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“Nothing will determine your freedom more than the people you choose to live your life with.”
– Erwin McManus

Filmed live at Mosaic Orange County – 07/21/19 – 11:00am

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I didn't grow up in church I didn't grow up in faith and and for a lot of us this is a new experience not necessarily being in a church on Sunday but being a part of mosaic and creating something unique and something different then and and sometimes it's hard to explain what we're trying to do I don't know if you guys like soccer but I love soccer and football properly known and around the rest of the world and and I was in South America and someone's asked me what's the difference between like mosaic and let's say maybe other other churches and I said well it's so difficult to explain because if you write it on paper it all seems the same when you talk about American soccer and Brazilian soccer on paper it's the same on paper you have 11 players and a goalie and a goal in a soccer ball and the dimensions of the field are the same and so if you just saw on paper Brazilian football and American football you think the same but when you watch Brazil play and you watch the u.s. play you go oh it's different it's a different understanding of how the spaces are used and and a huge part of who mosaic is is that we we always keep our hearts posture to the person who's furthest away from God we always keep our hearts posture the person who's outside of our community we always keep our hearts passions of the person that other people would not see or not value or not consider and and and while we care for each other and while we really do want to have the kind of community where we help each other we're always a place where there's an empty seat at the table waiting for that person we did not expect to show up because that's a huge part of what brought me to faith you know I think a lot of times we act like belief systems are all about intellectual arguments about who's smarter whose argument is better but I can tell you I did not come to faith because smarter people are having conversations with me and I didn't not come to faith because I was smarter than the people I was having conversations with and in fact a lot of times when I did not believe in God I was sure I won the battle I won the argument I won the debate but I felt like I was still losing something and there was something inside of me that always longed to experience what these people seem to experience it it's kind of a pain I mean it's the most frustrating thing in the world when you feel like someone else is wrong and you're right and you want their life because I would I think I'd kind of like rather be wrong and have their life than right and have my life and a huge part the journey for me it was really understanding that that we sometimes miss diagnose what's really important in life we end up creating all these theologies about things that no one's asking about it's amazing you know when there used to be Christian bookstores I guess they're all gone now but all book stars are gone now is it just there's just Amazon they own the world and and there are all these books about like the end times yeah you're in notice that you know in all these movies about the end times and and then I try to open the Bible wow there's nothing in here that's in those movies that I realized there are more books written about things that no one understands because we tend to write more about things we really do understand because no one knows if they're right or wrong but I kind of was that the place of my life going well really I don't really care how it ends I kind of care how my story yeah but I don't really care more about the end of history that I care about the middle of my story I just kind of want to know like it does my life matter is there any way to find some meaning in this life is there any way to do anything that makes you feel as if your life is significant and and I think that's really where most of us are in our life and and so I in the joking way I actually just basically created what I called party theology because I felt like a lot of times religion just sucks the life out of people because whenever I would experience anything religious it was always really quiet it was always really serious it was almost like somber and morose and and and I kind of associated God with being depressed like if it felt depressing it had to be spiritual and and if it felt happy you knew God wasn't in it because a moment there was like happiness or joy or laughter it couldn't be spiritual right and there's some of you maybe you come from kind of religious background and it might feel a little awkward to be in a place where people laugh is that really right everybody what's funny is that if you can laugh it means God created you with the ability to laugh so if you can actually if you can enjoy that means you're created with the ability to enjoy so so I want you to know whatever you believe God's not like out there somewhere going stop it you're enjoying that way too much see I don't care what people say I still believe that we are able to create Donuts because God created us in His image and we have pizza because God's creative and gave us the capacity create those things and and we want to connect together spirituality and joy we want to reconnect what it means to to enjoy a life because we're created not just to enjoy God but to enjoy each other to enjoy life and so there there's this time when Jesus was at a party by the way Jesus ate a lot because I want to be like Jesus okay eat a lot and walk a lot because those are the two things Jesus did a lot and so if you want to be like Jesus walk a lot and and and eat with people because the the life of Jesus is really a life lived in community with people and one of the curious things to me is a lot of times people try to over spiritualize themselves by saying you know I don't need the church I don't need people it's just me and God you've been around like people like that maybe you are people like that right it's just I insist I just want trees but you know if Jesus had come and just that yeah I'm just gonna kind of commune with the trees we wouldn't be here talking about Jesus because I think trees are easier than people how about you way easier I know dogs are easier than people cuz I have a dog and she's awesome and she loves me without condition and ever breaks my heart and but people are tough but Jesus spends his life with people there's nothing we know about Jesus that is outside of the context of human relationships think about that everything we know about Jesus is in contrast and in the context of human relationships and so Jesus goes to a lot of partys and some of them are really looked down upon but this time you go the party he starts teaching what I would call party theologies in Luke chapter 14 beginning in verse seven it says Jesus noticed how the guest picked the places of honor at the table and then he told them this parable so he's watching what's going on he's watching people kind of negotiate and figure out where they were thinking it said you ever go to an event where there's like a table with 20 seats or 15 seats or 10 seats and you're trying to figure out where do you want to sit you know cuz you want to sit around the person that you know you want to talk to or or or maybe you want to make sure that you're in the middle of conversation Jesus watching them I'll negotiate for their own importance and then Jesus says when someone invites you to a wedding feast do not take the place of honor for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited if so the host who invited both he will come to you and say to you give this person your seat that he humiliated you'll have to take the least important place but when you are invited take the lowest place that when your host comes he will say to you friend move up to a better place then you'll be honored than presence of all the other guests for all those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted and aside from all the details of this what Jesus is really saying to us is if we want to live out a proper party theology and live the kind of life that he lived we need to go to serve wherever we go wherever we're invited wherever we're we're a part of we need to go with the posture to serve rather than to be served and so he lays out some nuances and I get them have have you ever gone to a sporting event and you had bad tickets come on anybody but then you saw like open seats and better a better section you're here that do you ever have like a friend who's just evil and they said let's go let's go you know and you couldn't like no no I went to the right thing I'm gonna stay in my seats and they go come on come on cuz you ever had that or you argue that friend are you here that you're that one those seats are open man no one's using them no one's going to know see I'm the guy going I'm gonna get caught I know I'm gonna get caught and and I I had to admit like there was a time where I was a little friend and he's no longer my friend put that behind me and and he said look at those he's looking see that's call and he talked me into it and we went and now a little while later I'm the whole time I can't even enjoy the game I like things I know they're coming I know they're coming here right here yeah do you have to act like they're your seats yeah I own this space but I couldn't I couldn't and eventually these people came in the last year came he goes excuse me can we see your tickets and then you're pretending oh this this is the 100 section I'm in the 302nd I I didn't know I thought it was 103 I'm Dyslexic who would have now and another thing more humiliating than choosing a seat that is above your honor and then having someone tell you you know you don't belong here and Jesus says don't do that take the seat in the 300 section so that maybe someone sees you it invites you to come down to the 102nd you're gonna be honored in front of everyone he says take a posture where you live your life serving other people it's a beautiful thing because I think so often times we try to figure out how to be accepted or to be loved or to have friends or to find your way into an inner circle and and what Jesus is actually saying is instead of trying to figure out how to get into a circle just create the circle just just serve people and love people and be there for people instead of waiting for someone to be your friend you just be the friend instead of waiting for someone to pull you and you pull them in and and you create the space where you're serving other people and I I look back and realize that was a huge part of what brought me to faith it's just people choosing to serve us as a family and it was my mom and my brother and my two little sisters and and my and my brother and I were in college so we'd only come home on occasion and and my mom came to faith and she called me up since she was a Christian I had no idea what that was but she seemed happy so I was happy for her and I was irreligious so I wasn't for religion or against religion I never thought about religion but I started going seeing my mom and next thing I knew she's going to church and she's around all these really strangely be people and and they seem to have their lives centered around God which was such an odd concept to me I mean isn't that an odd space to be or your whole life is built on God you see if you believe in God if you believe in Jesus that may seem normal or natural to you but it's really weird can you ever met someone who's like a Dodger fan that's all they are like their it like Kevin Pena like this guy right here like this guy's like I know Laker fan does this guy's a Laker fan when the whole world's going why like though and it's like he's all about that like you ever been around someone like that they're just it's all they think about all they do it's it's all they wear and it's their whole life and I can almost understand a sports fanatic except really it's kind of hard right they never play like you're not on the field you're not on the court they're not paying you are you think you're paying money to sell their brand right I mean it's kind of crazy right and but we're used to sports fanatics it's a little stranger you think wow this person's whole life is built around God so I kept meeting these people like that and that was so odd and my brother died we came home for the summer from college we had no no identifiable skills and and so this this guy hires us to work for his construction company but we're so poor we don't have a car so he has the construction manager pick us up at our apartment where we all live together every morning to take us to work and bring us back home every day the owner of this construction company had his site manager be our driver every day and me and my brother were horrible employees and not only did we not know how to do anything we didn't want to know how to do anything and we were working construction and and and then one of the guys was like from South Carolina and he chewed tobacco the whole time and so when he would give instructions he was like a foreign language you know and my brother would just look at him and never understand anything but because I went to school North Carolina I could understand him I was a translator and and so he would stop talking to my brother he get so frustrated you just give me commands for both of us and my brother goes the man thinks I'm retarded and I said that is that new and and and so all summer long we were working construction and every day that man would pick us up and after about three months the owner of the company came up to me one day and he said we wouldn't have you thought about giving your life to Jesus and I said yeah no now leave me alone and that was my one spiritual conversation with him and that was on a Sunday and on Monday his manager came picked us up and took us to work he didn't cut us out he didn't drop me off the team he didn't say get your own way to work he didn't fire me they just kept picking me up and it just kept loving me and I did everything I could to make these people hate me and they just kept serving and then invite me to parties see that had that devious they invite me to like how do you say no to parties on a lake where people go skiing and they're like pretty girls and like okay I'll go but I can tell you're trying to manipulate me and and there's nothing worse than people try to manipulate you by loving you and caring for you and opening up the world to you and little by little their love just kept opening up my soul my life my heart and I remember one day getting conned into going to church and I sitting in the back really defiant not wanting to be there but you know this girl invited me how could I say no and and and and in the end of the gather and she looked him she was saying have you thought about giving your life to Jesus and I said yeah and I don't know why I said this I said yeah there's no room for me in heaven and I knew who I was and you how broken I was and I knew how messed up I was and and and she just she didn't even answer in a deep profound way she just said to me she goes yes there is that's all she said because the words had so much power because of all the times they served me and loved me and care for me in Jesus if when you go to a party just go to serve you don't have to be the smartest person in the room you don't have to be clever you don't have to have all the answers you don't have to be a theologian you don't have to be a philosopher just have to be a human that cares about people and opens your life if we're gonna see God do something really special here if this is gonna be something unique and beautiful and something that I'm convinced Orange County desperately needs we just need to go to serve and explain the question of who are you by the way we live in a relationship to people and not just people who believe in God but people who do not not people who just agree with us but people who disagree with us we live in a culture where the moment someone disagrees with us they become our enemy and I hope we create a culture that even when people disagree with us we still love them and Jesus goes on verse 12 he says make friends with people who need friends is it looking for 12 then jesus said to his hosts when you give a luncheon or a dinner than I invite your friends your brothers and sisters your relatives or rich neighbor if you do they may invite you back and so you'll be repaid that's called networking business luncheons you know do you have a card who carries a card and is this but when you give a banquet invite the poor the crippled the lame the blind and you will be blessed although they cannot repay you you'll be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous when one of those at the table with him heard this he said that Jesus blessed is the one who will eat at the feasts of the kingdom of God when Jesus is describing how to throw your party he says first go to serve but then he says open your circle and I just want to highlight something because because when it says invite the poor the crippled the lame the blind invite those who cannot repay you what Jesus is actually saying is invite the person that you would not normally invite except that God has changed who you are because if you're just inviting the people that benefit your life you're not actually doing something that reflects what Jesus is doing every party Jesus invites us to he's he's like slumming whenever God chooses to relate to humanity God chooses they could step down he says open up your circle and invite people into your life and this is interesting me because I think it's in mark chapter 2 Jesus calls out a guy named Levi who's also name is Matthew but so he calls me of I says come follow me and Levi's a tax collector and then Levi follows Jesus and the very next thing it says Jesus never gives them any command and the instructions it doesn't tell him what to do Levi just as a party because Levi he's known for throwing great parties and the moment he meets Jesus he invites all of his other tax collector friends and mark to says and sinners he has a highlight that because all of Levi his friends were sinners because they were like Levi and then he invites Jesus and the disciples he doesn't know any better he thinks they all want to meet each other and guess what he was right but all the religious leaders were angry going who's Jesus hanging out with all these tax Lecter's and sinners and Jesus says of course he says well the doctor doesn't come for the sick I mean for the healthy he comes for the sick and the healthy do not need a doctor so if you think you're healthy you don't need me but everyone who's sick then I'm coming to them and I remember when when we were coming to faith my mom threw a party at our little apartment and she invited the pastor and some of the leaders of the church and this is a huge Church I don't know why they came to our house I have no idea how they had time to say yes we had this whole party at the house and the pastor came and some was like the other pastors and deacons or whatever they had there I don't remember because we didn't know how the whole system worked and they were Baptists so I don't even know anything about Baptists for Baptists like they don't even drink water and I mean they're against drinking because every batch acid you drink I said it's required for existence and they go no no no I mean do you drink alcohol because I well drink at least water and and we and we had this little part of the house and my mom created her famous punch now her famous punch has like a little Hawaiian Punch and a lot of liquor hey just a lot it was like high dose you know and and but it still had the the the the Hawaiian red tint to it and uh oh and we added some sprite – and the – it was horrible and and all night long that little punch bowl never dropped but no one ever say anything to us I remember mom calls me into the kitchen and she goes honey honey come here yes could you could you go taste my punch cuz no one's drinking it is something wrong with it is it that mix right and so okay I'll go check it out and I went checked out the punch it takes the great to me like you know I've been drinking that all my life and so I said it seems fine and later I remember the the pastor the church came up goes hey do you have anything to drink the back like sprite said yeah I think we have some sprite left over we didn't put her all in the punch and and and I realize that that these are people who did not drink but they never said anything to us because they didn't cause they they knew that their value systems were not properly imposed on us all they cared about was us didn't care about the punch not there was one guy who kept going back to the punch ball I remember that but I think is the best punch air he had in his life and yeah I think a lot of times we just we just try to take our own holiness so seriously that we make ourselves irrelevant to people you know and they holding this and being a person who's godly is not about being disconnected from reality and from real life and real people and I think it's so important to know how to hang out with people who are normal you know and and what I hope never happens here is we don't ever become so self-righteous that everywhere we go people go oh we don't want them because all I do is judge how we live our lives I want to feel whether they're the most enjoyable people in the world I want to prove I could have more fun sober than you can drunk I want to bring life and love and joy and besides somebody has to be able to drive everybody home and why should that be me jesus said when you go there invite everyone who would never get an invitation open your circle and allow people to come into your life one of the things that my wife Kim does so well is that she her circle is interestingly open we've probably had over a hundred Muslims in our home over the past couple of years every time someone who is a Muslim who comes as a refugee from Syria or Iran or Iraq or somewhere in the Middle East somehow my wife has a radar she finds them I don't think there is a Muslim from the Middle East who's come as a refugee in LA County who has not been to our house and my wife just builds teams and community and what I love about mosaic is how we've just surrounded them with love and so many of the moss did not want to put the effort to help them and so the most inviting and caring communal place they found was the church I mean that's the best expression of being Jesus in the world and I remember one of the older Muslims who's older than like 75 80 years old who was one of the seniors who came from Syria came and experienced mosaic and they had this big meal and and they actually stood up and said I think that I might actually become a Christian and everyone was shocked because the person who is the most devout and long term Muslim was so moved by the love and the acceptance that the open circle and I and I think that it's so important that no matter who's drawing the circles in the world because you ever notice people just keep drawing circles whether you're right or left Republican Democrat liberal you know fundamentalists it's like everybody wants to draw circles and we just need to keep opening our circle and saying Oh mosaics gonna be a place where everyone can come and everyone can be loved and every confined meeting and acceptance in life and that to me is what's so exciting is Jesus says look stop living this close circle and open up your life to other people and then he says in verse sixteen jesus replied a certain man was preparing a great banquet invited many guests and at that time of the banquet was he sent his servant to tell them that they had been invited come for everything is now ready but they all alike began to make excuses the first that I have just a lot of field I must go and see it please excuse me another set I've just bought five yoke of oxen it's I'm on my way to try it out please excuse me and still the other said I just got married and I cannot come I think it's interesting that Jesus now begins to just that blow out their whole view of of how they're supposed to use their influence and relationships he says they you need go to serve you need to open your circle but now you need to realize you need to let people say no for themselves you need to stop saying no for people and assuming they don't want to be a part of what I'm doing in the world and you need to open up the invitation and invite everyone to come I do think it's kind of funny there are there's three things right the whole thing what is it I have places to go things to do in people to see is that the kind of cliche that's exactly what Jesus uses here he says the first one says I just bought a field I must go see it please excuse me in other words I have places to go so I'm out the thing one says I just bought five yoke of oxen and I'm I'm a way to try them out please excuse me I things to do so I'm tapping out the third guy says I just got married I'm not allowed to come it's kind of awesome right anybody know what I mean the guys I just got married I said I can't come and last night a couple people came over to watch a sporting event and and Dom was there at one of our guys and he says you know you know I got yeah I got to go and I and he started talking about how his wife I'll let him come they needed to get back in time because she let him come but there's a curse you yeah and there are limitations of the freedom you got once you're married guys and because you know what nothing will determine your freedom more than the people you choose for your life probably the most important decision you make in your life is who you marry and then after who you marry is who you choose to live your life in relationship with sociologists tell us now that we are the sum total or the five to six people in closest proximity to who we are and so if you say you want to be one kind of person but the five or six people in your life are different kind of people you're they're lying to yourself or you're confused about how to get there look at the people in your life and they will tell you who you are and who you're becoming and where things I love about community or things I love about the church is that it's the most inclusive community in the world where we say no for someone we let people common we just assume people want to say yes just a few months ago I ended up doing this podcast for this guy named Lewis house and I didn't know anything about Lewis at all I didn't I'd never listened to his podcast but but this other speaker motivational speaker guide written like 20 books would send me these texts tell me about this guy named Lewis so now he was an atheist and he wasn't open to God and he was pretty closed and how you tried to talk to him but it just never worked out and so then I can invite this guy's podcast so I'm thinking myself okay atheist hardcore gonna be antagonistic get ready you ever just like brace yourself but then they didn't come it looks really awkward like you're like and these you fall forward yeah I I go meet this guy he's nicest guy in the world okay okay we met where where's the antagonism kids coming whoo he's slippery hey he's acting so friendly but I know something's coming okay okay and we started talking before he goes and he said is there anything I could do to make this podcast work for you I like I'm not falling for that okay because you know the guy who warned me he set me up years ago I was on his radio show and in the middle of the radio show that was not about God and not about spirituality in the middle of the show the guy goes hey you're a Christian Right and I go uh-huh he goes you think you're the only people in the heaven the rest of us are going to hell right so the guy who was warning me about him actually did set me up fifteen years ago some way he's gonna set me up he goes there anything I did it helped you on the facilitate me this podcast better for you I go hey I said let's let's not do a podcast let's just have a honest conversation between two human beings he goes that works for me it was the most beautiful conversation like an hour and a half with this guy and and about an hour and I'm so confused I'm fine he's so likable and so open and so curious and so finally I said Louis friends tell me you're an atheist and your brain may be an atheist but your soul believes because my friends don't know everything about me he goes I'm a very layered person and he just kept asking me about God and about Jesus and faith and and then that night he sends me a text we just keep talking about the podcasts all day and here at the office like I'll talk about it and then he goes I'm gonna come to church everything look like yeah right you know that's like the girl says yeah we're gonna go out one day huh she's never going out with you okay you know it's always gonna be a bad hair day and he goes yeah I come and they think I know he says oh I have to be in Mexico I go yeah I'm sure and then on Sunday I get a text flying back early from Mexico so I can come to church okay then I okay don't come once they just kept come back and get coming back yeah my back you know what happened when I realized is it is that in my brain I was already saying no for someone that already had this huge yes and what Jesus is telling us is a posture your heart believing that people are sincerely desperate to find God as you since you just go out there and find them tell them the banquet is ready beat the bushes and bring the men I'm telling you there are people that you can't even imagine right now who are searching for God but have no idea who to talk to I just did an event over here this past week over at Terranea in Palos Verdes whoever that is and and this it was a purely secular business event and they asked me to come and speak cuz they heard me speak at this other events and and so I did a talk and and and because it was a business context I didn't try to like use it to talk about faith I I don't think I mentioned God in the entire talk I know I didn't mention Jesus and afterwards they had a game of Thrones party for all the business people which is a little odd and and every steel person came up and asked me about God every person's art asking me about Jesus that how weird that I didn't talk completely on self-limiting mindsets and they're all coming to ask me about faith and there's one woman she looked Hindu came up to me and she said you mentioned having cancer thank you for mentioning that I'm having surgery on Tuesday she looked she was 28 29 years old now I'm a little afraid she was and I was wondering what helped you make it through having cancer in and I said well you know one of the things perhaps the most important thing for me is that I'm deeply grounded in faith and my faith helped me through and she was I've been exploring faith is that beautiful and I said you have she goes yes I've been an exploring faith – so so I can tap into that and then I had met this other couple is that I think older Japanese man married to his Caucasian wife and and they came and talked to me about God and found out they were people of faith and they believed in Jesus and and I grabbed them I said she's having surgery on Tuesday we're in the middle this game of thrones party are you blood or fire or whatever we dohe I had ice it was like it was our fire ice and and I said could the three of us just stop and pray for you right now so that we could pray for your surgery on Tuesday she was that would mean so much to me and right in the middle of this business event in between fire and ice and the fire dancing woman we're praying for her that Jesus would meet her in that moment in either heal her body or bring her back to health through the surgeons skills and it would've been so easy to say this is a business event there's no way this person would be open this is a game of Thrones after-party this is not where you stop and pray for a person in the middle of everyone let me tell you if God is here he is everywhere and if God's going to be relevant here he'll be relevant every place you go and what I hope mosaic becomes is we don't call this a service we call this a gathering and the reason we call this a gathering is because we're still the church when were not together we're just either the church gathered or the church scattered but were always the church together and if we're going to do this right we have to be fully alive one of my friends was the head of the department of psychology at UCLA I came up to be one day he came to faith later in his life before he died of cancer and when he found faith he said to me Aaron have you noticed that almost no one talks about Jesus who actually says they believe in Jesus I said yes I noticed it's a dilemma and he said to me something so insightful he said is it possible that people do not talk about the life that Jesus gives us because they're not fully alive I said that's exactly why you cannot share what you do not have you cannot give what you have not experienced now what I hope you'll find here is a place that will inspire you and compel you and maybe sometimes even confront you to live your life so fully alive that every single day of your life you live and when you are filled with courage and filled with faith and you're living a life filled with joy and celebration when you love your life you will know that others have a life waiting for them that they can love as well and Jesus says it's time to throw a party stop acting like God is the enemy of joy and celebration God is one who thought up love God thought up celebration God is the creator of the party and he makes it sacred because when you are fully alive in Jesus you live life to the fullest and maybe you're here and you've been trying to make sense of Jesus and trying to decide if you're gonna trust him with your life I just want to tell you something Jesus uses language that makes it a little bit challenging for us because he tells us we're dead and that he comes to give us life but we think we're alive but in the eyes of God we're just existing not living and what Jesus wants to do is convince us that what we think is life is just existence and if it will give him our lies he will actually give us the life our souls have longed for and if you're here right now and you've never crossed the line of faith and given your life to Jesus I want to invite you in this moment to ask Jesus to take your existence away and to give you life that's why he died on the cross 2000 years ago that's why Jesus is the hope of the world because he is the source of all our souls long for he is the source of love and life and joy hope and if you're here right now I want to invite you if you would just just bow your heads with me right now just from on if you here right now and you know what you need is Jesus you don't have all the answers it's not all gonna make sense to you right away but what you know is that you need God and you need Jesus in your life Jesus gave his life for you 2,000 years ago he's just waiting for you to give your life to him so I want to lead you in a simple prayer where you can give your life to Jesus it's just one sentence it's not everything you and God need to talk about that conversation is going to last forever but right now this is where the conversation begins right now if you're here and you're ready to give your life to Jesus would you pray with me this prayer Jesus I give you my life that's it just tell them Jesus I give you my life Jesus I give you my life if this is your prayer if in this moment you've just whispered those words Jesus I give you my life I want to pray for you right now if this is your prayer I want you right now with all the courage you have just to hold your hand up high so I can see you right now beautiful anyone else Jesus I give you my life anyone else right now Jesus beautiful anyone else to Jesus I give you my life wonderful anyone else Jesus I give you my life beautiful anyone else Jesus beautiful Jesus I give you my life anyone else wherever you are father I thank you for the women and the men who in this moment have crossed a lot of phases that have given their lives to you I thank you that you meet us where we are and you take us to where we cannot go without you I pray that God right now you would just wrap them up in your love and let them know they belong to you you'll never leave them or abandon them we are so grateful father for your doing in their life right now and we pray in your name amen then we stank God for all those who just responded to him right now so God so good

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