Ray Hagins: Noah's ark (Idiotic concepts in Religion)

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to get right into the message so that I don't take up too much time because I don't want to rush through this I want to do part two today of the series that I have begun on the idiotic concepts in religion and I will probably start off east message the same way for the sake of the DVDs and the CDs for those who order them in separate parts and then go into the actual topic that I'm going to talk about but it's important for us to understand that there's nothing more important nothing more important to a person than their perspective and notice how I'm saying that then their perspective about their relationship to and/or their fellowship with what they perceive to be God now I want y'all to listen to how I'm describing all this because it's very important I didn't say with their relationship to God I said but their relationship or their fellowship with what they perceive to be God this in ain't need because of this innate need because of these concepts these ideas opinions doctrines and scruples that have been developed for the sake of controlling the behavior of the masses in fact if you look on my facebook page you'll see that I posted an Episcopal priest there from Newark New Jersey who is telling everybody now that he's retired now that he's retired he's letting everybody know that hell is an invention of the church good so very well say that when he was active because they could remove him but here we have a theologian who's letting us know that this whole thing of religion is nothing more than a control mechanism it's for the sake of controlling the behavior of those who are vulnerable to the concept that God is or will be pleased or is not or will not be pleased with you if you don't fulfill a certain set of standards and rules and you know how we do that now each we you know we we grow up hearing that God is angry because of our behavior God is not pleased with something that we did God is going to get us they put this fear factor in us it's really deep how that works man because the way we were taught we were taught as though God's decisions about us are based on the events that takes place in our lives we were taught that God makes decisions about us based on the decision that you make that's what we were taught we were taught that God does not know what we're going to do now we weren't actually told that but in essence we're taught that God is getting tired of what you're doing like God didn't know you were going to do it am i making sense the truth of the matter is it's those who are in power that want you to behave a certain way and the best way to get you to comply with what it is that they want you to do is to convince you that the will of God is such and such as such as such when it's really their will that's such as such as such as such in this series that I'm doing here about idiotic concepts and religion it is my intent the whole purpose of this is to as I said previously to jumpstart your mental metabolism so that you begin to do away with thoughtlessness I think since I've been here and of course we end a lot of part of my previously pastor it before I got so disappointed with us as a result of trying to tell us the truth and finding out that we didn't want to hear the truth and deciding to just walk away so I don't want to hear that no I'm not receiving that you know it's like why not disprove it since I would say maybe the last 20 years at least I have been asking people to think one of the main themes that I used to stress mostly when I first became the pastor here was having a renewed mind and be not conformed to this world will be transformed by the renewing of your mind you stressed that all the time stop being thoughtless learn how to think everybody repeat after me the most painful thing for most people is having to think having to think is more painful than going to the dentist for some people having to think man is just painful you know why because when you think it automatically alters your paradigm as your teacher and spiritual leader my goal is to equip you to free yourself now that's really all I want to do I want to I want to give you what you need to free yourself I am NOT trying to lead you to freedom did y'all hear what I said God didn't call me to lead you anyway okay I found out that's not a good thing most leaders start out me and they look back and where y'all go I'm not getting put in that situation my job is to teach you to equip you with the knowledge necessary to free yourself in other words I'm using other knowledge you've heard muses before my job is to turn on the lights in the dark room so you can find the door and once you find the door it's on you and you can stay in that room if you wish or you can take the knowledge that you've learned and walk through that door and realize that the world is much bigger than the room you've been in it's up to you you see once you free yourself then you can be the man or woman that you were meant to be instead of living in mediocrity and a life of stagnation brothers and sisters I say to you again religion religion has been used as an instrument for ment aside what is meant aside according to dr. Bobby Wright meant aside is the deliberate and systematic destruction of the mind do y'all hear that the deliberate and systematic destruction of the mind of a person or a group with the goal being the extirpation meaning the wiping out of the pulling up by the root or the complete extermination of that person or that group when our minds are injected with idiotic concepts by way of religious teachings we adopt and incorporate these idiotic thoughts into our viscera we literally become as I said previously the walking dead I don't know how many of y'all saw the movie Dawn of the Dead Day of the Dead Night of the Living Dead remember all those movies I like horror movies so you know but it's amazing how these zombies would actually walk around and engage in activity without thinking and I see so many of us doing that same thing dressed up every Sunday looking good hold offices in our churches Bishop district elder district missionary minister prophet apostle all these titles Sunday school teacher Deacon trustee Stewart you name it and dead dead because they are thoughtless they're functioning in a position or I don't have it but if you ask them why they believe what they believe they can't even tell you most of us have been born or raised under the influence of some form of religious superstition yeah I want to show you something I think I think it may be acts 22 brother strong fine for me if you will another object acts the there's a there's a passage and acts where Paul was walking through Mars Hill I want you all to see a verse here and he said I'd be held as I walked through I'm trying to remember the actual passage I want you guys to see it I beheld among your the key word is religious or superstitious he says that I noticed that you church folk here are very religious and I want you guys to understand that in the Bible the Bible calls religion the Bible calls religion superstition that's what that's what I'm looking for what you guys to see that oh here it is acts 17 22 acts 17 22 whoever has it read it for me use the microphone notice what it says then Paul stood in the midst of Mars Hill and did what anything uh-huh you men of Athens I perceive in all things that you were to what the word superstitions is that okay now do me a favor minister since you got your computer up pull up another verse you what are you on the Bible gateway calm okay pull up another version like the Living Bible the living living Bible translation or one of the other translations read the same first message or living Bibles firing now of course the minister Herndon's version the King James Version it uses the word superstitious right let's see what another version says instead of the word superstitious what is a did somebody what is your say your assessment he's got it you know have to go any further reading nice and loud brother what is the site Athenians yeah I perceive that you are very religious one person says superstitious another version says religious you know why y'all because religion and superstition are the same thing I didn't say that your Bible says Stevie told you about it – oh yes you did he said they're superstitious riding on the wall he ended his line by saying if you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer superstition ain't the way religion ain't the way and yet all of us were raised in some form of religion most of us were raised in a religion or a superstition called Christianity some of us were raised in a religion or a superstition called Mohammed ISM and that's what it used to be called before was called Islam most of us were raised or some of us are raised and influenced by religion called Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism or sorority ISM and the list can go on and on and on because all of it is superstition was deep about it is superstition was imposed on us by our parents but they didn't mean no harm you know why because they only taught us what was taught to them you believe that this you don't need it here's the problem actually it's a good thing though and that is this the world keeps progressing why does the world keep progressing because knowledge progresses if there's no progress and you're thinking as is in most churches you are dead because your mind is not doing what it's supposed to do you see every generation adds something to the knowledge of the previous generation our parents taught us what they had and their intellect my parents taught me what they had in there and today but you've heard me say so many times the mind cannot teach what it does not know so we honor our parents we honor their memory we honor their esteem but when enlightenment comes when more knowledge comes it causes us to exchange our superstitions that we had in our youth like the belief in Santa Claus the belief in the Tooth Fairy y'all remember those things right you know you get that that that piece of thread wrapped around that tooth you know and get distracted by your mom and your dad or your uncle and they snatched up to dog me out and you realize done and then they try to make up for the trauma you just went through by telling you that the tooth fairy it's going to put some money on the money under your pillow what yeah that tooth that we just worked up nothing's going to turn into some money you forgot all about the trauma I've been having the truthful you looking for this miracle to take place you want to go to bed early that night just so you can see this phenomenal take place and you wake up and lo and behold there's a quarter well at least for me when I was little in the corner now there might be a dollar enough inflation you know I mean I wake up and there be a quarter offending my fellows and whoa now that was evidence that the Tooth Fairy was real why would our parents do something like that Wow as we become older as we gain more knowledge brothers and sisters it becomes necessary for us to begin to test the teachings that we received in earlier years you should test the teachings y'all listen if you've been sitting up in the same church for 15 years and you haven't tested the teachings that you received eight years ago something wrong with you your mind is not doing what God designed to do and let's think test the teachings so that you can decide what you need to get rid of and what you need to hold on to before going any further for those who may just be listening to this part of this series again the subject is called idiotic concepts in religion so I need to be sure that you understand what I mean when I say idiotic I don't mean stupid don't be offended very close to it though idiotic means to show a complete lack of thought or a complete lack of common sense the root word of the word idiotic is the word idiot it's kind of offensive to costs call someone an idiot but when you call a person an idiot what you're really saying is you don't think but we equate it with the word stupid an idiot is a mentally deficient person someone who is no pussy we gotta love someone who acts in a self-defeating manner someone who acts in a counterproductive way one who is specifically incapable of learning so having said that and made that clear to you let's continue our examination of some of the idiotic concepts and religion and any other concept and religion that I want to share with you today is called the flood last part one was about the fall of man today I'm going to share another idiotic concept with you called the flood now how many of you grew up hearing about the flood in fact it's really deep they just had a flood in New Jersey a couple weeks ago they just had a massive flood in Japan that was in my personal opinion caused by United States Department of Defense with the Hart project and for those of you as deep because I'm just sharing this on yesterday in Atlanta and I said the Hart project and the whole audience just about the entire audience looked at me like the what so I'm not going to assume that you know what I'm talking about okay Hart write it down H AARP write it down heart heart is a weapon that the United States has in Anchorage Alaska and it controls whether it's weather modification device oh yeah it causes earthquakes it causes volcanoes to erupt it causes tsunamis it causes hurricanes and for example what happened in Haiti brothers and sisters let me share something with y'all that was two surgical it was too precise okay okay that's not the message today but what I'm about to say is when I said the flood you didn't think about the tsunami in Japan when I said the flood you immediately thought about this story we were taught about in the Bible with a man named Noah now bear with me because there are three chapters in the book of Genesis that talks about this and I want to kind of cruise through all three chapters so y'all can hear how idiotic this thing is Genesis 6 Genesis 7 and Genesis 8 come on help me out here readers are ever going to read Minister any doing okay Genesis I start Genesis the sixth chapter go ahead now I want y'all to listen to this story what I say it well a story a story a lie actually okay but it's okay to understand that it's not a lie if you understand it's only a story if you understand it's only metaphor if you understand if you understand that it's not historical if you understand that this never happened you'll be all right what got us messed up as we think and it actually happened and human history has been based on this story the division in the world today is based on the outcome of the story without the read right now the wars down the farm between Arabs and Jews never would have been fun if this story had never been told because in this story Noah had three sons ham Shem and Japheth and Jim had two lines that came out of him Arabs and Jews you follow what I'm saying and if Shem had never existed there wouldn't be no fighting going on right now in the so called Middle East because they would never been a man named Abraham which there never was a man named Abraham but we were taught this happened like you know like the tooth fairy okay and just like we believed in the miracle of the tooth fairy putting a tooth but money up front our pillow that was real for us this story became real first but we never outgrew it it's time for us start looking looking somebody says oh it's time now we'll grow the lies now Sasa the look back of somebody who says time to stop supporting the lies well how do we support the lies you tithe to it every doggone Sunday not y'all y'all you who are watching this DVD revenue teaching these lies who are watching it in secret of your own office right now stop teaching these lies I know you don't know no better so learn I had to do it you do it shucks Genesis is the sixth chapter let's do it again what does it say mm-hmm and it came to pay that deed hottest I start off these stories and it came to pass okay right off the bat is playing with our minds because it sounds like it happened go ahead now check this out down when men began to multiply on the face of the earth without of course of course and daughters were born unto them I mean you can't have population growth without women right what about the minister the signs of God saw that the daughters of men that that they were good-looking I mean some things just go without saying it's called physical attraction right now what would really be deep here is if the sons of God saw that a crocodile now that's worth writing about if the sons of man saw that that horse was looking kind of good that's something to write about but the fact that they saw other women that they were good-looking I mean what else do you expect but in this case is not talking about human men in this case this idiotic story the sons of God are angelic beings y'all get this the daughters of men are regular human women okay so you thought so you clear when you say the sons of God ain't just about like the minister or some special guy no these were angels supposedly but they didn't have wings though these weren't he's going to conquer wings now okay no I don't know these now these weren't like superhuman winged creatures I don't think but then again it's idiotic who knows what happened these angelic beings took these human women and married them go ahead now check this out y'all and the Lord said always me I'm not gonna keep breathing life into human beings let's go ahead baby oh he's only human so what I'm going to do is I'm going to put a limit on how long they should live because see you know previously it was supposedly living up to 600 800 900 years old got me okay so God decides at this point in human development got this now God we're talking about God whose plan wasn't really together evidently because he now decides at this point in human history to put a limit on how old you can be and that limit is 120 years good check this out now there were giants it comes from the word neck the limb which means superhuman and very tall beings where did these giants come from these giants according to this story are the offspring these are what was born as a result of sexual intercourse from these angelic beings with human women you got this so if you can see in your mind two levels of existence angelic level human level what happened in this idiotic story is the Angels sada is human women were fine and irresistible so the two levels mixed and created some other than what God intended God didn't intend for super human beings to exist I love the way you're looking to be like got understand how idiotic this is you see God didn't know that these aims were going to have sex with these females okay it's pull the Supreme God God said amen this I didn't notice what's going to happen okay so what happens yes and their children yes the same came I mean which were Oh mijo we know aa famous mighty men like Hercules see in other words in theology this is the explanation as to how Hercules came into existence Apollo's came into existence Thor came into existence he's so-called Marvel comic people you know Marvel comics you know flash Aquaman all these dudes they all came into existence as a result of this angelic and human intercourse taking place God didn't know that was gonna happen so what happened go ahead you are right now this is D so now wickedness is everywhere got me Trina you got to remember you taught us in two part one okay everything was cool until the ate of the fruit okay they ate of the fruit and all of a sudden they knew two different reading right wrong so eating of the fruit made them start doing stuff they had no business doing got me go ahead wickedness everywhere so what did God do they are giving this all man can do is come up with evil stuff his mind is messed up he got a gutter mind now all of a sudden right go ahead read oh wait a minute now we were taught that God is not a man that he should repent and then when we were taught but here says God repented it says and it repented God that he did what me what kind of God are we talking about here God did not know that this was going to happen so since he since I see that this is the kind of thinking y'all that got us messed up this is the kind of thinking that got us thinking that that if we do certain things the Godin pleased with then God is going to adjust his program and we'll make a sense okay so what did God do God got grieved because his his creation messed up good yep God said check this out down I'm going to destroy the human race rock okay oh man and peace now right I'll kill animals and have sex with the animals lion is still alive sheep still the Sheep bear still the bear but God mad now God is mad everybody say this anthropomorphism let me let me change that word but it's really after promotion but everybody say this anthropomorphic ideas about God that's why we messed up because religion describes God as though God is human anthropos means like man man qualities and so what man has done as man has assigned human qualities to God like ignorance like anger like disappointment God didn't know none of this was going to happen so now I've gotta say new it hmm I'm do I'm changed this what did God do God yes yes no oh wait this deep Noah what none wrong with knowing that we read a little bit later he was a drunk girl he loved drinking okay yeah he got so drunk member later on in the story he got so drunk that he was passed out in his tip and ham came in and did some any was supposed to do because he loved younger drunk but he found favor grace in the eyes of God I guess God had to use somebody right to carry out this story here go ahead these are the generations are no good was generations and no probably no walk with God nobody else did know but Noah did good Oh remember y'all Estonia story we were taught it as history we were raised believing this actually happened good the earth was corrupt he did thee the earth not just the people the planet itself was corrupt what happens he see all in all of this is a part of setting the stage for stupidity this is setting the stage for you to be an idiot that's what it is they made idiots out of us the earth was filled with arms dead wow it's a deep what nobody doing right in the vault is come before me for the earth is filled with violence through them and behold I destroyed them would be heard make thee an ark of gopher wood rooms shalt thou make in the Ark and shalt pitch it within and without blue pitch now check out this now God gives Noah right I don't know where he got his carpentry skills from I don't know where he got his Black & Decker tools from for this but hey he's getting ready to build a boat you are right he can read it fill the boat he's the only righteous man on the planet he happens to be a builder not a preacher not a teacher or builder a boat builder at that okay Noah and his three sons are getting ready to build a boat give us the dimensions of the boat please the length of the arc will be 300 cubits so that you guys will know a cubit is one and a half feet got me so that means that this boat is 450 feet long got me what else fifty cubits wide which means 75 feet wide right good thirty cubits high or forty-five feet high now see this thing in your mind right 450 feet long 75 feet wide and 45 feet high look at somebody as our big boat and one man and his three sons built got me go ahead God have a window huge show how finish me above yes and the door of the court shall house it inside their room just one more second and third stories shalt tell me ah three stories high good and even I do bring a flood of waters of all the herbs to destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life from under heaven everything on the planet is gonna die everything on the planet is going to die breathe now I guess Dean is he he said he established a covenant with Abraham now but a brand may born yet so Noah I'm going to establish my agreement with you good my son in my wife and I son why you and your family your sons and your daughters in law come on into the ark bed my Dinah his wick is good his work is good I want you to bring every living thing into this boat let's deal with this for more good riddance to the part two of every sort shalt thou bring into the art now we've been taught that we saw little stories of that two giraffes two lions two bears you know we see pictures of that in Sunday school right you know okay but it wasn't just two of everything it was only two of every unclean thing man they shall be male and B you see you see sea bed Birds after their car into it cattle after their kind go ahead every creeping thing on the planet dad yes yes keep them Allah you gotta have food now you can't just go on the boat right without something to eat see what I see this these he's supposed to be you know vegetarians you know good yes he told he did what God told him to do good come out all my house into the heart for the righteous before me in this generation okay everything we sow shall take thee to be five seconds see in other words a clean beast takes seven pairs every clean beast take seven pairs Fred yep and obese they are not clean by two yes yes oh also by the air bison mmm it's the male and female to keep seed alive on the face of all the air yes forget seven days and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights there's that number forty that's a whole now I'll do that in another lecture get me well I destroy okay good and Guardians all the Lord community oh yes and notice was this hundred years old how was he you mean a 600 year old dude built a boat that art that day and I doubt I'll give you brothers you know let you know you're gonna be alright brothers don't worry about a thing alright go ahead hey what 600 years old just any son and his wife any size wise with you into the ark because of the waters of the flood I'll clean these in our beats that are not from just and our files and everything they created the farm yet they we need to and to hunt another into the for the male and female is that had committed no and came to pass after seven days then waters of the plumber on the earth Rob burp in the six hundredth year of Noah's life in the second month the same day the city I'm sorry seventeenth day of the month there's a same day we're all fountain oh great growing up in other words here comes the float world yes and within the rain was upon her twenty days forty-nine rain forty days and forty nights go ahead in the self same day entered Noah and Shem and ham and Japheth the sons of room and Noah's wife and the three wives of his sons with him into the ark okay hey every time in all the cattle after their kind yes every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind and every file after his kind every bird every sword mm and they wanted to know into the art 200 flesh yes where is the breath of life and they went in with email to see beyond all flesh not male and male not female and female but male and female good and the Lord shut him in God shut him up in the book good yes in the word increase good the ark floated that's some deep stuff I just thought about that he hand the way attesting to didn't okay go ahead and the water prevail go ahead yes yes I'm here go ahead this is very repetitious in typical head wait a minute now the high hills the high hills were covered with water good 15 cubits upward did the waters to be in Milan okay stop right there how high is a cubit one and a half feet is one cubed how many qubits deep was this water 15 cubits deep was this warm 15 cubits 15 cubits of water covered all the mountains that's deep y'all cuz Mount Everest is 29,029 feet high the highest peak and yet 15 cubits covered Mount Everest no I said the whole earth 15 cubits very everything drowned in 15 cubits of water this boat there was old 450 feet long floated in 15 cubits of water with all these animals on it I know we never thought about this in fact now it's with you many of us probably even know the dimensions of the boat period good and everyday they're all in those nostrils was the breath of life all that was in the dry land every little thing everybody's substance when destroyed which was on the face of the ground both Man and cattle and the greedy things in the flowerbed yes and they will strike from the earth and your holy maid laughs everybody got killed everybody drown everything drowned except Noah and his family and the living creatures that was on this boat go ahead a hundred and fifty days how many months is that job 150 days that's how many months is that 30 days in a month so for five months the earth was covered in 15 cubits 22 feet of water 22 feet and the waters began to come down what do you call that up recede right okay the mound also of the deep in the widow the head was stopped and the rain a string and the waters returned from off butter and chain and 150 days the waters were man okay let's save some time now you guys can read the rest of these chapters let's go to the end of the eighth chapter let's go maybe like maybe the last few verses at the end of the eighth chapter I want you all to hear how intelligent this God is okay this after they came off the boat now right Noah built an altar bed in a very clean foul and ugly now this is really deep the whole reason why he took these animals on the boat was to save their life okay so he brings them off the boat and kills a couple of them to make an offering to God right go ahead wheezing oh this is another thing why is it that God smells a sweet savour or fragrance out of killing why is it that this God requires the death of some living creature and that's considered a beautiful thing good boy check this out now God said in his heart now wait if it was really deepest who knows God said this I mean who knows that this God God had a conversation with himself and said within himself to his own heart what do you say oh he hurts the ground he never again never again when I crush the ground because man ain't doing right good from the manage of man for you did you hear this this God who messed up I used to be scared to talk like this but now free this god who messed up because God made man right so therefore if there's a flaw in this creation then whose fault is it if you're making a cake and the cake Falls what did you do wrong maybe you slam the door oh I don't know what it can cause the cake the bar what wait if you don't come out right whose fault is it yours maybe put the wrong ingredients in it I don't know good England never again when I kill all creation bread modern seedtime and harvest and cold and heat and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease that's the end of a 13 brothers and sisters let's look at this now I had her to read all that so we can have it in our head so when I'm talking about the story you can relate to what I'm saying my research has shown me that if this had actually happened at about that point in time in human history what would have been at that time there would have been at least 1,600 species of mammals how many doesn't you say 1,600 species of just mammals about 12,500 different kinds of birds about 600 different types of reptiles and at least three and a half million different kinds of insects and other inferior creatures besides animalcules and animal queue is what we call a microscopic creature it spelled a n I ma c UL e animal q and now the molecule is so small that you literally need a microscope to see it but it is an animal these creatures came from all over the planet but yet some didn't make it there was no polar bears on the ark there were no seals on art but then again SIA would need to seal consuming water right but it's a mammal it has to get on land sooner or later so it can get out of water and regenerate itself and there was another animal that didn't make it it's called a sloth a sloth is the slowest mammal on the planet they hang out in trees they have claws like looks you know I encourage you to just kind of look at a sloth as y'all slow it moves if the sloth would have made it to the arc it would have had to begin a journey at least 200 years before creation to get to where the Ark was supposedly at this voyage lasted for over a year eight people eight people attended to all these creatures and provided food for them now not just looking at the amount of figures that I just gave you but in over a year can you imagine how many rabbits have been replicated make about it what where was the room for the reproduction of animals where was the what do you call it the the the sewerage system on this boat like I said it suppose have covered the whole earth in how many feet 22 and a half feet of water but then to make it really bad how do you justify killing all creation the creatures that had done nothing wrong what is the justification for their slaughter you see brothers and sisters the best way I can try to get you guys to understand what I'm truly trying to say is we need to understand how we got messed up when you hold concepts in your mind like this that God can give you a word as some preachers pronounce it and based on what you think God is saying to you it's all right to justify the death of as long as you got these kind of belief systems in your head you can justify just about anything you can justify launching missiles into somebody else's land as has been done in the last 48 hours and just indiscriminately killing innocent people because God is at work God is doing this God is on our side and god we trust' you see we would CC man the only way you can do this kind of stuff is if that is the God that you believe in if that is the God that you worship if the God that you worship is the God that declares that everybody is wrong because a man and a woman ate a piece of fruit and justifies the death of all these people as long as those concepts are in your mind there is no hope for us you hear what I'm saying the only way that we're going to free ourselves from this mess that we're under and I'm trying to get you guys ready for what's coming if you don't change your way of thinking not just you but all of you who are listening to this it is because of the way that we think that the world system operates the way it does and we don't do nothing we sit back and let it happen and we say things like well the Bible said this was going prophecy is being fulfilled it's not prophecy being fulfilled it's the Sikh agenda of some very powerful people who are interested in world domination it's not the devil you need to stop saying the devil until you can give the devil and identity once you can attach an image a realistic image to the devil then you'll know how to deal with him as long as you got this concept in your head of a red dude with horns on a pointy tail you'll never identify the devil am i making sense we need to return to the awareness of the truth and facts about who and what we are yes once you return to that brothers and sisters all these stories that's in this manual for human control notice what I've just got identified it have the manual of human control that's what this is y'all call it a Bible it's really the manual of human control once you learn how to y'all and I know I'm getting ready I'm getting ready to shock soon when I do what I'm getting ready to do right now it's going to actually hit somebody in the chest it's going to some people are so emotionally attached to this book right here that when I do what I'm getting ready to do you guys are oh Lord but when you're able to take this book right here and do this too you won't be free you hear what I'm saying as long as you carrying it under your arm now I don't mind you carrying it if you're using it properly as the weapon to educate your people and to show them how they have been enslaved but if you hold if you hold Genesis to Revelation as in fact the Word of God inspired i'ma deal with all that in this series then you are in trouble and you are a major contributor to our continued oppression you've got to free yourself set yourself free from this mess get rid of this idiotic concepts as I said in my clothes last week last time I did this return to the knowledge of who you are Sankofa the people who came to us with the Bible came to our land as Bishop tutu says when they left the land we had their Bible and they had to deed you understand what I'm saying you've got to prepare yourself for what's coming brothers and sisters I can't stress to you enough and I don't claim to be a prophet but mark my word in the next 18 months stuff is going to get so horrible in this country that if you don't we clean your common sense you're not going to be able to last did y'all hear what I said things are getting ready to get stupid here man that launched at war against Gaddafi in Libya let me know let me not just say Libya North Africa period this country wants to dominate North Africa they dominated West Africa long time ago they dominated South Africa a long time ago you see when they decided to let Mandela out of prison notice I said that right when they decided to let mendel out of prison they knew that it wouldn't be no threat and knew that countries that can pose a threat Gadhafi nothing to play with man I'm telling you Gaddafi got friends everywhere I guess I need to be telling you this Obama you know that man this government is going to cause a lot of our youth to die I don't just mean in the streets but I'm talking about the bill that Obama passed to mandate our youth serving in the military how many I saw the movie stormtroopers because the stormtroopers were you know the insects look at it again if you haven't seen it and see what a citizen is you can't even be a citizen of course on this movie you can't be a citizen until you give military service I just said in the stage of us getting ready to happen this guard this government is going to be snatching your children unless you separate yourself from the mess this government is going to pass laws to snatch your children y'all not know that the age of accountability is now 16 years old did you hear what I said it was it was 18 16 years old now 16 there's still babies and we trust the devil we trust the devil in fact we say In God We Trust Kazan money ain't oh my god it's – my gold oil and diamonds and drugs brothers and sisters I'm imploring you in my clothes I implore you to join in with me if you got the guts to do so notice I said that now if you don't have the guts not a problem not a problem not only responsible for being a part I will not hold you responsible for parking out gave you if you pump your pump let's keep it real if you a soldier if you a warrior your soldier your warrior I hear you brother ah hey Thank You Man thank you brother Luke no let me finish I rather stood up in the spirit of her Sinatra brothers and sisters I'm serious I'm not playing I'm not playing that we're at the point of crisis there was a time I couldn't be wrong I think I remember this time when the Nation of Islam used to roll up in a van and snatch people take them back get their head right and then bring them back to where they got snatched from and say where do you live so the you dropped me off here no no no where do you live we taking you home they had a cleanup campaign and cleaning up the brothers now they have an army call the FOI now I don't mean to cause no trouble but somebody better do some thinking because Gadhafi is ready to equip did y'all hear what I said Gadhafi is trying to tell us black folk in America you have enough people to have your own army and then he turn around set and we will give you arms okay I better ease up off that brothers and sisters I sing a song what will your answer be can you say truthfully that you've done your part each day can you say truthfully that you stood tall as a soldier and shown someone the way can you say truthfully you've done your all in all what will your answer be will your response be what I went to the village every Sunday I'll show it up every Sunday you know I listen to brother ray yeah you he opened my eyes brothers and sisters opening your eyes is one thing that's almost like waking up you're in bed you woke up but you didn't get up yeah my message line a bit a week a lot of us are awake but we're still in bed we're still in our comfort zone we're still under the cover under the comforter it's time to get up now y'all hear me yeah but the first thing you have to do to get up is get your mind right you got to get all this stupid stuff out of your head okay get all this whole stuff that you know well you know guarding oh please oh good god is not pleased with you now that's why we're in the shape we're in because we're complacent God is not pleased well from now man look at where we are people look at us look at our children look out in the street I close I think a suitor the thirteenth suitor and look good on 11th verse somewhere in there it says plain as day Allah will not change the condition of a people until they first change it themselves get this dump stuff out of your mind rise up and be a soldier be a warrior as my brother just said being aresome out Rock learn takes them okay I'm a-saying learn to take off the head of your enemy brother Ray's tell us go out kill I know I'm not saying go hurt anybody okay you know it's just like this past week while I was in Atlanta found out there was another another bishop in Atlanta I put it on my facebook page you can read it another bishop molesting children in Atlanta and guess we come from Eddie Long's Church one of any sons not is not his biological son I mean you know is you ready to see brothers and sisters you don't understand what I'm saying we need to have I know preachers I suppose talk like this but hanging a preacher got me I'm a liberator okay we need to have something in place and I'm not promoting violence I'm promoting protecting our people we need to have something in place I don't know exactly how to say it any better way that I'm saying is we need to have something in place that when somebody messes with our children they understand that it's terminal y'all hear what I'm saying adults y'all do whatever you wanna do I don't give a cheesecake about that but when it comes to the children we need to have something place man when you mess with our children you're going to know we're not gonna have a court case is they ain't even going to be a court matter because the Warriors in the African community coast-to-coast border-to-border the cook the Warriors and African community are going to deal with you now if y'all think I'm wrong for saying it I don't care if you think I'm wrong I just know something needs to be put in place – as you understand if you must see in Islam that's clear if you steal if you steal you lose your hands it's understood you follow what I'm saying I'm not making that up I know what I'm talking about I don't know maybe heard me talk about this in my previous ministry man we haven't week somebody broke in our church and stole the sound system and the sister was outside walking the corner that night and she saw the brothers who did it and she told us and we always shared we were sharing our building with some Muslims and so the brothers came to me and said how can you want us to deal with this and I said deal with what said we got our way of handling this I said I don't want to know about it that was honest I was on a Sunday night that happened that Tuesday they found the brother tied up in the basement no hands we you know what from that day forward brother pew we never had another problem we could have left the doors unlocked it would have been fine because the word went out in the city okay this is what's going to happen if you steal from Life Center it needs to be understood brothers and sisters we got to stop playing around we got to stop playing with playing with the devil man stop playing stop playing and take charge of our community and set our people free I don't know stop now I'll continue in the next part of our series RJ

44 thoughts on “Ray Hagins: Noah's ark (Idiotic concepts in Religion)

  1. Free blackness …the name of channel …
    All whites , Asians ..mixed ..indian..if you ain't black …you won't be included …only "blackness "..thats a mixed message …why do you think it's so important to exclude ..and take shots at God's word ….?…teach …dont hate … Love ..without using race ..

  2. Well, after all the BIGGEST questions of all still remain , and these are : How did it all come to be ? Who made the Universe and all that it is in it ? Is death the end …..?

  3. Would like to have witnessed a seminar of Dr. Hagins, Christopher Hitchens, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawkings, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Matt Dillahunty, Bart Ehrman, Lawrence Krauss, Tracie Harris, and Robert Ingersoll. All the BS in the universe would be pulled from your brain.

  4. I love the way this man thinks. Most honest preaching i have ever heard in my life. As a white man I can testify to you that religious nonsense can make a slave out of anyone of any race. I speak from experience. For 27 years what I got from church and TV ministers was manipulated and played for a sucker.I am very embarrassed to admit that I gave them my full cooperation in all of that. It took me that long to be honest enough with myself to admit that this stuff does not work, and the only ones getting "blessed" are the rich televangelists and mega church pastors. It is so much easier to control multitudes of people with religion than with brute physical force.THe fear of hell combined with the desire of people to somehow try to please this invisible "sky Daddy" are enough to keep most people in line without any use of force being necessary. Pure evil genius when you sit back and think about it.

  5. 1. As a Christian, the very first thing I noticed about this man was the type of cross he is displaying – satanic!

    2. For all of you here who are listening to this man and applauding his false and dangerous teachings, I just have this for you to consider and then after that, ask yourselves "How valuable is my soul?":

    Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    (2 Thessalonians 2:9‭-‬12)

    Make no mistake about it, this man will one day stand before God and give account for every word he's spoken in this lecture but you will have no excuse.

  6. Walking on Water, Virgin Birth , raising the Dead , Dividing the Sea , Resurrection , Tongues , Healings ,casting out devils , All these are of a Spiritual.nature and requires the Power of the Holy Spirit in which Religion rejects !!! Why ,? They are pew warmers, no Spiritual.understanding as the natural man Cannot understand the Spiritual things of God, it is impossible!!! They hear, they see, but Spiritual wisdom they lack!!

  7. I'll pray for you because The Lord showed me what he can do. He is mighty and Holy and can do all things.. You don't know who you are, the Apple of God's Eye….
    True Hebrew. I pray that God shows you before its too late

  8. Dude lied about the flood. Bible says 15 Cubits Prevailed upward. Prevailed means come out on top meaning the water was 20 feet above higher than the mountains and everything that had high elevation the waters were victorious or prevailed 20 ft higher than. The bible is true and higher beings were operating in human life.

  9. I'll tell all of you why people don't want to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. It's because people don't want a deity telling them what to do & how to live. Man wants to live life according to his own terms. Non-believers want to decide what is right & what is wrong. You see how corrupt & evil this world is now because man wants to do his own thing instead of living & doing things God's way! Now I will say this. Not believing in God will not get you exempt from His Judgements. If all of you non-believers want to gamble with your souls by living life like there is no God, you go right ahead but remember. This won't be no 5-10 or 10-20yr. sentence. This will be for eternity, everlasting, forever torment, burning in the lake of fire. We are either going to spend forever with God or forever without Him. I'd rather live my life believing in God & following His Word(Bible) & die only to find out God Almighty do exist instesd of living life recklessly & not believing, rejecting God, die & to see God is judging me. And people be like "I didn't know, God please…" In Matthew 10:33 Jesus said "But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven…(read the whole chapter). Also read 2 Timothy 4:3-4 & Acts 20:28-30. These chapters & verses talks about false teachers. God bless you & your family & I hope & pray that all of you return to Christ!

  10. It is a known fact, that all Humans of every color evolved from the Black Race of people. It is also a known fact that the White European is the most Dangerous and Evilest race of people that ever existed. They have spread this EVIL throughout the other RACES on the Planet. If the Black Brown Yellow & Red and Whites that know the truth, will stop the Killing of one another. And start LOVING one another all over the Planet. No more War no more Hungrer no more Homelessness, no more weapon building. We as the Human Family could begin building HEAVEN right here on Earth. If we were to practice Love Peace & Harmony towards one another, We could advance in knolege beyond our wildest imagination. God would probably allow us to be able to advance further out into the Galaxy and advance strange new Worlds. But it's not going to happen until we solve These problems here on the Earth on witch we live. This Earth belongs to THE MOST HIGH GOD. Not the WHITE MAN. We must get it together and start serving GOD in Sprit and in Truth.

  11. I would like to correct Ray Hagins, the ruling in islaam for a person who steals is they go in front of a judge to explain their actions of stealing and the judge makes a ruling on what the punishment will be. After being caught stealing 3 times and going in front of a judge and being found guilty of the crime, the final step or punishment is to cut of the hand which is the opposite to what he uses for daily use ie if he is right handed the left hand is cut. So if they guys at his church tied these guys up and cut off their hands this is not from islaam.

  12. 90% of what he teaches is anti Christ and Bible. What is his faith? Can someone tell me without talking about other religions. Just give me his teachings or what they are. All is see is a religion that teaches anti religion.

  13. I think that what Dr Ray hagins is telling the truth . The problem is we do not want to hear the truth for it’s downright ugly. We. rather hear the pretty lies we have been told all of our lives. I am glad to be woke up to finally cut myself loose from all of the Religious dogma I had been under for years. I might as well say it, It’s called Mainstream Christianity All built on lie after lie. I am so glad to be free of this garbage called Mainstream Christianity. I am so through with this bullshit concept. It’s only good for those in power to dictate and control our lives so they can get their jollies off. The Preachers who preach their Hell, Fire and Brimstone Sermons are very Sadistic Individuals and have caused a lot of people to have mental breakdowns. Ray Hagins is not seeking the living among the dead as the Angel asked Mary, Why do you seek the living among the dead? I would ask that same question, but ask it differently, Why do we seek the living among the dead, such as Religion, Mainstream Christianity is an example of Dead Religion, This is for all people no matter the race. I am white but I love this brother because he is truly Christlike and I will continue to listen to him for he speaks life and that is truth worth listening to. Brother Ray, Please keep on preaching the truth for it has confirmed the things I felt for years and now I understand why I felt the way I felt for years. This is my testimony and I hope to help others with my story. God bless you my brother.

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