Psalms Study – "Week 27 – Psalm 25 – Decisive Discipleship"

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“Week 27 – Psalm 25 – Decisive Discipleship” – 4/4/2019

thank you pastor thank you turn with me if you have your Bibles if not you have some books that are there to Psalm 25 let me ask a question before we start tonight and by the way let me give you a prerequisite of what's going on tonight you're going to get an awful lot of Bible tonight there's gonna be a lot of Bible verses this is a message and a message and a message we're teaching in a teaching in a teaching so just hang on how many of you let me ask this question how many vivir face that crisis in your life how would you like to have a prescription of what to do when you face a crisis that's what song 25 is about David you know I'm worried about David the more I feel sorry for David even though David had a heart they ran after God he had a massive amount of trouble in his life and his songs are based on pretty much his struggles and so as we go into Psalm 25 I actually labeled it this way teach me Oh God decisive discipline or how do I react in a crisis so lots of there's lots of scripture today I wanted you to know that so it's teaching me oh God decisive discipleship so somebody and I'ma ask somebody put it on the spot or all of you sing your ABCs for me for a second would you do that okay ed start you ready 1 2 3 okay I've learned a couple things tonight some of your tone-deaf understand that but a lot of you can sing very well but you remembered your ABCs every single one of you did and you have to really understand that told you this a couple times the Psalms were written as acrostics many times they're written in the Hebrew alphabet well they're all are hidden in Hebrew alphabet but many times they're written with the first the first sentence with an A an Aleph the second with a bate now beat beta so I love beta giemo so it'll go right down the Hebrew alphabet the 22 letters we'll show you that tonight again this is one of those songs now you have to say a couple of things when you hear that one why would they put why would David put a song based on ABC in the stand or in the in the verses because he wants you to memorize this he wants you not to ever forget this this is one of the keys of life by the way there's other Psalms of the same way these are the acrostic Psalms the psalmist has composed the song with a built-in memory tool so the reader would never forget the words Psalm 25 ours tonight is one of them Psalm 34 will be one so I'm 37 111 112 119 believe it or not 119 if you open your Bibles you're gonna see a letter most of your Bibles will see a letter a Greek let our Hebrew letter in front of every part they forget gets divided we don't have that that a privilege in Psalm 25 but trust me every single letter of the of the Hebrew alphabet is mentioned there's the Hebrew alphabet read from right to left LF big gimel dalet hey bob is a NJ death it ends with Tubb the last letter 22 letters this Psalm has all 22 letters starting out every verse of scripture the first one this the second one – the second one the third one – the third one all the way to the ends of toth and so why well David wants the Hebrew reader to commit it to memory remember this is written in Hebrew first it's a teaching psalm it's also a plea for God to teach David but to teach him what well there's several things he asked for look at some of the verses and we'll go over a lot of them tonight show me that ways oh Lord teach me that pass so it's a teaching song because you're remembering it remembering it in vocal ways in a musical way so it's it's reinforced as the psalm 25:5 lead being the truth teach me for thou my God my salvation and the indeed do I wait all day long it goes on 25 9 it says the meek will he guide enjoyment joy in judgment and the meek he teach his way look at how many times the word teaches 12 what man is he that fears the Lord he him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose so this Psalm is about teaching it's about getting instruction from God to go through crises and so David is writing from his personal experience before I tell you the why David wrote it let me relate it to the prophetic possibilities of our world in 1925 the parallel year we know that the song is paralleled in 1900s so 1925 Psalm 25 I thought I'd throw a couple things in you because a lot of you ladies like fashions so the fashion of 1925 this came out anybody know what that's called that is a flapper dress that came out in 1925 and this was the Ray that hit Paris first and then it came to America and ladies went wild with it crosswords stockings who comes up with these things and then this one's another one that hit and it's kind of a weird one I don't even know how I can explain this one and I don't think you see that see the graphic and a picture that much but these are the trousers I want you to look at this is a President Coolidge was not silent Cal today as he spoke up to protest they foolish college fad while at Princeton University we was invited to address the American winks wig Society he knows some students supporting wide bottom trousers the president politely politely asked the young men if they did not prefer the traditional cutoff cut of trousers he made it that his own son John had once come home from college wearing such pants and it hardly pleased him the president procured a pair of suspenders and forced his son to use them following his lecture to the students Coolidge consented to the pose with them for a photograph by the way those they're called Oxford bags seventy inches at the cuffs seventy inches wide so I don't know why fads come in but anyway we know that they were there so but the most amazing thing about 1925 has is the quest for knowledge 1925 is a massive quest for knowledge as you're going to see it was the searching for the why mankind and how mankind came about and what evolution called the path of life evolution called that and there was a big evolution of brouhaha in nineteen twenty five twenty four show me your ways Lord teach me your paths the paths of life evolution actually coined that said they want to tell you about the paths of life other than godly knowledge it was a quest for anti biblical knowledge also especially in the origins of first fourteen of Psalm 25 says the secret of Lourdes is for those who fear him and he will make them know his covenant God has given us a lot of Secrets he does not the Bible is not something that wants to come out and tell you how God did it we have men that are that are strana Murs tonight today studying stars our whole lives went to college have PhDs they study that's all they do God gave us five words about how he made us and he made the stars also so I said he's not trying to prove himself even though there's lots of proof in Scripture he's not trying to prove himself and so man looks for all these theories of what's going on let me give you some of the articles that were happening in 1925 as we go through the mists is from this is from February South Africa Australian anthropologists find these'll eyes skull of early man believed to be the missing link here it is in Tennessee bans teaching of evolution March 23rd a bill banning the teaching of evolution in schools was signed into law today by Tennessee Governor Austin pray who said the very integrity of the Bible in a statement of men's divine creation is denied but in a theory that man descended or has ascended from any lower order of animals it goes on to say this this is this is from the from a it says teacher indicted under anti-evolution law John T Scopes you've heard of the Scopes trial a young high school teacher in Tennessee was indicted – tonight on a charge of having taught Darwin's theory of evolution the students in his science class the trial is expected to attract national attention to the little mountain town of Dayton William Jennings Bryan the spellbinding orator and perennial dimmer Democratic candidate for president will serve as a prosecutor for the state Clarence Darrow the noted Chicago lawyer and Dudley field Malone of New York City will serve as the fence team for the Tennessee Teacher scoffs is accused of violating a new law passed earlier this year I'd strata two by a Tennessee legislature legislature banging the teach of theories denying the divine creature the man is told in the Bible the indictment charges that Scopes did teach thereof that man has descended from a lower order of animals in June a Tennessee adopts a new biology textbook denying the theory of evolution man what a throwback huh listen it goes a little bit further we see in 1925 in July it says that's a date and Tennessee judge rotten kills scoffs defense barring testimony of scientists scoffs guilty in Monkey Trial Byron and Bryan dies William Jennings Bryan died today and Dayton Tennessee just days after scoring a final victory with the conviction of John T Scopes for teaching evolution the noted lawyer orator and three-time Democratic nominee for president has been resting at home with a friend in the little mountain town since the end of the emotionally drained Scopes trial five days ago doctors are Trivedi's the death to a cerebral hemorrhage so what happened was he won and they they banned teaching of evolution so that so the quest to teach remembered Psalm 25 Steen teach listen in August that says right rioting disrupts a Zionist conference in Vienna so the Jews are stopping problem and this is another one wide search is made for human forebears where is the in the cradle of humanity since the mid 19th century most anthropologists believed Europe was a site of human origins and today a new expedition sponsored by the New York Museum of Natural History suggests the early earliest humans lived in Outer Mongolia hundreds of thousands of years ago you know the amazing thing about evolution is that such baloney it's not even funny let me tell you why now they say we live in Africa give enough time they'll say we here or we originated in Australia sooner or later they'll come around to American cereal Judea there all of their missing links are hoaxes Piltdown man is a hoax Australopithecus is a hoax they found a little tiny bone of an ape and a Java nape and they reconstructed a man under it it's all a hoax it's all a theory and basically they should have been thrown out of schools long time ago so there's a quest for knowledge my point is there's a quest for knowledge going on and that quest is looking not only spiritually but also physically for knowledge but the by far the most amazing connection to Psalm 25 in 1925 happens in Israel itself remember I showed you before I get there let me give you one last thing on evolution I wanted to give you this chart that I made the mind is a terrible thing to confuse it's Adam and Eve not what does that say to eight leaves so it's Adam and Eve it's our origin is based on God God has created man has never disproved that and evolution has never been proved remember that next time somebody comes to you so last week we talked about the threshing floor of Ornan we talked about mines up Mount Zion and it's gonna go back to that tonight when we talk about this quest for knowledge I want you understand you see Psalm 25 has to do with teaching the Jews God's truth his his secrets and isn't it amazing that in 1925 this place was built I'll show it to you right over here this is a skyline of Jerusalem this is the Mount Scopus that's the Hebrew University was built in April 1st 1925 remember teach me show me remember when that would Psalm 25 is saying Mount Scopus Mount Scopus the Hebrew University is built by the way it's a massive complex in 1925 now I'm reading from thee from April of 1925 here's what it says Arabs demonstrate the protest opening of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and so we see that the Hebrew University is open on Mount Scopus in 1925 by the way the Zionists also built in Haifa in 1925 two months later – Institute of Technology now remember Jews don't even have the land yet they're not they're not a nation yet but they built this Institute of Technology they are teaching their people there are more PhDs in Israel per square mile than there are in any other nation on the planet and so they're they're teaching this is 1925 it starts this massive amount to teach today in the Hebrew University has 42,000 students and 2,500 faculty members one of the greatest universities on the planet by the way to get any type of degree from God was literally teaching his people again in 1925 was only the only university in the world teaching Biblical Hebrew as one of its as one of its subjects so we know that this is what Psalm 25 said teach me show me guide me with your way so what was David trying to teach let's change gears what was he trying to teach his readers and us today from Psalm 25 what does it have to do a Christ season and what's he trying to teach us on that what's so important that he wants us to commit it to memory what is he trying to say that we have to commit this to memory to get it to get a kind of a degree in Psalm 25 well so I'm 25 believe it or not is a psalm of wisdom we're told an awful lot about wisdom I just finished the Proverbs study and wisdom the word wisdom is all over it my son if that will receive my words and hide my Commandments proverbs 2 tells us with these so that thou incline enter into wisdom by the heart to understanding yes if you cry if you cry after knowledge and lift up your voice for understanding if you seek her as silver and search her as for hidden treasure then it's an if then shall the understand understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God for the Lord gives wisdom out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding he lays of sound wisdom for the righteous he's a buckler to them that walk uprightly he keeps the paths of judgment preserves the way of his Saints then shall they understand righteousness and judgment and equality and every good path so when somebody says God's judging God's judgment isn't right he shouldn't judge people well it's because you don't have the wisdom of God only the wisdom of God shows you God's judgment so you need the wisdom so secular man is never going to see that they're gonna see well you know if God's a judge I don't have anything to do with it well basically they don't have that knowledge and that's what this is talking about that knowledge of God so God was literally teaching his people Psalm 25 in its acrostic form is a teaching Psalm what to do when you go through crisis and to be discipled through that crisis to have a discipleship the psalm starts off with David asking for instructions Psalm 25 is believed to be a glimpse into the real David through his real life and by the way his life was messed up and there was a lot of things in his life that would would throw any of us for-loops especially some of us have gone through one maybe two maybe three crises but David has gone through crisis after crisis is an entire linen his entire life in it we see his concern about the external threats that are all around him that he faced all through his life and at the same time there's this internal crisis as he faces his own sins and shortcomings in reality it's a study of a double crisis the external and the internal and the truth is you face that today too we face external crises but we also face internal crises David was concerned about the people that were against him and the situation there against him he was also concerned about his own sinful heart how many ever feel you've failed God David was concerned that he failed God and so it's a very apropos psalm for all of us to listen to and understand it's the outside struggles and the inside struggles we go through in life let me give you this this is we know what that is that is a petrified t-rex egg with a t-rex inside of it that baby never made it out that little t-rex it had some internal struggles all obviously but it also what if it had made it out well that tiny t-rex had 75 percent chance of death by week two so they didn't survive a whole lot let me give you this one this is the American crocodile the average crocodile will lay about 500 eggs and hatch 95% of them but only one or two will survive after a week so out of 500 eggs only one obviously there's some struggles going on there external and internal anybody know what this is I've talked about this a long time ago anybody know what an egg tooth is on a chicken see a little dot right there that's an egg tooth if you have a chicken and you can hear me inside the egg and you crack that egg open that chicken will die he has to use that egg tooth to crack that egg open that struggle makes his body circulate its blood and that's what makes him live so struggles are not necessarily things that are evil to us because God can use them for good somebody say Amen so because of crises we seek stability building our protections around us many of us when they collapse we feel out of control crises are called unpredictable changes in life but most of us enjoy predictable changes we want things that are predictable we don't want and I don't want it either to face the unpredictable as humans we like the planned changes that come into our life a vacation to an unknown spot most of us go to the same spots because we know the spots a new house we have to make sure it's inspected we want to make sure everything's going on I understand that a rearranging of furniture even though we have the furniture we want to plan it before we do it we don't like changes that come upon suddenly and we anticipate things that we enjoy many times we can't wait till a new football season opens in the next phone call that brings good news we love those good news things but when the structure of our lives break down panic sets in panic by the way is a word that comes from the god Pan the god Pan is is actually depicted as some type of demon and so in 70 would see them they would panic and so panic sets in when we have crises in our lives now listen closely because they even want you to know a couple of things it's at these times these unexpected breaks in our normal lives which God will use for divine opportunities to grow us in wisdom then repeat that God uses those breaks in our life those unexpected things those crises to grow us in divine wisdom we do not grow when things are going nice for us we grow through hardship somebody say amen to that we always grow through hardship unexpected changes are teaching spots in our lives like the diagnosis of cancer or the stock market collapsing and you're involved in it or Mount st. Helens erupting what about if you were near you were near there we relived or tornadoes in your hometown or when we faced our own mortality or in our income our jobs or health or our well-being is threatened sometimes only then are we ready for outside intervention for God to do for us we can't do for ourselves you see there are certain things in your life you cannot do for yourself and you have to rely on God for answers to our look to our ways and our are wise in our house and our winds that's what Dave was doing in Psalm 25 he wants to remind us and remember what to do when everything you wanted in life is nothing you're seeing come about they even want you to know what to do in a time of crises so he gives us point by point and ABC so I'm going to give you them tonight and I'm gonna point them out to you a basically ask for help you are not going to get anything from God unless you ask him for it so watch Psalm 25 when the five says this unto thee O Lord do I lift up my soul so he starts out oh my god I trust in thee let me not be ashamed that my enemies triumph over me yea let none that wait on thee be ashamed let them be ashamed which transgress without cause show me your ways o Lord teach me your paths leave me and I truth teach me for thou art thy god of my salvation on thee do I wait all the day now I'm gonna set a little setting to this the truth is you will not get what you don't ask for from God you have to ask God to get something look at James 1:5 says this if any of you lack wisdom you should ask God you know how you get wisdom you don't go to school ei wisdom you ask God and listen who gives generously to all without finding fault and it'll be given to you if you don't know if you don't know to do in a situation all you have to do is pray for wisdom that's as simple as it gets you don't have to call up your neighbors and call up your friends and it's okay for you go to counseling but you can get wisdom for yourself come on some of you aren't a Menna me enough you can twist them for yourself all you got to do is that's God's words that's not mine he says all you got to do is ask me I'll give it to you liberally I'll generously give you is 'dom if you ask me for it and by the way when you ask God for you've got a d'void divorce sure self of your own ideas you don't ask God to back what you're saying what you're thinking you ask God to show you what his wisdom is sometimes that's quite opposite of what we may need he says this little James says you do not have because you do not ask you asking you do not receive because you ask amiss to spend it on your own your passions what he's saying is this you don't get from God because you haven't asked them but even if you have asked them maybe you're asking was some type of caveat involved you want to you'll have to do something but this is the way you want it to go he said well you're not gonna get that either because you have to ask with a pure heart with an open heart with an empty heart and so what's happening here I kind of I kind of took these ABCs by the way let me let me just share something some of you may have that I got a couple months ago I guess it was I got this letter that said I had an unclaimed asset in Alabama from 1980-1989 however got one of those what happened was I overpaid waterville and they were there sending me this notice saying you need to claim this you need to claim this now obviously I could have claimed it but it was for 22 cents it was like I didn't ask you know what I didn't get the 22 cents back you don't ask you don't get that's exactly what God is telling us now I kind of took these ABCs as a step further and gave you a message in a message you see David struggles had real names just like ours do so when we get to a letter in the memorization let me apply it to an enemy that's that with that same letter starting their name wasn't it wasn't hard for me to find these enemies that David you know that the our chart said that ask that's the a so let me give you an enemy of David's and let's see if you know who he is his name is Absalom ask for help Absalom think of Absalom look at David please please to God Psalm 25 let me not be ashamed I read it to you let me not be ashamed have your kids ever made you feel ashamed how many of you have kids they made you feel ashamed well I'm gonna raise my hand let me tell you what happened I had an evangelist over the church we had a big group of people go out to Danny's restaurant Marc was about three years old we sat in a high chair after we started after we stopped talking I looked in and there was more food on that floor than there was on the table I said sure I'll listen I'm going out I don't want them anybody to know he's mine you can stay here with him but I'm going out sure your kids have shamed they shamed you how about when they were small eating in public and crumbs all over the place I'm sure they've shamed you my dad told a story when he was living when I was young about my brother he very rarely took my brother to any movies but a movie came out and my brother wanted to see it and we don't have a whole lot of money my dad told this and my mother retold it and my dad took my and my brother to a movie is brought back in the early 50s and who the lady had sat for my brother wouldn't sit in a seat but the lady that sat in front of him had a hat with a feather on it and my brother kept smelling the feather and put it in tickling himself and he regurgitated all over that lady the story goes that my dad walked out and didn't take him with him did Absalom David's son make David feel ashamed well he did Absalom you remember he had a sister Tamar and he had a brother he had a brother Amnon and Amnon raped Tamar and Absalom killed his brother Amnon second Samuel thirteen David should have killed him he should have killed his I should have put him to death because it was against Mosaic law to take a life and not it's a life or an eye he should have done that but he should have given him over to be judged even pull himself out of him give him over to be judged but two years later he lived he still lived in Israel and he never saw David's face David wouldn't talk to him he sets Joab field on fire to get his father to talk to him I told you to be a lot of lot of Scripture tonight so that the King would talk to him David then Parkman's his son for the murder Absalom undermines David at the gate of Jerusalem he takes that and he goes against his father he has hatred in his heart liquid salmon % with second Samuel says and on this manner did Absalom – all Israel that came to the King for judgment so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel is that the gate so people coming into the kingdom he would make friends with them he would smooth them and basically pull him away from David and there came a messenger to David saying the hearts of the men of Israel are after Absalom David sent all his servants that were with him at Jerusalem arise let us flee for we shall not all else escape from Absalom make speed the depart list.the overtake us suddenly and bring evil upon us and smite the city with the edge of the sword ease of David's running away from the palace because of his son now watch you talk about being ashamed he's running away from the palace second Kings 16 22 22 says this then said Absalom to hit FL give counsel among you what we shall do and if L said to Absalom go into unto thy father's concubines which is left to keep the house and all Israel shall hear that there are a board of that father then shall the hands of all they that that are with thee be strong so they spread Absalom 1/10 upon the top of the house NAB someone into his father's concubines a side of all of Israel he had physical relations with all of David's wives I mean you talked about something that's going to shame you he's going to bring them to me to bring a tremendous amount of shame moreover I hid the fell said this let me now choose out 12,000 men so he has a huge gathering and I will arise and pursue after David this nice thing to go kill his father and it says this that will cop on him while he is weary and weak handed and it will make him afraid and all the people that are with him shall flee and I'll smite the King on them that kill my father and I will bring back all the people unto thee the man whom thou seekest as if the L returned so all the people shall be in peace and the saying pleased Absalom well and all the elders of Israel there's a plot to go against this father not only to go against his wives but to make a shame of his father openly but then to go and kill his father now watch David is at this pocking about shame he state remember Evan asked a Scott he's talked about his shame your greatest shame you ready for this I'm gonna tell you the amazing thing about this story is that David never asked God to keep him from shame he never asked him that before this Psalm 25 asks him to keep him from shame your greatest shame you ready for this that's a quote the mark Karelian quote whoever that is your greatest shame will always come from the one you elevate the most always now I'm not saying they'll always give you shame but if you get your greatest shame will came from the one that you have the most respect for and I'm sure he had respect for his dad but basically that's where the worst shame could possibly come let me give you the second part of why he's writing he says this so ask for help be honest about yourself now let's tie these together because again God's given me a whole lot to share with you tonight and I have little time to do it be honest about yourself Psalm twenty five six and seven remember O Lord thy tender mercies and their loving kindness for they have been ever of old remember not the sins of my youth he's saying God I'm asking you for help but don't remember the sins of my youth nor the trends grab my transgressions according to thy mercy remember that me for that goodness sake o God he's saying I want mercy be up so the second thing is be be honest about yourself the B I put with this is none other than Bathsheba David sinned with Bathsheba was a classic example of a cover-up conspiracy Watergate had nothing on Bathsheba if well what would sir got a live it'll be on the news every night he had no intentions of coming clean on his own he needed a prophet Nathan Nathan says this where for a stout despised the commandment of the Lord to do evil in the sight you've killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword you've taken his wife to be that wife and have slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon now therefore the sword will shall never depart from your house it's the prophecy because thou hast despised me and has taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be wife that said the Lord behold that will raise up evil against the a David out of your own house remember Absalom and I will take thy wives before thy eyes and give them unto thy neighbor he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of the son for thou this that secretly but I will do this thing before all of Israel and before the son now listen just listen can you see David's mindset here and what he's saying is this it's a cause-and-effect thing because I took you Ryan killed him and took his wife God promised me he's going to give me shame from my own household his son lies with his wives this is that happens after this by the way he made Lysa this house in front of all of Israel it is you reap what you sow Absalom happened you ready for this because of Bathsheba that's why it happened it's cause-and-effect so if you want out of crisis number one ask for help a number to be honest about yourself and number three confess the Lord as your teacher Psalm 25 eight to eleven good and upright is the Lord therefore he will teach the sinners in the way the meek will he guide in judgment knows the word meek and the meek will he teach his way all the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth on that such as keep his covenants and his testimonies only to those to keep his law for their namesake the Lord pardon my iniquity for it is great David's again confessing his sin but he's asking God to teach him let him show him show you how to defeat how to defeat your I put a I put a see on confess the Lord so I put a champion of the Philistines we all know that when they gave him fits Goliath champion of the Philistines I can only think of C as the champion of the Philistines that David had a crisis with basically Goliath how did he defeat him young David was what I called the mighty meek listen the meek will he guide in judgment and the meekly teaches way all the past the Lord and mercy and truth with such keep his covenant and his testimonies how is he meek we'll look it says it right here Saul said to David you're not able to go against the Phils seem to fight with him your youth but he's a Manowar from his youth David said the soft servant kept his father's sheep came a line and the Baron took a lamb of the flock and went after him smote him and delivered it out of my mouth and when he arose out of his mouth and when he arose against me I caught him by his beard can you imagine this and smote him and slew him by serving both slew the lion and the bear and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them seen he has defied the armies of the Living God David said moreover the Lord that delivered me out of the palm of the lion of the paw of the bear he'll deliver me out of the hand of the Philistine Saul said that David go and the Lord be with you by the way Saul should have been fighting Goliath he was head and shoulders about every bit of everyone else in Israel so he was a giant among the people of Israel so to speak he's the one that should have fought Goliath he did not and listen to what happens watch watch the meekness of David saw armed David with his army remember he said a bush shoulders above all the other people saw is David's just a little ruddy youth and he put a helmet of brass upon his hand also he armed with a coat of mail and David girded sword upon his armor and he is safe to go but he had not proved it David said it's all I can't go with these or I've not proven them and David put them off him it's a meekness I'm gonna go how in who I am I'm gonna go and what God has told me to do I'm gonna go that way so listen the mighty meek only God can show us a way to really defeat our Goliath's in life our meekness is mighty if we give it to God we don't need the world's armor to fight our battles all we need is God's armor David's going through crises one after another in his life he's thinking about them in Psalm 25 and I can't help but put names to them Goliath was a real enemy David needed a real plan a path a an instructor I like to say it this way as and I'm gonna give you another Karelian quote – and one night can you imagine let's take another offering okay here you go as long as God is in the lead your Goliath's will bleed as long as God's in the lead your goliaths will leave they're gonna have to come succumb to who you are in God if you trust God any crisis that you go through is going to be defeated because God is on your side greater see that is in you than he that's in the world it's basic biblical truths that you need to understand that we have Goliath in our lives my Goliath one of them was cancer let me tell you something I didn't bleed out from cancer cancer bled out for me because I put God first you have to do that in your life you have to make God your sole supporter he's got to be someone that you trust listen so if you want out of crisis a number one ask for help be be honest about yourself confess your sins it's okay C confess the Lord as your teacher god teach me through this show me give me a plan nd determined to keep God's secrets as a path for your life the secrets of God determine them hide them in your heart determine to keep God's secrets as a path for your life the Bible says this in Psalm David writes that he's singing it one man is he that fears the Lord him shall he teach the way that he shall choose his soul shall dwell at ease and his seed shall inherit the earth the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him and he'll show them his covenant my eyes are ever toward the Lord for he shall pluck my feet out of the net so what do I think about Dee who can I line up for Dee with David anyone have any ideas how about this guy that most people don't know his name is doig Doeg is somebody that betrayed David and watch in Psalm and excuse me a second it's the first Sam a lot of Scripture so the priest gave them hallowed bread for there was no bread there but the showbread David's running from Saul that was taken for him before the Lord I'm going fast to put hot bread in the day when was taken away now a certain man of the servants of Saul David's enemy was there that day detained before the Lord his name was doe egg and neither might the chiefest of their herdsmen that belonged to Saul and David said to Abimelech he's the priest there is not enough here under thy hands spear sword I have neither bought my sword nor my weapons with a date of Saul's after him because the King's business required haste and the priest said this sort of Goliath a Philistine who used Slough in the Valley of Elah behold it's here wrapped in a cloth behind ephod if it will take that take it for there is no other save say that here David said there is none like that give it to me David arose and fled that day – for fear of saw and went to Asia and the king of Gath now watch how it goes on what happens here it says then saul said to his servant that stood by him here now ye Benjamites the son of jesse give every one of you fields in vineyard and make you all caps as a thousands of captains of hundreds that all of you conspired against me Saul saying there's none of you that shows me that my son has made a league with the son of Jesse that's that that is talking about Jonathan there's none of you that's sorry for me or shows me none to me that my son has stirred up my servant against me – lion wait as at this day then answer Doeg the Edomite which was which was set over the servants of solid said I saw the son of Jesse in Covington knob to him alack the son of a tub and kinks if the King said that though I turn you it fall upon the priest and dag the heat of my turn and he fell upon the priest and still in that they've eighty-five persons that wore it in linen Eve eighth five priests so he was they were you say he was he was lying in wait he was a betrayer listened David's fleeing from Saul here he has no food he has no weapon Saul's in hot pursuit let's talk about crises he runs to where the priests are at the city of Nob were Goliath sword is on display he desires food and a sword but there's a secret enemy there that day and take note all of your enemies are not vocal and all of your enemies are not out in the open some of your enemies you fellowship with every day that's a hard statement isn't it some are spies ready to betray you to the enemy first samuel 2218 tells us about that one of David's most hurtful enemies was someone he thought was on his side Doeg he wants us to remember crises happen when we failed to keep godly secrets when we don't search out people's hearts on your way to overcoming a crisis a asked for help be be honest about yourself ask for help is Absalom be honest about yourself Bathsheba confessed the Lord you're your teacher champion of the Philistines determined to keep God's secrets as a path for your life doh egg and E and list that I'm going quickly because we're gonna get to you tonight enlist in the mercies of God Psalm 25 16 to 21 turns the enemy and have mercy on these begging for mercy from desolate I'm afflicted the troubles of my harder enlarged she's talking about us crises bring down me out of de-stresses look upon my affliction in my pain forgive all my sins consider my enemies third many and they are you can go through a list them and they hate me with cruel hatred remember son to solve every one down the line I'll keep my soul and delivery that may not be a shame for I put my trust in thee then integrity and uh price preserve me for I wait on thee this is e enlist in the enlist in the mercies of God who would I put with E this man Ely AB you may not know who he is but Ely AB is David's older brother and Ely AB is a lot to say now here's one of the strongest points David wants to make to us tonight and again would you give me a couple more minutes tonight thank you in your personal crises you can many times feel all alone as a matter of fact in your times of greatest need you can feel alone he says that I read it to you he says the troubles of my heart are in large they'll bring me that of my de-stresses I am desolate and afflicted I'm alone I'm going through this myself how many Vaughn through a crisis and you fell like you're all alone David saying that he's saying I feel all alone and listen you have to understand what he's saying here even in your even your family can abandon you at times the worst enemies you'll ever have are those of your own household those you trust those who though they are family seek to discourage you to belittle you to show you to shun you and make you feel that all your efforts are pathetic and worthless I don't have time for a lot of illustrations today but let me tell you what I well I was a I was a in my church like that I was saved in actually not saved him but actually was Cheryl now were part of I was a member of the church I was a board member of the church I was an elder of the church I led song service I know that's hard to believe I was on the building committee I had a Sunday School class and God was calling me into the ministry I had a great relationship with Pastor I went to him and told him that God was calling him into me I was it that was one of the biggest tithes in the church I went to him to him that was calling me into ministry you know he said to me no he's not he discouraged me says you're never gonna be a minister he says you can't do that he says you're supposed to be here man you want to know how my balloon was deflated so his wife was there she says you're never gonna get a church even if you were a minister and it was kind of pretty discouraging let me tell you something I trusted them but discouragement can come from people you trust somebody say Amen visit David's elder brother let me give you just a couple more scripture before I get you to the end of this and David spake to the minute stood by him saying what shall be done thematic because I'm going to tell you this is so David runs to the front of the army he says what's Houska why does he keep defying the armies of the Living God and only Abbas brother comes over says what are you doing here I'm paraphrasing what are you doing here you're just trying to seek out some news you're just a little gossip guy go home he shuns him could you imagine if he listened to his other older brother Goliath would never have fallen listen when you feel the Spirit of Almighty God quickening you to overcome a crises and those closest to you shut down or they shut up or they shut you out that's when you have got to enlist the mercies of God that's what you've got to say God I need to do this now infirmity and upright in this preserve me integrity and uprightness preserve me for I wait on thee you are in a battle today whether you know it or not and your family many times doesn't see the way you see God many times they look at you as a fanatic somebody who's nuts somebody is crazy you have to continue to pursue it to persevere and say oh my god is everything in my life I'm going to trust them with everything I have whether it's your kids whether it's your parents whether it's your grandparents whether it's your relatives your aunt's your uncle's your nieces you've got to make a stand and say god I am going to enlist you into my life and I am going to believe that you have something for me no matter who discourages me if God tells you something you got to run with it because he's not gonna tell you anything else have you downs you still with me tonight all right keep going internally wait on God that's what the Bible says wait I wait on thee this is what I wait on thee now watch you're almost home tonight listen you're almost there to the point of overcoming that is so when Absalom's shame you when that Sheba's pull you away from the truth when champion Philistines defy you when Doh eggs double-cross you when Neely I was discouraged you though there's only one more fight that you've got to fight when to win your crisis you've got to expand your picture and you've got to finalize your actions by seeing the big picture redeem Israel of God out of all his troubles okay here's what it boils down to you know the person I put on this one mark Carell I listen to me here's David's biggest crisis it's your biggest crisis and it's my biggest crisis it's yourself because I can speak this tonight I could scream it tonight I could teach it tonight but you have got to receive it tonight if you don't receive and you get in a Chrysler say well you know what I'm gonna just call somebody up what do I do here if you forget what David's telling you Davis trying to remember he's writing this for himself he's saying I want to remember this forever because my whole life has been a crisis and the next time I get in when I'm gonna get my harp out and I'm gonna sing this song I'm gonna sing what I've been told the Bible tells us about it it says God's plan is always there look at look at the red part of that it says I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh all of us whereas you have yielded your members service uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness it's just Paul Paul's telling the Romans you know buddy tells me chapter seven he says a wretched man that I am who delivered me from the body of this death I find that there's a law inside me with my mind I want to serve God with my flesh I serve sin who o wretched man that I am don't stop up chapter seven go right into chapter eight because it's the finale of it he says I thank God now that I don't walk after the flesh but after the spirit let me tell you something tonight you and I are sinners you and I fall short many many times you and I complete on God's mercy but the truth is you are not walking after the flesh tonight you're walking after the spirit the truth is you can tap into God anytime you want because you're a child of God you're a daughter of God you're a son of God and so when you belittle yourself you're belittling yourself in the hand of God God does not believe in you he lifts you up he makes you the head he doesn't make you the tail the whole idea of crisis is you got to be playing your a game you've got to get your game face on you gotta say this thing is not gonna overcome me this thing I'm gonna overcome in spite of my shortcomings in spite of who I am in spite of all my insecurities I'm gonna overcome this none of the plan that Davis sings about is going to happen unless you get on board you've got to get on board listen you have to do it look life many times is a struggle if you tell me life's not a struggle then you're a liar this is struggle it was for David a great deal of the time I think most of his life they even have more opposition in his life than Apple has iPads he had opposition everywhere but Psalm 25 is a psalm of release of overcoming crises the Hebrew ABCs of crisis management listen Psalm 25 the plan that went over crisis ask for help when Absalom shame you be honest about yourself when best chibis pull you away from the truth confess the Lord is your teacher when champion Philistines defy you determined to keep God's secrets as a path for your life when Doh eggs double-cross you and list in the mercies of God we need liam's discourage you and initiate finalize your actions by seeing the big picture which is you its crisis management the bottom line is you it's you so let me tell you in closing yeah Mabel he's closing God has a purpose for your pain he has a reason for your struggle and a reward for your faithfulness never never never never give up never give up you cannot give up don't give in and don't give up you know why a lot of people in MD Anderson died on the floor oh is that not necessary because their cancer was bad it was bad but a lot of them gave up they just gave up doctors came in and talked to me they said you know there's something amazing about you and it's it's kind of it's not a prideful thing and they slow this Cheryl he said they were bringing doctor after doctor he says you're not giving up I said why would I give up I have life I have breath why would I give up until my last breath I'm never gonna give up I'm not gonna give up life because I'm not feeling well or because you're giving me some negative report I'm trusting God so God didn't promise days without pain man do I know that don't you know that he didn't say be a Christian everything's gonna be a bowl of cherries actually if you become a Christian most of the time you get the pits he never promised the days without pain or laughter without sorrow or some without rain but he did promise strength for the day comfort for the tears and light for the way if God brings you to it he will bring you through it I promise you that he will bring you through it lastly tonight when you feel like you're drowning in life don't worry your lifeguard walks on water tonight I want to encourage you because I know there's lots of people out there that have crises I get letters all the time we get emails all the time it's it's sad to me that I can't go these people minister to them in Canada New Zealand all over the place tell me the crises that they're in you know I just tell them and just want to give a hug and tell listen it's gonna be okay trust God but you know what there's somebody's not encouraging them they're not getting it they're saying you know they'll they'll listen because they had encouraged why do I want to encourage you because you win and all you have to do is trust God I mean what's the worst that can happen to you you die you think that's gonna be worse when you die you're going to beat the right to the throne of God wrap your mind around it God is not going to cause you any pain in your life you may go through struggles but God's never even give you pain God's gonna bring you through it you know somebody said to me that they were going undergoing something you don't undergo anything you overcome it you knowing you can undergo well you I'm overcoming so tonight I'm gonna ask you just to bow your heads and just stand with me just for a moment I want to pray a prayer over all your lives tonight now I pray a success prayer and I'm not just talking about financially I'm not just talking about mentally I want to talk about something that gets into your very soul you know the truth is that all of us have a road inside of our heart and that road takes you someplace that rotates you to dark areas you need to turn back off that road and go back to the light spots your road runs by a clear River the closer you get to that road and you follow it that roads going to bring you to Christ and that River you're gonna drink from as you go when we get in trouble is when we veer off that road and there and we get thirsty and dry because the river is way over there God wants to bring you right close to that River that road leads design it leads to Christ father tonight I thank you I praise you for your power I thank you Lord God not that David never had a problem as a matter of fact the more I read about David that's all he had all he had were crises we have nothing compared to what David was going through but Lord he managed to take a harp or he managed to take a liar and he managed to sit down and play a note what he managed to make the instrument to play the notes to pull it into there his heart Lord God so that he can be one with you and overcome everything he's done even the things that were self-inflicted Lord God and I know that you always answered him because you always do what I thank you for your people tonight I pray Lord God for everyone that's listening to me whether they're here present Lord Facebook listening live or YouTube Lord God I pray that no matter what crises they're going through right now that they would reach out you said you'd be not far from any one of us if we just reach out and touch you may we reach out tonight Lord God we thank you for the power to overcome Lord God bless us now in Jesus name Amen god bless you

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  1. Thank you Pastor Mark for preaching such a powerful lesson through this I thank you God for this incredible message in Jesus name amen. love you all my family brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and savior Son of God amen I am asking you to keep me in prayer for my neck and spine all my joints and spend very painful but not taking anything out of it and trusting in God and standing strong he's a Healer he's a restore he is our Great Amen thank you God bless too everyone ♡

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