Sennheiser G4 vs Deity Connect Wireless Range Comparison – Sound Speeds

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Sennheiser G4 vs Deity Connect, the line of sight wireless range test…

The Deity Connect is a feature packed wireless system retailing for 3/4 of the cost ($669) of the tried and true Sennheiser G4 wireless system ($900). It’s even more impressive that you get two transmitters (with lavs) and a dual receiver with each Deity Connect wireless system!

Naturally people in online sound forums are anxious to hear how the G4 compares to the Connect. One big concern people are voicing online is how good the range of the Connect’s 2.4GHz wireless system compares to the 470-608 MHz G4 wireless system. In this video I put the two systems head to head in a wireless range comparison.

NOTE: Distance markers were mapped to GPS according to when I passed certain landmarks. Distances are approximate. Obstructions can affect wireless range and this was only a line of sight range test.

Thank you to Trew Audio in Atlanta, GA for loaning me the Sennheiser G4 wireless system for this comparison video.

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Full disclosure: Deity did send me this Connect wireless system to keep in exchange for a fair review. This does not change the fact that my test is unbiased as will my review.

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19 thoughts on “Sennheiser G4 vs Deity Connect Wireless Range Comparison – Sound Speeds

  1. Ah so many influencers but so few meaningful tests. Deity say up to 4 of channels will work together – it would be credible for them to provide enough units for someone to test this and post evidenced results.

  2. Respect and appreciation for re-doing the test! This video feels way smoother and more professional, with the redundant bits replaced with nice talky bits. Thanks for your determination!

  3. I did same test with rode link same result, somewhere in forest is not interference but tray it in shopping centre situation dramatically change and ew 512p will have still same result.

  4. I currently using the Sony UWP-D system, but with UHF bands being auctioned off all the time, I am looking for something in the 2.4Ghz range. I am glad to know that this option is available and will hold up. Thanks for your reviews.

  5. I feel like there should have been more stages to the test. Testing them by walking through a house or other building. And another one by going through a forest or something like that. Solid obstructions like being in a house is actually where the Sennheiser should perform better thanks to the lower frequency being able to pass through walls and other solid objects with lower loss of signal. It's the same reason your 2.4GHz wifi can connect from further away in your house than your 5GHz wifi probably can.

  6. I've noticed that more manufacturers are building wireless devices in the 2.4 GHz band (such as the Audio-Technica System 10, Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1, Shure GLX-D, etc). However, as a network engineer, I know how congested the 2.4 GHz band since the manufacturers are using the same ISM bands as WiFi and Bluetooth. Can these devices be for serious use or are they just for people who can't afford to buy products in the UHF bands?

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