P Chidambaram brings in religion on scrapping of Article 370

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Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram_In brings in religion on scrapping of Article 370. | Pradeep Dutta with details. | #370Debate

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33 thoughts on “P Chidambaram brings in religion on scrapping of Article 370

  1. Let any religion be there as majority, what did he do as cabinet minister then to the people there ? Was he in collision with Pakistan? Or watching people die from terrorist attacks.

    At least understand that in our country how people from different religions are living peacefully

    forgetting that only 65% of 1.5 cr are said to be majority. In India, there are more than 15 times more of the population than in Jammu and Kashmir living in other parts of India.
    he must have refrain to give such comment.
    Even a common INDIA would not give such comment.

    these kind of politicians must be punished for making such a sarcastic and non patriotic comments and some listeners in the meeting clap to his communal comments. Make no difference To what Gulam Nabi Asad commented recently.
    Irresponsible politicians.
    Some people doesn’t worth living in India.

  2. D nations u derstand d desperate rhetoric of d congress men dis is their only narrative but indians won’t buy dis anymore indians want security from rogues such as chidambaran who wants to say anything to ensure his son can steal from d India’s treasury jai hind modi ji and Amit shah

  3. Congress Muslim League Pvt Ltd, is left without narrative & ideology.
    they are still playing muslim card, where as the nation has come over it including the muslims.

    thanks to Pappu and their party members for INSISTING ON CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT.!

  4. Muslim state …who told u mr Chidambaram …..they all Indian …don't seperate them mulsim Hindu …don't do politics there other wise in Maharashtra after 2-3 month having election …then we show you how we respond you …u even not win 2-3 MLA …

  5. Well, this MC would say that wouldn't he. The congis have nothing else to debate with. All their mulla ass licking has failed. Sorry what caliber? This is a MF who is involved in so many scams.

  6. He should be charged for instigating violence and hate towards Hindus. Filling hate in the hearts of muslims towards Hindus. This communal bastard should be arrested.

  7. every one of us know some congress leader are creating issue that Govt arrest them and they can make big issue. Hence ignore congress as this party is no more needed in India.

  8. Scum dog of Congress playing religion card . What a shame. Are kashmiri pandits aliens? Are they not part of Kashmir and kashmiriyat? This fellow must be lectured on history of Kashmir and it's surroundings for 2000 years. How it is associated dearly to the Hindus. This crook doesn't know what a damage he is doing. What is the government waiting for. Declare emergency and Arrest these enemies of the nation.

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