Religious freedom isn't free — especially in the military. Mikey Weinstein explains why.

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Religious freedom is a core value of American society, going back to our country’s founding. In the military, however, it is sometimes eschewed so certain personnel can evangelize their theological views. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation was formed to address this problem. Its founder and current leader, Mikey Weinstein, discusses the state of religious liberty in the armed forces on this week’s episode of ‘The San Francisco Review of Books on Sunday.’

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4 thoughts on “Religious freedom isn't free — especially in the military. Mikey Weinstein explains why.

  1. Mikey Weinstein is a genuine American hero. It takes tremendous courage to do the work he is doing, dealing directly and confrontationally with this dangerous issue concerning the armed forces and indeed the whole nation, even the whole world.
    It's a real problem- that is, in general terms, the problem of church becoming intertwined in many different ways with the state, in a way which shows utter contempt for the U.S., Constitution. This issue, with all its frightening implications, is much bigger than most people imagine. Good work Mr. Weinstein.

  2. Kinda stunned at how little is being watched on this topic… Another video had 50 views in 4 years… I practice freely what comes to me. No religions for me. But I respect peoples perspectives and reasons.

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