Quebec's religious symbols law, Bill 21, condemned by Calgary city council | Power & Politics

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Calgary city council voted unanimously to oppose Quebec’s Bill 21, the province’s secularism law which bars certain civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work.
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33 thoughts on “Quebec's religious symbols law, Bill 21, condemned by Calgary city council | Power & Politics

  1. Being a Public Servant is not a human right nor an entitlement, a Public Servant should SERVE the PUBLIC, serve the people, it is for the PEOPLE to decide what They want, not for petty politicians from elsewhere who know whats best for other people, nor for media circus entertainers who know what sensationalist controversy spin will draw ratings to decide, but for the PEOPLE. And by the way, Canada does not have a Real Constitution, for it is the PEOPLE that should write the constitution, not for monarchs and polititians or people that seek power, which is like having the foxes writting the rules of the henhouse, and why its for the people to write the constitution to make sure The People are in Power and idealy organize a Real Democracy (which we do not have).

  2. I wonder what this douche would say if christians started protesting the fact that employers have the right to stop employees from saying merry Christmas to customers in the workplace! He wouldn’t give a damn but because his Muslim people are the ones that are being targeted and not just christians he is jumping up and down and going apeshit!

  3. Quebecer here. How is a provincial law is a national matter ? People are certainly entitled to their own opinion about this bill, but education remains of provincial jurisdiction. Moreover, it is a law for which a majority of Quebecers voted in favor of and it was debated democratically by an elected government. As far as I know, Quebec is still recognized as a distinct nation within Canada and one should remember that the province declared itself a secular state back in the 1960's.

  4. This “ tax and spend”, municipal politician is the last person in Calgary, that should speak on behalf of Calgarians……..he is a Mayor lacking credibility, and anyone who disagrees with his lefty ways is publiciy humilated and talked down to. Listen Mr. Neshi, your 15 minutes are up now please go away and stop the lecturing!!

  5. Denying religious people their basic right to wear their identity in public space isn't the way to correct past religious abuses. This is a dangerous precedent. Today, religious people are targeted; next time, it'll be another group. This is dictatorship masking as democracy.

  6. Nenshi likes to virtue signal. He should be spending time supporting the dominant industry in his city “energy”. Where’s the morion to push back against the almost criminal energy industry attacks. Come on Mr Nenshi. Put your priorities where they need to be.

  7. The bigger issue, that nobody is talking about, is the notwithstanding clause. This clause renders all rights under the Charter to be null and void, and subject to the tyranny of the majority. Until we repeal the clause, no one in Canada has any rights.

  8. You interviewed a Muslim Mayor who will be against Bill 21. This is Canada that accepts the oppressed people from all over the world. We do not want people in to try chanding the culture of Canada. Quebec is doing the right thing. I am an Itaqi when I left Iraq in end of 60s the wo
    men were free to wear how they wanted to wear. The women covering their heads is OK but do not impose your Sharia laws on Canada.

  9. Lol all the Provinces will be shut down and will never get the chance to have a referendum to see if they want religion out of State affairs LOL .Albertans will get screwed with these minority little gouverment reps passing laws that only they believe are right.
    He should mind his own business and deal with his provincial problems and stop trying to overturn democratically chosen laws that were voted in by ALL voters there in Quebec.

  10. it is a provincial matter and none of federal governments buisness nor calgary city council,,it is a quebec matter,,yah just try overturnig the law federally ,,you will just bring up separation again,,WAIT SO THE MATH SAYS QUEBECERS AND CANADIANS ARE AGAINST LAWS TO MAKE SPECIAL MINORITY RIGHTS MAYBE IT MEANS YOU GUYS ARE OFF SIDE WITH THE PEOPLE

  11. Friendly reminder that Tom Muclair's defense of the freedom to wear the niqab was not strong or full throated. It was full of legalese and dispassionate. That it why Trudeau outperformed him. Progressive don't want to hear you say certain freedoms are legal. Freedoms must be unquestionalble and the notion of taking them away must be instantly dismissed, a la Trudeau.

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