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peace and light to you all.

The journey of the sacred secretion thought the body explained in full!
How to preserve it and meet God FACE TO FACE AT PENIEL!

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what if I were to tell you that Christ's crucifixion takes place inside the brain Jesus Christ was crucified at a place just outside Jerusalem called Calvary but what the word Calvary actually meant in the original biblical language was skull in the human body there is a nerve known as the Tree of Life it protrudes from the skull it is this nerve the vagus nerve that crucifies meaning refines or transforms the sacred secretion or Christ oil into our pineal gland causing us to see God face to face and receive the true anointing of the Holy Spirit Genesis 3230 says Jacob named the place Peniel because he said I saw God face-to-face and lived to tell the story this is a biological and physiological description of the journey made by Christ the Christ oil or sacred secretion through the body and some practical instructions on how to honor it raise it and exemplify it in order to be fully enlightened just as God intended Christ was the living embodiment of God's perfection and biblically we are told the Christ's Holy Spirit dwells inside all of us but what you may not know is how astoundingly literal Christ is inside aa physical body Colossians 1:26 229 says this mystery has been kept in the dark for a long time but now it's out in the open God wanted everyone to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out regardless of their background regardless of their religious standing the mystery in a nutshell is just this Christ is in you so therefore you can look forward to sharing in God's glory it's that simple that is the substance of our message we preach Christ's warning people not to add to the message we teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity to be mature is to be basic no more no less that's what I'm working so hard at day after day year after year doing my best with the energy God so generously gives me the Bible is clearly telling us of God's glory and energy living in our body let's apply God's Word to the science number one the cloud strim inside the brain there is a thin irregular sheet of neurons that is attached to the underside of the neocortex in the center of the brain known as the cloud strim the cloud strim is the seat of all consciousness in the body it is the physical body's supply of life energy from God or spirit this life energy is referred to as many different things SE latin or to be english luminiferous ether source prana etc it is thought to be where the name Santa Claus originates from because it brings life to the entire body to the secretion also known as the Christ oil chrism or sacred secretion as the orchestra of the brain cerebrum the cloud strim signals the secretion of oil cerebrospinal fluid CSF into the spine or central nervous system CNS the New Testament tells us in John about this internal Christ oil or sacred secretion 1 John 2:27 says as for you the anointing oil which you received from him abides in you and you have no need for anyone to teach you but as his anointing teaches you about all things number 3 Colossians Colossians 1:26 229 says know this glorious secret from the word secrete inside and out Colossians 1:17 says he is before all things and in him all things hold together this is interestingly referring number four Christ the word Christ or Christos in ancient Greek means anointed or smeared with oil and this Christ oil or sacred secretion is inside us teaching us everything from the inside out we must fully honor God in all our ways as the Bible teaches and then we will receive Scott's blessings like we have never known before 1 John 2:27 again says as for you the anointing which he received from him abides in you and you have no need for anyone to teach you but as his anointing teaches you about all things and is true and is not a lie and just as it has taught you you abide in number 5 the milk and the honey the biblical milk and honey are produced by the pineal gland and the pituitary gland numbers 14 8 says if the Lord is pleased with us then he will bring us into this land and give it to us a land which flows with milk and honey I believe it is important to note that if in if the Lord is pleased with us that means we have to please the Lord by following christ's teachings also meaning we need to preserve the christ oil or sacred secretion if we want to truly know God and reap the benefits I will explain about oil preservation a little later number six about the pineal gland biblically the pineal gland is referred to as the place where Jacob met God Genesis 32 30 says Jacob named the place Peniel because he said I saw God face-to-face and lived to tell the story Matthew 6 22 says the light of the body is the eye if therefore thine eye be single pineal thy whole body shall be full of light the pineal gland produces golden melatonin honey it has more blood flow per cubic volume than any other organ it is located in the center of the brain behind and above the pituitary gland it is surrounded or bathed in cerebrospinal fluid CSF it is known for its male energy Joseph it is referred to as the yang of yin and yang it is known as the solar not lunar it is the dominant source of the body's melatonin number seven about melatonin it has a significant effect on mood it affects the immune system it affects circadian rhythms quality and quantity of desired sleep it is anti-aging and stress reducing because it suppresses cortisol the disease feeding stress hormone it is a powerful antioxidant in the Bible it is called the living water John 7:38 says streams of living water will flow within him number eight about the pituitary gland it produces oxytocin and vasopressin which are white milk it activates the hypothalamus which is known to aid the health and activation of the pineal gland it is located above the sea noid sinus where CSF is secreted during high levels excitement and this sensation is linked to many spiritual experiences it is known for its female energy Mary it is referred to as the yin of yin and yang and it is known as the luna not solo number nine about oxytocin and vasopressin they heighten feelings of trust peace and empathy godlike feelings they reduce feelings of fear anxiety and aggression proverbs 19:11 says the insight of a man certainly slows down his anger and it is beauty on his part to overlook an offense number 10 the solar plexus the Christ oil or sacred secretion travels towards the sacrum via the solar plexus the solar plexus is where the Christ seed is born this is known biblically as Bethlehem or House of breads the Christ oil or sacred secretion enters the solar plexus where it combines with the Holy Spirit or se Source Energy luminiferous ether or prana etc and that is how the seed is produced or borne number 11 getting the Christ oil seed to the sacral pump without diminishing it it is important to know that the Christ oil seed sacred secretion can be compromised damaged and dissipated if we do not preserve it and this is not what we want in order to raise the Christ oil seed sacred secretion know God and see his face actor pineal we must love the Lord our God with all our hearts Souls and minds to paraphrase Matthew 22:37 this means living for God and following his laws number 12 preserving the oil God's laws the basics number one be healthy and not gluttonous 1 Corinthians 6:20 tells us for ye are brought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are gods – don't be lustful psalm 101:3 says I will not look with approval on anything that is vile I hate what faithless people do I will have no part in it 3 do not be greedy proverbs 15 27 says a greedy and grasping person destroys community those who refuse to exploit live-and-let-live number 4 don't be lazy Ecclesiastes 1018 says through sloth the roof sinks in and through indolence the house leaks number 5 don't be quick to anger proverbs 1518 says hot tempers start fights a cool calm spirit keeps the peace number 6 don't be jealous or selfish James 3:16 says for we're envy and self seeking exists confusion and every evil thing are there and lastly stop being prideful and boasting 2 chronicles 26 16 his pride led to his downfall number 13 about the sacrum the sacrum is a triangular bone in the lower back formed from a fused vertebra and situated between the two hip bones of the pelvis the English word sacrum was introduced as a technical term in anatomy in the mid 18th century as a shortening of the late latin name or sacrum sacred bone it is where surgeons perform a lumbar puncture to extract samples of CSF it is the location of the sacral pump the sacral pump is a regular rhythmic motion between the occiput in the throat and the sacrum it circulates CSF back up the spinal cord through the central nervous system and into the brain the sacral pump is a key part of the circulatory system and its proper functioning is important for good physical mental and emotional well-being 14 33 vertebrae from the sacrum the Christ oil or sacred secretion ether CSF and hormones stars his journey back up the spinal cord through the 33 vertebrae the significance of 33 Jesus Christ lived for 33 years Jesus was crucified at 33 years of age the divine name Elohim appears thirty-three times in the book of Genesis there are 33 gods in the Vedic religion 33 is the numerical representation of the Star of David and also the numerical equivalent of our men an image of the Virgin Mary from the 18th century is known as virgin of the 33 it is in Uruguay and it was consecrated by pope john paul ii in 1988 there are 33 degrees in free masonry and there are lots more examples just google it to see 15 the solar plexus part 2 during the Christ oil or sacred secretions ascent up the spinal cord it goes back through the solar plexus the solar plexus is a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen it is emotionally linked with concerns over personal power anger and distrust it assists with the generation of metabolic energy and the pancreas Daniel 232 says the head of the statue was made of fine gold its breasts and its arms of silver its belly and its thighs of bronze note the Christ oil is bronze least value in the belly or solar plexus and it must be raised to become gold the highest value next the Christ oil or sacred secretion ascends to the vicinity of the heart sternum or cardiac plexus proverbs 4:23 tells us above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it excessive production of the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine can cause brain damage and problems in all other parts of the body therefore it is scientifically paramount for mental and physical health to be peaceful calm and forgiving just as the Bible suggests everything you do counts toward following knowing and loving Christ and preserving the Christ oil the cardiac plexus is a plexus of nerves situated at the base of the heart that innervates the heart the cardiac plexus is divided into a superficial part which lies in the concavity of the the aortic arch and a deep part between the aortic arch and the trachea it is emotionally linked with love it assists the thymus gland the thymus serves a vital role in the training and development of T lymphocytes or t-cells an extremely important type of white blood cell 17 the Christ oil then rises to the throat more specifically the vagus nerve which is also known as the pneumo Vegas and the pneumo gastric nerve here the Christ oil is crucified and put to death but if we resist our low desires or carnal urges for 2.5 days the amount of time the moon stays in each Sunstein then the oil will be refined transmuted and resurrected on the third day this is when enlightenment illumination and increase will engulf your being like nothing you have ever experienced before you will have vision power and insight like you never knew possible there is something on the other side of obedience that makes you say why did we ever resist 18 about the vagus nerve it is a network of nerves known as the Tree of Life it descends from the pineal and pituitary glands it is the tenth cranial nerve CNX it is the longest nerve of the autonomic involuntary nervous system in the human body Romans 12:2 says and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God fight every man may temptation that exists while the Christ oil is being refined in the vagus nerve 19 about the 2.5 days it is the amount of time that Jesus was in the tomb before being resurrected increased in power Jesus his Holy Ghost spirit everywhere amount of time the moon spends in each Sun sign the first day is when the Christ oil secretes this happens 12 times per year the optic thalamus is 2.5 centimeters across Colossians 2.5 says for though I am absent in the flesh yet I am with you in the spirit joining and beholding your order and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ 20 the resurrection after 2.5 days the oil ascends to the ponds the ponds is beside the medulla oblongata the ponds is a major structure in the upper part of your brainstem that crosses the spinal cord it is involved in the control of breathing communication between different parts of the brain and sensations such as hearing taste and balance pons means bridge in Latin the pons bridge raises the preserved refined and transmuted oil into the optic thalamus when new blood is produced and dormant brain cells are reactivated or awakened 21 the significance of 7 in the optic thalamus there are seven stars in the optic thalamus dimmed by the seven sins Amos 5:8 says seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion and turn is the shadow of death into mourning and make it the day dark with night that calleth for the waters of the sea and pouring them out upon the face of the earth the Lord light of the world is his name yet people say that astrology is an evil from the devil how can this be true when they believe the Bible and the Bible literally tells us to follow the stars Genesis 1:14 and let the stars be for signs Elohim God is another word for seven there are seven planets Matthew 6:5 2:13 says as above so below or on earth as it is in heaven there are seven refractors of light seven original census in ancient texts seeing hearing tasting smelling feeling intuition and telepathy the solar plexus is the organ of intuition gut feeling the brain or thalamus is the organ of telepathy Matthew 18:20 to seventy times seven means unlimited forgiveness 20 to enlightenment or the baptizing of the Holy Spirit the Greeks called the thalamus the light of the world the word Lord actually means light of the world the thalamus has two hemispheres just like Earth Matthew 6:5 2:13 once again as above so below or on earth as it is in heaven it is the Ark of the Covenant see google images and be amazed finally when the christ oil reaches the optic thalamus you will have vision you will know what your purpose in christ is you will know what matters you will feel incredible God's Christ oil will give you enthusiasm motivation Direction focus power intuition decisiveness imagination knowledge understanding peace love and most importantly healing the benefits are divine beyond measure you

46 thoughts on “Sacred Secretion / Christ Oil / True Anointing – HEAVEN ON EARTH

  1. #Kelly-Marie KerrI literally felt my pineal gland buzzing like a bee the other night , it was driving me crazy , and this is no lie , in my mind , without even wishing to do so , i could see my pineal gland in a small dark enclosure , glowing . I felt like I wanted to reach in to my brains and scratch an itch that was driving me nuts . Reply to me Ms Kerr and I will totally bliw your mind , if you truly believe in what youre teach Inc , something i have a life of experience of but which these teachings have enlightened me about and helped me understand what I'm experiencing . I found there and then that everytime I walked out of my bedroom , where my sky WiFi box is , the sensation and vision of my pineal gkand ceased . I turned off my WiFi and the buzzing and image of pineal gkand instant,t went away . Thank God it did as it was doing y nut in so bad,y that I honestly couldn't of lived with it and had thoughts that if i had to live with it I would end up putting a bullet through my own head to stop it .

  2. Many know about mark of the beast found in Rev. 13:6, and even mainstream secularists know enough to know its said to be bad and of the evil one. Knowing its negative, unholy, evil and it wrecks salvation, it's curious to see Exodus 13:9 "and it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial between thine eyes, that yahwehs law may be in thy mouth Then just to be sure we aren't confusing/mis using names or misidentifying entities/gods, it goes on to say *for a strong hand hath yahweh brought thee out of egypt*. This is what I have been realizing is a self evident truth.

    *Further evidence of this fact are found not only in the words of Jesus our wonderful powerful Messiah, but also words uttered by prophets, apostles, and disciples that appear to be unknowing convictions/evidence telling us yhwh is evil.


    John 5:37 and the father who sent me has himself testified concerning me. You have never heard his voice nor seen as form

    When considering something claiming to be god appeared before Moses in the form of a burning bush and spake* unto him! We see exactly why Jesus was sure to speak those words in John.

    Exodus 3:3-5 states firstly "angel of the lord" appeared, and then the entity self proclaims itself under titles such as god of your father, (not God The Father), god of israel, god of Jacob, as well as "the most high".

    Marcion was called a heretic for theorizing such back in his day, much like Jesus when he healed and performed miracles. Marcion was onto the truth, maybe he had a few details wrong, regardless, it's the case according to the Word. And he who seeks the truth, even if he begins seeking from a few degrees left of center, he will find it.

    Many works of Jesus were said to be heretical and of the devil, maybe calling Marcions work heresy is just another piece of evidence supporting the adage "you know you're over the target if you're getting flak"

    Words of Jesus

    John 8:38 I speak that of what I've seen from My Father, you speak what you've seen from your father.

    John 14:9 implies that up until this point no one had seen form of Our One True Father. Jesus says these things as he foresees the deception.
    2 Corinthians 3:15 even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts. A veil that blinds and stops us from seeing yahweh, or an evil counterfeit using thst name is NOT OUR FATHER.

    Google "yahweh identifies himself as the beast of revelation" you'll see yahweh describes his physical characteristics and it's not a 80% match, not a 90% match, not even a 99.9% match its 100%

    If you're like me, you may fall to your knees in worship) to the true Father once you see who yahweh really is and beg for forgiveness. Much like me I hope you will hear you've been forgiven (and you will be). As we knew not, should we have known? Yeah…. It's spelled out, many people are paralyzed by the fear of questioning who they are led to believe god to be. I know I was.

    What has really helped me in understanding is: asking for the answers/guidance, which grants me the discerning eyes.. (Which seems to always be temporary). As well as reading/listening to gnostic texts. For those with the same voice screaming "no don't look into the texts, they contain heresy" or "they removed for a reason" just remember those rules/recommendations were laid out in the OT by the #LittlegFromTheOT, of course they were, Jesus did warn against certain things, but also encouraged seeking if the truth.

    Bless every single one of you that did not know this to be the case and that looked into it (for diligently seeking

  3. The spinal fluid racing your 33 vertibrae, Jacobs ladder, then meets your 12 cranial nerves, 12 disciples, it ignites the penial gland and you have Christ resurrection in you.

  4. God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His light is that of a pillar on which is a lamp. The lamp is within a glass. The glass is like a brilliant planet, fueled by a blessed tree, an olive tree, neither eastern nor western. Its oil would almost illuminate, even if no fire has touched it. Light upon Light. God guides to His light whomever He wills. God thus cites the parables for the people. God is cognizant of everything.

    Read quran and you will access all knowledge from god and the only way obtain the real light is from God.

    not from lucifer neither a saint or angels or even prophets, god said ´´´he guides to his light whomever he wills

  5. The Bible wasn't written in English so your theory of the pineal gland kinda doesn't make any sense. Wasn't it in Aramaic? What is pineal in Aramaic? Peniel? Give me a break. Surely that gland in biblical times wasn't even discovered or named. And who says the word crucifixion means transforms? Where did you get all this info?

  6. I appreciate the explanation in this video. I've been trying to watch Santos Bonacci's videos but don't think I have enough info to follow well. I'm inclined to believe, though accept nor deny anything unequivocally, that the Bible is part allegory, part myth, part control tool, and part ancient spiritual teaching.

  7. Remember the crazy army guy in that Kubrick movie. Talking about women trying to take his sacred fluids?! He only drank whisky and rain water…and didnt let women steal his sacred fluids!

  8. I've spent nearly 2 decades on my own , stopped drinking , which I always loved , in 1996 , had sex about 5 times in 15 yrs , all of these things I've read , can help activate the pineal gland . I didn't do these things for that reason , so I wasn't even trying , but I think my pineal gland is open or partly , or trying to open . I've had a few unusual experiences too . Great video , thanks .

  9. This is a Form Of Deception and introduction into Paganism Or Occult beliefs Do Not Be Decieved In the Hebrew Bible, Penuel is a place not far from Succoth, on the east of the Jordan River and south of the river Jabbok. It is also called Peniel "Face of God" by Jacob: "It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared." it Is NOT The Pineal Gland inside of your Brain 🧠 Smh Stay Woke Be vigilant The Lord Said beware of the Jezebel Spirt Which still Resides Today And he also said DO NOT ALLOW ANY FEMALE TO TEACH SCRIPTURE So that should have been your first Red flag 🚩 Right There smh

  10. The micro cosmic orbit in Taoist Chinese chi kung meditations teaches how to rise christ oil or kundalini or chi/jing in step by step instructions to safely achieve Christ conciseness or enlightenment or Buddha nature.

  11. That was an absolutely amazing piece of Artistic information you put together there.
    As a person who has worked with energy since a Kundalini release at 19.
    I understand the change in sight hearing smell Psychic abilities.
    Opening doorways Seeing corridor size vortices open up in front of you.
    Seeing the spiraling
    Emenations of energy tunnelling from your own third eye.
    Seeing the world breath, being able to see time and dimensions shift.

    Once you start you can't go back.
    Thank you for this great piece of work once again. 🙂

  12. In breathe their is Life especially nasal breathing and drinking fresh water.
    I believe this is the way our natural chemicals work.
    However there is another side to this equation the energetic side.
    I have experienced as if I was a pulsar star a force exploding out of my body at the speed of light as if an explosion happened as the very room I sat in pulled in then out felt like time ceased to exist making my consciousness hang out of my body as if I was learning to my right but my physical body was up right I could feel multiple layers to this body as if I had another 4 hanging further it was amazing.
    When I walked outside I could see energy sparks of light electric blue little streaks of appearing and disappearing energies.
    It totally changed my eyesight.
    Developed hands that could miraculously heal telepathy
    we humans have the dust of stars in our veins are completely and totally universal we are capable of so much 🙂

  13. People beware and be very careful. This ideology takes scripture waay out of contexts. The Lords prayer is not suggesting the satanic "as above so below". I used to follow these teachings and i had encounters with evil entities i once thought were my spirit guides. This is not the teachigs or message of the bible. This is satan twosting the words of God just like he did in the garden of eden. (The exact same lie actually) "we are gods". May Jesus unvail the truth!

  14. This is the link between Royalty, Hollywood and business elites and evil people in the govt. (Yes it is speculated by doctors that Hillary Clinton has Kuru disease, the neurological disease brought on by canabalism).The evil ones who use children (think of why would our govt encourage " unaccompanied minors" to enter the US) to harvest the secretions of thier penial glands. They torture them and get their adrenals nd pineal gland to put out high levels of secretions into thier blood. They drink thier blood and eat them too. They believe it will bring them life extension and youth. Dont believe it? Search yt for videos on "adrenochrome" it is a drug and can be taken by drinking the blood and eating the flesh of a terrorized tortured victim. Also search "Young blood" a way of using young people for blood exchange to regain youth and use thier organs to recycle your blood … like a dyalisis machine but living… anyone who finds this hard to believe o ly need open their eyes to see why there is such a battle in our govt right now. If these crimes come to light it will destroy all of what they have planned for themselves … and for us….and they will have to answer to the people for these horrendous crimes against humanity. Iagine how much worse it really is if we are only seeing the tip of the iceburg. Remember Clinton foundation was implicated in kidnapping all those kids from Hati… also the Britsh Queen was also implicated in a large group of orphanage children being invited to a royal party from which they never returned. Search and you will find it. It kind of put the whole abortion picture into a new light since you can have a living baby be born and "have a discussion " on whether it will be granted personhood. So what happens when the baby is not granted personhood? It is medical waste and you do not have a say in what happens to it… you may request it to be be killed but who's to say that that will happen as you think it might. You may be just sending your child into a living hell from which death may be the only escape. They worship evil and they make it their sacrament… sacred sacrifices. May God the Father have mercy on us all and help us to end this evil.

  15. Your hurting my head with this utter religious dribble. F there was a god we all would be obviously and completely aware and that is simply not the case. If you have more than one voice in your head you are mentally ill.

  16. Thank you I'm a reborn Christian an this explains why gods been getting at me hard k last few months thanks alot I've been studying GOD every day not just my Bible the web other true Christian s aswell . I keep u in my prayers my fellow neighbor s love u a. I pray for you all to have the best life with Yahweh to lead you

  17. love this video. always great to have intuition confirmed by facts. since i shed religion and became spiritual the bible has truly came to life for me… thank you for the work you put in for this video..

  18. Firstly, God loves all so there won't be any sacred knowledge He'll keep from anyone. The Bible is accessible to everyone , its freewill and i myself have experienced God through simple faith in Jesus and following His teachings. This is the false enlightenment from satan all over again. Making humans ego rise feeling they have access to secret wisdom.. God loves all and will be open to all about truth. God is more simple than we make Him to be

  19. Hey sweethearts. Be careful with these teachings and misguidings. I am a faithful witness of Yeshua Christos (Jesus Christ) and know all too well the workings of the devils army. It all started after Yeshua the messias saved me after a fatal car wreck. He is merciful, but please don't exchange Him for the devils lies and false positives. He is sinking to the bottom of the sea where everyone cast him out and left him. But find Him, It's not too late as long as you have your being in Him.

    Please call our Father and believe in His One and Only Son & be saved. <3

    Our Father Who art in Heaven Hallowed be thy name
    Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
    On earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one For thine is thine kingdom power and glory Forever and ever In the name of your one and only begotten son יֵשׁוּעַ (Jesus)

    You are forgiven of all of your sins if you truly believe. Anything we do without faith is called sin, and we all fall short of the glory of God. Thus his kingdom cannot come in darkness. Overcome, just as he overcame. Run to Him with all of your heart as fast as you can, because the Kingdom is at hand. Do not be discouraged. His arms hold the world and He will keep you safe.

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