Religion & Noise Pollution: Standup Comedy by Sorabh Pant

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Sorabh talks about how religion in India works on different rules :).

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20 thoughts on “Religion & Noise Pollution: Standup Comedy by Sorabh Pant

  1. i understand where atheists come from as they are tired of and dislike the misdeeds and superstitions and certain malpractices that comes with religion but if you ignore all these things then i am certain that you can find peace…i believe that this may not remove your problems but will give you strength to fight and endure the difficult times😁

  2. ek hall main address karne ke liye khud cheekh cheek kar mic ko use kar raha , aur dusro ko noise pollution par lesson de raha. This shows, agar religion ke baare ho toh bohot paresgami hota hai, but musical concert ho aur shaadi main band baaga fire crackers jalna ho toh no problem…. bloody hypocrite people…

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