulfills their destiny, but we can.

  3. Logo ko ullu bana kar convert mat karo tumhari Cristianity religion he or sikhism,hinduism, jainism ye dharm he . Dharm ka matalab pata he tum logo ko dharm ka matalab hota he acche karmo ka acharan . Hamare yaha sirk hindu sikh hone se heaven nahi milta hamare dharm me Mox hota he jo acche karmo se milta he

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