Muslim Couples Open Up About Their Marriages | Brides

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Five muslim couples get real about dating, engagements, weddings and relationships.

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Muslim Couples Open Up About Their Marriages | Brides

we were introduced over email I had received an email from him where there was a paragraph in the last part of the email where he was talking about marriage in our community we don't mess around so when I read what he had said I was like I need to get on the phone with this guy tonight pronto after seeing my friends and arranged marriages and see how great their marriages were I was like well maybe maybe I can give it a try too so why not write like you know it's like dating you give it a try and I did give it a try and then it was great we had great chemistry whenever I met guys I immediately would be like go talk to my dad first at that point I had talked to enough people that I understood that I need to talk to more than just the girl I need to like drum to her family and kind of get a feel for like what's the dad like what's the mom like what's the home life like you know what were their attitudes about different things because that tells you a lot about who they are and where they come from every one time we're talking okay I have to go pray and that's all I went to pray and I came back and felt like a few hours late as I have to go pray he was like no you breathe already no like no that was a night prayer pardon I remember cuz Saturday Night Live was on and I was on my couch and it was on mute and we got on the phone and we didn't get off the phone until 9:00 a.m. the next morning and by the end of the phone call we decided to get married I'm talking to my father Mike have you have you spoken to that's father he's like yeah I spoke to him and he said that we should we should meet and I could win and he goes on Friday and I go up like I have work tomorrow he goes well you want to marry this woman you better get yourself to Saudi Arabia another thing I remember that your dad did that I thought was really cool was that like before we actually got married one of the things that he does that he like called up like my friends and like my boss it makes sense like if you're hiring somebody you're you ask for references right the same way that you're being marry your daughter to somebody like why are you asking about that person it's so funny because it has to be segregated so obviously my mom is there cuz she's the mom but I'm sitting on the other room like on the stairs just like listening to what's going on and then there's just that classic awkward silence where this is the part where the where the question needs to get asked and I can't ask the question my father has to ask it on my behalf it sort of comes from the fact that no this is I must have been like 26 or 27 at this point in time but traditionally people were getting married and there are a lot younger yeah well for like our culture is like if you got invited to somebody's wedding it's like you have to invite them to your wedding we had like 700 plus people at her wedding and she only wanted like 300 our wedding was I that was like I might slip in like 400 more you never know and I just like gave up I was like all right like as long as it's fun the music's good food is good yeah my mom's the masa and my child is my composition notebook ledger we saw the name it was well the thing is I wear the hijab and at our wedding I wanted to be able to remove my hijab and I can't do that in the mixed setting but I can do that if women are in one Hall and men are in another everyone was like that's stupid the reason that you get married and have a wedding so you can be together on your wedding day we talked about companionship and how their marriage together and it's about us but wrong it's about her I lost him once can I wear this and it was like kind of like a short dress you're like what do you mean like is it okay if I wear this he's like don't ever ask me if you can wear something nice okay whatever you want whatever feels good do it I think people expect the most of them in our Arab women are very submissive whereas I feel like our relationship is pretty equal we give and we take as much equally I wish people would see that there is a stereotype of the domineering Arabian husband yeah I've luckily been raised not to have that particular set of beliefs there's these bad misconceptions that there are and the best example that we can do just be us and you know do would be continued to do because I feel like actions always speak louder than words we can sit here and talk for hours and hours but what we really do and how we really you know act is what speaks louder than anything you

42 thoughts on “Muslim Couples Open Up About Their Marriages | Brides

  1. I think ur georgous and happy for u… it's just a little weird how beautiful ur face is..but u should show ur amazing hair!!! I'm so happy my God allows me to show my hair…it's the only thing I have going for me.. lol 😂

  2. Well Mohammed had 11 wives and would have sex with them all one after the other without even washing his privates in between. Now since he is the example of perfection to humanity I think he’s setting a great example! I mean, can you imagine the pain of having to wash between each time?

    Many Muslim men also have sex with all the wives altogether on the same bed at the same time which sounds even better!!! There are many forums on the net which discuss this issue. The consensus is it is perfectly acceptable as long as there is no sexual contact between the females during this time, which seems unfair especially since women can have multiple and prolonged orgasms whereas men can only orgasm once, but the comments included those who said ‘What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, whose to know’. I love Islam, it just makes life sooo! good!!! Happy and sooo! worth living!

    I guess the only problem in a prolonged session might be when it’s time to pray but on the other hand we should thank Allah for all his blessings right?

  3. My wax lady is in an arranged marriage, and she is really happy, but don't want to arrange her kids marriages, "that will be their problem" 😂😂😂

  4. I was born into a Islamic household. And the way Islam was presented to me made me lose interest in practicing. To me, it seemed like Islam was made to manipulate and control women. My experiences made me develop an abnormally low self esteem. I hated being female for the majority of my life. However I will give my Islamic upbringing due credit for me being a faithful, self respecting woman. Seeing this video helped me understand that it's not the faith, but my terrible luck that I was surrounded by toxic and hypocritical people while growing up. Moral of this comment? People sully religion.

  5. these women look more like men and i mean by way of actions and being upward. the men look emasculated. thank Goodness i am Alpha and i am muslim by the way

  6. Wow… they chose very 'liberal' Left-wing Muslims! I mean one man saying the Islamic law of segregation between the sexes is
    'stupid' and another man "You can do whatever you want and wear a short dress". Pfft… I mean where is 'Enjoining of the good and forbidding of the evil'? Where is the protective jealousy?!?

  7. Obviously these couples seem very happy, but I still find it hard to believe that you can get to know someone enough to get married only by talking through facebook or on the phone…I mean, you do you, it's not my business but still it's a rare situation to find a match just like that, there're really lucky.

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  9. I've dated 2 Muslim Women, one was divorced and the other had run away from home because she was about to be set up for a forced marriage both had different outcomes. i am not a Muslim.

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