Muslim Teacher Veil Row

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This video is a perfect example of how evasive and all round duplicitous muslims are. This female was hired by a Church Of England school as a teacher.

During the job interview, at which a male governor of the school was present, she wore no veil and was hired. Yet when she turned up for work she was now dressed in full hijab and veil, which disturbed the students, claiming she could not show her face in front of males.

Notice how she tries to evade the perfectly reasonable questions of the interviewer.

did your employers know that you plan to wear the veil before they offered you a job I'm not aware of that way then you are not was it not a mistake not to volunteer the information especially as it's a Church of England school no I think any questions on that question the reason why I'm here just to say that I did not refuse to take the veil off interventive children I just said that I had to Kim a veil on in front of male colleagues but this is a this is a Church of England school at which you've got a job but you didn't tell them your attitude towards wearing the veil which is caused such controversy I didn't realize that that this is because the mini Muslim school I didn't realize that you know that it would have that they would be perceived as a problem because parents fit in the female parents they wear it they go to parents even a teacher communicating with them if I know it will been a problem problem I remember that I know how I should say something but nobody asked me and I didn't realize that you know this is the ended interview situation so I wasn't whether prepared with it I just wasn't discern realize so given your views it would have been more appropriate for you to go to a Muslim school or perhaps an all-female school no I don't see why I should have to go to just pick just be from Muslim school or a female school because the veil is not a problem so why is it that we women that wear the veil should be segregated and separate from society is because you rather veil I am profound my job and any other Muslim female who has a veil is also prefer our jobs if you were to teach she can teach well of course you separate yourself from society don't you because this is a society in which the veil is just another form of masks which most people find at least alienating or at the worst intimidating how can something be alienating imitating you're talking to me or send me a sign to me you can only see me when one side is calling a call center you know you can't see then but you're perfectly fine target and you have a whole hour conversation and you're very happy with the conclusion of it you can't see them so do not fear them and it could be anybody behind a and the other telephone so does that mean that you know we should stop using telephone because the color barrier in communication the veil does not cause the barrier in communication who who interviewed you for this job mrs. Susan Mayer and mr. Smith and your you into you by mr. Smith and you were wearing the veil then were you do I have to answer all the questions it's not compulsory but it's very interesting to know whether you were prepared to meet about presumably a governor of the school a male governor of the school you let him see your face but you subsequently changed your mind about letting other men see your face connected with the school and I would have a missive a comment about anything because that time was well he's interviewed face to face by a male governor of the school for this job paedon were you interviewed face to face by a male governor of the school for this job when they were interviewing you to assess your suitability for the job one was a man in the same room as you interviewing you for the job it's a simple question yes there was a male but it would just like your five minutes I did I had to cut out of integrated female I was really karna wears and you did not wear the veil for that interview No

37 thoughts on “Muslim Teacher Veil Row

  1. muslims dont support this idiot. little kids need facial expressions to learn we all know that. i think she has her own learning difficulties she shod address prior to emparting knowledge to others. unless its misinformation that she wishes to spread.

  2. She can't even speak proper English which in and of itself should have disqualified her from getting a teaching job. Britain has become a sad country where the culture of political correctness has triumphed over reason.

  3. I cant imagine any school employing this thing, regardless of her wearing a veil or not, she can barely string an intelligible sentence together, and she clearly doesn't understand words of more than one syllable….i.e. it is as thick as pig shit! WTF was the school thinking by giving her a job?

  4. Ehhh how the fuck did she get a job in the first place as a teacher, she can barely speak the language and she's one of the dumbest people I have ever heard try, never mind the veil.

  5. like most religious people but in particular Muslims….righteous and religious when it suits them, total hypocrite!! I would love to know what she teaches….comes across as dumb as Fuck!! Such a fraud, she even looks like a liar, it's written all over her face!!

  6. As a Muslim man with a mother and sister who wear the headscarf, I find this woman utterly pathetic. Firstly, her command of the English language is appalling therefore calling into question her ability to teach. Secondly, she makes a complete and utter full of herself when the presenter asks her the question regarding her initial interview. Finally, any woman that wants to wear the face veil ought to be free to do so. However, they must realise that by doing so, they cannot and should not be able to participate in certain roles within societies, teaching being one of them. What an utterly stupid woman

  7. She is an inarticulate, deceptive and projects an image from the Dark Ages. And she wants to teach at Christian school, obviously wants to convert kids to Islam.

  8. She can't talk properly, she was unable to answer a simple question, she's a total hypocrite, and she tried causing trouble/problems with an argument she must have known she simply couldn't win…flawed reasoning and pathetic effort by her all round. And yet, she is a teacher! This moron is educating our children…I really can't believe it, shocking!

  9. I do not care what people wear really but to use your religion to cry descrimination is a disgrace. She is also a hypocrite. She did not wear it for the interview with Mr Smith

  10. I wonder how much she was paid to do this? You all do know there are many liberal desperate muslims, even sell outs who are muslim by name only, which will all do anything for a few dollars. Sure get a desperate woman in need of money to go do a fake job interview then cry to the media. This is all just a sick anti Islam plot, but so many of you are too stupid to see the game. Reminds me of when Al-sisi won his presidency in Egypt and the media showed a few veiled "muslim" woman dancing in the street out of joy LOOOOOOL then it turns out they were actually christian payed woman to play the role of muslim veiled woman. LOL one the veiled woman was so stupid she forgot to take off her bracelet that had a cross charm on it, thats how they were caught! hahhahahahahahaha seems like another pathetic attempt by non muslims to try tarnishing the image of the pure veiled woman 🙂

  11. NEVER trust a religious person simple as. Islam just happens to be one of the worst examples of hypocrisy on the planet where on one hand it preaches so called 'peace' yet it can also be described as by far the most bloodthirsty religion mankind has seen.

  12. This woman took her burka off in front of a man which is against her religion. I personally don't think they should be allowed in England as they could be anyone as she said.
    Also, this woman speaks pretty fluent English from what I could hear. As for propaganda, this woman did something wrong and was put on the spot about it. I doubt any muslim men would watch this and give her the benefit of the doubt just like the news reporter didn't. It's all pretty plain, none-biased news.

  13. hahaha, you've lived around them. It doesn't matter how much koolaid – liberals brew up – the Truth of what they've created will make it's own impression on everyone who isn't drinking it.

  14. Veil aside, this dumb bitch has no business teaching when half of what she says is unintelligible due to her inability to speak proper English.
    But yeah, this was very obviously done for the attention.

  15. You don't know if they were aware?? you ignorant stupid primitive stone age downtrodden subserviant fantasy believing Lemming Fool. Mohammed was just some murderous evil huma n nothing more just like Jesus was the Chris Angel of his time, just some guy.

  16. Clearly her intent was to deceive. She knew if she showed up with the veil, she knew it would diminish her hiring prospects, and had no problem appearing before a male for the interview. She didn't even want to answer the question about that, which clearly exposes her intent. Wake up world!

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