Primal Sound UK in Schools

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Children’s thoughts on their drumming lessons

they have regular sessions every week and we have three bands a year for band year five band in the year six band and what's wonderful is that the children get to play in school concerts which they absolutely adore it's nice to meet Sam and all of the other drumming people and it's just a good way to express yourself she tiles lots of jokes she comes up with funny worked for the rhythm Zoey can remember and she's just generally a nice person the children get to play a mixture of traditional African rhythms as well as creating their own rhythms as well and creating their own pieces of music and arrangements so they get a lot of ownership of what they play she's the djembe and if you put your hand in the middle it's a low B and if you put your hand on the edge it's a high B the thing I love about drumming is all the concerts and like you make loads of friends and try something

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