Seerah – The Life of the Prophet SERIES: Monotheism Before Islam

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Seerah – The Life of the Prophet SERIES: Monotheism Before Islam. Credit goes to the author. For more info Email: [email protected]

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this audio is brought to you by Muslim central please consider donating to help cover our running cost and future projects by visiting facebook at slash column institute smee language aMDA Wabo salat wa salam ala rasoolillah rana and he wasabi he edged marine in the previous session we were talking about the pre last two sessions actually we were talking in detail about pre-islamic Arabian society so what were some of the conditions that were present at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is birth and so therefore what were some of the circumstances that he was dealing with what were some of the challenges that he faced and it also allows us to further appreciate the work that he was able to do last time in talking about pre-islamic Arab society we specifically talked about the religious condition the spiritual state of pre-islamic society at that time what I wanted to talk about today is a bit of an extension of that but nevertheless it's also I feel like an independent topic and subject what I first wanted to lead off that's what I wanted to start off with was a narration that talks about what was a specific dynamic it mentions a very specific dynamic of that spiritual state of the people before Islam in that region and at that time and I didn't get to this last time but I wanted to start off with this Abu Raja and authority Bravo rowdy al Ahmar new he says para una familia de la langue legit hadron gemologist what a mentor robbing legit not be shot for horribly Aharon a he formative Nabil he says that before Islam good enough a idea in the days in the time on the era of ignorance Eid al-adha Iran if we could not find a an idol if we couldn't find an actual structure Idol a constructed Idol to worship Jamaat not just what I mean – Robin what we would do is we would get together a bunch of dirt we would literally go out into the field like just imagine stepping out here and we gathered together all the dirt and all the little stones and little things that we could find the debris just lying around we would just gather a bunch of dirt together and we were just kind of build it into a little bit of a mound would it not be shot and then we'd find the nearest goat that we could find and we would milk the goat on top of that little mound that we had built for heaven a holiday we milk the goat right on top of that little dirt mound full month of snobby heat and then what we would do is then we'd start doing throw off of it we literally start doing – off of it that tells you two things and I wanted to talk about this because we need to understand this the first thing it tells you the obvious thing that it tells you is how bad the conspiratorial state of the people was at that time how badly deteriorated their spiritual condition was before Islam that they had reached a point in time in a place where their spiritual fulfillment was literally in this in this form they would they would spiritually fulfilled themselves by just gathering a bunch of dirt together milking a goat on it you start doing often worshipping this dirt with goat's milk on it like just think of them so that's the obvious observation that that's how bad and how deteriorated their situation was having said that at the same time that tells us something very look a little bit deeper if we're willing to look past the surface that tells you something else that's very interesting and so what he is describing here is a predicament of the common person the common person and so what that tells you is something very interesting see a real the real challenge and the worst situation possible for a person to be spiritually in is when a person absolutely has no concern no motivation no inclination towards any type of spirituality at all yes said when somebody is so far in distant from any type of Iman where they don't even feel the need to pray to anything to seek help from anything that a person becomes the human being becomes so arrogant where it's like forget about what they worship in how they worship he doesn't even feel the need to worship he doesn't feel the need to worship all right that's the worst possible condition for human being what we're seeing in the common people at that time is yes this is it's it's very sad their state in their condition that they would worship a bunch of dirt and they would mill gold on top of dirt and they would worship it that's really really sad but you know what that still shows you at the end of day it shows you that these people were still desperate they were desperate they were looking for something now the problem is is that they didn't know exactly what they were looking for they didn't know how to look for it they didn't know where to access it but it does not change the fact that they were still somehow someway spiritually motivated spiritually connected that that's something that you have to learn do you have to observe that you have to make note of that because I plays a – role in the message in the dour of the prophets Allah t7 and that's why the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam in the initial stages of his preaching in his message who were the vast majority of people that were coming forth were the people that were accepting Islam and latching on to the message that the prophets of London brought it was the lower part of society the lower part of society like like Musa like excuse me new Hani Salaam was told in the Quran by his people what tabarak on out of the noon what about on our the noon these very lonely people follow you you know and even operationally the demands of the prophets Allah who said I'm at one time they said you're at first all the time you want to solicit you you honestly believe in you you want us to get on board with you listen the very first issue we got is that you surrounded yourself with people that aren't that appealing socially and so it does not befit us as leaders of our tribe and the wealthiest the most powerful men in Arabia it does not befit as it's not suitable it's not suitable for us to associate with these people and at that time what did allah subhanho wa taala tell the prophet sallahu so I'm in the prime what's bit enough second I let him hear the rumor about me about you and I she you read una Raja a loss what I told them tie yourself down literally tie yourself down to these people who do what they remember allah subhanho wa taala morning and evening all right you need to know what all they want out of this life is to please Allah when I tell you I knock on him don't let your eyes be distracted from these people meaning don't overlook these people don't look beyond these people you know how we say you look right through somebody like Nana walked up there and he's just a psyche like we looked right through me it's like I was invisible you didn't even see me right that's an expression in Arabic what I do I knock on door don't let your eyes like avert these people meaning don't overlook they don't look straight through these people don't treat them like they're invisible don't do that well that I do I knock on to D to Z little higher to dunya why because if you do that then that means the only thing you're interested in is the vanity is the adornment is the the superficial material nature of this world that's what you're interested in if you are willing to overlook people of the caliber of belonging hubbub all right so don't overlook the duty to see little Hareton yeah well at the Chairman – Apple Bhagwan Tokina whatever I can infer on the loss Parvati Allah says do not follow these people well that – Tarryn well – did you see nothing higher – Danielle well that Jenna lost promote Ella tells the processor don't follow these people whose hearts are devoid of the remembrance of Allah and what did they do they follow their own desires what can a little flaw and everything that they're doing is in vain so this is a very interesting dynamic and I wanted to specifically mention this and talk about this that you have to appreciate the fact that yes these people their condition was very bad and these people were very very lost no doubt about the fact that they were very very lost but it does not change the fact that these people were still looking for an answer you know and even in our society today in our Dawa efforts in our Dawa efforts you'll find that the people who are looking for some type of an answer the people who balance from church to church the people who bounced from cult the cult religion – religion those are the people who often come and end up accepting Islam but the people who conduct themselves who live their lives with this arrogance if I have no need of this – attachment I have no need to try to attach myself emotionally to a higher being and they say things like religion is for the weak-minded organized religion is for weak-minded people those types of people they are more often than not they're not very receptive to our Dawa and forget about our Dawa there could be a lot of shortcomings in us we might not be doing our job right even when those type of people read the Quran what do they come up with they come up with objections they come up with errors that they find in the Quran but when somebody is on the search for truth and that person reads the Quran of his life is instantly changed that guy can't sleep at night you know and asked Imam Zi asked anyone that's in this line of work and they'll tell you that we get we get calls at 2:00 in two in the morning we'll get emails and if you look at the time of the email that email be time-stamped at 3 a.m. we'll get messaged on line like in the middle of the night and what is somebody saying somebody is somebody's messaging us in the middle of night 2 a.m. 3 a.m. what are they saying saying I read the Quran I need to talk to somebody now when can I come and accept Islam I was visiting a community as a guest speaker one time in the Midwest region I believe it was somewhere in Kansas and it's very small communities small Masjid and literally somebody calls one of the community members whose phone number was listed inside of the Masjid on the bulletin board so this gentleman was to come some random time during the middle of the day it's very small much in small community nobody's there it's not like this people walking in and out all day long so he just picked up the first number that he saw on the bulletin board run the board members he caused him up late at night like at midnight and says I want to come and accept this on right now and it's like whoa nobody is there right now when's the first chance I can get to come and except to some so they said ok we're gonna be praying the morning prayer at 6:00 a.m. I was there as a guest speaker so I was going for some awful fudge and gonna give a hot that afterwards this dis gentleman this guy who shows up 6 a.m. in the morning – how much should why I need to accept Islam so you have so apprec that fact that this was that condition where they they felt the need for spirituality where they worship dirt if that's all they could find if the only thing they could figure out was to worship a rock they were doing it yes very bad very reprehensible not acceptable but at the same time appreciate the fact that these people are still searching for the truth and that's exactly what the messenger of allah Salani Salim did when he when he started preaching to them so having said that we talked a lot in detail about the spiritual condition and the spiritual state of pre-islamic Arab society what I wanted to talk about today was a very specific dynamic that was existent at that time and it was a very very extremely small minority to the point where it's not even you couldn't even classify it as a group or a demographic it was literally individuals and that was was the true form of religion the worship of one illogical their worship for one Allah was that completely lost was that completely lost at that time for the masses generally speaking yes but there were individuals who helped who held on to a demon Hanif all right the true being the middle of Ibrahim the path of Ibraheem the religion of Ibraheem the faith of Ibraheem they held on to that there were a few people and they were literally known as – I thought they were known as for that far which is a plural of the word Hanif and even the word a belief is a very interesting word in the Arabic language there oftentimes when you read translations you'll find it's a very difficult word people have a lot of difficulty translating this word and that's why when you read different for on translations you'll literally find like six different translations of the word so what does the word mean the best way to understand the meaning of this word is when you look at some of the root of the word and especially some of the derivatives of the word how was this word used by pre-islamic Arabs way way back in the end the ancient Arabs how did they use this word so the ancient Arabs they would say Rajaratnam they would say Raja Luna enough which means you you know what pigeon-toed means pigeon-toed pigeon-toed is when you know normally when people walk their feet point outwards pigeon-toed means that when somebody walks their feet point slightly inwards alright it's not like a physical deformity but it's kind of awkward looking right it's a very distinct way of walking so that means pigeon toed but what I want you to picture is somebody whose feet are very severely turned in not just simply pigeon toed all right but severely turned in to the point where it's like a birth defect like almost like a physical disability when the child is one half feet are completely curved or turned in almost like claudine alright and and that's something that occasionally happens with children especially these days they have a lot of ways that they can repair that and make that better through different you know shoes and surgery later on and things like that but nevertheless in olden times before they came up with a lot of these corrective procedures it was right it wasn't very common but you would see it every now and then you would see somebody with their feet very very much turned in so Raj Anand enough would refer to that person whose feet were turned in why because when somebody normally wash their feet point outwards right and left right and left but when this man walks his feet point in which direction towards the center towards the middle so Raja Donna Hanif literally meant this the man who walk constantly watched towards the middle the men who constantly centers he walks towards the middle he stays centered because his feet don't point out whereas they point inwards so he walks towards the center so they're called Raja magnif similarly even in classic and modern Arabic the word for a faucet the word for a faucet or a water tap is Hanafy Han Afiya means water tap or water faucet all right the reason for that again is because imagine you have a water like you see here right outside of that message they have that huge water tank that says City of Irving on it will be right so you have these huge water tanks all right so size of this room all right but imagine you have only one faucet or one tap on the outside of it what does that faucet or that tap do to all of this water contained in this big old container what does it do it streamlines it it focuses it that's why the closest that we can get to the understanding of the word beneath is that it means focused someone who is focused someone who is constantly focused doesn't look right doesn't look left and that's why in this application of ibraheem alehissalaam that is actually one of the odd area to Lisa it is one of the opening supplications within the prayer within the Salah in the ojousama wattle are the honey – hanifa that I have turned myself completely wholeheartedly I've dedicated devoted myself completely to the one who originated the heavens in the earth brought the heavens and the earth into existence from nothingness – and I am focused I am centered I will not be distracted I will stay focused on Allah all right so that's what hadith means so there were a few very very literally like a dozen or so individuals in pre-islamic Arabian society at the time of the birth of the Prophet or some who were known as the kunafa the Quran refers to them has identified the toff system called anitha and we even have evidence we even have narrations that even the pre-islamic Arabs ironically would call them munafa which is very funny because they're giving them a very praiseworthy title but yet were not comfortable with these people's beliefs but still I had no no problem calling them as honey's so it's very ironic it's really interesting but nevertheless these people were known as a panellist panatela refers to them McConaughey Bronco Yahoo di Milano salon Ian were like in Ghana and even Muslim at a bra he was a thief he was the original honey all right bull Sadiq Allah say that Allah has spoken the truth Fatih Birol Mineta Ibrahim ax – follow the way of Ibraheem the path the faith of Ibraheem Hanifa focused on economy no no shrieking all right and he was not from amongst those people who associate partners with Allah so they were known as the kunafa now that was there were many of them there's a list of them that probably extends a little bit beyond a dozen or so of them but there were a few of them were very noteworthy and I wanted to go ahead and talk about some of them today because I'm only gonna highlight about four or five of them who actually interacted with the prophets of Allah brought a cinnamon some way or another because it was a very interesting interaction why because these are the last few like literally you know just the last few glimpses the last few glimpses like sparks of though he'd present in the world at that time because remember Christianity has been polluted Christianity by that time point in time has already been predominantly polluted in the sense of the belief in Trinity right accepting Jesus as the Son of God this is very prevalent at that time amongst Christians a Christian that is a true why it is very very extremely rare in fact those Christians would just because they were actually categorized under the run afoul because they didn't even follow the predominant the popular Christian doctrine at that time alright in similar similarly same in terms of the people of the Jewish faith at that time Jews that time majority of the Jews at that time were no longer following the Torah by the letter of the word by that point in time whose rabbinical law that was at that the tradition of the of the Jewish religion at that time so they were more so following the rabbi's than they were the letter of the law of the total in fact the thought they were they were just told don't worry about what the Torah says you don't understand the Torah you don't have the capacity to understand the Torah just do what we're telling you to do and on tells us what were they telling them to do you had a fool Anthony Morrow out there any when I saw had them in my book it'll be they were literally changing things around moving things around they were altering the word that the message of the Torah itself so based on that observation these were very very few last little sparks and glimpses of tawheed presence in the world at that time and what's very interesting is some of them when they came into contact with the prophets a lot I saw them even before his message or after his message initiated all right they believed in him or they saw the signs of the coming prophet in him and so they they at least expressed their desire to want to follow him if they were still around when the message became public or the revelation arrived or if they were sila around by the time revelation came then they accepted Islam and they followed the Prophet Salani to them but there were some of them very interestingly who while they were sure they were still holding on to that essence of tawheed they still had enough arrogance within them to where they could not get on board with the prophets a lot a same in his message that was asking way too much that was asking too much all right like alright fine I'm okay with this concept of one God find that makes a lot of sense but I'm not gonna listen to you I can't listen to you alright because I think I know more than you or whatever their condition their situation was so I wanted to go ahead and just briefly highlight some of these individuals the first one of amongst zaiba namib in new faith is a manometer been no failure even his harp narrates from the is not that goes back to asthma bint ABI bakr radiyaallahu ta'ala anhu ma she says la otra a to say that Mohammad be no famous not ilaha illa Allah , she says that I saw say they been I'm gonna be new vain leaning against the Kaaba so you sitting there in the Haram leaning against the Kaaba Yahoo Lea Marshall Koresh and he's addressing the Quraish is the Kaaba this is where everybody's congregating and this is where the leaders of the parish would meet this is where they would have been another word their meeting as well City Hall was here and so he says he have a separation is a very old wise learned man amongst them to them he was just an eccentric old man you know that you have somebody who's very knowledgeable he's very wise everybody respects he's very respected in the community but he's just kind of eccentric he just has a few eccentricities everybody just says yeah that's kind of this thing does leave him alone all right so he just this is an eccentric old man but nevertheless he's very respected in the community so he says Yamanashi operation Oh Society of Quraish one may be enough soon Zaidan bada I swear by the one who has AIDS life in his hands I swear by the one who holds aids life in his hand so he's swearing by Allah his name is Zane he's saying I swear by the one watch my life in his hand my husband in coma Aladeen Ibrahim lady he says none of you is truly upon the religion of Ibraheem except for myself other than myself none of you on the religion – religion of Ibraheem so she says I remember him saying these things even before the prophets of Allah sent and received divine revelation started preaching to the people he saw Maya pool and then you would say Allah humma he would sit there in the Harmony mcdhh wah he would say Allahu Allah in me no animal Julie they died but took a bee he he say would say o Allah if I knew what is the most beloved way of worshipping you like if I knew what type of worship you approve of you love the most but took a bee I would worship you in that way in that manner I would do it oh Allah but I don't know I'm just trying to figure this out there's literally very little left of your true message here today in the world today and so I don't even know what you want from me or Allah but if I knew I would do it if I knew I would do it will that give me that honor but I don't know Allah doesn't I just don't know I don't know where that access said where to get it from some of my yesterday molarity and then you would literally make such stir there well can i you Sonny in Aqaba he would come and he would pray see he would do such that you would do seafood and the narrations say about him okay you're slowly in the Kaaba when he would come and pray near the cabin the harem you would pray in the direction of the Kaaba like you would pray face towards the fibula and you would pray in that direction so you see the remnants you see this adherence to the original religion of Ibraheem where allahi allah Ibrahim he would say my God is the god of ibraheem my deity is the deity of ibraheem my Lord is the Lord of Ibraheem what do you need Ino Ibrahim and my religion is a religion of Ibraheem that's all I know so that's what he would say and he really literally didn't know what to do beyond that well kind of you he and Buddha and it even talks about the fact that and this is a very profound reality when true iman exists when any semblance of a relationship with allah is truly present in the heart when the heart is actually connected to allah at any level it will bring about morality it will it obligates a person towards morality you understand what i'm saying what i'm saying is that when when spirituality is alive at any level within a person then social awareness that person starts to become socially aware that person will the need will feel obligated to be ethically and morally upright to be a good person to put it in simple words all right using big-leaguer just be a good person all right feeling spiritually connected in any way shape or form makes a person feel like I got to be a good person I got to find a way to be a good person and this is a very very important reality we have to come to terms with do we find morality do we find ethics do we find morality outside a spirituality like people who are not truly connected sure yes but then always remember it is either short-lived or it is based off of a specific idea or agenda or motive but the true selflessness and the true awareness of what it means to be good for the sake of being good just being good because that's what you're supposed to do regardless of what the situation the circumstances the condition is all right that comes with that connection with Allah now we find a contradiction to that in our society don't we even in our Muslim community you can find a person who quote unquote is a very spiritual person a very devout person this person prays more than anybody else although right they fast more than anyone else I know they were on more than anyone else I know but he's also the most horrible person I know right that we know that that exists it's a very unfortunate contradiction we have you know what that tells you people always ask me this question people constantly ask me this question and what I always tell them is that right there not for us we don't judge anyone it's not our job it's not my business to go around passing judgment on people I'm not supposed to sit here and the Muslims say good person that person that person good now that's not my job I'm saying for the person him or herself what they can realize based off of their social conduct their behavior their a slap or lack thereof what they're supposed to realize is that I obviously lacked something in spirituality if I pray five times a day and I'm so a horrible person when talking and dealing with you that obviously means I have a shell of Prayer I don't really truly pray understand the difference III fulfilled the obligation I go through the motions I do up the undergo Institute I flap my gums for three minutes and that's what I do but I don't pray I don't pray I need to correct my prayer because something is missing something laughs all right so this man Sabin I'm gonna be new Phelan we like we just talked about he had some spiritual awareness so what does it tell about it what kind of year he had Mukunda we know a very unfortunate practice in pre-islamic Arabian society part of the social evils that I did not talk about specifically before was that they would it was part of their culture it wasn't rampant like that every single person did this but it was still very very it was very common within that culture that people would kill would bury alive their daughters especially and its needs some explanation especially if the firstborn if the firstborn was a daughter like the very first child a man had was a girl was a daughter then at that time he felt and even that was not amongst the elite the elite did not do this because even their women would have a lot more power and control and respect and even men in middle class and lower class society it was mainly in middle to lower class society all right when their very first born child was a girl they felt the need to go and bury her alive like as an offering to the god so that it would be followed with the Sun and this was a great crime and a great tragedy that occurred during that time in that era the Quran talks about a way he's an immortal so II let that girl that was buried alive she'll be asked be a given big booty note due to what sin what wrong could she possibly have done that she deserved to be killed that in exchange for that she was killed all right so those are very very bad thing what kind but they've been outmaneuvered what's this guy on a mission he was a man on a mission he would go around trying to save these girls from being killed from being buried alive it was literally what he would do he would literally find out that if he'd hear the news in this home first blood was a daughter and they're probably gonna try to bury her alive he would literally step in he said listen if you want no part of this girl just hand it over to me you don't have to worry about it you can consider her dead or buried or whatever you want to just let me take care of her but just please don't kill this baby girl don't kill this innocent child what kind of your hero who them where Buddha Raju either Harada able to the even Mehta who when when he would find a man who is intending to go and kill his newborn daughter laptop tuna don't kill her it's vile not funny huh give her to somebody who can take care of her better I mean let me take care of her I'll find somebody to take care of her I'll take care of her please don't kill her hey da da da da da well initiative ha ha ha if she starts to find a place in your heart then please keep her she's your daughter if you become emotionally attached to her than keep her but if you don't then give her a give her away I'll take care of her I'll take her away from you you'll never have to hear from her seat or ever again far as you're concerned she's dead all right but please don't bury this girl don't kill her so this this was the koala quality and caliber of this man and and they've been I'm gonna be Newfane ganna yell so that means about a flesh similarly he was also very particular he didn't in dollars he didn't want to sanction he didn't want to show any type of approval for some of the very ship like practices that were prevalent in the operation at that time so and they would sacrifice animals on the names of the gods and different idols and false gods and deities he would not eat from the sacrifices he would not go to the feast that were done the celebrations that were done in the name of the the idols he would not participate in needless to hearken uh in me less to a Qian Mehmet Espanola and so because without acting in lama Zacharias Milani he would say that I do not eat from that which you sacrifice for your idols and similarly I do not eat except that which is sacrificed only and only in the name of God in the name of Allah only that which is sacrificed and killed the name of Allah I will leap from that outside of that I don't want don't bring you your food don't invite me to these idol-worshipping parties these feast don't please don't include me in the survival business I have no interest in this well you were a born operator about your home and when they would sometimes be having these feast or they would be making sacrifices in the name of the gods in the idols he would show up and you would even reprimand them you chastise them you would advise them you're foolish Allah Kahala this goat that you're about to kill Allah created it well Angela AHA – aha and MA and Eliezer one that rains down water from the sky for this goat well on battle aha middle of analyze the one that allowed vegetation to grow from the earth to feed this gold film atal bihari spinner and then after all of that process you sacrifice it for someone other than Allah what's wrong with you people what's wrong with y'all what's going on up here and so he would he would advise him in this way and that's why it's mentioned about the aid when I would have been afraid that he passed away before the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received this message he passed away before the process and received his message but the prophets Allah raised him is narrated to have said about him in authentic narrations the prophets of autism is narrated to have said that our roommates and welcome that man's a phenomenal new fail will be resurrected on the day of judgment as an illness um your shadow that mutton Wagga will you be resurrected as in Ummah by himself Bailey will be in a race of pneumonia as the Ummah that existed between me and between a race of the Maryam as we know based on the variety of narrations if we concede is of the opinion that there were about five hundred some-odd years between the prophet salaallah Salam and ISA alaihi salam other historians are the opinion it was closer to six hundred some-odd years nevertheless you know that's just a slight difference of opinion of eighty years here there but nevertheless there was about five to six hundred years between the prophet saw some in there a sanyasin on and that's why i mentioned this previously allah so allah says in surah yaseen the Eternity of all man mountain diabo you have been sent to warn the people that their forefathers were not warned five hundred years no message has come to these people falafel that's why these people are so lost so empathize with them don't talk down to them empathize with them sympathize with them empathize with them connect with them realize where they're coming from all right and they will eventually get to where you need them to be from first keep in mind where they're coming from so because of that long duration the process of them is saying that the long duration that existed between me and Mary sorry Sarah zaiba nama to be Nevada will be resurrected as an Ummah the Ummah of that era by himself why though another narrations as you bathroom of the Matan window he'll be resurrected on the day of judgment as in not all by himself and he will be brought before a la spada Wattana and then the Prophet SAW says in another narration talking about you know either during the journey of an Islamic Maharaj or through one of his dreams in which the prophets Allah TSM was short shown general paradise he says the hunter Jenna the hunter Jenna I entered paradise for a to lease a team now I'm gonna be Newfane doha teen I entered into paradise into Jannah and I saw reserved for save the nominal benefit for this man though I think Doha in the Arabic language means huge trees all right just shut your eyes just the tree nothing is like a date palm Doha means like a humongous tree like California Redwoods all right by California Redwoods like unbelievable tree like a tree that's like like witnessing a miracle a tree that's like witnessing a miracle of Allah's creation alright so he says I talked I saw two magnificent humongous huge trees reserved for zaid bin hamad a benefit for him to chill and for him to hang out underneath those trees in paradise Anjana so the profit system spoke about this man in how he will be given Jenna and then of course it's meant la la lovely as a say Ben you fail analysis of autism he met the messenger of allah salla ISM but before prophethood he met the processes of before profit while matzah publi Angela and Yvonne rosewood but he passed away before the process of received divine revelation received his message another individual and this individual I'm only going to talk about him very briefly because he's going to come up later one of the key moments one of the greatest moments in the life of the prophets allotted to them so I'm just gonna introduce you to who he was in his life before Islam but then we'll be talking more about him in the all that he played with in Islam the the message the arrival of the message we'll talk about that later when we come to that occasion within the cedar the prophetic biography insha'Allah that second individual is what a hub innovative strictly woke up in open water cut open an orphan all right so what happen often is that second individual the second man it's narrated about him that they the first individual I talked about st. Bernard having no faith he traveled outside of Arabia he traveled to all the nearby regions anywhere that he could find anywhere that he could go to try to find the truth the message of the truth because you see this man had this yearning to find the truth so what about the nofa also traveled was a man I'm gonna be no faith he was like his travel buddy he was a travel companion they were they were two men saw very i – i they did not agree they were not comfortable with the spiritual state in the condition of makkah at that time he did they did not feel comfortable with what was going on so when they told him that list and I leave I'm going outside I'm gonna go travel around and try to find the truth whatever benefit said hey mind if I wrote with you all right because I'm trying to find the truth as well so they he traveled with him quite a bit yeah but I'm Dean in sahih and yet several years trying to find the true Dean but while traveling he went a slightly different route than say Mohammed did and that was a B now I'm gonna came across Christianity he came across Judaism but he was he wasn't comfortable with what he found there either so he just latched on to this idea of the dean of ibraheem de la of ibraheem and he said i might be nice in ivory but i he might need is a Dean of ibrahim I'm not really sure what that means but nevertheless I'm willing to stick to my guns about that I'm gonna stick to my guns about that all right what a lot but no feels slightly different in his travels he came across certain marks all right my dearest to Christianity people who are adhering to crew sanity and they were practicing the Christianity of old meaning they were practicing a slightly more cleaner version pure of Christianity word that's right and that's why they had taken on monkeys and they had separated themselves secluded themselves from society and they were living life south as monks all right in little places of worship that they had established for themselves why because they were comfortable with Christian society and Christian culture and what was going on in terms of Trinity and Jesus son of God and things like that so they kind of went off to the abstracts of society civilization they were living out there trying to practice the cleanest purest form of Christianity that they could figure out for themselves so what I've been offal him into contact with these people and ended up becoming a Christian but in this sense and it's also said that he was the first one to translate the Bible the injeel into arabic and bring it to her John's bring it to the the region where the Prada maka the Hejaz region he was the one to bring the Bible there and he would literally by hand he would write he with ripe copies and manuscripts of the injeel of the bible and try to distribute the monks of people and tried to teach it to people and he had like a little circle of people that he was trying to teach and trying to bring around from over to christianity and so of course the the the the key role that he played later on and we'll talk more about this is that he was the cousin of khadija ideologue Madonna the first wife of the Prophet salatu salam Khadijah reveal our own and that he was her cousin all right so when the prophet sallahu I will be talking about this later in the theater of course this is that great moment the turning point when the Prophet ISM received the first revelation you cannot be similar because Lady Halep and the process um came back from there came down from the cave and came home and he was shaken up and we spoke to Hadiya and told her everything that happened who did she end up taking him to she took him to her cousin who knew a little bit about scriptures and prophets and things like that that was water cabin often that was this man and he so she took him to our cabin over she took them there the worker said to the prophet sawas him into hadiza ye aku sada him for in the Hagana moose machine and a moose musa that if he speaks the truth that this angel that he talks about that came to him is the same angel the same messenger that would come to musa alayhi assalam say mingzhou that would come Faye fell in battle and I hate for in battle and I hate if he is sent out to preach this message by Allah and I am still alive first façades Izuru i will not only respect him but I will support him I will fully back him and support him put all my influence in my power behind him well on subahu I will help him in his message well human will be he and I will believe in him and I will believe in him so this is a sword this is who what a benefit was and of course so he proclaims this belief in the prophets allah i summon that's why the scholars do classify him as somebody who did accept islam where he believes but nevertheless he was in the deer into tawheed and he was practicing this and preaching this much much before even the divine revelation so he's one of those who NFI that was present in that society in that time a third individual very interesting and this way you get to see slightly the other side of things there was another man by the name of postman Sarita and yadi Bushman Sarita Yaqui so who's this man robot Evan sama throw the alarm on and others also narrate that when the roughen of yad yad was a tribe he ad was a tribe so much much later when their caravans in the the envoy's the convoy started coming to the prophets of some tribes started arriving to accept islam and to you know accept islam and learn about and accept Islam at the hands of the prophets Aulani cinnamon one of those tribes are one of those caravans that came was from the tribe of the odd when they came the prophets a lot of some asked him about Bushmen Saladin say you guys know about a man named Cushman Sarita for the carullo and Abu Holland they mentioned to him that yeah we remember him use one of our Alzheimer's but he died now he passed away for Holland a visa la llamada you said I'm the prophecy some said it at the time but Shahi to yeoman be a true heaven I saw him one day at the place of akov or God was a place right outside of Makkah I talked about this in the previous sessions that or God was a place near Mecca where they used to have a huge festival every year and they would get together there and they would have poetry competitions and they will worship the idols and they would do all of this type of fanfare so it was like kind of like a big carnival a big festival for them so he says I saw him there a larger medina he was riding a red she-camel he had secundum because I mean more Jonathan he was speaking in he was speaking some words that were very astonishing they were very surprising they're really deep he was saying some very deep profound mind-blowing stuff why did you need a father and then the Prophet system says I don't really remember what he was saying but I just remember what he was saying was really deep and really profound it was really mind-blowing father I had a fraud that Wellford one of the people in that Caravan he remembered he said and now we offer do I remember some of the things you used to say so oh yeah my Sharon asked each tamio he would say no people come together gathered together Facundo Manmatha Fatah everyone who and that person has gone he's perished but couldn't you say in act in Aten but every single thing will come we'll come back later we'll come back later meaning everything is coming everything is coming meaning that and this is almost like an expression what he's basically saying is that everything you do in this world has a follow-up has a consequence in there and you're about to face the consequence of that thing lady Liu Layland a June night that is very label dodging that night that is very very deep in dark voice Emma who was a my own that of Rajan and the sky that is full of forts meaning sky that is full of stars so a night that is very very deep and dark but at the same time it has like huge forts like shining stars up in the sky well by moon illusion but at the same time you have the ocean that is raging with waves you jubilant does have stars that's that that twinkle in the sky was edgy value will be satin and mountains that are deeply rooted into the earth what an having much at autumn well and how do we dropped it and you have rivers that are streams that are flowing within the earth in emphysema in the river on in the sky there is a huge realization there's a wake-up call waiting for you in the sky meaning look up and reflect at the sky and wake up malee ala nadya how beautifully our children why is it that I see people that they go but they don't come back gooble a family for Allah did they become happy with where they had gone so they just stayed I'm terrible finale or they completely left the truth and they've just fallen asleep up some a person a summer person Balaji cousin Chrisman pasa man la Riva fee he says that puss he says his name that I take anole I taken oath by Allah and this is a note is no doubt in it in Le la cabina verily for Allah there is a Dean there is a way of life who are who are Baumann Dina come hatha and that deed that allah has reserved is more pleasing to a lot than this team that you people are practicing because I told you at Oregon they would have festivities and they would celebrate this their idols so he gives them this long speeches Iman inspiring top and then at the end of it he would say look allah has a Dean and that Dean is more beloved than this Dean that you people are practicing and then you would read this type of poetry and you would try to advise the people so this was another man another individual that was present there at the time before the message arrives to the processor this was another hadith during the days of jahiliyyah it doesn't really mention any more about exactly what happened with him what played out with him but we just know that when his tribe people came to the Prophet SAW so the process of asked about him and they said he died he passed away but nevertheless this was the perspective of that man there was yet another man a fourth individual I'll tell you about was a hadith practicing that or living by this idea of oneness of God even before Islam in Arabian society and that was may have been a be a solid may have been a be a solid whoever that is áliveá Rasool katha may have been a be a solid and a you slimmer the prophets Allah Islam said that Omega was very close to accepting Islam only it was very close to accepting a song well fairly widely in falaqa de cada and you slim officially he the process of another narration says that umeå is very near to accepting islam in his poetry meaning his poetry losses of iman his poetry rigs of iman losses drips iman very close when you read his poetry you feel like this guy was just about to become a Muslim or he's very close to being a Muslim and it said about him that he he was basically a dinner of the Christian faith but he's just recite and write a lot of poetry that we talk about though hey they'll talk about oneness of God – again he was not a pract practitioner of like common popular Christianity of that time but a pure form of Christianity and he would talk about resurrection on the day of death on their day of judgement which was a very very radical idea for pre-islamic Arabs society they thought that was something they were absolutely not willing to be on board with all right and he was also known as one of the Giants of poetry at his time gentlemen foolish urato he was known as one of the Giants of poetry in his era he lived until the time – where the prophet saw some received divine revelation but he did not accept Islam he didn't accept Islam wine to Kabul on an akuna tabi'in literally he did not accept Islam out of arrogance because he said I can't listen to what he tells me this is like a kid this is meld early man he's a giant of he's an intellectual giant of his time in his era he's a master poet of his time all right just felt it beneath himself below himself to listen to the prophets asana so he you talk about the way he did not accept a song even though the message came to him divine revelation have come message kids I mean he rejected or refused away he was too arrogant to follow the prophets ursula and about him there I am of the Quran many of the mufasal' hoon and scholars say that this I am the Quran was revealed in regards to him he is one of the people to whom to whom this ayah applied were las palomas Allah says in the Quran were to array him never Tina Huai a teen had asserted our off.i a number 175 what to him recycle upon their meaning relate to them never LSE the story of the man and let the Athena by Athena we gave him our ayat meaning we gave him our science he could look at the sky no Newton realized that there was something profound about it he heard the Quran I mean he could recognize that there was something unique and distinct and divine about it with Athena by Aetna we gave him designs France Elohim in ha but what did he do he retreated from it in some aha literally means to pull something out of something else to extract something to pull something out of something else he literally extracted himself another homina he pulled himself out of that guidance whatever shade fence Elohim in ha Futaba Russia Fatah – Amina ha mean he ended up following shape on and when I what ended up happening to him he became from those people who were wandering about aimlessly through life so he received all the signs but out of his arrogance very consciously aware very aware very cognizant very aware of read consciously he pulled himself out of guidance followed by Shaitaan and lived a life of just complete disillusion had no idea which purpose he was living his life for all right it said about him that he died either in the second year of his ah or he died in the ninth year of hijra there's a variety of narrations but he did not accept asam but again what goes to show you that he realized that there was some truth there he actually wrote the poem when a who she theory that cuts in operation ababil in Capernaum he wrote a poem kind of memorializing the people who died in the Battle of Badr he wrote a poem a moralizing them talking about them that whether they were good or bad and what's going to happen to them not that they died and then the afterlife what will transpire with them so you see that this person had certain ideas but yet his arrogance prevented him from believing yet another person and this is our probably this will be the last person I talked about the fifth individual I'll tell you about who was from the kunafa people who believed in tow he'd even before Islam the message of the prophet salaallah Sam was Labib in Rabia and Mohammed II he was also from one of the Giants of poetry in the pre-islamic era from the salmon of jahiliya from the time of Julia we'll make sure our iron were on the pots not only that but he received a great distinct honor at that time his some of his poetry was determined to be so eloquent so profound so great that if some of his poems were actually hung on the Kaaba and around the Kaaba I talked about this before that poetry that was deemed to be the most the best poetry of that time who would literally be hung from the cabin around the Kaaba it was called the Alamo underpot the hung poems and they would be hung around the Kaaba because that was a most sacred place and that was a great honor for those poets he was one of those poets I received are honored that during his lifetime his poems are actually hung up around the Kaaba so he was a great poet of that time rasoolallah Lara said I'm said about him as the estoppel Kalamata father haha I don't tell him a debate labeed the Prophet Solari sallam said that some of the truest words that a poet has ever spoken were the words of libido were the words of libido these are some of the truest words some of the most profound things that any poet has ever said were the words of Allah being allow pollution in Massillon la cobalt this very faith famous poet poem that he said and this word the prophets of lesson said this little phrase this little couple of this little snippet of his poems are probably one of the most profound things that a poet has ever ever said and in fact Islamic scholars throughout the centuries throughout the generations have always used this phrase use this snippet of this poem of his we're talking about a lot and they've always taught it to their students we were taught this by our teachers as well and that phrases elaborate Lucia in Mahalo lagu button and I couldn't do muscle a lot about to do he said I like an exclamation in the Arabic language in classic Arabic it means listen up pay attention listen up Allah listen up good news lay in each and every single thing mouthful Allah who other than Allah each and every single thing other than Allah aside from Allah every single thing other than Allah bathily it is melted what does about that I mean when we hear about that we we have a very specific meaning of that in our mind it's the answer name of hot correct and we think of it in terms of like how cuz the truth about that is falsehood not that's not how that's not what it means in classical Arabic in its roots it is the antonym of the word hop that is the opposite of the word hop but the word hop in classical Arabic and its roots it means something that is on a solid foundation the word happen means something that is solid on solid footing solid foundation is called helped bottom is the opposite something that is unstable is not on solid footing is not on a solid foundation is called bata Escobar and that's why we know it as the Parana presents it to us as truth and falsehood because truth is on solid footing its established its truth alright and that which is falsehood is called baktuns because it's Ranger John ha ha ha ha convertido in Albertina kakuzu that's why allah says that all right so he's saying allah Lucian muffin alarm button each and every single thing other than Allah his button it has no foundation it's here today gone tomorrow the only thing that is permanent the only thing that is established is Allah everything other than allies must move its creation so therefore it has no foundation it is only in existence as long as Allah allows it to be in existence when Allah deems it to be when a lot decrease it to be non-existent it'll be go out of existence that's very in line with that chronic idea as well in certain man Daryl a Chicano art Allah says kulu manali ha fun good Illuminati heaven way above what you do not be cut to tell Ali Whitaker each and every single thing on this earth in existence it's Fallon it'll expire is running out its fading away but the only thing that remains is the face of your Lord the only the face of good Lucia in honeycomb Allah what help each and every single thing is meant is moving towards perishing towards extinguishing expiring except for Allah except for his face except for Allah so this is some of the very profound words Allah beat said well Aslam alibied and this this poet Nabil he actually accepted Islam while Mattathias in a satirist man he died much much later during the kunafa rothman bernardo de la mano barra de and i shall be have a home cinema and even had a la solana ramona even Hodja and other scholars like in Ali Sabbah few Mali for the Sahaba in in acid or GABA all these all these different books that documents and talk about the different companions and people from the time of the prophet salaallah Selim many of these scholars they talk the fact that he lived to be a hundred and fifty years old he lived till the age of a hundred and fifty all right and then he passed away at that time so this was a man with a lot of experience had seen a lot deep profound wisdom and of course he accepted Islam and lived until the kunafa of Earthmen banana de la mano and there's an there's a whole list of people another dozen or so individuals who were you know adherence Ito he they adhered to toe he'd even in the pre-islamic era one of the ones a couple of them that I find that are very noteworthy is gobbling the way been available in Karachi cabin Louie Louie been available person who is one of the great great grandfather's of the Prophet Salla listen he's actually one of the forefathers when the great great great grandfather's of the process he falls under this category of these people who were practitioners and preachers of tawheed in a predominantly based society all right another person that's named amongst them is that I would have been a bizarre a tsunami who also accepted Islamic Rama who law but it's not a law honored him by giving him Islam and allowing him to accept Islam and then one other name and I'm not going to talk about him now because next week session is going to focus solely on the immediate family of the Prophet Selassie I will talk about him in more detail next week but one of the other individuals who's listed amongst the list of hanifa people who believed in to heed witness of God pre-islamic Lee all right by some of the scholars some of the historians is actually optimal time I've been looked on it the grandfather of the Prophet SAW sorry he's put in this list by a lot of scholars and there's a huge discussion we'll talk about it when we get there but and actually next week we're also going to be talking about the incident of the invasion of the elephants all right I'm gonna leave the year of the elephant and that great incident that occurred that just you know immortalized in the in the surah of Allah Tariq a profound Arabic of us – so we'll talk about it in there so some of his dialogue some of his discourse some of his ideas that he expressed during that time during the invasion of the elephants and their army of the elephants it gives you a very clear indication of the fact that he was a very open practitioner and preacher and advocate of the Haden not only that but we also see in the words of the prophets of Allah body instead of during the husband named after fatimata the battle of hunayn in which some muslims were the majority and war of course will come to this much much later in the serie muslims were the majority but something very interesting happened there were a lot of new converts to Islam and people who weren't quite established within their faith yet and they the army started to fall apart and break apart in dispersed and at that time the prophets a lot have made a rallying cry he made a rallying call and he rallied together and some of the older Sahaba some of the long-term Sahaba to rally together and then the Muslims were able to overcome the advance from the enemy at that time and that rally cry that battle cried their rallying called that the prophets a lot he said I made at that time and this is mentioned in authentic narrations as he said and then a big you laugh happy he started to save loudly in the battlefield cry out on the battlefield and then maybe you laugh at him I am the Prophet and this is not a lie and Anna Bueller cadet Anna even then look Talib I am the son of Abdul Mutallab of course he means grandson all right that's obviously understood all right like when the grandson when the grandfather calls his grandson he calls him son all right that that that's just an expression it means he's my son son of course so the process of saying I am the son meaning I'm the grandson of a Abdul Muttalib and some of the scholars say that even the prophets isn't proclaiming himself like that in battle against the enemy against non-muslims I am the son of Adam not that it also is an indication of the fact that after looked at it was this very open advocate of tawheed even pre-islamic li allahu ta'ala of allah knows best so that's a little bit about this this small contingent these scattered individuals who held on to this idea this faith this belief of the oneness of allah so allah wa taala even pre-islamic li even before the preaching and the teaching of the message of the prophets allows him and even before the birth of the Prophet Salah decent what we're going to be talking about next week is we'll be talking about the year of the day the invasion of the army of the elephants and we'll also start talking about some of the immediate family members of the prophets of lodi cinema what i wanted to end with here today in these last two minutes was talking a little bit about the family history of the prophets a lot 'center i wanted to talk about this very very briefly you know something very interesting that the scholars talk about is you don't move on a he set up lute audience enough in the quran you know when he when when when he's dealing with that very difficult situation of he's received these gets these guests who were angels in the form of human beings and the very immoral people of his society his community are making a very strong advance towards these people towards these individuals and he's trying to talk some sense into them he's trying to talk some some sensibility into them he says at that at that time Colorado handily become poet I wish I had some strength to face you people to deal with you people oh how we in our opinion should either I could go back and lean on a very very strong pillar and what that's an expression of what that means is I wish I had like family backing and family support I wish I had like a family and a tribe to lean back on that would support me in this type of a difficult situation the prophets of lesson came from a very very prestigious noble family he came from a very amazing background a very blessed lineage and this isn't something superficial while solely finding value for yourself in solely based on the family you come from or your lineage is superficial all right it's spiritually superficial all right nevertheless there is a certain value in it in the sense of it gave the prophets a lot of some credibility to speak amongst his people because he was dealing with people were very superficial who are spiritually shallow who would only listen to somebody if he came from a good family and at the same time it gave the process of support we all know Abu Talib didn't accept Islam but continue to support him and defend him he was the defender who's the gatekeeper to the prophet salaallah they couldn't get near him they could Harvin couldn't lay a finger on him while he was alive so it has a very very strong significance and the prophet of Allah Allah Allah said I'm says in the narration Hadees in the last African an amine wildy is married a Lhasa selected canna from the children of his Mary was tough law operation min kannada and then he selected the tribe of praise from karana from the overall lineage of canada was the family Croatian Bani Hashim and then a macho selected banu hashim the family of the honda we called Lulu the extended family of banu hashim from courage from the tribe of flesh was stefani min bani hashim and he chose me from Banu Hashem meaning I have been selected from the cream of the cream of the cream of the cream of crop I come from the best the piers of the piers of the piers of the piers and it gave him that credibility the prophet of Allah so modest of them says another narration in Allah Azza WA JAL Yamaha lapel helper John and if you say to him the day when Allah created the creation he put me amongst the best people the man in the photo op of whom John and if he hated for the pain then when a lot distributed the people further he put me in the better group amongst the two distributed groups through Mahina John and John and if you said it could be that there were the lost parrot I'll have distributed further the people into tribes you put me in the best of tribes so man in that John and boots John and if he say W team that went a lot amongst the tribe distributed the homes Allah put me in the best of homes for a Nevada who nestled on with a baton and from amongst the best of people when it comes to lineage and I'm from amongst the best of people when it comes to homes the house I came from the family I came from and that's why when Abu Sufyan stood before place of the Emperor room and when he was asked about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasalam when he was asked do you think he's doing this just to gain some prominence amongst your people like he has some ulterior motive Abu Sufyan said no who Avena don't mess up wealthy neither when I said he belongs to a very high esteemed lineage amongst us there's no way I mean he comes from the best family you can imagine so that's not why he did this and so something very profound something that is a miracle of the life of the Prophet Solomon is a beauty of the setting the cedar is that the entire lineage of the prophets Allah December's preserved till Adam alehissalaam his entire lineage is preserved tallada money's no other human being and claimed it his lineage is preserved all the way till a demonic there are three basic parts of the lineage I'll just read it to you here the first part of it is a unanimously accepted it's documented it's surefire the second part of it there are a few differences of opinion about a few names here and there but it's still documented and then the third part of it is after ibraheem alehissalaam and that part of it of course is well-established as well Muhammad of Medina Muhammad the son of Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallab been Hashim Bernard Mona's been to say Ben kina bin Khalid bin Muaz been Cobb bin lui been Holub been far been Malik banaba been canna Ben who's Emma Ben musica Vanilla's vengador been nazar been wat Vinod on this part of it is well established from their egos bin bin what bin who mesa bin Salman bin Al's been booze bin Hamad bin oh babe Aniyah Wamba nashit benissa been badass Ben Yadav been fabulous pendulum – Ben Marcy Bernard Bernard Cara been obeyed been a dois been hamton been Samba been yes Ruby vinyasa been Johan been era away Ben I've been tisha Ben I saw Ben F nod been a ham been max'll be nah he's been Zara been Sammy been mozzie Bernardo Vanara been theta Ben is Mariel bin Ibrahim alayhi wasallam Adam continues after ibraheem alehissalaam bin azib bonaga bin saud bin Rahu Ben Farley bernard pinchelow Ben Arfa bin alpha shot Ben Samba new alehissalaam been Amick VIN motto motto shaadi been idrees alehissallaam been headed with me me Lila been clean and banana shot been she's been Adam alayhi masala this is the entire lineage of the prophet sallallaahu listen and what's remarkable is there are scholars that we were actually made to memorize this I haven't probably reviewed in a while so I had to read it off of my notes but we were made to memorize this thousands thousands of scholars around the world have the entire lineage of the Prophet Elisha memorized millions of scholars and people throughout our 1400 year history had the entire lineage of the Prophet Solanas memorize and they don't even know their own lineage beyond their own grandfather great-grandfather that is the esteem to respect the honored the dignity that Allah has granted to muhammad rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may Allah support Allah give us all the reality of who he was may Allah allow us to develop true love for the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inshaallah next week we'll continue with our series on the prophetic biography we'll be talking about the army the invasion of the army of elephants and we'll start talking about the individuals who were immediately related to the process unlike his father mother grandfather etc may allah subhanho wa taala give us the ability to practice everything that was said and heard so I can walk around somewhere comfortable

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