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I will speak about few different things today we are getting closer now to lack bio male its next Sunday which supposed to start in matzah Shabbat the chief rabbis in Israel recommended that everything will take place on Sunday even though in Israel is Sunday it's a regular day like a weekday it's not like here a weekend people go to work but the reason is that now it's summertime Shabbat end so late and they afraid that there's many people who are naturally Shabbat who goes over to ABBA Shimon bar Yohai to like Borromeo to the Lulla and it's going to start being 2-3 hours before the event car's gonna start coming there is going to be a big hit Allah shame thousands of cars are coming on Shabbat so they've said many of the rabbi's that light the fires and all that they decided that they go they gone and they're gonna do it on Sunday how it's gonna be I don't know but just to give you an idea I wonder to myself how can it be that we have people while keeping the laws of the Omiya but there are natural male Shabbat very strange I had last week on my second lecture tonight it's enable in Queens Boulevard so one week one of the guys coming to ask me is allowed to fix his bill for Shabbat all kinds of things and I know that person is not even show middle Shabbat so in issue I started to say you asking me questions about the Oh mayor if you don't keep the Omer a million years it won't be like one transaction that you don't Shabbat just for you to understand their ratio me 1 million eels you live you didn't keep the beard you didn't care about your haircut even you listen to music disrespecting garlic ah you go against me not fine but a million is violating the 33 days of the Omiya will not be like one minute of fallujah but and they are worried about if they can fix the wheel and people have no brain that's the results why people have no brain a shampoo created all of us with brain but Omar all of us has we listen to instruction we understand ball go straight make it right we understand vena you need to walk on it you develop it be nice like Bonet you build it with the heels it's the ability to understand one thing from the other to be a good investigator you heal some things and you put it together and you come to the right conclusion even though they didn't tell you all the details it's called vena and the most important thing is that because every time the result was speaking about a complete person they said someone who has that is a complete person someone who doesn't have that is nothing doesn't matter what yes yes is successful in business yes a lot of money my wife children I don't know what everyone is the head of the community he doesn't have that it finish it it deserve to be thrown to the dogs that's the expression haha me news because this is a person who has nothing because that means the ability to take everything that you learned everything you know and translate it into actions how many people in the nation of Israel listen to Torah daily or weekly or every other day they listen to hundreds of lectures they listen to who knows how many Torah they read articles some of them even go to minion and yet they make such horrible sins every day that is how to believe how can it be you learn about a shame you connect with a shame every day and in the end it doesn't affect you you stay the same co-opted person like you are same daily language same haircut same tons of gel in the air wasting all your life in a gym doesn't watch your eyes it's nuts core shell you know all kinds of things like this you wonder to yourself if these people who cars and here towline leftover and this is how they behave what do you expect for someone who never heard about the Torah what do you expect from him and that's called that this is an indication if a person has that that like I said the ability to take what you know and I the way translated into improvement in your life you know the Torah says like this Hashem says I love the Alex what was the key reason to the destruction of the land which destruction of the land is talking about we'll see in a minute when the temple when Potomac – was destroyed yeah it's not that it didn't destroy the whole world but in reality it affected the whole world because all the wealth of the world was connected for Betemit – even the 70 nations they were getting the greatness the wealth comes from botanic – in the holiday of Sukkot the Jews sacrifice 70 cows one for each nation even though today we have more than 70 nations doesn't matter this one nation who walked five to ten like Russia all of a sudden became more than ten the other is more than 15 countries but it's one would Ishmael is one nation there's no difference between Syria Iraq and Iran is a different nation but all our love this one nation Saudi Arabia is all connected to one Minister in up there all our lives is one one nation and so the the Torah says a ship says like this Al mob there it's what was the reason for the destruction of the land I lost vomit over tea that they left my Torah but if you know in a time that the destruction occurred many people were learning – well it's a lot of Torah it's a lot of great people that learns Torah then in another place this is what it says in another place he say i live i xl vu I wish they would left me a sham say I wish they would left me there to aficionado but they still keep my Toa how is it as possible from here we understand something very very interesting a person can be a learner of the tava and have no communication with a shame or a person can have communication with a shame and in reality is not learning Torah it's not it's very odd something like this would happen like a personal headstrong game una it reached a limb all day he thinks about a shame all day he doesn't really learn to I could be an ignorant he doesn't know how to read but he has the spiritual connection with a shame all the time he thinks ashamed look what you're doing for me great you help me I appreciate it here's a 9 and the other end it could be no the Gemara by heart and it's a complete lowlife crook deceiving cheating lying complete lowlife but yes beautiful bill and you know I can tell you hundreds of pages by heart today I went to an office one guy comes to me nice to meet you my name is mr. X and then the person who stand next to him it only you know used to be religiously Hef's mija mija means oh he has efficient official document that is a rabbi should see how he look no keeper no nothing no side bills completely that's a view look at him you know you won't even know it's a Joe not an a young person and so that means the achieve is me finally engaged it means he learned a lot of – I cannot get a sneaker even in a worse in a worse place that they're very lenient they give almost everyone still have to learn something you know you don't come you show your face you pay some money and you get it right but this is it a person can learn Torah and in the end leave a shame has nothing to do with Allah and it could be the other way around but what is what is a sham saying here I don't understand think what a shame just fade here we have to understand it I wish they would leave me as long as they keep my Torah do you imagine such a thing is that possible that you be religious and you left a shame you see Hashem says you know what no problem you want to leave someone leave me don't leave the Torah why if you have to choose god forbid who to live to leave the learning of the Torah and keeping them it's word or to leave a shame we take a shame out of your heart but you continue to keep the one it's not and learn Torah or you drop the two random it's word but you ever shame in your heart like the hill owning say I need that II believe I am religious in my heart rabbi what's what's better technically technically it's a very hard question sham answered of this question it's better it's better we're gonna need some more chairs from upstairs I don't know they they took all the chairs it's a it's very they would leave me but still keep my Torah why listen good Shaima all Jabbar massive Amla mu Tov we need a volunteer to bring 10 chairs please thank you yes Shama of sheba mcdeere Amla muta translation the light of the Torah the spiritual light of the Torah seeing looking at the letters the letters of God the letters that he created the world with listening to every sentence that come out of this Torah automatically take your soul and make a special dry cling to it you know how you have a suit it's full of stains no matter what you did no chance no matter what you couldn't clean you could you know what's the message for you all the people who stands in the end a shame want to teach you today lesson to come on time that's why there's no chance and now there's a nice gentle man you let the lady see it very good oh it is another chair over there who would know a chair we take it for granted chill sometimes a chair important anyway so a sham said if they leave me but they still connect to my Torah in just a matter of time until they return to me why the holiness the beauty of the Torah will bring them back to the right track but if they left my Torah even though they all connect to me in just a matter of time until they won't be connected to me and then they completely lost so it's better if God forbid you have to go down it's better you leave me but don't leave my Tova you understand the value of it or how important as a person will be connected every day to the Torah and it's very obvious even though there's always an exception to the rule always but the rule is that the person who is connected to Torah he starts his day every hours every day for 2-3 hours of learning that's it is a different person for the rest of the days behaving is completely different to three days is without the tomah immediately you see the change in his behaving immediately you know you don't need to wait more than a day or two all right the way you see right away a major change in his behaving in his patients how nice he is in is a muna the way he talks to the customers how he look around when he came out of short o ha he watch his eyes for seven eight hours he has the strength he didn't go today – minion he didn't learn Torah today right away it comes out of else looking for to hunt yeah wait is nice build why today is an animal tomorrow will be an angel again animal angel animal Angele Indian ashen put one side animal one side angel and see which one you were more that's life what do you think how much you achieve Shaima al-shabaab Ozzy Ramla Moo Tov well does it say it oh what a shame taneema the tour of ashamed NEMA watched NEMA perfect tom Muslim perfect mahkumat petit McKim comes from the walk ha ha ha ha means wise it makes it makes the people wise which people petit who knows what petit means in the language of the Torah petit petit it's a fool that fellow's p2m must appear to him Pete I own traps of the evil inclination ptooey it's like when you tempt a person to make something to like you know like tempting someone to do something bad who does it to us the etc so it says – what a shame to me ma mahkumat petit a person who follow his desires the only Savior He can have is the Torah nothing else they only say that a person can have is that is the power of the Torah now you know used to be Hassan each has one ish maybe 50 years ago I passed away when you came to Israel it was in Israel for few years lived in a very simple lifestyle and it was learning Torah like probably nobody in this generation ever did in the last two three generations the trends that he put in the Torah made him fall in a bed fall in a bed for three days he couldn't move from the efforts that he put into his learning Torah he used to see three days in a row three days in a row on a metal chair or would share with the guava open three days on two lines in a guava and using his head to such level that in the end it used to be time you know it's hard to believe how can it be a person gets up from the chair he cannot make one step it's stuck like this is about to fall he cannot pick up his leg you understand what we're talking about you cannot pick his legs you have to call somebody to hold him before he falls for how much effort she put in turn it over and we sitting with the air-conditioned leather couch two pillows beautiful lover I got a nice shoe and complained Wow don't bother me I had a holiday hammer I learned 45 minutes tour today it makes me very tired they're more rusty or brainy's the harder it is for you to focus remember the rule some people come to me and say robbery it's never been once that I preach money so a five minutes without thinking about all kinds of things so I said to him did you say about her before you started the dushman I say so it's a widow aha so you don't say about her before we start small nice right so I said I don't understand I said be ricotta Derek when you're going away you have a special block I know you make a block when you going away on the journey before you search Mona I say anyway you go on a journey now so you have to say bill cutter Derek same thing someone who takes flags before he takes drugs yes to say bill cut Adela doesn't know what he's gonna find himself now you know and maybe not a little Zimbabwe who knows where yeah still don't have Chava I tell you it makes me feel not comfortable that so many people standing I stand at least I stand if I would see it forget it I wouldn't be able to give the lecture yeah it reminds me of the most despicable person probably ever lived who is it it Laila Oh a little I went to the dentist you know I don't know if I told you about my wife she read almost every book that ever published about the Holocaust who knows thousands of books every book that comes out she finds it in a library she has this thing to know every detail about the Holocaust all the rabbi's what happened who live who survived what the Nazis used to do about religion about this like a professor for the Holocaust so every day she comes up with a new he douche one time she shocked me she said to me listen this book and this book comes and said that it Larry Maximo when used to go to the dentist he wanted to give him anesthesia so I told him no no anesthesia I want to suffer so the doctor asked him why he say my soldier suffering in a battle against the Russians and I'm gonna get an anesthesia I wanna feel at least something what they feel this monster was thinking about the soldier who suffered against Russia sometimes with Jews that we have an obligation in the Torah to feel the pain of every Jew but it's what's in it for me rabbi and there's so many letters coming in a mail have a victim Miller in one of his brush would say something very interesting he said you know every day we get so much mail donate he'll donate their widows all fancy she bought this she she was about to close the synagogue this the McVeigh 1820 envelopes come every day what most people do don't even open it take the envelope right into the garbage that's a problem you may come and say rabbi what do you want for me I make few hundred dollars a week I work very hard my money is not enough to pay my bills what am I going to start opening all these envelope even if I have to send them five dollars each I would stay with no food I cannot donate nothing I can't own it once in a while here and there but that's it no problem you don't have you're not obligated but to read about the widow that just died I mean they were there person that his wife just died and he left with 11 kids and it doesn't know where to start to feel the pain for a minute or two that's a big Mitzvah for you you read you look at that you say perfect alien for this man that left alone sheilamalone little shame help this Jew it's a big Mitzvah put it in a garbage is a big thing that's it it's lotta a model Dominica would never believe such a thing our victim either is one of the biggest Giants of our generation you know Lee passed away few years ago his lecture was a masterpiece masterpiece so complex so deep like an ocean so we don't even think about this little thing cooper t / tonka javis at I lashed widows Paul Finch the guys in Japan they need help for the lawyers regard Beach and then you come to sham I'm and a sham showed you 30,000 cases here you could give $1 yeah you didn't give why not oh I didn't know it's so important oh if everyone will give $1 you get out of jail that Jew now it's gonna be five years in jail it will be your son you would give you a big problem then if you come and search him you know I couldn't even give a dollar I owe a lot of money I couldn't give sadaqa what comes the next question why didn't you read to three people Katie Lynn for him why sake bother nobody in a problem you don't care some of your best friend is going into surgery you take an hour or two off from work to lead something limb for him you go to the hospital too little we take him outside right along in Israel you ever religious people they go to the hospital and they retail in for people they don't know Oh somebody just came into surgery they right they stand outside in the retailing they don't know them that's what they do I used to I used to live in Lower East Side is to be a guide there Israeli man his name was Judah all there you see him walking in Lower East Side this was 15 years ago I don't know if he's still there I noticed that this guy is going from one minion to the other and play twenty thirty times a day so I ask you what do you do you de you just played here why he went to the next minion in the next minion and this minion and Mincha five times he told me I go make sure that everyone has minion that's all he does make sure that every shown has been young cause it sure there's not a lot of people left in all their people so he go make sure they have minion play here play there one time I saw him walking on Manhattan Beach in 95 degrees very humid day I come on a bridge and see someone walk on the bridge walking on the bridge there's no sidewalk on the side of the bridge I saw it same it works with the raincoats like makes it even harder I the door say you that come here you had that come in he said no no your car is too fancy for me if you see what the gala Beach gala you wouldn't believe no it's too fancy for me I walk it's okay I said no no I'm not living with that you come I forced him to come in then I have two minutes I asked him why are you going from one minion to the other he said I won and I didn't know him that much but the ten minutes that it was would mean a car I saw as a brilliant person sometimes a person could be crazy this is crazy people sometimes they looked at him the first time one time I went to play by the Hasidim in months in which needs I saw a man I don't maybe six years old and after two minutes I said to myself there is two possibilities here either this man is the most crazy person in the world or is the biggest dick in the world one of the two there's no in-between I gotta find out I see a man standing in the corner behind the door crying I'm telling you with that exaggeration just like a person just found out that his only son died laura-leigh know in an accident how he's gonna react screaming falling on the floor you know it doesn't care about anything right fall on the floor crying people try to get him out pull his head off okay that's not that's a normal reaction the biggest tragedy in a life of a person he behaves like this but I saw this man like these two three hours in the morning playing running funny jumping crying said to myself wow that the next day the next day the next day 1 year 2 years every day like this one time I Drive in 1c I seen walking in a street that's my opportunity right the u-turn I said to myself I have this pleasure that such big people sitting next to me in a car even for five minutes well you need to go I told me give me a broccoli the problem that I had I was later the problem was a direct connection expressed was shame no obstacle not speaking and then I asked care of Goldstein told him you know this is one of the 36 that he came the world is standing on what crying what working out naturally Wow such a lot to be jealous you see a person in your own eyes like the generation of motion direct magnetical upon who this person doesn't care about anything from this world nothing cars clothing no nothing whatsoever I used to know I used to be very friendly with of Stefanski very big tal Makaha siddique every morning 4 o'clock is in a shul already all day with sitting with Faline learning Torah she cannot see holy men and his wife was the head of the major receiver for girls in Muncie Betty Ock of there then she passed away and then after she passed away one time over first of all inner eulogy he was speaking about her funeral this is the funeral that nobody in a history of Muncie will ever forget I don't know as 1,500 maybe 2,000 people everyone crying all the girls of all the generation of the school all the Milan team or half of the Muncie everyone took a day or everyone sitting there and listening to the eulogies so then they said that when he came to visit her in a hospital in the last few days that she lived she was getting angry at him she said to him why you wasting your time go back to the learning you're not a doctor you cannot kill me go back to them don't you know that's what I have to do so after after she passed away few days after he came to me he say to me can you help me out and how can I help you he said I need to write the way to thousand dollars lon say no partner will help you out but what happened that you look like this he said I have to explain to you for 30 years I never touched in my whole life no money no checks no build noting I did not enter a store for 30 years when she was alive from the time we got married until the day she passed away she never let me touch anything no byrock racino going to office says nothing all she cared that I would sit and learn Torah doesn't matter where in the corner he I was in the Attic for five years in the Attic of my home for five years I was there once in a while I used to ask him are you doing okay with the bill with the mortgage she said everything is perfect fine only after I came down I found out she was month behind and she was struggling raising the children every day as long as I will learn Torah you understand now you're asking how a woman like this passed away she wasn't even in her sixties the answer is in Shira Shira macoraba who answered these questions sometimes there is a tragedy ten thousand Jews has to die by the going every little tsunami 200 thousand five hundred thousand seventy thousand earthquake these a little weed in the south of United States four hundred people died in an hour in Israel there are prejudice even there but there are minor two three four ten is already half of the country shaking up ten people die in America it's exactly thirty second nobody remembers that after that it's one or two times on the nose in ten ten nose and then that's it they go to the next subject why is it because instead of killing tens of thousands of people across who take one Siddiq and then another big one every righteous Jew has a big value not everyone the same don't ever think that this Jew and that Jew is the same this Jew can worth thousand times more than the other one on a scale of God which means a thousand like this Jew together is equal like that one person sometimes it can be ten thousand it could be a hundred thousand people world like one person based on what how important is that person to the nation of Israel how much TOA he teach how many meets what people do thanks to him or if he's a person who gives a lot of money to achieve or to all kinds of things and hundreds of kids learn Torah thanks to him so he's not one man is count like three thousand people because every day that he goes to his office and walk and make deals and fly and have a meeting and have a closing and in the end he support X amount of people everyday it's like 300 days of other people because for me today when he made today support 3 or 4 500 people every day in his life in what we do in 300 days every day we lived 300 days for him it was one day and then the next day another he loved us and the next day another he loved us it's seven years that we live he does it in a week or two what an average person does we understand same thing a person who learns in yeshiva 10 hours a day lends its 600,000 minutes for today an average traditional Jew who puts trillion at 10 o clock in the morning before he goes toward right it goes to minion once a week for Shabbat only Friday night for Shabbat morning to ask him to get up is rabbi don't exaggerate please you know and you know it does all kinds of things today you find him in the show tomorrow you find him in Atlantic City the pattern is mood then the next thing you seem on a television in a New York Knicks game and matzah Shabbat Shabbat ended half an hour ago is already by the stadium all kinds of things people like these 70 years if you accumulate how much meets what they do it's like one Danish evolved one kosher man one day in issue by already made mom it's more than all of them it's scary mom are scary how much a person can earn and how much he can lose and this is it's all coming down to 100 dot the person has died for sure he goes to the right direction if he doesn't so this Ravi ik of Stefanski told me in my own ears face to face he told me I never walked into a store you understand 30 years not to walk into a store never walk into a store to speak to a person give me on the register all I did in my life is pray and learn Torah and besides that there's nothing else I know today now my wife died say all the checks all the bills came I don't even know how she was doing it I don't know where to start I know a sham took care of him one what she Shiva became very sick in Israel they called him to be the watch of Shiva they gave him a salary and from there he moved on with his life I shall never neglect this kind of people but I had this hope many times to sit with him and talk vivre Torah and do all kinds of things another brother which is also a very big tzaddik in muncie sitting in a home I saw in my own eyes already 50 news that is in that room all day learning Torah all day like this you come to his room you have you need an advice 5060 books in piles all over here on the shelves it's like a book store all they inside the holiness of a shame they don't see we men they don't hear music they don't hear people on the street they don't see going they don't see anything that's what they do that's all they do and there are people like this in the world these are the people who thanks to them we survived what do you think many of us think we survive thanks to our soldiers we need the soldiers we need an army we always did but the soldiers cannot help us like this tsadikim what keeps us going is the Torah this is what the Torah says share Mila hemlock my temptation I will fight for you and you sit still you do nothin in globality o Montville ila who cochon i Velvets lost aunty if not the Covenant of my Torah I made with the nation of Israel I will not keep the world the laws of creation go one day without learning Torah that's the battery of this world this is what it is one person he is doubling in a shul he's playing in a shoal and you see the gabbai of the should never give him in alia what does it mean he never calls him up to make a bracha for the Torah not on Mondays not on Thursday not on Shabbat not in the Bosco days not in yom tov six months seven months eight months there are people in the you already got three or four times a Lea and the gabbai completely ignore him it happens sometimes so they say you know what I'm gonna move to differential and this time I'm gonna be clever I'll tell them I'm a Cohen you know I come they ask Cohen I jump I say I'm a coin they don't know me I mean new face from now on every Shabbat I'll get an ally acronym they need coining so the gabbai in a new soul he say Cohen he jumped yeah I mean you say do you mind step out we want to give an alia to Israel you have to forgive us yeah you know it's like the story with these two Jews with the Cossacks the Cossack used to make the juices dance for them in a hotels when they used to see them in Russia in hotels so there is to get a Jew and the Jewess to dance whether they play music with the vodka and the Joyce to dance until they get tired so there's two Jews in a room in a hotel so they knock on a door they see the first Jew the other two is inside the womb they don't seem can't dance for us it's dancing dancing dancing after an hour they send him back to the room then an hour later they woke up from the alcohol they went and called him again dance for us after an hour he danced they send them back now the young guy say hey rabbi I feel bad they called you twice let's change beds what's next time they're gonna come they're gonna call you again like it is they see me this time so that I say appreciated or at least I can sleep two three hours which means hell then the commander of these Cossacks he said to the guy yeah you told me that two Jews over there know why you keep getting the same guy bring the other guy see how he logs so he can't say no you stay we took you twice already you come if this is the ax fortune there is nothing you can do this is what David I made a Cottontail aim don't be like a horse why doesn't mean don't be like a horse when you ride on a horse when you hit the horse with a stick what happened to the horse up to now he was running 20 miles an hour when you hit him right away accelerate 25 miles an hour you hit him again 30 miles an hour you hit him again 40 miles an hour who told the horse that you want him to run fast maybe I want him to stop what are you running faster I want you to stop but the horse understand when you hear him he runs faster so da vida may let's say don't be like a horse a horse is a fool when you hit him in health so he thinks if he will run faster he will run away from the pain and the fan that's a horse same thing as person has a problem he said to his wife let's move out of here let's go far away problem zero let's go here let me change job let's do these let's switch rabbi let's switch Shiva let's get rid of this – they'll get some always somebody else right to escape the pain but never they check themselves my friend is a so fail snide in Monty and check filling in mrs. odd so every day has incident people come with tragedies problem in their life and they come with the mrs. odd odd I please check the business odd for us and you see how they nervous so he face to them right away I tell you before I even open the mrs. odd don't count on your messes or to save you did you check yourself first everyone is hoping that they'll find that one of them is resort is not coachella which means I that's the reason for all my problem rather okay here sixty bucks give me no verses are finished so he told them I promise you your problems is not because of the missile zone could be most of the times because of your own life fails check yourself then worry about your missile most of the time it's called shell we're talking people in Muncie they ain't they buy a good quality they're not coming to the store hello hi how are you I need the 12 miss resort yes okay which one you want what is the cheapest okay $75 the cheapest okay you don't have any cheaper that we find all of the cheapest and what's the expensive this what's the difference religious people have sold business okay okay give me certified can you do it for fairly fairly come on no no do something in the end it gives them an empty box when people buy a Lexus nobody ask the dealer take take 2000 off camera and sunroof 5000 more no problem leather seat three thousand more put it in this stereo or you want four speakers how much 1,500 extra put it in these that GPS that the car was thirty thousand dollars with all the extra I became double you come to bite filling by which kind of two linear 580 you have 680 what's the difference better so fail better quality this is 100% handmade this is mostly handmade as changes but the the 580 its copyright cautionary show no problem you fool it's an investment for 30 years you worry about a hundred dollars divided 100 or 200 difference between a good one to not such a good one divided to 30 years after 30 of how much is going to be a day not even a penny between a very superb Mitzvah to a barely kosher Mitzvah you God I don't know but nobody thinks about it one time I went to a place a person woman one of the righteous woman once in a while you see righteous women like this when it comes to mitts what she doesn't ask about prices Eleonora she had a house doubled in this whole building or maybe triple I took my synth my assistant with me I put over there more than a team is resort that day for morning tonight we were banking with the thought in our houses we didn't finish all day and she said put the best missiles on all day I was looking at myself looking for my wounds you know this house not ending going up going down there's a storage over there storage over there and under the pool the other side bank only he we didn't finish the whole thing she paid millions of dollars for a mention at least she come and say listen I paid so much money for this house I'm gonna worry about cheaper missus or to save here in the hell put the best one don't ask question and then she gave the guy that came with me she heard that is for me she was gave him hundreds of dollars tip this guy there doesn't get it in a year but they give him in a box dollar 50 cent he made it one day by banging some Hamill so you know there is a while I wish every day I can put some mrs. otter and make enough money to learn the whole deal now I want to ask you a question what's the holiest number in Judaism it's always repeat that everything in Torah somehow connects to that number seven almost everything in Judaism is 7 almost everything let's see the first verse in Etowah pay attention is very interesting the first verse in a toga is 28 letters 4 times 7 how many days it took to create the world seven six and a seven day Asham rested how many heavens are up there seven heavens shiva Rakim how many laws the Robin on the rabbi's made besides the 613 seven how many Commandments they go Hemus to keep 7-7 how many days pacer seven how many days to court seven days how many efficient visitors come to the sukar seven a lon it's like a curve mache on yourself intervene seven how many pieces we have in our bottom in him at log one rule of one two at the seam and three are about seven how many weeks is the counting of the omnia 7 today we just finished four weeks now we have three more weeks to go to the acceptance of the Torah to shove world what's the minimal size of a Sukkah in order for it to be kosher seven by seven Fahim this is a temper this is a temper he'll like a size of a fist seven by seven which is about two and half feet by two and a half feet for person to fit in lets you on the road you know you're not gonna start building a big Sakana you have a few pieces of wood you make one side to side three sides you put a little bit bushes on top you see it inside you make a mod see you finish fold that you go away and you get somewhere else you put your suka out you put you sit inside your said you kept the mitzvot but how big it has to be seven by seven if it's six by six especially when we need three sides at least four it's better but free minimum okay but seven by seven then how many me mean we have been at Ohashi bottom in him foods that the Torah speaks about I'll leave figs dates all these things in the Torah seven altogether pomegranate with barley and etc then we have in Kabbalah Chavez we wrote seven different categories in Kabbalah what are they has said Guga TIF eret network or the sword mahu 7 how many nations were feeding in Israel when the Jews came with yoshua been known to occupy the land seven nations snatch mita we just talk about it in a power shot Baha every seven years every six fields you plow the ground you spewed seeds you cut you do whatever you want seven tear you let the land rest one year you don't touch the poor people can't they take whatever they want one year you let the land rest every seven cycles of snatch mita become snotty oval every forty nine million seven times seven how many can him how many candles you have in a menorah of atomic – seven how many gates to enter botanic – all together seven how many people go up to the – on Shabbat seven how many blessings we do in a wedding Sheva hot seven how many days the Italian Callas elaborate after the wedding she shed abroad for seven days seven seven very good when they Cohen take the blood of the co bond and splash to the corner of the altar of them is they are how many times seven times how many times we all get feeling around the arm seven times how many times we go around the arc with the toe found on simcha Tova seven times a vaca food every maka the way we had in Egypt ten plagues that ashamed go to the Egyptians right blood frogs every firstborn died how long did it take every one of the plague took a week for a total of one even which means 10 times or shame strike them each time seven days so really from the entire area was net 70 days of tragedies 70 days 10 times 7 so it's almost 2 month and a quarter 2 month NFL the race they had break in between one to the other that far will continue to to be stubborn follow a daydream what is the dream 7 skinny cows seven fat cows seven skinny wheat seven fat wheat Moshe Rabbeinu it's the seventh generation from a Brahma vinnil seven generation of after Abraham Moses every 19-year cycle in a Jewish calendar we have 7 times lee peel a turbot seven times in every cycle which means every 19 if the Jewish and the non-jewish dates fall in the same day it's it's equal every 19 years seven times yoshua by noon and his army circled the walls of Jericho and blow the shofar and the world collapsed yakov world for layer seven years for Raquel also seven Eve's every debris a Jewish servant he get released in the 17 why not in a field in a tent everything seven how many days we see it when a person died seven days of mourning shiva in the musical world how many musical notes you have seven seven different notes how many female prophets the Jewish nation had seven who knows who they are who are they who know the Jewish feel fear the Jewish prophets this every Jew in Kingdom Garden has to know by harp when you wake him up at 3 o clock at night Moishe feels old Moishe do you make no tell me the seven prophets female to try the way he says no who knows nobody knows do over no service aids we have to know now hey guys so we're free no fool des very good who say Hilda whereas they're five no high nine Miriam now we have to understand there used to be more profits female and male but not all of them count in a Tana which profit are substantial and which one are not the prophets who gave a prophecy for generations they are considering a Tanaka's profits other prophets that knew the future and they saw a vision not all of them are mentioned as parties the official prophet 7 server Miriam's vohinov a guy who'll dynasty you ready now when you when you open up the Torah which perishes the first passionate of our Bereshit what's special about Parishad Bereshit it's the creation of the world how many times the name God appear in a parish I looking 35 times 5 times 7 how many times when the Quran and when it described the creation of light how many times the world light and they appeals in Appalachia 7 times when they describe the creation of the world by separating the water from from covering the whole world into one side how many times the world water appear seven times then when when it's described creating heaven separating heaven right how many times the word rakia awesome I'm which is heaven and n sky how many times it's appeared 14 times two times seven the world eret the land appeal 21 times when they speak about the land when the Korea when the creation of Adam how many times the word Adam appeals in in Etowah in a creation in dr. Asha seven times when they speaking about the soul who enter Adam and he became a living creature how many times the world hyah appeals in Appalachia seven times every time that I shall finish the creation of that day the Taurus fira Shem ki Tov how many times the word kitto of Appeal seven times but on Monday on the second day of the creation it doesn't say why are ashame ki Tov but on Tuesday is say twice why on Monday didn't say because a Shem created hail Ganem and again as I always say to you ash weeds is nothing compared to hell of what happened over there how can the Torah say it's good the wicked people get their punishment and the Torah was right it's good no it's not good Monday on a second of the creation you don't have the world ki Tov but Tuesday pemain ketone then when the Torah describe the mankind how they go down spiritually in their level they're going lower and lower so I don't got more all this generation who came when the Thomas speak about a Shem is about to destroy all mankind which means colbus Allah all living creatures how many times the world called bizarre appeal seven times then the world Ava when is coming to the flood of Noah Noah build an ark and how many times the world fi peels the world ark seven times seven times from the time Noah entered the Ark until the water the rain stopped seven times from the time Noah already were in the until they arrange least opt seven times extra until the land ride until the land dry seven times a bomb appeals 21 times avoir without The Hague 21 times 3 times 7 the landed a shame promised Abraham with a after he change his name appear 7 times then mache and I'm awake there's a wall mache against Amalek they pick up his end and they machinima leg seven times each one Moshe seven times Amalek seven times I've ramanatham a layer of ramen Abimelech how many times I've won seven times of emailing also seven times then when the Jewish nations is moving in the desert how many times they sell Piaget me so seven times also the world Myshkin which is the subject seven times when they talk about anything the presidents of the tribes I mean in the same we had how many themes we had in the Torah 1010 I'll describe how many times the world used the word nnessee only seven times not ten times it has to be seven it's all about seven three it doesn't bring them it doesn't give them the title nnessee even though they were path they Naseem the presidents now see but the toe I only said the wardeness see seven times in seven out of the ten then then the world needs 12 seven time the Ten Commandments were received twice the first and the second how many times the Torah speaks about the Ten Commandments twice on the first board and twice about the second board all together four times the Torah speaks about de loja to breathe it's very interesting because it says like this each time the Torah speaks about the 10 commandments it appeals seven times the water hot boards seven times seven seven seven and seven right dead when he's speaking about the gifts that they give the corny but not Kahuna but not Kahuna it's mentioned the world coin in seven times it mentioned the world lithium seven times then when it's speaking about a Shetty a fatwa a Jewish soldier go to the wall and he fell in love with a beautiful girl now it's far away from his came from his friend who knows how well he's gonna go back to his place and he wants to now go and make a scene with this woman I shall know that if you don't give him permission he's gonna make a scene he's not gonna be able to hold himself while he's there so the Torah says there are a few things we have to do before you touch surely he has to shave her head make her nails long dress bed clings that she gets disgusting that maybe you give up your evil inclination your desire you give up if after everything that she did this and that is still one hell fine you make a scene with there you go you marry here and of course you convert you marry al and it's and that's it but what happened you should know you should know you should know that what happened with this is that the children that will come out of this one will be wild beasts they'll drink your blood with the store that's what's gonna happen yeah what you don't want to give up your desire to fine go to it I'll find your caution way to do it but I'm warning you only bad will come out of this relationship and I don't want to mention name of some of the greatest people in history that made that mistake and what happened to them that wild beasts came and destroyed their life their children who came out of this relationship so why do I say it because the Torah is speaking about the process from the time he seen his Goya until the ended up being together with air in seven different words first verse Evita you take your first as a prisoner Vera eita and you looked at here the cachaca you desire there melakarta you marry her right the Vita you border into your home hoover alta you had relation with hell the sheila time then you send them away all together seven words everything goes in seven when the tourists speak about the men that have two wives he has Raquel and Leia Leia is the first one he married and then our hell now Leia has a baby boy and then later Raquel has a boy Leia is the firstborn and Raquel has the first born who was born to him to Yaakov the father who is his firstborn the one who was born from Leia but he likes Raquel more so now as you're safe he host of his his firstborn from the second marriage he's younger than his first one moving from Leia so he may prefer him by giving him more benefits the tourists they don't do it don't do it be careful because this is your before how many times that over mentioned your firstborn boy been a Bacall seven times then they speaking about the wife you love over seven times their wife you don't like so much as snow are seven times seven been before seven over seven snore everything in seven then there are many many other places in the Torah that it all it goes by seven now I'm going to tell you another secret that most people don't know first question is what is the longest parish ainĂ­t over from all the parachute of the Torah which one is the longest parasha them the longest more verses than any other parasha pouch at NASA how many well says 176 which myself in a guava is the longest from all the macaque Todd Baba Batra how many pages 176 which Parekh into helium is the longest I believe Kufa Aleph 176 verses which parish Ayatollah is the longest in history which means it described more years than any other picasa from the beginning of the parasha to the end which one Bereshit how many is how many is Bereshit how many of the describe from the time the world was created until Parishad Bereshit ended 1400 eels remember the world is five thousand seven hundred and seventy two years old five thousand seven hundred and seventy two from that fourteen hundred deals in a fell spanish of the TOA fails parish islet over first parish islet over fourteen hundred years then when the parish is ending one hundred and twenty years before the flood of noah before the flood begin that's what a shot Bereshit end then start parashat noah the second parish are the second chapter how many years it described four hundred deals 400 years no work was 500 years when it starts until the generation of Avraham Avinu everyone how many years 400 deals so when a bomb came into the picture no it was 900 years already then starts parashat Liliha how many is parish Ocklawaha a hundred deals the life of Havana Reno then the next parish ah Vajrasattva era 37 years from the birth of each shark until the Ikeda they were 37 years old when a shame when Avram took him to the mountain and until the end of severa sheet all together 2200 years that's Genesis 2200 years the death of yourself 110 years old he also passed away the end of cerebellar sheet then start selfish mode very interesting if you take the world if you take the perishable sheet Bereshit bara elokim you take the tough of the world better sheet you Circle it you count 49 lay there seven times later seven times seven you get valve you can't forty-nine Liddell's you get rich you can't forty-nine letters you get hey Torah in equal skip then you go to selfish mode the ls modern israel a behemoth rama the Elish mode the tough watch mode you circle you can't forty-nine Liddell's you get valve you can't forty-nine letters you get read you can't forty-nine letters you get hay again first verse of smart also the water Torah in equals skip of 49 then you go to very Kragh you don't have to i you have you'd hey valve inhale the name of a shame in equal skip then you go to Bamidbar you have Torah in Ravel's in equal skip of 49 but from left to right and then you go to the valium to dharana me the world over also in equals skip of 49 again from left to right so in the middle of the word which is self a very craft then the center out of five it's the third one right we have one two three four five and then Bereshit and more Toa from right to left towards the middle and then Bamidbar England very tore up from left to right towards the middle and what's the center of the world the name of a gym you'd have a van a which equal to the three different times the past the present and the future when ashame is above this whole world what's the whole secret of seven why it's so important in Judaism seven teaching us the importance of spirituality that physical world the material world is not important what's important is the spiritual world everything dimensions up and down south north western and east four sides up and down seven symbolize going out of the material world into the spiritual world that's why Shabbat is the seventh day everything seven seven seven this is all spiritual you're not gonna be here forever we almost finished we have five more minutes left let's finish what I started so 2,200 ESFR Bereshit separate begin 71 years after the Jews went to Egypt 71 years after and he finished with the building of the Mishkan one year after the exodus of Egypt after the Jews came out of Egypt one year later they made the first Vetta me – but was a temporary one with the tent that's why it's called Myshkin what's the different between botanic – to a Myshkin betim ik – was initially I'm sure Omar Malek built the first one and then lay there is Ron Tamia they all came and they made the second one but the Mishkan they were building and taking apart building taking apart and they taking him with them for 40 years so the entire selfish mode for it starts 71 years 71 years after the Jews came to Egypt and then all together is a hundred and forty years that's it the entire settles mode parashat very sheet alone the first chapter fourteen hundred years the entire surface mode one hundred and forty years then it gets very surfer very crab begins when they build the Mishkan Rosh Hodesh Nissan one year after the exodus of eg pride that's where selfish mode ends so now they build a Myshkin for the first time where was ha – Nissan they came out of Nissan a year ago right he lay there a year – two weeks because they came out of Pesach which is the middle of my son this time is the beginning of Nissan so it's 11 and a half months after they came out of Egypt that they built the first time the Mishkan when they build a Myshkin bhishan nationality at me trying until Rosh Chodesh Allah which is exactly a month later the entire cell viagra Leviticus is only one month that's it one parish of 1400 eels the whole Book of Leviticus one month then BAM it fell several Bamidbar numbers right that's how you call it numbers because it's described a lot of numbers how many years all together 38 years the whole book of leviticus numbers and then suffered very deuteronomy suffered very malong the entire surface valley in one month it's basically the wheel of moshe rabbeinu before he died every one of the parasha moshe levin who gives a lecture in bethel yow to ten all together how long he took wasn't an hour and a half was much longer altogether one man that's it so the first polish i has already longer than all the other books the very Kragh number i mean they've been permit well very and smote all four books of the Torah just for a shot the receipt alone is longer than all of them together and also the chronological order in a tour is not like history book history book described in nineteen in 1901 nineteen hundred and three nineteen hundred and seven nineteen hundred and ten it goes in the right order you're not seen a history book describing nineteen twenty and then all of a sudden go back to the year 1900 and continue this book what do they do with that they keep out of the shelves mistake it can take it for 50 cent I said it stack the taller go up and down in the days the taller speak about something all of a sudden go back few wheels speaking about something else why it's not god forbid a history book by the way it described his story by the way but it wasn't meant to be a history book like some of the people may understand it's all book of instruction though i neva means instruction though a means instruction now I would like to finish with one question to ask you let's see if you can come up with an answer first of all I want you to know I started to mention the husband issue and the husband each was learning Torah he got to a situation that he just couldn't move my mother couldn't move couldn't pick up his hand think about it how from learning Torah in such Fitness he wasn't able to get up he wasn't able to make one step he was laying down on the bed in the eulogy of the hasani's habenula p on one of the important rabbi of the century spoke in a banal appearance poking me shiva Trayvon and he asked all the people please for the honor of the hezonia I want everyone to sit on the floor everyone was sitting on the chair there was thousands of people over there packed I don't have to tell you everyone came to the funeral of the husband ish as soon as they all fit on the floor guess what happened what's a well-known thing as soon as all the people moved to the floor there was a big glass in a Shiva Trayvon explode the glass I don't know I don't nobody touch nothing the glass explode and everybody started to scream in the middle of it ecology of the hassanis the colonies he was 7 years old when they made Israel when Israel became a state by the Russian come in his scientist Russian and polish that's the last week I gave a whole lecture about it it's in a website to tell us the history of the State of Israel and what's going on one year into his life it was the last years of his life so has only said it's one even Israel is one year old how much I thank you God that they still allowed to bake or share matzah here they understand the situation no today we have many people who hate the religion in Israel but we still not in such jeopardy that they come to the bakeries with their guns and the police and say you make my Chinese way to the jail the sheraton had that bad but when it started they hated the religion so much they hate ashamed is coming is so much they hate religious people they hate the Torah they hate beards they hate pay out every Amin I too came from the plane I was standing with the scissor cutting the peyote that's what they did then going on and his friends nobody really knows who these names out they made more damage to us sometimes than all the goyim combined so the husband is Seyi lay there it's a one-day o like this oh it's a yield that they made the state and they still allowed to bake matzah for pizza so where it's going then they've been ben-gurion wanted to take all the Shiva guides to the to the army they all learn English 'vote wasn't like today to air every 100 times more but then you know Israel was 600,000 people that's it altogether many I don't know a few thousand were learning Torah so ben-gurion can say listen we fighting we're getting the British out of Israel now we have all these Arabs here that we're getting ready for war we won take all the guys today to the army this argument never ended 60s reals later everyday you hear about it so the husband each told him you know you cannot take them so he told them okay so I want to take the religious girls to the army to do a sell this she would lo me so when he spoke about the girls that has an issue a to him okay take all the guys from DC vote but don't touch the girls so ben-gurion told him how did you know I cannot do it foolish lad that hated the Torah so much he told him no I'm not taking the guys out of this vote and he signed on a bill that the guys will enter a full day dismissed from the Army sixty three years later it still exists this bill even though everyday they butcher us for learning Torah the way you do nothing you learn to our there they don't know they breathe thanks to the levels of the Torah every glass of water they drink is thanks to that or I they don't understand every drop of rain they have everything all the tragedies are prevented is only thanks to they she what they don't understand they go in they go him in China understood in Shanghai they put the missiles around the Shiva and the rabbi's told them why from all the places in the world you put all your entire airplanes missiles right here they told them you are holy people you save us nobody will bomb here in Korea every kid in South Korea lands guava every day in school the Korean were thinking what make the Jews the smartest people in history what what is their secret and they came to the conclusion mala the Koreans they're not updated they check the last 2000 years they didn't know that 80% of the Jews today have no idea what Mara looks take an average doctor from Israel doctor from the Hebrew University you bring him to me let's make an experiment you don't do you think I exaggerate I'll encourage you know find the most intelligent Israeli you know judge lawyer brain surgeon chief of police chief of the army anyone you want and bring him to me and all I'm gonna do is ask you to read a page in the Rambam you see it's a page from the lumber we have a tip on the shelf and if he's gonna read it without at least 10 mistake in a page you get any price you want for me I will prove to you that the most important judges in a court in Israel don't know how to read EMU and they decide life and death you don't believe me let's do it many people will watch it on a website in few days bring me an intelligent guy teaches grammar teachers they don't know it students they don't know how to read they don't know where to put periods nothing they don't know why they didn't learn with OA they didn't go with it or they only know if you have that snake adult then and then they know without any code or it's already very difficult for them and I did that many times trust me I did I say come come Reed I saw how they read I couldn't believe you don't believe me you go you take the CD take one of them to eat the Kadesh none of them not one Israeli knows how to eat Kadesh unless if you went to yeshiva we didn't go to yeshiva none of them knows how to read Kaddish which is only five lines no Israeli in the State of Israel today from four or five millions Israelis many of them educated in colleges do not know how to eat Kaddish the most important plane in Jewish history do you understand why we need mushiya right away do you understand why we have to publish the Torah faster to go to many people because thousands of these ignorant Israelis are not ignorant anymore why we bought them to yeshiva we gave them a place to sleep we teach them to us for free two years later they know so much now they begin to teach and then there's another generation and another gene I have people I made them religious fourteen thirteen years ago they already have the whole new Shabbat in Israel you go there 30 40 people and days sit they study me Shiva and they teach very massive teaching and when I look at them I remember how I picked him from a restaurant in Queens Boulevard with the ripped jeans and sandals going like this with kales nobody knows who used to be that's great pleasure in a heart see a person has no value in shaman zero complete ten years later the Rambam of the generation the biggest capitalist in the world today is a bad Chava the biggest you know who is officially is considered to be the biggest I know a few other big ones maybe even bigger but officially knowns as a teacher of Kabbalah that the biggest rabbis who wants to go into Kabbalah start learning by him raffia Covell el Val Juba it was many books he will never ever dream that somebody like this at one point of his life wasn't religious how to believe I'll show you at least a hundred Valley Tuwa nobody would ever imagine that these people were born in until certain age they were complete ignorant they didn't know anything and all of a sudden today like a spring you know how the water comes from the spring non-stop they can talk to you 300 days straight and they won't finish you know when the person died what is the first thing he has to do in shaman in stride do you know how many days he has to give a speech how many days who knows months months 200 days straight so let's I'll tell you something I have about 600 lectures in my website each one is about an hour and a half if you know all of them by heart you'll be ok no everything is a different subject now don't worry you don't have to repeat the 10 times because whatever you hear you and you forget the next day over there everything comes back to you forget forgetting forgetfulness is only here when you mix with material the material overcome the soul when the soul gets released from the body no more limitation the soul remember every beep that's why I always tell you when you in a car then you'll be on a way to business meeting you here you dare you seething you regard you sitting in a gate in a put in school your security guard make sure all day the Torah that CD play tapes iPad there's all these devices across Bach who gave us can put 300 hours of torah now I'm gonna tell you something that happened last week last week I have this guy of a hobbies named valiant guy that almost died – Emir ahem because of kidney failures he gave money to a guy to import a kidney to him 150 thousand dollars for kidney and the pool guy just when he gave most of the money the FBI caught that importer of the kidneys I remember about a year and a half ago there was a big thing they caught somebody from Oakland they showed him on television there was the guy he imports kidneys from Israel and sell them here 10 times more now he calls me up we said it said all my saving is gone the kidney is gone I'm not gonna live that's it I must get a kidney so I said to him let me give you a few names of Rabbis you go to their community for health people like to donate don't in a good condition to make people religious is very hard to get a dollar everyone ran away or even if they give once then the next month they don't remember who you are but for health don't worry everybody run they came to the finish Friday Sarabhai there's no yeshiva Hill and there is no hospital we need to open in Shiva and we need to open a hospital what should we open first should we give our money for hospital because tomorrow somebody may need a spittle injury and he died there's no hospital or should we still open your Shiva and another day we open a hospital what's the answer now have I told them all your money put in the yeshiva so rabbi when it has picked all this pickle nephesh women has to give their something now so don't worry for the hospital you have a huge line of people waiting to give money they don't think that half of the money will go to the Hamas terrorists to the Pakistani al-qaeda any Hospital you give Israel America Europe the Palestinian terrorists are going to get treatment over there many of the mass murderers were born thanks to your donation or your father donation to NYU hospital or to the Beth Israel Hospital or to the Great Neck North Shore Hospital or to the Good Samaritan Hospital who do you think a treatment over there these people is this American hey there this Jew anti-semite what do you think oh we can choose which are the walls they make much more damage to the Jews then they then they go in much more they are much more dangerous he's a vice president this guy's a ambassador this guy's a diplomat instead of helping Judaism they try to prove to the goyim that the bias the objective they go against the Torah day and night to prove I'm a loyal loyal citizen I don't hold for my people so as Pater's there's a huge line of people who are hating to give money also if you wanna write sohcahtoa there's a huge line of people waiting to buy a letter some things it's very difficult to get money for Torah learning and for making ballet chuhwa it's very difficult to get everything else it's easy you want to be the synagogue 500 people give you money no problem but here it's a it's different things so this poor guy he has to start from zero so it took some of my advice he got started to go I collected money found somewhere I think in Russia in China he found something much cheaper this time much bigger risk you know and in the end his life got saved he got sick then he calls me up about a month ago I wanna make a lecture to all my not religious friends in my house and I want you to come speak in my house I say okay let's make a date then his wife they just becoming religious thanks to the miracle that Hashem did for them so the wife she's not exactly familiar with hosting a toga lecture in their house she has doubts so she told him no I didn't know that now he told me that after the lecture on the way down in the elevator she doesn't want to make a lecture what we just becoming religious all of a sudden we're gonna call our friends to preach and this rabbi you know it's a little bit so now she got to some cosmetic cosmetic woman you know cosmetic whatever she got to the office she can to lady to lady she has to give her some treatment whatever or does she see on a computer screen this woman is walking listening to the lectures so she said you know you know it now that woman dispersion woman started to give it a speech then she come back home she said to him okay okay make the lecture we made the lecture invited all their friends though Hashem Hashem helps the tradition Maya I won't be surprised if all of them are so much about already thanks to who thanks to this woman the woman that sitting in a office doing giving services to other women she became religious from the lecture she's in great Macbeth loud she is in Great Neck she went all the way from Queens to Great Neck together I don't know half an hour service over there and shame got here and this woman is listening all day she's listening all the customers Jews and non-jews are listening to the right o ha while they receive the service it's health food she makes money and at the same time she earned about half a million mix for today why from all the people who sit in our office I have this guy a tan coin from Toronto all day he drives currency exchange he has one piece he'll add phones in his ear one ear is open for traffic one ear connect to the iPhone all day lands Torah he goes up the stairs in the elevator waiting in the doctor's office everywhere we go all day listen slow sometimes you lose concentration but the soul absorb everything you come to Shamai you're gonna be able to give a 3,000 days speech so for someone who never went officially to yeshiva I gave an impressive speech you know these lectures I'll talk about you learn more and more and more the more you hear the more you know Bislett a shame this coming wednesday i'm speaking on 77th and main street in oil solid synagogue by hashem ik picked up more people coming it's a Talmud series every week we take a subject from the Gemara the time with very interesting lectures I mix it with all kinds of stories 8:30 to 10:00 every Wednesday please you welcome Thank You levy for organizing it's been going on for more than a year Le'Veon and Natasha this is the couple we have to thank that we're every Monday it started in the home for for few months then it's was too small the place so we moved here soon this place will be too small waste what a shame I believe by the neighbor will see the Ohana Lola momentum a

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