S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse (NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

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***Lee Myung Bak has won the election with landslide, but now he suffers extreme unpopularity due to his George Bush like policies and politics

Korean presidential candidate Lee myung bak supporting crazy christians who prays for the collapse of buddhist temple

My name is Lee-Myung-Bak of the Seoul Hope Church I've attended the past "Again 1907" 2004,2005 and felt great pride I could not attend this one at Busan, but I send you my best wishes to you guys through this video From the PyongYang 1907 Christianity revival movement, Christianity has come far to help Korea in every crisis and troubles it had faced I am proud that many young people are coming out to pray with such passion and tears while our society is having many struggles and troubles I am very proud and happy for you guys I hope that through this prise night with the help of 1,500 churchs and missionaries in Busan (about 1/2 of L.A.) it will bring about the revival of the korean people and Busan I hope that the blessings of the 1907 will be upon us and will help the country unifed and the people to prosper throughout the next 100 years I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen I believe that God's country will prosper through this footsteps I believe that the land given to you will be holy I believe that God will bless our land with the Holy Ghost's breath, Holy Ghost's christening Now everyone, it is time for us to pray with our eye's wide open Look at the screen in front of you I would like you guys to stand up and pray when you see your area Let's look at the screen and pray out loud First let's pray for Ghang-Sung Dear father God, let the church prosper Let the Buddhist temple collapse Let's pray for Geum-Jung Let the 113 churches prosper Let the Buddhist temple collapse After the Imjin-Wei-Rhan (Japanese invasion of 1592) Buom-Uh Temple has greatly prospered, and the shamans, prostitution, organized gangs, and drinking culture has taken place (***THESE ARE ALL FALSE ACCUSATIONS***) We belive that by praying to God, such things will be abolished Dear God, (could'nt understand) and let all the drinking and licentious acts be gone Say his name out loud, and lets pray once more O GOD~~~~~~ asdfj;le;lhal;rtj;alkejasdf (speaking in tounges) Lets pray for BusanJinGU The SangGwang Temple has 330,000 followers It is because we have not evangalized enough under the name of God Many Buddhist souls that should be going to God are being made into Buddhist Dear God, Let all the Buddhist temple to collapse Let all the crooked brothels and drug deals be gone Say out his name loud and lets pray Dear God~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

37 thoughts on “S. korean christians praying for Buddhist temple to collapse (NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

  1. Guess what Christianity also selfish if iam going to hell for not believing Jesus iam happy for going to hell ..Buddhism is peaceful religion and South Korean are fell in the hands off missionaries and white people what a shame

  2. Buddhism represents your culture, not Christianity. You are wishing for Korea to collaps. I'm sorry but these KOrean Christian cults are making Christianity ruin Korea. Buddhists should have a higher saying about religion than Christians, in Korea

  3. The two terror Abrahamic cults the Islam and Christians are doing the same in India.First they control the intellectual class of this country and take complete control of the media houses and shows the retaliation part of Dharmic followers as attackers and they will never shows the beginning part where this "chrislamic" thugs are actual attackers.There are 1000's of such incidents in India from past 6 or more decades.The more popular is the 2002 Ghodhra incidents where they have shown the Hindu retaliation attacks on Muslims but this media houses never shows the root cause for this incident that's is the Muslims burning the train with Hindu pilgrimages.///2.) The rape on the Nun in north India the entire media and churches blamed the Hindus for this rape but when they found the culprit was Muslim the entire churches and media have shut their mouths and in other incident the churches sponsored the vandalism of their churches to blame Hindus and the entire media houses gone gaga over this incident and when the culprits was traced by police as usually the media gone silent.

  4. 저도 불교는 아닌데…참 이런 인식이 안타까움.
    어쨌든 불교는 4세기 이후로 한국 역사와 함께 있어왔던 것이고.
    우리의 수많은 문화재와 보물들이 불교 유산인데…
    종교로는 인정 못해도, 적어도 역사적 유산으로 존중해야죠.
    불교 유산 다 없애면 우리의 1600년간의 문화유산이 송두리채 날아가는건데.
    교회에서 적어도 역사적 유산으로 존중하도록 가르쳤음 좋겠음.

  5. It is very unfortunate that Buddhism is declining in Korea. Buddhism is any day more logical and compassionate than Christianity. We in India lost the treasure of Buddhism, i hope Koreans dont make our mistake and realize is value.

  6. +IamTenzin
    so, what would be your solution 2 the ngo dinh diem problem?? google him first 2 learn about him b4 answerin'.

    what would be your solution 2 the adolf hitler problem?? b4 answerin', learn this: all kinds of peaceful attempts were made 2 try 2 convince him 2 stop his aggression on other countries; all failed.

    the dalai lama's non-violence approach 2 try 2 liberate tibet from china has been goin' on 4 about 60 years & aint work. china aint care about his "non-violence". it can understand only the sounds of guns, just like the americans could understand only the sounds of guns in vietnam, & then lost the vietnam war.

  7. +IamTenzin

    > So you're saying use violence? That's what I'm
    > decrying here. Perhaps I've not made that clear?

    yeah, if necessary. in vietnam in the early 1960s, a catholic by the name of ngo dinh diem was president, he ridiculed buddhism & tried 2 destroy it, even though vietnam was (& is) a majority buddhist country (currently 95% are buddhists & 1% are christians). so the buddhist military generals conducted a coup d'etat & killed him.

    those generals must be honored as defenders of buddhism. they've now died of old age. all of them are now worshipped by some vietnamese buddhist sects as bodhisattvas.

  8. +IamTenzin
    stop tryin' 2b politically correct. up until only 50 years ago or so, south korea was a buddhist country with 95% of the population bein' buddhists. now (2016) there are more christians than buddhists: 27% christians, 23% buddhists.

    if buddhists in south korea continue 2b passive, or continue 2 try 2b politically correct like you, buddhism will disappear from south korea in a few decades. if buddhists in an asian buddhist country continue 2b passive, or continue 2 try 2b politically correct like you, buddhism will disappear from their country in several decades.

    the christian missionaries are always tryin' 2 destroy buddhism in buddhist countries. they often boast about their success in south korea, & uise that 2 mock defenders of buddhism. they often cheer about their perception that china is a big territory 4 them 2 invade. they dont dare 2 behave toward muslim countries the way they do toward buddhist countries. thats bcoz the muslims fight back.

    buddhists, stop bein' passive!! stop tryin' 2b politically correct!! be active!! fight back!!

  9. And I thought Its only in India that native religions: Hinduism & Buddhism are under constant attack from evangelist church and Islamic movements, led by very own de-racinated Indians who adore white culture. Guess India is not alone in this regard 🙁

  10. He was speaking the truth. Whatever faiths and beliefs which are not of God are from the devil. Buddhism is the doctrines of devils and demons. Karma and reincarnations is a lie. Even Buddha himself wasn't sure if he was going to heaven. 
    Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born again of water and in the spirit.
    Love the Buddhists but hate Buddhism. Love the sinner but hate the sin. Amen.

  11. Well it's January 2016 now and I see that God still haven't answer your prayers for Buddhist temples falling down. May be God don't listen to your pathetic bull shitting? LOL

  12. no matter what happens
    Christianity will get away with it.
    They believe in God and they believe that God is good and flawless.
    They also believe that their religion is God's religion.
    Therefore, if anything bad happens, they have to conclude that it could not have been because of their religion.

    In this way, Christianity gets away with causing bad things, simply because those things are bad.
    They'll never be cleaning up amongst their own ranks.

  13. the south koreans who're christians are traitors 2 their own korean race, & so must be punished. here's why:

    – the concept of the messiah was created in judaism, judaism was created by the jews, the jews believe that the messiah will come directly from heaven in person, not thru the belly & virgina of a human woman, jesus exploited judaism & declared himself 2b the messiah, but he was born out of the belly & thru the virgina of a human woman, so the jews charged him with & convicted him of blasphemy, & killed him on the cross,

    – the jews, who're jesus' people & whom jesus claimed he came 2 "save", have always rejected him, & will in all likelihood always reject him,

    – jesus is a dead corpse nailed on a cross, as confirmed by the christians of all stripes,

    – the christians worship a dead corpse nailed on a cross as their god,

    – the symbol of christianism, the cross, is a symbol of death,

    – christianism is a religion of death,

    – christianism is based on the barbaric ritual of sacrificin' humans & animals 2 the gods, thus it's a barbaric superstition,

    – jesus was a cursed condemned man, this was contrary 2 the expectation that the founder of a religion is supposed 2b a blessed man,

    – the arrival of christianism in europe spelled the death of the greek scientific & mathematical knowledge & philosophical wisdom,

    – the christian church blocked the progress of science for 15 centuries, till the renaissance (french 4 "rebirth") in the 16th century when the christian church was separated from the state & the greek knowledge & wisdom were resurrected & used as the foundation 4 further & continuous growth of knowledge & wisdom,

    – when that pope arrived in south korea, he had a smile that was the smile of an imperialist foreign conqueror lookin' down on his conquered low-life korean slaves.

    so, why did some south koreans convert 2 christianism?? bcoz they consider the imperialist american occupiers in particular & the white race in general as bein' superior 2 their own korean race (believe it or not, south korea is still bein' occupied by american armed troops). thus they demote their own korean race 2b an inferior race, consequently they're traitors 2 their own korean race, & hence they must be punished. that's why.

    buddhists & other non-christians in south korea, wake up & defend your korean national & cultural identity, dignity, & pride, b4 it's 2 late. 4 the non-religious, it's better still 4 you 2 become buddhists & join other buddhists. all of you buddhists & other non-christians, dont let the dishonest christian missionaries destroy buddhism & your korean culture freely at will without challenge ("dishonest" bcoz they pose as charities while their ultimate goal is 2 convert the poor/needy). the most effective way 4 defense against the destruction of your korean culture by christianism is 2 attack christianism, which is easy, using the facts i cite above. stop bein' passive!! be active!! fight back!!

    north korea, re-unify korea & restore the korean culture by eliminatin' christianism & bringin' buddhism back 2 its rightful place!! north vietnam could & did re-unify vietnam even though south vietnam was occupied by the imperialist american armed troops. so can you re-unify korea!!

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