Pope Francis directs Vatican to act decisively on clergy sex abuse

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Vatican – 3 April 2013
1. Pope Francis greeting crowd of faithful at general audience in Saint Peter’s Square as he drives by in open vehicle
2. Pope Francis kissing baby
3. Wide of Pope Francis on the dais in Saint Peter’s Square
Rome – 5 April 2013
4. Father John Wauck, Opus Dei priest and professor of literature, reading Vatican bulletin on iPhone
5. Close-up Vatican bulletin on Pope Francis’ statement on paedophilia displayed on iPhone
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Father John Wauck, Opus Dei priest and professor of literature at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome:
“I expect Pope Francis to be very open in dealing with problems of sexual abuse and also very aggressive in promoting justice for victims. He has a long experience as a pastor, as a bishop and as a parish priest. I think that’s going to come in very, very handy for him, in communicating not just to the church in general, but above all to local clergy and bishops that need to take this seriously.”
FILE: Rome – 15 March 2012
7. Close-up of “Il Fatto Quotidiano” newspaper front page, headline reading: (Italian) “He covered up paedophiles, ‘get this cardinal out of the basilica'”, said to be a quote from Pope Francis who allegedly asked to distance himself from Cardinal Bernard Law during his visit to Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, in Rome
8. Close-up “Il Fatto Quotidiano” article reading: (Italian) “‘I don’t want to see the cardinal of paedophiles’. In Santa Maria Maggiore Bergoglio meets cardinal Law, who is accused of having covered up abuses”
Rome – 5 April, 2013
9. Wide of Pantheon in Rome
10. Set-up of Jacopo Scaramuzzi, journalist
11. Close of Vatican bulletin reading: (Italian) “Communique of the Congregation of the doctrine and faith”
12. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Jacopo Scaramuzzi, journalist for TM news agency specialising in Vatican:
“This makes me think that he (Pope Francis) could meet some victims of paedophilia himself. He also underlined that the training of priests is important. Let’s not forget that Pope Francis, in contrast to Ratzinger who was archbishop of Munich only for few years…. Bergoglio, instead, is a pastor, having had much experience as a bishop.”
13. Close-up of Vatican news service, headline reading: (Italian) “Francis: act decisively against sexual abuse”
FILE: Rome – 28 February 2013
14. Tilt down from activists from SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) to photos when they were children
Rome – 5 April, 2013
15. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Jacopo Scaramuzzi, journalist for TM news agency specialising in Vatican:
“Pope Francis demonstrates he doesn’t want to take a step back on the composition of adequate guidelines. Moreover, it (compulsory reporting to the authorities of suspected paedophile priests) has never been modified, an essential point, that is also urged by the associations of victims of paedophile priests, the compulsory reporting of abuses to civil authorities.”
Vatican – 3 April, 2013
16. Dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica
17. Wide of Saint Peter’s Square, pilgrims
Pope Francis directed the Vatican on Friday to act decisively on clergy sex abuse cases and take measures against paedophile priests, saying the Catholic Church’s “credibility” was on the line.
The announcement was quickly dismissed by victims’ advocates as just more talk.
Clergy abuse victims have called for swift and bold action from Francis as soon as he was elected pope last month. Yet in his homeland, Roman Catholic activists had characterised him as being slow to act against such abuse in his years heading the Argentine church.
Friday’s development left victims’ advocates unimpressed.
The Vatican quoted Francis as saying abuse victims were always present “in his attention and in his prayers.”

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3 thoughts on “Pope Francis directs Vatican to act decisively on clergy sex abuse

  1. While these issues remain managed internally, there is little to applause, We have local legal systems which the vatican feels does not apply to them, that being the reason we got into this mess in the first place. ALL allegation must be referred to and managed by local authorities. When that happens, I'll applaud, otherwise this is nothing more than a PR stunt.

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