Politics and Religion: Understanding Democratisation in Asia Part 1

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Politics and Religion: Understanding Democratisation in Asia Part 1

Professor Purwo Santoso
Lecturer of Department of Politics and Government
Universitas Gadjah Mada

hello my name is Rosario Santoso from department of politics and government at a university in Tunisia and in this location I will try to talk about religion and politics but the purpose of this lecture is to understand democratization more specifically democratization in as well but I am NOT expert in the IC as a whole so then we thought would be mostly taking reference on witnessing it's okay the idea of talking about religion politics and empathize distance is talking about democracy and in each country including the one in Austria there is a need to make and truly make its institutional setup and more complex one way in order to make democracy s model of governance covenant and this topic is important because there has been an attempt to standardize democracy in importance to liberal back up it's not always easy to remember and then we talk about liberal democracy in particular context then we are coming to terms with the problem of making delicious father inches politic at work and most of the religious problem everywhere in the world has been confined within the idea of making nation-state works so then we talk about the religion and politics in this regard we are talking about how religion in society and health and be confined within the governance of nation-states and more democratic way so these are the tension and because every country need to come to them the richest forces in their own way and also the way to bring into life the idea of nation state is different then there is a puzzle to matter and therefore then what we need to do is to make and to remake from time to time so there is no web set of democracy which should be implement unless we sacrifice the life of the people so in order to make the governance realistic and applicable then we have to talk about the relationship between religion and politics more specifically in the way state works now there is will attempt to standardize all to your eyes politic in particular way especially when we are talking about democracy one of the popular perception of German is proposed by the institution in speedier at the idea and it's trying to itemize the standard of new ways of conceptualizing democracy and more suggestive way is in the idea of making democratic index meaning that there is one idea of democracy and there is one standard for everyone and it's create problem if we link too much type that the proper standard and therefore I propose to connect in more contextual way because each country has encountered them with leeches Affairs in a specific manner and also the way to drink governance not easily carry out within the your idea of nation state for example Indonesia has been adopting an idea of nation state but it not one Lisi confined within one state but the deletion has is one state to confine so many nationhood including religious nationalism so then there are different facet different features of religious attachment religious organizations and we still have to come to them with a group our identity making party monuments of also that them if we we want to have one state one nation is not important not physical Indonesia and then for them Indonesia has to construct the idea of nation state and therefore then democracy then we have done to them how religion should be set in practice and and because of the anticipation of difficulty of grafting then it's just affinity within the society then there has been attempt from the beginning when Alicia tired to establish a nation state have the independent and the 45 we restrain not to adopt the idea of Islamic state so so there is a challenge for not allowing religious affinity transform into the callus peak view of religious practices with good more emphasis on legal aspect of it and therefore ammunition from the beginning priests and the idea of making a new mission as a nation state and this is different to Pakistan has been attempted through Pakistan was split from India and at the time Pakistan then we have West Pakistan and the dispatch tab and then later on Pakistan and Hermitage were split in order to pull find the richest affinity with him but instead and Indonesia tried to look the other way around so because of the idea of nation-states player preparing a different sort of religious power of this capacity then in order to match with the global standard Indonesia works as missile state but within different notion of original idea of nation state as that missile Europe because we have one who stood in Indonesia and then we have to think it in the kind of political engineering to make electricity mess with the nationhood mission stay positive nationalism and therefore them when we come to terms with the international standard then we are not an easy situation ok what contextual analysis is important because ladyship can work in good pebbly religion can unite people so people who have same set up leave that making their own routine and because any religion is subject to interpretation any religions is having their set of interpretation of the religious belief their religious affinity typically more than one and each of them for political issue like for election then they are committing another and when each religious affiliations are committing another the rich work as divider other than the teaching of religious affinity this is because liberal democracy has been tempting people yes adding to the group of believers and identity making this important element in mobilizing the people and the need for moon poletik people then lead us to make religious as a political instrument for political purposes and and this is what make democracy is typical to bring together now the case of Indonesia is interesting because Indonesia mostly on soup and he deliberately not established not to declare a diminution as an Islamic state but then we decided to bring each religion within the state this is completely different but we have been Europe in which state need to be signal and the integral state means religious affairs should call here the state needs because militant meant to be a private business but Indonesia to the Adorama yes we are adopting Islamic States but on the other hand we invite each religious belief in one group member of state of Indonesia and then we we drink some religious effect to the state so we have minister of Religious Affairs we have some issues on config religious matter so then we have religious education system for example and at one hand the state profile is written for every ditches believer group practice the religion but state liquor norm and not all this not always the same with religious no so so this is because of the possibility of tonight as well as 50 facts or them it misses design of mission state try to make all religions for family team on stage but then they all equally treated within the state and and then instead of getting rid of religion who public-affairs them in Misha will be develop and most public affairs public services in the country also allowed by religious organization not months of education system and a delicious piece of medicine both Muslim and non-muslim and this is because editing continued and living religious belief er to practice in public services within the country is important and therefore their capital governing the religion to be part of missions that Elisha was a big project and this project has been ongoing and maybe efforts so that the tension between religion and design of nation state is underrated finishes on the remaking from time to time this is just a case of Indonesia the gift from China China was not nation state from the beginning and as demand for democracy was set as a local standard the China tried to define democracy in their own way and then the ability of Chinese government to justify the district way to put democracy and practice has become an external challenge because they might the system might be acceptable to the people but maybe international standard is not easily accepted so then there is a tension to mitigate conduct within the country and they decide we justify the regime to start that motive evidence implementable in practice now as I said each stage has been presumed to be a nation state and religion last extent to find nationalist nationality nationalism in particular country and therefore indonesia muslim to related operations and then we have to come to within efficient ways of making nation state indonesia works but India Pakistan and Bangladesh decide the format of nation state in different motel but without training here is that the majority of religion and a few country define how national governance work and because we to some extent agree on making democracy workable definition of state so then there are a variety of implementing the idea of nation state some to say parliamentarians some to sing residential some mix because of the particular situation that they have to take due consideration so but other times you say that there is a privacy of the system to clear with religious a fairer and the war that we have to negotiate the the meaning and the purpose of nation step in order to be able to accommodate religious politics in each country and in order to understand this there are three element that we need to clarify the first person is politics religions in the sexual health secondly if yes where is the intersection of the deep will be quality original ah understanding democratization more specifically Asia and then what does democratization integral within this context and to clarify this I would like to say that yes we are linking one another so democracy is the big concept for us to think about it and there is should be unique set of democratic system there is a unique way of institutionalizing the idea of democracy given the wheel of democracy religious practices and religious politic and the other bill is the idea of nation state as generic design for bringing about democracy particular context so because when we depart the oppressor inevitably we have to come to them with this belief and religious believers their religions as important element but to make religion functional then we should adopt religious set up into the whole design of state and the national state which typically also taking into account religious nationalism practice that should be a moody thing and as I said as the Moodle of kicking out religion from stepped of embracing and into the game all the religious belief system so the point our topic here is this yes democracy means at the world way in literature but there should be a college for each country define how to fine-tune the idea of democracy that's easy to government religious politics and also within a nation state as local tempted otherwise we're in a bit not so Tobias the first part of Medicine step democracy is passer each country all over the words has to come to term the majority of thinker has been conceptualized democracy as liberal covenant but given the difficulty of bringing the Italian mindset and thinking into practice each country react to the democracy in their own ways and then they define democracy in such a way and on the other hand there has been process of linking the idea of nation step crystallographer not a comment that if to the need for in it is funding lesson and quality which is power in their country so the intersectional is in the one in the motel of democracy this is the first part

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