Ohio Dominican University – Theology Program

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Christie Jenkins and Gabriel Vance share why they chose to earn their Theology degree at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio.

Theology is an attempt to come to an intellectually honest understanding of one’s faith relationship with God. At Ohio Dominican University, Theology is done from within the context of the Roman Catholic tradition. ODU’s Theology program prepares students for pastoral or youth ministry, religious education in parishes and diocesan schools, and graduate studies in theology.

Why Choose ODU for your Theology Degree?

By careful attention to the sources of the Catholic tradition, Ohio Dominican University Theology majors develop the skills necessary for responsible reflection on the faith of their worship community. Our students study Theology with the Dominican commitment to search for Truth wherever it may be found, especially in contemplation about the human relationship with God. This contemplation includes the study of Philosophy and History, two subject areas included in the core curriculum.

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Ohio Dominican University is Central Ohio’s Catholic university. At ODU, students connect their passion with a purpose. Get started and apply today at www.ohiodominican.edu.

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