Out of the Dark (SA Choir) – by Jim Papoulis

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Middle school can be a difficult time in the life of a student. Often they feel inadequate and they carry self-doubt. Composer Jim Papoulis explored this topic with middle school students in a song writing workshop and the students discovered that they are not alone with their feelings and that even adults struggle with these feelings. The students also discovered that they have the ability to be strong and find inspiration from within. The music reflects these moments of discovery with rhythmic forces. There is a vulnerable honesty in this music, an honesty that young people will resonate with.

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as I see myself standing in the dark I've been before now I try to see what I hold in me so that I will search e to the e out of the door can't be free there is something there that I cannot see waiting I have come to find I will find the light that has always been did you carry through I have found the light within me I make me [Applause]

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