P1 Nurture Rather Than Nature – Hashim Vs Christian Hyde Park Speakers Corner

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43 thoughts on “P1 Nurture Rather Than Nature – Hashim Vs Christian Hyde Park Speakers Corner

  1. Masha'Allah, what a drastic change from how Chris behaved before. He's listening because the truth is ultimately the TRUTH. there's no denying it.

  2. To Chris
    When you are talking about the "WILL" of God, you are mixing two different concepts. The "WILL" of God is the ultimate FORCE behind everything that is created and un-created. One aspect of it, are those things that you have NO CONTROL over like weather patterns, accidents, being born to a specific situation, and the like. The other is the ABILITY to act out your intentions. So the fact that you live in the parameters of the "WILL" indicates that without God's WILL you CANNOT do anything you INTEND. IF you decide to eat food you would NOT be able to eat without GOD actually Willing it. We express this as God ALLOWING it. Otherwise you cannot even lift a finger.

  3. May god guide these brothers in humanity. So much respect for the guy with the hat, faith in his god yet not blind following Paul and the church. Fitra and aql in action 🙂

  4. Come on Chris you know the truth
    It’s about time you took your shahada
    You fought for the trinity for many years, now you are against it because you know it makes no sense

  5. Every point the Christian raises is refuted. But all of this is not about winning or losing arguments, it's all about what the truth is. And then whether or not to embrace that truth.

  6. Jesus never said I'm the truth and the way to the father. John the one who said that and the funny thing he dreamt about that and it wasn't in the real life. Also Jesus himself self said.
    (John 5:31)If I testify about myself, my testimony is not true.
    If his testimony about himself is not true then he isn't the truth.

  7. Mash Allah this is how a conversation should be. Very respectable Christian guy. No screaming or heckling like the hate preachers in the park. Hatun. Godwin. Etc

  8. God bless you Bro. Hashim.
    For the Christian to deny the Trinity is a decision fraught with consequences, because all the dogmatic body is found affected and it feels threatened.
    It is not without reason that the Church has confessed about this doctrine "This is universal faith: if anyone does not faithfully and firmly believe in it, he can not be saved." (Athanasius' Creed).

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